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Grace your outfit with Bomkai silk sarees

For hundreds and thousands of years, India has developed its own identity when it comes to fashion and clothing. Women in India love to clad themselves in gorgeous sarees that not only helps them to enhance their personal beauty but also feel proud of the cultural heritage that they belong to. The various areas and regions of India have developed their own trends of creating stylish and beautiful sarees that carry the distinct imprint of their specific cultural trends and beliefs. Among the types of sarees that deserve special mention in this relation is the Bomkai saree from Odisha. The saree has been popularized by Kathak dancers in all parts of the world and bears true testament to the ideological beliefs and cultural concepts prevalent in Odisha.

Bomkai sarees, also referred locally as Sonepuri sarees, are woven on pit looms and renowned for being astonishingly beautiful fabrics that combine two very important elements well-liked in Orissa textile industry. Bomkai sarees are made by using a method of adding a further weft on the pit loom. Beautiful Bomkai sarees are made by interweaving Ikat and embroidery into each other. The sarees have borders that are often done in contrasting colors. The pallus also stand out because of their intricate threadwork. Motifs that are used on the Bomkai sarees are mainly inspired from the nature as well as the rich traditions of tribal art found in Odisha. Such elements give these sarees a fascinating and unique look which makes them ideal for aristocracy. To offer ample choices for women with a love for these garments, Bomkai sarees are made in both silk and cotton fabrics.

Bomkai silk sarees for stylish Indian fashion.
Bomkai silk sarees for stylish Indian fashion.

Compared to some of the other types of sarees that originate in this part of India, the Bomkai comes with a number of unique designs and motifs that make them different from others. These designs and motifs aptly portray various mythological traditions and folklores of the past. These folklores form the base of Odishan culture, which makes Bomkai sarees some of the most endearing garments in the textile manufacturing industry of South India. The inspirations that make up Bomkai sarees are seeped deeply in nature that makes them so special and different from other sarees. The designs are composed with the help of concepts taken from nature and perfectly compiled together. Some of the common elements include the atasi flower, karela, macchi, the kanthi phul, koincha, rui macchi, mayur, padma and charai. Other than these motifs, another aspect of Bomkai sarees that stand out from others is the pallavs or borders. Many sarees have border motifs and designs that are heavily inspired by traditional tribal art. Some examples include, Kumbha, Mitkta Panjia, Floral and Rudraksha patterns.

Like the motifs themselves, the colors of the Bomkai sarees also play a very important role to add to the beauty of these garments. The colors of these sarees are mainly inspired by a contrasting effect. Quite often a shade of bright green is combined with yellow and the same is done with colors like black and orange. In some cases, the pallav is double shaded which creates a rich sheen of royal luster. The artisans also use lattice work add more beauty to the Bomkai sarees. Various geometric shapes and patterns can be found around the borders of Bomkai sarees which make them elegant and classy. Such rich artistic elements make Bomkai sarees some of the most popular garments that are produced in the state of Odisha. Over the years, many different types of Bomkai sarees have evolved which naturally offers more good options for the fashion conscious women of today. These include Sonepuri, Barpali, Pasapali and Bapta saris.

Type of saris sold on Indian market through Online Shopping

Even if most of the women now not willing to wear saris as regular wear, still they like this 6 yard cloth in many occasions. They are many type, varieties of sarees available in market, From them we have collected few mentioned below.

  • Banarasi
  • Bandhani
  • Cotton
  • Cotton Silk
  • Designer
  • Georgette
  • handwoven
  • heavy work
  • Jacquard
  • Kanchivaram
  • Chiffon
  • Leheriya
  • Net
  • Satin
  • Silk
  • Wedding
  • Bollywood
  • Half
  • Uppada
  • Paithani
Banarsi Sarees Online Shopping
Banarsi Sarees Online Shopping

All About Sonepur, Odisha – Handloom and Many More

Sonepur is known for art of weaving and this is a town in western odisha. Now this place is the headquater of Subarnapur District. Sonepur have a best school Bhimabhoi vidyapitha which is situated at Lachipur. Now as Naxal movement going on Odisha, there are instances when attack by these group happened to police around sonpur. Lankeseswari Temple is the main goddess of fishermans living in Sonpur.

Sonepur town have major private sector banks and more coming soon as per district admin.
Sonepur handloom sarees, dress materials are world famous and known for bomkai designs, but we think this place need

Art of Odisha: Sonepuri Silk Sarees
Art of Odisha: Sonepuri Silk Sarees

more publicity and we need to support the rare art of handloom weavers.

