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How to decide which tussar silk sarees online are best in quality?

India is a land of exquisite beauty and wonder and this is reflected in every aspect of the people’s lives in this country. Indian fashion has mesmerized people of all parts of the world and the rich culture and tradition of this ancient country can be seen in the manufacturing and designing of clothes of diverse styles. Like men, the women of India have been wearing fashionable clothes and garments for a long time that are highly unique in their designs aesthetic features. The sarees are a major fashion staple for women in India who wear them in a wide variety of styles and designs. A wide range of fabrics are used to create the sarees that are worn in India and each of them bear the distinct stamp of the region in which they originate as well as the unmistakable qualities that differentiate the fabric from other variants.

One of the types of sarees that is extremely popular in India is the Tussar silk sarees. Known for their ethereal beauty, these sarees have a unique appeal that makes them ideal for all occasions while being classy at the same time. The tussar silk, also known as tassar silk or wild silk, is a silk thread of exquisite quality that is obtained from a yellowish-brown colored moth called Antheraea paphia. The Antheraea paphia moth is a wide-winged specie belonging to a larger group of moths called Emperor Moths or Saturniidae. Like the moths themselves, tussar silk threads are stunningly beautiful that immediately catches the attention of an onlooker. These silk sarees are mainly produced in the Jharkhand state of India.

Hand Woven Tussar Silk Sarees Online
Hand Woven Tussar Silk Sarees Online

Tussar silk is also sometimes referred to as kosa silk which is its Sanskrit name. It is highly popular for its superior natural gold colors that come from the Antheraea paphia moth. Apart from Antheraea paphia, the other moths that are used for producing tussar silk are Antheria proylei and Antheria milita. While there is no dearth of takers for the tussar silk sarees, very little is actually known about the history and origin of these garments. Historians are not sure how or when artisans started to create tussar silk sarees from the threads obtained from these moths. Nevertheless, historians agree to the fact that tussar silk goes back to the medieval times. The silk worms used for making tussar silk are not reared on mulberry, which makes this variety of silk comparatively cheaper than other varieties. However, the quality of this variety of silk is just as good as any other, and this makes them highly valued among patrons.

The tussar silk sarees are much more textured than the other varieties of silk. They are also porous, breathable and cooler than other silk sarees. Diverse types of tussar silk sarees are available, such as Ghhichha, Katia, machine-reeled and thigh-reeled. Nowadays high quality tussar silk sarees are available at online stores that can be bought easily from the comfort of one’s own home. While tussar silk sarees have enjoyed a strong popularity for a long time, online shops have increased the scope of buying them to a great degree. There are currently numerous stores that offer tussar silk sarees online, and each of these stock high quality products from a number of well known brands. If you are looking to buy tussar silk sarees from an online store but not sure from where to buy, then you should look for reviews presented by different customers about the products. The best online saree shops will automatically have the most number of positive reviews. Such shops can get you the most pristine quality tussar silk saree shops at the best rates.

How to choose best Indian shirts for men from physical and online stores

Dressing up to look good is something that both men and women love to indulge in. Men in India have always had a penchant for wearing the best clothes to commemorate different occasions. Whether it is shopping for special occasions or for getting day to day clothes, men in this country have always had plenty of options to get the best items. Among the clothing items that are worn by men all the time, perhaps one that deserves special mention is the shirt. Shirts come in a wide range of designs and styles, and whether a man is looking to deck up for parties or festive occasions, wear them at his office or for any other day to day purpose, he needs to have the best looking shirts to go well with his other clothes.

For a long time, shirt manufacturers in India have been designing high quality products for the men in India that can be worn on different occasions. These shirts have been made according to the different occasions that men needs to attend to in their lives. While some shirts are particularly tailored for special occasions such as weddings, religious ceremonies, family get-togethers and other celebrations, there are also those that are meant for office or corporate purposes. Some men also love wearing shirts in their daily lives while they are at their homes or attending to daily chores such as going to the market or handling other tasks.

Buy Cotton Shirts from Online Store
Buy Cotton Shirts from Online Store

The shirts that are made by the Indian manufacturers vary greatly in their quality as well as finish. The material that is most widely used for making shirts in India is cotton. Cotton shirts are ideal for the tropical weather of this country. They are light, airy and good to the skin and they keep the wearer relaxed on all occasions. The other materials that are used for making shirts include silk, satin, viscose, polyester and different blends of cotton, such as cotton and polyester or cotton and silk. These shirts may come in solid colors or have designs on them. Shirts that are available in India mostly come on solid colors. They can be worn with appropriately matching trousers and blazers to create the perfect look. Shirts may also differ greatly in their stitches, which in turn can create diverse looks. They may come with stylish buttons or cufflinks that further add to their inherent beauty.

