Top 5 Products you can use as Corporate Gifts in India

We human love to receive gifts and in india we have plenty of occasions when we can send and receive gifts. We gift personally but now a days each organization gift their employees during festive season like Diwali, Durgapuja, Christmas or New Year.

Some unique which they usually choose, so what is better than handloom and handicrafts of india.

List of items best for corporate gifting are:

  1. Handpainted Kurta or kurtis for men and women
  2. Handloom Shirts or saree
  3. Handmade dhokras
  4. Pipili Chandua
  5. Handmade Bags

Textile Industry in Bangladesh

The textile and garments industries give the only source of economic development in Bangladesh’s quickly developing economy. Exports of textiles and garments are the main source of foreign currency makings. Agriculture for domestic use is Bangladesh’s major employment area. By 2002 exports of textiles, clothing, and ready-made garments accounted for 77% of Bangladesh’s entire goods exports. Bangladesh is second just to China, the world’s second-biggest clothing exporter of western products.

Bangladesh’s cloth industry has been element of the business versus aid debate. The encouragement of the textile business of Bangladesh as an open trade system is argued to be a lot more efficient form of support than overseas help. Tools such as quotas through the WTO Agreement on Textiles and Garments and Everything but Arms and the US 2009 Tariff Relief Assistance in the world garments market have promoted industrialists in Bangladesh’s ready-made clothing industry.

Bangladeshi garments are very famous in all over the world. India also imports Bangladeshi garments and textiles from there. Side by side Bangladesh also imports Indian Handloom and Handicraft products from India. Now anyone can buy Indian Handloom and Handicraft items from India through online shopping store.


Garments Indutry in Bangladesh
Garments Indutry in Bangladesh

It’s time to start making in India

India has arrived. The global economy’s perception towards the country has changed dramatically over the last thirty years, and rather drastically in the last five. In the 90s, when Rajiv Gandhi unleashed the Liberalisation, Privatization and Globalization policies under the guidance of the then Finance Minister and former Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, it was evident that the country was looking for some serious FDI. In the last five years, the perception changed further as more and more Indians appeared on the boards of successful startups, artists got global recognition and the small and medium sized service sector began to meet global standards and, more importantly, expectations. In spite of such a searing performance, the country continues to languish when it comes to the most important prerequisite for a healthy economy, a strong manufacturing sector.

Today, the transformation has begun in full throttle. The new government brings hopes of a manufacturing revival with a rather brave campaign that advocates consumption of products made in India. At the heart of this campaign lies an assurance that this is perhaps the best time to invest and manufacture in the country. The Make in India campaign is therefore one of the most ambitious yet logical strategy that aims and promises to boost manufacturing in the country. It is clear that the thrust will be on the small and medium scale companies while there will be significant efforts to make the atmosphere m ore manufacturing friendly.

What this means for apparel manufacturing

The textile industry in India has witnessed a number of ups and downs in the last ten years. In spite of the high demand being directly proportional to the population growth, the growing dispensable incomes, rapid westernization of tier II and tier III regions and the fact that India is one of the largest growers of cotton in the world, there appeared several cracks within the industry that required government intervention and significant debt restructuring. Without digging deep, it is evident that the only possible reason for the sector to not thrive in spite of the positive conditions is that the manufacturing segment might have been struggling due to the highly regulated and unfriendly environment. With Make in India, the new government has taken several initiatives that address the issues faced by manufacturing at its very root.

The scope, opportunity and initiative

Estimates published on the Make in India website indicate strong growth opportunities and significantly fast growth rate in terms of total fabric production, fiber production and export. The total size of the industry is expected to grow to $100 billion by 2016-17 from the present $67 billion. Textile and apparel exports are expected to rise by a strong $25 billion by 2016-17 from the present $40 billion. The total fabric production is also expected to close to double in the period with the present figures at 64 billion square meters and 2016-17 numbers expected to be around 112 billion square meters. Total fiber production is expected to grow from $7 billion in 2013-14 to $10 billion in 2016-17.

The recent Annual Budget saw the government take several measures to boost the textile and garment sector. Not only were new budgets allocated but there were also several infrastructure development initiatives that will be critical to the growth of the textile and garments sector in India.

Textiles and Garments Manufacturing
Textile and Garments Manufacturing

Sambalpuri dress design for campus interview in college | Online Shopping

Most of college student have high ambition in their career path and want to be selected in their campus interview before leaving college. It is a case for both technical and non technical college students.

Every boys and girls want to look simple yet stylish on the campus interview day. They start online shopping their clothes before the day. Now as young college student knew the value of handloom clothes, boys generally wear khadi shirts and girls choose sambalpuri dress designs which are now available online for shopping.

Dress designs for campus interview
Dress designs for campus interview

Handloom Sarees Online Shopping in Canada | Tradition and culture of India

Canada can be think as a small indian city because indian from all corner of our country started living in canada. Indian women’s always love to wear the traditional silk  saree in several festival  which held in canada. Saree only gives you the elgance and beautiful look in crowdy place.

If  you want’s to buy Indian saree then try from various online shopping sites. Handloom sarees are too unique from other saree and it gives a unique look in crowdy place.

Saree lovers in Canada
Saree lovers in Canada

Kidswear Kurtis Online Shopping Site | Shop handloom cotton Kurti

Odisha handloom clothes are breathable fabric which good for Indian weather. Demand for handloom kurtis increasing day by day, so many new fashion designer coming up with their designs, In our store you can find very basic kurtis for baby girls which are affordable and suit all Indian skins.

Now baby kurti online shopping made all possible.

Cotton Kurti for Baby Girls
Cotton Kurti for Baby Girls

Indian Bridal wear silk sarees now available for online shopping

Odisha traditional bridal silk sarees are favorite among brides all over India, they love to buy ikat saree, khandua pata, Sambalpuri saris for the special occasion. Previously they have to find those beautiful sarees for the wedding day by visiting Odisha but now as online shopping grows, you can shop them easily from online stores.

Traditional Bomkai Silk Sarees for bridal Wear
Traditional Bomkai Silk Sarees for bridal Wear

Handloom Cotton Saree Shopping Now Easy and Affordable

Good news for all Odisha handloom cotton sarees lovers living all over the planet. Now you can shop through our online shopping site. Other than cotton sarees, now you can buy silk sarees, shirts, home decors, gift item and many more.

cotton saree shopping now easy from anywhere
cotton saree shopping now easy from anywhere

Handloom Baby Frock Online Shopping |frock online store | online shopping of frocks

Now every parents want to give full comfort to their baby and it starts from the time baby arrived in this world. Apart from best food, we love to search for comfortable clothes for them. Now what is better than handloom cotton baby suit and frocks. We have added few baby frock in our store for them. We keep adding new stocks for you parents.

Baby frock online shopping
Baby frock online shopping