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What type of Indian handicrafts always in demand for home decoration at online?

These days, there are plenty of websites that are selling handcrafted Indian products on the internet. They are selling a wide range of products that can be broadly classified into a number of heads with sarees, stationery, t-shirts, stoles, and paintings being the most popular ones. However, this is only scratching the surface. You also get items that are meant specifically for men, women, and kids – you can also buy gifts and souvenirs from these online shops – but home décor seems to be the most popular category out there. Now as far as these items are concerned they can be divided into the following categories:

Bed and bath

As far as bed and bath are concerned there are plenty of items that you can choose from. Some of them may be mentioned as below:

  • recycled handwoven durries
  • Jawariya lugda
  • Kalamkari natural colour durri
  • organic cotton blankets
  • Kutchi quilts and bedspreads
  • double bed sheets
  • cotton bed sheet


India has a rich history of painting and the vast nature of the country has meant that you see several styles of painting that just tends to boggle your mind. As such following are some examples of paintings that you can order online:

  • fine work
  • gold foil work
  • miniature paintings
  • tribal art known as Pattachitra
  • rajasya art
  • Pichwai paintings
Indian handicrafts for your home decoration
Indian handicrafts for your home decoration

Space accessories

A lot of people like to do up their home with space accessories created by Indian handicraft artists. Following seem to be the more popular options:

  • felt toys
  • sheep planters
  • elephant planters
  • cow planters
  • fridge magnets
  • cat planters
  • hanging bells
  • animal figurines
  • nests
  • tiny bowls

Wall hangings

Wall hangings are also an important part of your home décor. Following are some options that you can look up online and buy:

  • felt toys
  • chhau masks
  • appliqué wall art
  • jute wall art
  • animal figurines
  • nests
  • tiny bowls

Kitchen ware

What better that decorating your kitchen with some kitchen ware that has been created by the incomparable folk artists of India? Following are perhaps the best options that you have in this regard:

  • sugar pots
  • masala jars
  • planters
  • matka vases
  • liquid dispensers
  • serving trays
  • knobs
  • jewellery boxes
  • incense holders
  • cylinder vases
  • coaster sets
  • bowls
  • bathroom sets
  • burners
  • brass trays and chota dabro
  • brass trays and bada dabro
  • chokoor boxes

Tabletop accessories

When it comes to looking for handcrafted home décor items online tabletop accessories seem to be in high demand. Following are the major selections in this regard:

  • sheep planters
  • small bowls
  • animal figurines
  • cow planters
  • elephant planters
  • fridge magnets
  • nests
  • hippo planters
  • giraffe planters
  • hanging bells
  • clay dolls


The first thing that any person notices at your home is your furniture. So if you are thinking of redoing your home décor you can give these handcrafted furniture items a try:

  • wing shaped furniture
  • yak shaped furniture
  • b chairs
  • work horses
  • book shelves
  • wallscapes
  • unipods
  • single benches
  • tree shaped furniture
  • rocking bulls
  • high stools
  • elephant shaped furniture
  • chairs with woven seats
  • chairs with slat seats
  • plain chairs


Following are the most popular handcrafted puppets on the internet:

  • elephants
  • cotton dolls
  • puppets of famous figures

What are the advantages and disadvantages of recent demonetization of Indian 500/1000 notes

Ever since the historic announcement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to curb all the old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes on November 8th, 2016, the whole nation has been taken by storm. While a certain section of people have praised the Prime Minister for this bold move against black money, fake notes and corruption, there have been others who have sharply criticized this decision to declare the old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes as illegal tender practically overnight. In a country that can be described as a predominantly cash-based economy, this sudden move has drastically affected business transactions all over the country. While people living in the cities have had their share of difficulties, standing in bank and ATM queues for getting new Rs 500 and Rs 2000 notes and exchanging old tenders, men and women living in rural areas had it even worse, since the banking system is not that well developed in such areas.

Amidst the controversy whether the decision to remove all black money from the country and create a predominantly cashless economy was a good one or not, it is now time to closely inspect the country’s present economic conditions after the implementation of the demonetization rules. Here are some of the ways in which the economy of the country and the life of Indian people are going to be affected by demonetization.