The shopping trends for these shirts have changed vastly over the last few years. With the advent of online stores, Indian shirts for men are now available to buyers at the click of a button. The influences from the western cultures have also greatly changed the trends of these shirts and have redefined what it means to be stylish. The men of today are also well aware of what it means to be fashionable. They are clearly aware of the latest trends when it comes to shirt designs. With the number of online and physical stores offering high quality shirts on the rise, many men are now wondering about the ways in which they can get the best Indian shirts. One of the best ways to shop for these shirts is to look for them segment wise. There are many shirts that serve as dedicated corporate wear, whereas there are others that are more suited for casual occasions. So before actually shopping for them, buyers need to ascertain whether they are looking for formal or casual shirts. The other thing that buyers need to be sure of before they go shopping is the kind of fabric they want their shirts to be made in. The buyers should consider the situations in which they are planning to wear the shirts and choose their fabrics wisely.

10 Beautiful Gorgeous Silk Sarees Available Online in India Made in Handloom

Silk handloom sarees are treats for eyes. And when you are not on budget, you can find great sarees for yourself. After all, you need few to attend formal occasions that are important for your social or professional stature. So, here are some out of the world gorgeous silk sarees samples that are available in India and made in handloom. They will definitely carve a new persona in new, better than ever before- a persona synonymous with elegance and sophistication.

  1. With handloom silk sarees, first picture that appears is of Odisha motifs. Try a green color pure silk saree with purple pasapalli motifs on aanchal and red traditional Cuttacki design on border. This is an apt choice for day long events as the fabric is comfortable. This saree would be available at Odisha Saree Store.
  2. Baluchari is another elegant handloom saree of Bengal. A multicolored striped gorgeous silk saree with resham and zari Baluchari work all over the body and anchal highlights this sophisticated saree.
  3. Assam silk handloom is elegance personified. Pick up an Assam silk with beige base and multi colored hand embroidered booti of popular Assam motifs in zari and resham. This will be an absolute choice for day time event and you can steal the show.
  4. With Benarasi silk, we get an image of a bride blushing in red trousseau. But break off this popular notion with an amazingly gorgeous silk saree in magenta jacquard saree in Benarasi handloom silk with all the threadwork in resham.
  5. Discussing silk sarees without mentioning south India will be all ignorant person’s blabber. Visit South India for an exquisite collection of Kanchipuram silk sarees. A pink gorgeous silk saree with stone work on aanchal and border. It is a fashionable take on traditional design.
  6. A maroon Patola silk with Ikkat design can be a show stopper at any event. Ikat is a handloom variety of Karnataka. Together with Patola silk, the designers of Nalli have taken it to a different level where glamor blends with sophistication. Buy this exclusive gorgeous silk saree to witness it.

    Handloom Silk Sarees of Khandua available online
    Handloom Silk Sarees of Khandua available online
  7. You need to visit a Kerala silk emporium to know that there can be so many variations and styles in plain looking white silk sarees with golden border. The only option to show creativity is in borders and pallu and the artisans excel themselves in doing so. A white silk saree with golden border and multicolored motifs, much like Meena work of north India, is a treat to eyes.
  8. Gorgeous silk sarees of Mysore can be your prized possession. Multicolored broad stripes and checks are in. Pick up one with mustard, maroon, turquoise , golden and purple squares with zari work all over it and wear it with golden blouse with three quarter sleeves to nail the perfect look for a wedding.
  9. Bandhni or tie and dye sarees in any silk variety adds a colorful casual touch to any traditional ambience. A vibrant green crepe silk with white and maroon dyed knots embellished all over the saree and maroon zari, and patchwork with mirrors all over the border is one saree that you can wear for office when you have to attend a formal event right from there.
  10. Dharmavaram handloom sarees are gorgeous silk sarees known for their bright broad borders in contrasting solid colors. A beige color saree with pink, magenta and golden checks at bottom and a gorgeous aanchal of golden and different shades of pink woven together can be a great choice for any age group and occasion.

Gorgeous silk sarees made in handloom are truly treasures because they are masterpieces as they cannot be recreated. And by choosing handloom, you also patronize a dying art. So celebrate any occasion with these masterpieces and enjoy all the envying eyes on all events.

