Bollywood fashion – Be a star in your own rite

India is one of the largest democratic countries in the world. Home to over one billion people, India has a lot to offer to the world in terms of culture, cuisine, fashion, entertainment and values. Considered to be one of the oldest civilizations in the world, Indian people love their food, clothes, cricket and movies. In fact, movies in India are a way of life. People from all walks of life in India love to watch movies. Not only the movies made in India are a source of mere entertainment for the people living here, they also have a critical role to play in shaping up the lifestyle and choices of their audience. India is one of largest producers of motion pictures in the world. More than 2000 movies are released in India on an annual basis. While there are many regional or local film industries all over the country that produce movies in regional languages, the movies that are made by the Bollywood Film Industry has a wider audience than the regional ones.

The Mumbai Film Industry, also known as Bollywood, is primarily a Hindi film industry. For several decades, Bollywood has churned out numerous hit movies that have shaped up the identity of Indian cinema in the global platform. Bollywood movies have a critical role to play in the evolution of the Indian worldview. Practically all facets of life of Indian people are influenced by Bollywood movies, and the people see them as a major source of entertainment and education. Bollywood has also shaped up the fashion scene in India, as most people in this country love to wear the clothes that are worn by their favorite movie idols. In fact, Bollywood movies play a critical role in determining the content of the wardrobes for every young boy and girl in this country.

Be it for special occasions or for everyday wear, both young and not so young people in India are influenced heavily by Indian fashion. The young and the trendy crowds are inspired by Bollywood fashion to known what is in demand and according dress up for various social functions and events. Whether it is a wedding ceremony, a puja or some other form of occasion that requires people to be well decked up, men and women in India take cues from the latest trends of Bollywood fashion to choose the clothes that they are going to wear. Designers in India also create various types of sherwanis, lehenga cholis, salwar suits and sarees according to the ones that have been worn by popular movie stars. The same can be said about casual clothing items such as t-shirts, jackets, caps and trousers. Other forms of accessories, such as shoes, sunglasses and jewelry pieces are also frequently designed based on popular Bollywood trends.

Be it is the casual wear worn by Salman Khan or Shah Rukh Khan or the dresses that are worn by Kareena Kapoor or Deepika Padukone, the fashion conscious youths of today love to splurge in getting the best fashion outfits inspired by today’s Bollywood fashion. Women often prefer to wear the high quality silk sarees that are worn by their favorite actresses. While most movies have a general role to play in inspiring Bollywood fashion, there are also some movies that are particularly known for presenting the youth with innovative fashion trends. There are numerous fashion outlets at present that offer a huge collection of Bollywood inspired fashion outfits to the people. While many of them are priced steeply, there are also other stores that can get you the best Bollywood clothes at cost effective rates.

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