Effects of Demonetisation
Effects of Demonetisation

Advantages of demonetization:

  • Large hordes of cash that had not been in circulation for a long time and remained locked within just a few hands will now be unearthed.
  • Fake notes and black money can be effectively removed from the system.
  • There is going to be greater protection against possible illegal activities.
  • Common man can also afford to purchase the immovable assets.
  • It will increase the number of subscribers under upcoming tax regime.
  • Greater transparency in earnings will be achieved which is going to positively impact the government revenue in relation to the taxes.
  • It is also going to increase job opportunities for the future.
  • It will improve India’s prospects as investment destination thus encouraging business activities, reliability and better government administration system.
  • Ease of recovery with long term dues within the public sector as well as banking sector.
  • Reduced interest rates can favor small businesses and startups and help in developing India.
  • It is going to increase the number of digital transactions, thereby making India a cashless economy.

Disadvantages of demonetization:

  • Business depending on easy cash will go through a major loss since there is only limited cash circulation.
  • Black money holders will be looking for new, alternative ways to convert their cash into white money.
  • Notes production getting overwhelmingly affected, which shows that implementation was not at par with original expectations.
  • It is going to have a negative impact on the GDP growth.
  • There is going to be a high scarcity when it comes to money change.
  • It is going to severely impact daily wage earners as well as people who depend on bi-monthly cash payments such as drivers, cooks, maids, electricians, plumbers, etc. Many professionals like tea stall owners who need to run their shops all the time will hardly find time to stand in a bank or ATM queue for long hours.
  • People who do not have a bank account are going to be seriously affected by this move as they hardly have the basic knowledge on how to operate an account, let alone use debit or credit cards on a regular basis.
  • Real estate industry and construction activities are going to get badly affected.

Famous indian handicrafts famous outside india

India have more than 20 states and our population in almost going to be highest in this world. In our country major work force work for agriculture, then handloom and handicraft.

Each state stands for some unique art and crafts, here are few of the famous arts which are loved by users around the world.

  • Glass Arts
  • Santhal Painting
  • Kalamkari Arts
  • Kangra Arts
  • Floral Arts
  • Jagdalpore arts
  • Sanji Arts
  • Patachitra
  • Pichhwai Painting
  • Shell Art
  • Dhokra metal work
Traditional hand painted Patachitra Art
Traditional hand painted Patachitra Art

Harbhajan Singh is all set to tie the knot with Geeta Basra

Cricketer Harbhajan Singh is all set to get married to his girlfriend, actress Geeta Basra. According to news in Hindustan Times, the wedding ceremony will take place at Phagwara, 20 kilometres from Jalandhar. The marriage might happen sometime in October this year though the date is not yet validated. Actually Harbhajan is waiting for affirmation on a match against South Africa. Once that is validated, they might decide the wedding date. Numerous movie stars and cricketers are supposed to be present at the wedding.

Harbhajan Singh with his girlfriend Geeta Basra
Harbhajan Singh with his girlfriend Geeta Basra

Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh’s life has been a colourful one – both on and off the ground. Whether it is slapping Indian bowler Sreesanth or his declared love affair with Bollywood actress Geeta Basra, the cricketer has forever hogged the attention. Harbhajan, who plays in Neeta Ambani’s Mumbai Indians side in the Indian Premium League, has given us numerous match winning instants. However, the cricketer’s familiarity with the glamour world is not strange to many.

Indian Government Extends Visa of Taslima Nasreen By An Year

The home ministry lengthened by a year the visa of banished Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen’s on 21 August.

The resolution to this result was taken after home minister Rajnath Singh interfered in this view; Taslima has been appealing the government to additional lengthen her visa.

Responding to the resolution, Taslima said she was happy even though she was anticipating an expansion of her visa.

Taslima Nasreen Expecting Indian Citizenship
Taslima Nasreen Expecting Indian Citizenship

“Anyway, this is welcome report. I am yet to be formally expressed (the government’s thinking) and you are the one who ruined the news to me,” she said.

Taslima has been living in banish ever since she left Bangladesh in a hide of privacy in 1994 in the wake of threats to her life by fundamentalist groups.

A civilian of Sweden, she has been getting Indian visa on a permanent basis since 2004.