10 Reasons Why Most of the Ladies Dress Material Suppliers are not Supplying Handloom Items Online

Online retail stores have revolutionized the apparel market. Buying dresses had never been so popular. But in the past few years, the market for both ordinary and designer dresses have boomed like never before. The trend of buying dresses online follows certain patterns. And one of the noteworthy pattern is the absence of handloom dress materials from these stores. It is true that most of the ladies dress material suppliers are not supplying handloom items online. Though no specific reasons can be attributed to this particular trend, however, there are some reasons or factors that can be said to be responsible for the same.

  1. Handloom industry is going through a very rough patch as there is not much remuneration for so much effort. Weavers put a lot of effort and investment to it, but the return is very low. So, the craftsmen are leaving the industry and looking for other avenues to make their ends meet This is why ladies dress material suppliers do not have much supply of handloom products.
  2. Gen Y prefers easy to manage fabrics over handloom products like silk and cotton.
  3. Today young women rarely wear sarees and salwar kameez. Handloom products are mainly for these outfits. With lesser demand for them, ladies dress material suppliers are not keen on keeping them in inventory either.

    Ladies Dress Materials Online Shopping
    Ladies Dress Materials Online Shopping
  4. The main area of online apparel industry is for regular wears. People prefer regular or casual wears to be of fabrics that are easy to maintain like chiffon, georgette etc. Handlooms and other similar fabrics need to be starched and ironed after every wash or even wear, which is virtually impossible for a working woman or a busy mother. In short, due to little demand, ladies dress material suppliers do not reinforce their stock of handloom products.
  5. Due to high demand in foreign market, little manufactured handloom dress materials are exported. Business owners gain a high profit but the weavers fail to get even a tiny share of it. However, this is one of the reasons that only a few online retails have dedicated section for handloom products.
  6. Whatever handloom products are left behind for Indian market are quite costly. Online shopping is done mainly by the working women, college students and home makers. None of them can afford noble items through online stores. For costly items they would prefer to go to the shops, check out the dress material themselves and then buy. Since not much of these items are sold, very few ladies dress materials suppliers have them in their stock.
  7. Due to government’s apathy, handloom industry is dying. Weavers are changing their professions and the number of artisans in the country is reducing rapidly. This makes the supply reduced for the suppliers too.
  8. Handloom products like Kanchipuram silk, Ikkat, Paithani, Baluchari and kantha stitch sarees are very popular but the purpose is served by powerloom too. And with latest improvisations, different patterns can be made too and can be sold at the market at almost half of the price. This has resulted in establishing powerloom as a better alternative lowering down the handloom products sale to ladies dress material suppliers.
  9. Fund allocation from government has gone down from 27% to 7% while powerloom has gained subsidies more than 500 times. In such circumstances, you cannot expect an industry to survive and keep the yarn running to maintain the supply.
  10. Though young upcoming designers are trying to revive the industry, but investors as well as prospective regular customers are reluctant to go for expensive options when they have readily available cheaper ones. And ladies dress material suppliers are one of them.

How availability of women casual wear online helping employees to buy them in office timing

Shopping is the best mode of entertainment for a woman. When she is depressed, she shops to feel better. When she is happy, she shops to celebrate. Whether it is her own birthday, her parents’, siblings’, children’s or husband’s, any festival or any occasion- preparations start with shopping. And shopping for clothing is her favourite. And the greatest plight of a working woman is that she hardly gets time to indulge into her favourite pastime. It is true that she rarely gets time to walk through the vendors on footpath, street markets and malls, bargain with shopkeepers and come back victoriously after treating herself for her victory with her staple street food. Thankfully, presence of women casual wear online lets them shop their casual and office wears while sitting at home or office.

This is the best part of online retails. You are no longer dependent on holidays and days off. You can shop for women casual wear online at any time. Whether you are in office or back in home, is it raining outside or a perfect day with your health down- nothing can stop you shopping to your content. Few years ago, office networks were secured and employees were not allowed to open websites other than those which were required for office work. Rules still exist but with mobile internet and smartphones, you can access internet at any hour. As matter of fact, shopping sites have their own apps with the help of which shopping has become even easier.

Women Casual Shopping in their office timing
Women Casual Shopping in their office timing

It is true that you are not getting all that fun which you used to have while hanging out with friends, yet if you compare it to the fact that you were not getting time even to buy your daily wear due to the lack of time, online shopping indeed seems to be the best solution. So, popularity of sites with women casual wear online has opened a new horizon for the working women, stay at home moms and everyone else who is stuck at home and cannot go shopping.

