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Dhoti the traditional men’s cloth of India

Dhoti is a popular men’s garment in India and in some other courtiers like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar and even in African sub-continent. Dhoti is basically a rectangular piece of unstitched cloth, usually around 4.5 meters (15 ft) long, wrapped around the waist and the legs and knotted at the waist, resembling a long skirt this is the traditional and very important cloth or men’s garment in India.

India is a big country having 29 states and 7 union territories and in each state, the language of the people and the traditions and rituals are different from each other. According to the climate in a different geographical location of India, the cloth of people varies but two things are the same one is Dhoti (men’s garment) and another is sari (women’s garment).

Dhoti is very important according to Indian culture, in different states of India like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Telangana, Maharastra, Karnataka, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, West Bengal, Odisha and Konkan and Goa etc people using dhoti from ancient times.

Like dhoti, lungi is a similar piece of cloth worn widely in some other Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Africa in a similar manner.

In current scenario Indian people are using western clothes in the day to day life, pants, shirts, T-shirts etc are now becomes the first choice of Indian people but still, they remember their traditional cloth in festivals and special occasions like marriage etc. In puja functions mainly in Durga puja, Kali puja, Ganesh Puja etc festivals Indian people prefer to wear best quality dhotis.

So these are different varieties of good quality handloom dhoti are available in different market places of India. Also in online shopping store different good quality handloom made dhotis are available at very less cost.

So these are some things about dhoti the traditional men’s garment of India.

Give gifts with personal meaning – Go Handmade

A gift is such a word that gives much happiness to peoples. All kinds of people like gifts and it makes them happy. Gift a magical world for peoples in all over the world. Not only the people those receive a gift, also the people those give a gift, they feel very happy. Especially we give a gift to our loved once, like our family members, friends, and other relatives and sometimes some other peoples those we know. Also, gifts are given on some special occasions like at the time of birth days, anniversary or in any other special day. A simple gift makes people happy and makes their relationship better.

We can define a gift or present as an item that given to someone without the expectation of payment on an exchange of it. I.e. when you are giving any gift to anyone you can expect that, the person to whom you give the gift he/ she return back something instead of it. A gift is a product that you give to your loved once at free of cost. So we can say that a gift is related to the emotions and our feelings for the person to whom we give a gift.

Giving a gift is the best way of expressing love or friendship to your family members and friends. So people in all over the world give gifts to each other at special occasions. But a gift is more suitable when it was given with a personal meaning or with a personal touch of the people who are involved in it. I.e. if you are giving a gift to any friend or many be to your parents or wife any one other, then if the item that you give is personally related to that person and you and it express your relationship than it becomes the best gift. We can say these types of a gift as customized gifts those are made for the purpose of giving as a gift to the particular person.

Handmade gifts are best for giving a gift to your loved one with a personal meaning that makes your gift special and the person to whom you give the gift he/she like it very much and it becomes the best gift. Handmade gifts are suitable because you can customize your gift according to your choice. You can customize your gift according to the person to whom you gifted and according to the occasion on which you want to give the gift. As example suppose you want to give gift to your parents or brother and sister or any friend at his/her birth day, so you can add her date of birth on the gift and give a good message written on the gift and also the image and any other thing you can customize n it according to the choice of that person. These types of freedom you can’t get from any gift shop.

In gift shops these are many good and beautiful items are available to give as a gift in any kind of occasion but they don’t have any personal thing related to you or the person to whom you want to gift. So by customizing a gift with the people those made a gift for you with their hand keeping your likes and dislikes in mind, produces the best gift for you to gift your loved one.

Nowadays many online gift shopping store provides an option to customize your gift according to your choice. You just need to say them about want types of thing or item you want and the skillful workers produce for you. So always give a gift with a personal meaning.

8 Awesome Ethnic Outfits and Trends to Rule This Summer

In summer, choosing the right kind of clothes is very important, especially when you are planning outdoors. Whether you are going to your regular college or office, or a special party, or for a weekend getaway, if you are not dressed comfortably, you will feel restless, let alone enjoy anything. Now, there is a dress code everywhere. You cannot go to your work or university in vest and shorts, just because you feel comfortable in them. Another important factor is, are you comfortable wearing these clothes? If no, you cannot wear them when you are on a weekend trip either. So, what to wear this summer which will look fashionable yet comfortable? Here is a list of 8 awesome ethnic outfits and trends to rule this summer. Follow them and prove that you don’t need to wear western outfits to be fashionable.

  1. First and foremost factor to feel comfortable is, choose your fabric carefully. Remember synthetic clothes will make you feel more uncomfortable. Cotton, silk, jute or khadi works best in this season. Cotton has always been a favourite of the designers. This summer you can choose a sleeveless top of cotton to pair with long flowing skirt that looks like a ghagra. Pick up a kalamkari print top. It is quite in fashion; dyed with vegetable colours, they are eco friendly as well. This is an apt dress as regular wear in scorching summer.
  2. Summer means a series of wedding invitation. We keep wondering how can someone choose this time of the year to get married and feel pity especially for the bride who has to put up with heavy bridal wear, jewellery and makeup with a smile on face. But you can attend the party and enjoy it when you have dressed accordingly. Simple linen saree with border and pallu work with designer blouse is an easy option. Bengali Dhakai saree with minimal makeup and simple jewellery can also nail a perfect wedding party look. As for men, khadi or simple silk kurta can be magical. Do not go for tussar or heavily embroidered ones. With sweat plops, you would not be a pleasant sight.