She has also resided in the United States and Europe in the past two decades. However, on many instances, she had stated her desire to reside in India permanently, particularly in Kolkata.

The writer had to depart Kolkata in 2007 following cruel street protests by a section of Muslims against her works.

Visitors misbehabe with wax figure of Nicki Minaj at Madame Tussauds

Nicki Minaj’s insufficiently dressed wax stature at Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas will be modified due to visitors’ wrong manner with the stature, which has been formed on the rap singer’s music video for ‘Anaconda’.

Madame Tussauds Nicki Minaj Wax Figure
Madame Tussauds Nicki Minaj Wax Figure

A string of inappropriate photographs of visitors and the figure have gone viral on social media platforms, causing serious problem to the company. They issued a declaration mentioning, “We have been made alert of the improper photograph that was taken at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas, engaging Nicki Minaj’s recent wax stature. It is regrettable that this visitor chosen to behave so wrongly and we forgive for any misdemeanour this has caused. We do have staff watching visitor activities in the attraction and do our maximum to certify our wax figures are treated courteously, but on this instance clearly one of our hosts was not there.”

“We are taking quick actions to ensure more staffs are there in this place and that the set around this meticulous figure is reshaped so that a picture like this cannot be taken once more.”

Within hours of wife's cremation, President return at his regular work

We all know that Mrs. Suvra Mukherjee, wife of our loving President Mr. Pranab Mukherjee died earlier. But, now we have seen the professionalism of our President. Because, he was back at work with his regular agenda within hours of his wife Suvra Mukherjee’s cremation.

In no time after the final rituals, Mukherjee — known to be a stringent disciplinarian — was concentrating to his official obligations.

Mukherjee paid floral honours to Shankar Dayal Sharma, in the passage in which the portrayals of earlier presidents are queued, on the event of his birth anniversary.

“The First Lady’s burial was at 10.30 a.m. By 12.30, the president was attending to his official duties,” told a Rashtrapati Bhavan officer.

President Mr. Mukherjee with his recently died wife
President Mr. Mukherjee with his recently died wife

On Thursday morning, Mukherjee will organize a official greeting at Rashtrapati Bhavan for the leaders of 14 Pacific islands who are in India to take part in FIPIC.

The president’s spouse was hurried to the army’s Research and Referral Hospital’s intensive care unit on August 7 after her health condition unexpectedly worsened.

The president had to cut little his two-day tour to Odisha and back to the national capital to be by his sick wife’s side.

He maintained focusing his official obligations, conveying his address to the nation on the occasion of the Independence Day and even holding the customary “At Home” at Rashtrapati Bhavan on August 15 without once betraying any sentiment to the world outside.

Famous singer Christina Aguilera publish topless selfie

Christina Aguilera, 34 years of age an American singer, actress, songwriter and a mother of two went viral after publishing a topless image on Instagram over her millions of admirers recently. The singer is considered as a pop icon, who sometimes evaluated to Britney Spears.

Part of her music profession and image is her trend. She was declared “Sexiest Woman of the Year”, 2003 issue of Maxim journal that she wrapped became its greatest-selling issue. Though in 2012 taken extensive disapproval over her curvy yet sexy shape where she increased weight. However, later got admires and media concentration after a noteworthy weight loss in 2013.

Displaying her sexy figure, singer placed a topless image of herself on Instagram. Christina Aguilera declared on her post, “Just so you recognize with me, it’s all genuine, all the time. Felt like it was time to start sharing some private matter with you guys… And it’s just the starting. Night night.”

Christina Aguilera's topless photo goes viral
Christina Aguilera’s topless photo goes viral

In her sexy topless warm selfie post was with a statue of a South Asian mythology stature and crystals with a perfumed candle and a rubber ducky that absolutely confines her madness and difficulty. She pictured herself in front of a mirror glass wearing just a pink pair of underwear.

Although having thriving singing career, she practiced collapse as she felt disappointed with the music and image her executive Steve Kurtz had created for her. She been promoted as a bubblegum pop singer due to genre’s rising financial tendency. Aguilera filed alleges against Kurtz, a breach of fiduciary responsibility complaint.