Do you know why the women casual wear online shopping has become even more popular? It is simply because these websites have much bigger stock than any brick and mortar store can hold. These websites do not require inventory as they have different suppliers in different part of the country. But when you are looking for a particular dress, you get to choose from the entire collection which is much larger than any other store, big or small. And then there are various other offers like sale, free shipping, buy one get one free etc which make your convenient shopping economic too. Now what else can you look for when you are eating the cake and having it too.

What more, while buying women casual wear online, you can browse through all the brands and if you are lucky enough, you can also get a branded casual wear of latest fashion at quite reasonable price. If you look at the amount you would have spent in your shopping spree and then compare it with the check out amount at the end of transaction, you will find you have saved enough for another casual wear for yourself. So, don’t fuss if you are unable to go shopping as your office work does not allow you to. You can shop for your women casual wear online during your coffee or lunch break too. Download the app of your favourite site or login to the same, some clicks here and there, punch few letters and digits and viola! You are done!

Tips to buy online silk sarees with best prices.

Retail therapy still works best for most of the women. For past few years, the definition of retail therapy or shopping has changed. Now online shopping gives us more options to choose in very little time. Also, we can compare the prices from different sites. But at the same time there are so many fake sites that are always ready to make a scam out of our hard earned money. So here are some useful tips to buy online silk sarees for best prices evading the scams and other forgeries that are so common these days in the cyber world.

  1. Authenticity- Silk is a common fabric but there are more fake varieties available than the original ones. So, it is very important to know the one you are choosing is 100% silk or not. Usually handloom silk sarees are the only 100% pure versions. But you have to be wary of the ones that claim and price the sarees for pure silks but provide you with artificial or mix ones. So when you buy online silk sarees, see if the description offers Silk Mark, the sign of purity labelled by the Silk Board of India.
  2. Varieties- Before you buy online silk sarees, you must know the different varieties of the same. Kanchipuram, Dharmavaram, Mysore, Ikkat, Benarasi, Murshidabad, Bishnupur, Bhagalpur, Ghicha are different varieties of silk. Each of them has their own distinct characters which determine the prices. Kanchipuram silk is the most expensive of all, due to its silk and zari ratio and being hand woven. Remember powerloom silk sarees cannot be 100% pure. When shopping online, keep these points in mind so that you don’t get duped by false claims of some websites.

    Buy online silk sarees in this festive season
    Buy online silk sarees in this festive season
  3. Price and Quality- When a silk saree is high priced, it means it is of superior quality as well. But if you find the same saree at a different site for cheaper price, then you can be sure of some foul play. It is better to visit some more sites to know about the actual price range. For example, a good quality Kanchipuram silk saree can never come for less than Rs 8000. When you buy online silk sarees online and come across a site offering this variety for Rs 5000, don’t fall for the trap. For Rs 5000 you will surely get good silk sarees but not Kanchipuram silk. Similarly, there are silk sarees that can be bought for Rs 1500-2000 as well, but they are not in comparison with superior variation.
  4. As per your Appearance- If you are small, plump woman, big bordered sarees are not for you. Wear Mysore silk saree with no or small borders. Thin women should wear tissue and tussar silk for fuller look. Tall women can carry off heavy sarees with big borders really well. Also, choose the color of the saree according to your complexion. When you buy saree in store, you can try it know. But when you buy online silk sarees, you have to know well before making the purchase.
  5. Reliable Websites- Don’t go for any random website to choose a saree for you. There are many reliable and reputed stores who have their websites as well. Then there are some government run stores and cooperatives with their online versions. When you buy online silk sarees with them, you can be rest assured of the quality, color and delivery. Also, the return and exchange policies can be relied for these sites. These stores do not claim to give you superior quality for an inferior price tag yet you can be sure that you are getting an authentic product for best price.

What Not to Wear as Clothes for any Indian Festival

India is a land of festivals. With so many communities cohabiting together, the title is so apt. In local language, a popular adage goes as “thirteen festivals in twelve months”. And it is such a fact. Dussehra, Deepawali, Id, Christmas, Guru Nanak’s Birthday, Holi, etc are some of the names which are celebrated on national basis. And there are the lesser known local ones as well. Every festival has its own special delicacies and dress codes. Let us discuss the clothes for Indian festivals and also the ones that are to be avoided on these few days.