    Pure cotton Sambalpuri Pasapalli Saree and Salwar
    Pure cotton Sambalpuri Pasapalli Saree and Salwar
  3. Choose sheer white linen kurti and team it up with matching cotton leggings, trousers or even churidar. A stroll can be a fashionable accessory with it as well as a means to protect your hair and face from dust and sun.
  4. For formal occasions, do not go for pure or raw silk. They stick to your body. Rather you can go for silk blends like butter silk or ghicha silk. They are light and have flowing texture. These fabrics are very much in fashion, so you will not look out of place either. You can choose saree or even better, if you take a dupatta of this fabric and wear it with cotton, linen or khadi salwar suit.
  5. For college going generation, cotton kurti with printed palazzo pants are both comfortable and stylish. As they put it, being “carefully careless” is and has always been “in”.
  6. Be careful while choosing colours. Pastel shades are comfortable in summer. When you are wearing linen, select shades like nude, pink, pale blue, beige etc. They are cool colours and cause less sweating.
  7. Stay away from bold motifs. Give in to floral as well as our very own kalamkari. You will feel the difference in your skin.
  8. And finally one fashion tip. When attending a wedding party this season, if you are not comfortable, do not go for lehenga or heavy saree, no matter how close you are to the bride or the groom. Go for salwar suit or simple sarees in khadi or crepe. This will spare the unnecessary volume which makes the wearer uncomfortable in sultry evenings.

2016 Men’s summer clothes fashion

This summer, it is time to look different from the earlier ones for men. Different and dapper with new summer style statements. This will be a year of men’s summer clothes fashion where they all set to wear the trendy summer wear with the prim designs that will redefine the summer clothing style.

Fashion clothing is not always for women as the trend goes. Men, too, have come out of the closet and are looking forward to join the fashion movement where they can wear clothes that are designed using the rules of summer clothing.

Experimenting with fashion clothing is something that did not exist until a few years back. The seriousness in the colours and patterns has been gradually replaced with casual wear and redesigning the existing ones with new cool designs. The idea is to create a trend of casual clothing for men which do not look shabby. Casual cotton shirts with knee length bermudas are being considered to a short yet casual hot look that can change fashion for men. The shorts should be fitted perfectly at the waist to make men look tidy and not a loose untidy look.

Men's Fashion
Summer fashion Kurta

Men’s ­­­summer clothes fashion should be simple. Since the season demands wearing clothes that keep you comfortable, the options that most men prefer to go are a vest or a T shirt paired with jeans or trousers. These simple T shirts and the vests can look ordinary otherwise but if they are paired with a trendy pair of shorts with patterned shorts and completing the look with a pair of slipper instead of shoes, it can twist the simple look with a trendy look.

To complete the summer look, one can look forward to a sockless fashion trend and wear a pair of boat shoes or the red canvas without the ever essential socks. This can alter the style statement and bring about a trend of fashionable look that is comfortable as well.

For most Indian men, wearing a kurta is about being  loyal to the culture they belong to. However, instead of the usual cotton long length kurta, fashion designers suggest picking up short kurtas that fit the body type with interesting new designs. There are kurtas with some new pocket placements, zippers in place of buttons, and available in shades of green and blue instead of the usual white. There are new variants that the fashion designers are vouching for as part of men’s summer clothes fashion. For example, the wrinkle-free cotton kurtas help to avoid crushing and look tidy, and also to be worn during occasional office events.

Gone are the days, according to fashion experts, when a loose fit Shirt and trousers would look trendy in the summers. This time, it is about shopping for clothes that complement the masculine body type and fit them like a king. If it is about tailored fitting, it will be integral to understand the body type and choose the clothes that fit them properly. Many clothing brands put up descriptors about the different body types and help men look for clothes that would be fitting them ideally.

Summer is about brighter hues and clothes that make you comfortable despite the mercury levels rising up and down. This summer, the classic fashion combinations can be given a trendy twist and men can move a step ahead from the traditional look. For instance, the white cotton shirt can be replaced with a classic polo T shirt that fits well and can be teamed up with blue denims or trousers that fit well around the waist.

This will be a summer of bold style statements for men and not the ones about crisp ironed shirts and grey and black trousers.

Top 10 saree shopping websites in india

India is a country which consists of different religion, dressing style, food habits and even they leave in different type of home in all states. All states have unique culture and traditions which passed to us through different generations.  We all love our old values still not able to attached to our roots and not able to stay at home with this rapidly growing urbanization all over world. Most of us live out side of our home either in india or abroad because of job or business.