Happy Independence Day to all of you

Today all of Indians celebrating Happy Independence Day nationwide. Independence Day is a day when people in India pay honour to their leaders and those who struggle for India’s freedom in the history. The era escorting up to Independence Day is a time when main government houses are enlightened with twines of lights and the tricolor flaps from homes and other buildings. Broadcast, print and online medium may have exceptional competitions, events, and editorials to endorse the day. Movies about India’s freedom warriors are also shown on television.

The president conveys the ‘”Address to the Country” on the eve of Independence Day. India’s prime minister expands India’s flag and holds a speech at the Red Fort in Old Dehli. Flag lifting programs and cultural programs are held in the state capitals and often engage many schools and associations.

Happy Independence Day 2015
Happy Independence Day 2015

Many people spend the day with family or close friends. They may arrange a picnic in a park or private estate, go to a movie or eat lunch or dinner at home or in a restaurant. Other people go kite flying or sing or listen to patriotic songs.

Independence Day is a government holiday in India on August 15 every year. National, state and local government offices, post offices and banks are closed on this day. Shops and other businesses and concerns may be closed or have decreased opening hours.


Malayalam beauty Archana Kavi is all set to marry Abish Mathew

It is wedding time in the Malayalam amusement industry, as some of the young actresses are getting ready to tie the knot.

Archana Kavi, who started her acting career with MT Vasudevan Nair’s remake movie “Neelathamara” in 2009, is the latest actress getting prepared to swap vows. However, the marriage date is yet to be disclosed. But we will she her with a bridal wear sarees in near future.

Archana Kavi is all set to marry comedian Abish Mathew
Archana Kavi is all set to marry comedian Abish Mathew

Archana will apparently marry stand-up comedian Abish Mathew, who is known for his solo comedy stage performances like “Son of Abish”, according to Manorama Online.

The duo is said to be childhood companions and were born and brought up in New Delhi.

Meanwhile, just a few days back wedding news of Tamil actress Asin and Malayalam actress Muktha made headlines.

Pregnant Kim Kardashian and Naya Rivera-Dorsey shows their baby bumps

Pregnant celebrities Kim Kardashian and Naya Rivera-Dorsey have knock back at internet fiends, as they illustrated off their baby bumps.

Kim Kardashian – who is guessing her second child with rapper Kanye West – placed a nearly-naked selfie on Twitter, in a crack to show up buzzes she is using a proxy.

Naya Rivera-Dorsey, who is waiting her first baby with spouse Ryan Dorsey, exposed she had been targeted by reviewers online.

Pregnant Stars Posses Nude
Pregnant Stars Poses in Public

Controversy of the spiritual guru Radhe Maa

Pictures of 50-year-old Param Shradhey Shri Radhe Maa in a red miniskirt, with a matching cap and boots, have done the rounds of social media, leading to memes galore.

The pictures portrayed Radhe Maa aka Sukhvinder Kaur relaxing on – what else – a red sofa and normally lynching out and posing for photos in what looks like a mall. And there’s actually a video of her dancing to a Bollywood number.

Mumbai based Radhe Maa was born in Dorangla village of Gurudaspur district in Punjab and her father is a retired officer of the state government.

Her shining bio declares she chosen at the age of 23 that she was no more a householder and gave up her home with a husband, two children and all the consoles of the world.

Controversy of god woman Radhe Maa
Controversy of god woman Radhe Maa

In July 2015 a woman from Mumbai lodged a complaint against Radhe Maa for dowry aggravation. She also declared that Radhe Maa physically exploited her for different causes. An immoral offense was registered against seven people, including the woman’s spouse, at the instruction of a magistrate court. Additionally, Radhe Maa was found kissing, and hugging numerous of her devotees which produced controversy as civic display of fondness is believed obscene and mostly unaccepted in India, permitting custody up to 3 months or a fine, or equally. As of 6 Aug 2015, the god-woman was accounted escaping even as Mumbai police was considering issuing a look-out detects for her.

In August 2015, she also became a spotlight of a new controversy when politician and reality TV star Rahul Mahajan, leaked images of her clothing in Western outfit, namely, boots, a short dress and a red beret. This grounds a tornado on social media, as the typically conformist god woman who could be commonly seen in traditional Indian wear and heavy makeup, was seen dressing in what is judged improper by for her position.