Cultural upbringing suggests men and women should wear formal and traditional Indian clothes on festivals. With so many diversities, clothing differs as well. Yet, saree, lehenga choli and salwar kameez are dominated clothing lines for women. Traditional wear for men include dhoti and kurta pyjama. In southern India, mundaveshti, lungi and pavda are regional dresses. However, southern India especially Tamil Nadu and Karnataka produces best silk in the country which is the main fabric of the clothes for any Indian festivals, weddings and formal occasions.

Traditional Patachitra Saree for Indian Festivals Wear
Traditional Patachitra Saree for Indian Festivals Wear

It is not expected from men and women to wear casual and western dresses on Indian festivals.  There are different festivals celebrated all year through. And Indian clothing line is shared in all distinct communities. While women are expected to wear sarees for Hindu festivals, but young girls wear salwar and churidar kurta too. Senior men wear dhoti, kurta and young guns wear kurta pyjama or sherwani. In Muslim and Punjabi festivals, women mostly wear salwar kameez and lehenga. But saree being primary clothes for any Indian festival, it is worn as well. However, men wear kurta with pyjama or salwar. But with so many designers reviving the basic Indian clothing line, youngsters love wearing dhoti too.

Festivals are religious gatherings and it is not expected from anyone to wear skimpy or rogue dresses that do not go well with our culture. Often seniors of the family feel offended on juniors’ choice of wrong clothes for such occasions. All year through, they wear dresses as per the dress code of their school, colleges or offices. On social gatherings too, they can wear western dresses but code for clothes for any Indian festival has to be Indian traditional wear. It may create a lot of storm in the tea cup, but the fact is you cannot feel one with the essence of festivities if you don’t wear Indian traditional wear.

However, there are some dresses that can cause hazards too. For example, on Diwali, one should not wear synthetic or silk fabrics. Diwali is the festival of lights and crackers. Synthetic and silk materials catch fire and spread easily. Indian wear always have some flowing ends like pallu or dupatta which can be hazardous, if not handled properly. So, recommended wears on this festival is anything in cotton. This fabric is comfortable and safe. It is true that cotton wear does not have the same glamour quotient like those in silk, georgettes, chiffons etc. If you want to wear the traditional wears in these fabrics, you have to take utmost care in not being careless at any point of time when you are near the lamps or crackers.

With so many diversities, Indian culture is very open but at the same time it is quite sensitive too. So, choose your clothes for any Indian festival ensuring it does not hurt the sentiment of the celebrations as well as people celebrating it. Indian festivals mean dancing and fun. So pin up and fix your dupatta and pallu properly. This way it will be no longer hazardous either. And you will ready to enjoy the grandeur in your clothes for any Indian festival.

How to save traditional famous Indian Patachitra art from demolishing in this 21 century

For hundreds of years, India has been known for its traditions of art forms that have reflected the ideas and belief system of its cultural and folk practices. Over time, these art forms came to be featured in the realm of tradition Indian fashion items and decorative pieces. Among the many forms of art that have been practiced in India for hundreds and thousands of years, one of the forms that deserve special mention is the Patachitra art. The Patachitra is a form of traditional painting that has its roots in the culture and beliefs of Odisha. Noted for its fine detailing and intricacy, Patachitra art has a mesmerizing quality that makes each and every piece of work extremely beautiful.

The Patachitra art is known for its depiction of motifs and concepts that are derived from Hindu mythology, particularly the cult of the gods Jagannath and Vaishnava. All the colors that are used in these paintings are derived from natural sources and the paintings themselves are made in completely traditional ways that were once followed by the earliest chitrakaras. The Patachitra art is among the oldest and the most revered forms of painting or artwork that is still practiced Odisha. Its name “Patachitra” has been derived from the Sanskrit terms “pata” which means canvas, and “chitra” which means picture. Hence Patachitra art can be defined as a form of painting that is done on canvas. The application of rich colorful shades, highly creative designs and motifs, and depiction of simple themes taken from mythological sources make Patachitra art unique in its own way.

Indian Traditional Patachitra Art on Sarees
Indian Traditional Patachitra Art on Sarees

Patachitra art has been traditionally held in high esteem when it comes to the cultural and religious belief systems of Odisha. Among the various forms of art that have been practiced in Odisha for a long time, the Patachitra art is particularly revered due to its strong association with the holy temple of Puri. A gauze-like fine quality cotton cloth is used to create the paintings. It is coated with a specially prepared solution of chalk, gum and powdered tamarind seed which is then subsequently smoothened. These paintings are primarily executed in profile with elongated eyes created within a richly made floral border. In some cases, landscapes and scenes are depicted in the artwork as well, and major religious characters are juxtaposed together as well. Quite often, scenes of Puri temple and Ramayana and Mahabharata epics are featured in these paintings. Some of the most widely featured images include that of Lord Jagannath, along with his brother Balaram and sister Subhadra.