All of us are atleast unite as indian and we are proud to be indian, during our stay far from native, we miss many local tastes and clothing. But our goodluck there is now a new trend and we all accepted it which known as “Online Shopping”. It helps us a lot to be in touch of home land and families.

Online Shopping in india growing much faster than we have expected. Women love shopping than other family members, this buying style bring happiness to them, they can buy anything from anywhere without asking any body. For Example one of the lady customer who is a newly married girl, send sarees to her mothers house instead of in-laws home who may stop her to buy them, instead what she does, she bring those sarees back to in-laws house by telling her own mother gave these this time as gift. This brings happiness to both sides (Maa b khus, beta b khus and sasuji b khus)

Clothing Sites
Women shopping on Indian websites

For those beautiful ladies who want to use this facility for her love for sarees, we have curated list of sites who are top in india for saree shopping.


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  3. –
  4. –
  5. –
  6. –
  7. –
  9. –
  10. –

Devkunda Waterfalls is a perfect tourism place

It is a beautiful temple which is located  near Devakunda. Devi Ambika(Goddess Durga) Temple is a temple which can motivate every devotees and tourism. It is coverd by great waterfalls and den forest. This temple is built in 1940 by Royal Dynasty of Mayurbhanj.  In Devakunda Large fishes comes closer and eats food offered by the devotees or tourism.On this place because fishing is prohibited because this place is considered as the Goddess’ durga place. 


Why Home Decor Handicrafts Online Stores running successfully in India?

Indian art and crafts have a huge market in India and abroad. From wall hangings of regional art forms to sculpture, home décor handicrafts has its niche. They are admired all over the world. When tourists come to India from different parts of the world, they take back these knick-knacks of home furnishing. This is how handicrafts got exposure in the bigger world. These items were exported too. And why not when India has such rich stock of handicrafts in all its four corners. Carpets of Kashmir, phoolkari of Punjab, Dhokra metal craft of Madhya Pradesh, brocade work of Benaras, silk sarees and brass utensils of south Indian states or black metal jewellery of Rajasthan are famous in India as well as abroad for their exquisite craftsmanship. But things have massively changed with home décor handicrafts online stores. This way, sitting in Chennai, you can place order for cushions with Rajasthani mirror and applique work or get Pattachitra of Orissa in Gujarat. Truly, the geographical distance has vanished with these online stores.

The basic fact is India is blessed with coexistence of varied cultures and traditions. Every state has some unique art and craft form. When we visit to a different state, we get to know about them. But thanks to the internet, we know more about our country than ever before. So, connoisseur of art is keen on getting more samples of these crafts without visiting these places. Online home décor handicrafts stores have made it possible. Today you don’t need to go all the way to Calcutta for Kalighat painting or Gujarat for Kutch embroidery. You save money, save time, save harassment of travelling especially when you are not a traveller from heart. Not just that. Even if it is in your same town, available in some regional fair or emporium, you sweat about its transportation. But life is lot more easier now. So, you punch some keys for online home décor handicrafts stores and your furnishing item is delivered at your door steps. All you pay for is that product and nothing else.

artists of india
handicrafts of india

This is one of the key reasons of ultimate success of these online home décor handicrafts stores. No home décor is complete without one of the hundreds famous crafts for which India is famous for. Cushion covers, wall hangings, puppet, blue pottery, terracotta, lacquered furniture, beadwork upholstery and the list can go on and on. Also, you can know a lot about the history, significance and other details of these crafts. When you choose a certified site, you can rest assured about the quality, authenticity and the price of the product you bought.

When looking for online home décor handicrafts stores, preferably go for government certified sites. Some of these sites work directly with the artists to improve their living conditions and revive the art which though has a huge market but the profit is usurped by the middle men between art and connoisseur. In lack of proper livelihood, many artists have left this profession and opted for something which would ensure food and education for the entire family. Government certified websites work with them eliminating the middlemen so that artists can earn their share of profit. It is but humane to do business with them who are making your home beautiful to look after their family, not to build mansions by multiplying profits. So next time you think of buying furnishing items from online home décor handicrafts store, make your choice carefully. It is not only for your own personal benefit but for the sake of those who in turn of beautify your house, look up to you for their survival.

Maa Kataka Chandi Temple Odisha

Kataka Chandi Temple is also known as the “Maa Cuttack Temple” and is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Chandi. The temple is built at the time of Gajpati dynasty architecture and located at the banks of the Mahanadi River. All over year temple is open and the best time to visit katak chandi temple is during  Durga Puja festivals, kalipuja and dusshera.

Maa Cuttack Chandi Temple
Maa Cuttack Chandi Temple

Mukteshwar Temple Odisha

Mukteshwar Temple is a sacred religious place to visit in the city of Bubaneshwar (Smart City) and is dedicated to the main deity Lord Shiva(Bholenath). It is situated at the hilltop built out of white marble, Shivling with a copper yoni. The Shivling is surrounded by idols of Brahma, Vishnu, Parvati, Hanuman, Ganesh and Nandi.

Famous Mukteshwar Temple
Famous Mukteshwar Temple