Is online shopping helps to small and medium business?

Now it is a question that Is Online Shopping helps to Small and medium business or not, different peoples having different opinions on it.  According to some people online shopping helps small &Medium business to grow up, by online shopping small & medium business are create their popularity Among consumer by directly reaching on them, before this online shopping there are many people between consumer and manufacturer known as middle man who add there profit on product cost, Now the online shopping   reduces the cost of the product because now no meddle man is there so both manufacturer and consumer getting benefit on it, small & medium business are not need spend a lots of money for advertising. So thy gets benefits from online shopping. They also not needed to spend lots of money for creating an attractive location for business. So these types of benefits a small and medium business gets from online shopping so some people are saying that online shopping is good for small and medium business rather than big companies.

Online shopping helps SMB
Online shopping helps SMB

But there are some other people those having   some different opinion on this online shopping,  according to them online shopping only helpful to big organizations those are spread all over the world because these malty national Companies having manufacturing unit in one country and sealing products in different countries so they are earning more money but small and medium business are sealing products locally so this online shopping is not very much helpful to these small & medium business, and the thing is people purchasing products from online on the basis of the company reputation, as the small and medium business having no brand names so people more prefer to purchase products from big companies rather than small and medium companies so the online shopping is helpful to big companies.

It is very difficult to reaching on any conclusion that is online shopping helpful to small and medium business or not but now these days all types of business may be it is small, medium or big are using online shopping for selling their products, so we come to an conclusion that online shopping not only helping big organizations but also it helpful small and medium business to grow up. There are also many more benefits of this online shopping.

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