While it is true that the traditions of famous Indian Patachitra art have stood the test of time over hundreds of years, in the recent decades there has been a downward spiral with less profits being made in this area. One of the main reasons for which the traditional Patachitra art is believed to be in decline is that the artists find it difficult to make their daily ends meet and so they need to find other professions with more lucrative returns. The system of trading that has been in practice for a long time enables the middlemen to take away most of the earnings, and it is due to this reason that the younger painters are less inclined to carry on with the trade of their forefathers. While it is true that the government and many non-governmental sources are trying to revive this art, what is now needed is a way in which the middlemen can be bypassed and the artists can earn from their work directly. A good way to do so is to sell Patachitra art through online stores, and major moves are being carried out in this direction.

Harbhajan Singh is all set to tie the knot with Geeta Basra

Cricketer Harbhajan Singh is all set to get married to his girlfriend, actress Geeta Basra. According to news in Hindustan Times, the wedding ceremony will take place at Phagwara, 20 kilometres from Jalandhar. The marriage might happen sometime in October this year though the date is not yet validated. Actually Harbhajan is waiting for affirmation on a match against South Africa. Once that is validated, they might decide the wedding date. Numerous movie stars and cricketers are supposed to be present at the wedding.

Harbhajan Singh with his girlfriend Geeta Basra
Harbhajan Singh with his girlfriend Geeta Basra

Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh’s life has been a colourful one – both on and off the ground. Whether it is slapping Indian bowler Sreesanth or his declared love affair with Bollywood actress Geeta Basra, the cricketer has forever hogged the attention. Harbhajan, who plays in Neeta Ambani’s Mumbai Indians side in the Indian Premium League, has given us numerous match winning instants. However, the cricketer’s familiarity with the glamour world is not strange to many.

Sonali Bendre told Social media is extremely scary

Most of the celebs in B-Town are available on social media but actress Sonali Bendre believes it tremendously “scary” to be open about her life online.

“It’s very scary to be so open and I’m mostly a very private person. It sounds humorous thinking the profession that I’ve been in. But somewhere I continuously dealt with it but not really telling the fact in different situations. I’ve always changed things. But it’s difficult to be so open and truthful for me,” said Sonali, the brand ambassador of cosmetic brand Oriflame, said at an incident here to queries why she still wasn’t on social media.

Sonali Bendre finds social media scary
Sonali Bendre finds social media scary

But Sonali’s filmmaker life partner Goldie Bahl and son are tech-savvy. Sonali was also attend at her friend Twinkle Khanna‘s latest book launch where Twinkle had said that as a mother, she was glad if there was a ban on pornographic websites.

First looks, trailers, teasers and other advertising material are all strongly passed out on social media nowadays which constructs it a represents for celebrities to be in the news and also to connect with fans and voice opinions on burning problems. That is perhaps why Sonali expects she gets over her disinclination.

“I’m not on any social media but maybe, one day I’ll get over my obsession, I’ll join in. But 140 words on Twitter is very complex, I have lots to say,” says Sonali who was last seen in a cameo role in Once Upon a time in Mumbai Dobaara. She also appeared in the television serial Ajeeb Daastaan Hai Ye which was a fully grown love story.

Indian Government Extends Visa of Taslima Nasreen By An Year

The home ministry lengthened by a year the visa of banished Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen’s on 21 August.

The resolution to this result was taken after home minister Rajnath Singh interfered in this view; Taslima has been appealing the government to additional lengthen her visa.

Responding to the resolution, Taslima said she was happy even though she was anticipating an expansion of her visa.

Taslima Nasreen Expecting Indian Citizenship
Taslima Nasreen Expecting Indian Citizenship

“Anyway, this is welcome report. I am yet to be formally expressed (the government’s thinking) and you are the one who ruined the news to me,” she said.

Taslima has been living in banish ever since she left Bangladesh in a hide of privacy in 1994 in the wake of threats to her life by fundamentalist groups.

A civilian of Sweden, she has been getting Indian visa on a permanent basis since 2004.

She has also resided in the United States and Europe in the past two decades. However, on many instances, she had stated her desire to reside in India permanently, particularly in Kolkata.

The writer had to depart Kolkata in 2007 following cruel street protests by a section of Muslims against her works.