10 traditional Bengali sweets you must try once in your lifetime in this Durga Puja festival

Bengalis have been traditionally known for their love of food and delicious cuisine. Over the years, the Bengali culture has contributed greatly to the palate of India, offering mouth watering treats one after the other. Bengalis are also known for their love of sweets and the great many number of desserts that they have come up throughout history. Made of diverse ingredients, the traditional Indian sweets have appealed to countless food lovers and have made a strong mark for themselves within the sphere of Indian cuisine. Here are ten traditional Bengali sweets that you must try at least once in your lifetime during the grand Durga Puja festival.


The rosogolla has been an iconic sweet dish for the Bengalis for more than hundred years. This is a spongy sweet dumpling that is dipped in sugar syrup. Variations of the basic prototype exist, all of them being equally delicious.

Nolen Gurer Sondesh

Nolen Gurer Sondesh is a variety of mouth watering sondesh that is flavored with the use of gur or jaggery. The viscous and slippery consistency of nolen gur provides the sondesh with a soft body and a heavenly taste that is difficult to ignore.

Chhannar Payesh

While this dessert takes a lot of time and dedication to prepare, the end results are truly lip smacking. The preparation of chhannar payesh is also often referred to as cheese or paneer pudding, and locally it is popular by the name of kheer.

Traditional Bengali Sweets
Traditional Bengali Sweets


Also known as gulab jamun in some circles, pantua is a heartwarming and delicious sweet dish enjoyed by the Bengalis all the year round. The paste for the pantua is made out of khoya, flour and channa. Medium sized balls are made out of this paste which is then deep fried, simmered in sugar syrup before finally being flavored with cardamom.


Malpua or malpoa is a soft Indian pancake that is made with wheat, rabdi and saffron syrup along with a pinch of cardamom seasoning to bring out the taste. They can be had for any special occasion or even for evening snacks.

Chhannar Jilipi

Chhannar Jilipi is mostly comprised of the same ingredients as many of the other sweets in this list are made of, namely maida, paneer and khoya. However, it is a real wonder that it tastes and looks quite different from the rest. Juicy and delicious, it is one of the most endearing sweet desserts made by the Bengalis.


Sitabhog is mainly a dish that is comprised of vermicelli which is served with small gulab jamun balls. However, this simple yet tasty sweet dish is incredibly popular both in Bengal and other parts of India, which shows the masterful craft that goes behind its preparation.


Mihidana is often regarded as a close relative to the bonde or boondi. However, ardent lovers of this dish often consider it much more interesting and exciting in terms of appeal, flavor and presentation. The classic light golden shade of mihidana is surely going to make your desire for quality sweet dish fulfilled in every way.


Sarbhaja is a deep fried sweet that is made by using condensed milk. Known for its mesmerizing flavor, sarbhaja is certainly regarded as a must have during the festive season of Durga Puja. It is for this reason that most sweet shops focus on making the best quality of sarbhaja for their sweet loving customers.

Kacha Golla

The authentic sweetmeat of kacha golla is offered to Goddess Durga every year. Crafted out of pure milk, the soft supple balls of kacha golla is going to satisfy the soul of every ardent sweet lover.

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