As the time changes people are moving from tradition style of looms to mordern looms, also motifs are changing little bit as per the draping habit of mordern women. Padmashri Kailash Chandra Meher is a known name who helped a lot to keep and run the art. Odisha Govt also need to work on and make this place a tourist place, so that we can attract and bring money to our state. We can see carving in Baidyanath Temple located at Sonepur from which many researcher found that weaving handloom in orissa is an art passing from 9th AD.

Sonepur is located 235 KM from bhubaneswar, which is the nearest airport or you can come thru balangir which is around 50 KM from here.

Salwar Kameez, Saree, dresses and Conern about Odisha Products

Buy Sarwar
Handloom salwar kameez set
Orissa is full of art and culture which know all over world we are started our work parallel with weavers and designer in odisha india, which helped our team to get knowledge of the difficulties of the work they do. Ikat fabric which may save by odisha govt and keep spreading orissa news for ikat cotton saree, ikat dress, ikat design.
Ikat work is know for the uniqueness and clearly visible designs by tie and dye method. If any time you get a chance to visit orissa india, never forget to buy salwar kameez or you can buy salwar materials online from online saree store in a cheapest price.
In Odisha we can see number of art style, dress designs, wedding dresses, fancy dresses in boutique. Weavers in Odisha India follow different weaving process according to the area and location, actual weavers and odisha designers face difficulties to get a chance to showcase their prodocts outside india and outside state. All of us in odisha or india know that very soon we all may see the end of handloom art forms from famous places like dhala pathar, nuapatna, bomkai, kala pathar, siminoi, sarakpatna, sonepuri, habaspuri, wall hangings and Kotpad saree is almost dead, may also become a museum piece within a year if not get help from others.
Khadi death you all must started observing, now it is very hard in odisha to find a actually working Khadi unit. Ikat will see the same very soon.
India is a vast country and each state have unique designs for their handloom, which is same with salwar kameez available and wear by indian girls or indian aunty in each different state. Some of the famous style of dresses like anarkali dress, white dress, black dress, fancy dress. Now most of the indian girl follow the dressing style of heroine in indian movies. Some of our customer asked to find a same patiala salwar suit which wear by heroine in a specific Indian movie.
As Internet is grasping the world shopping online is adding fun to all indian customers for shopping online, booking cinema, book a hotel for lunch in a shopping center. Online shopping in india is on rise for mens clothing, plus size clothing, womens clothing, vintage clothing , hot indian sari, handloom saree, salwar suits, dresses etc.
Handloom clothing also helping tourism in india, orissa tourism, india tourism because we observed that many people from outside country came here just to see and capture the beauty of ikat art.

Marriage in India – A Study of Culture

Marriage or Vivaah in India is a tradition or sanskar of our society through which two human being, one man and woman legally authorized to stay together and share their body and mind.

As number of Love marriages are growing in India, you need to be sure your partner help and support you all the time.

Day by day way of marriage process got a new face. Previously a family madhyasti bring marriage proposals for boys and girls but now in a high-tech society we can choose matrimonial services like jeevansaathi or web services where simply you can find thousands of match by registered in the website.

Before the actual marriage date we need to have knowledge on marriage laws, marriage vows, how to get a marriage certificate as this is mandatory now in India, from whom you need advice about marriage – you can contact a counselor with your partner, be clear that no dowries involved in your wedding.

Marriage in India
Marriage in India

People started taking more seriousness now for the wedding photography. Even they gone far enough to select famous photographers who takes huge amount ranging from 1 lakh to 5 lakhs with travel and fooding. Everyone want to look like bollywood hero and heroines in their saree or wedding dress.

Different religion have different type of marriage rituals and dressing during the ceremony.

From last few years in India we have observed mass marriage where more than hundreds of couple tie knot in the same day which save cost for them. Generally these type of ceremony organized by NGOs. Some times these help in second marriage of people.

In modern society a new trend started as bachelor’s party, which is organized by the bride or groom with their friend group to celebrate last party as a bachelor.

Shopping for a marriage is exiting and fun. Now in India a new concept started where people hire a shopping assistant or personal shopper, who help them to choose perfect clothing like saree, blouse, salwar kameez, kurta, Punjabi or suits in best and affordable price.

Before the marriage a budget and list should be finalized for all ethic wear, silk saris, jewellery and clothing for whole family. Bomkai silk sarees in India are top in list for a bride’s shopping. Choosing color of dresses is a very important for a marriage.

Hope you like the article. Please comment more about marriage which we will sure add in the article.

Best of luck to all bachelors from our team to get a suitable partner very soon.

Latest Collection of Handloom Sarees in Odisha

Handloom saree is one of the habitual wear of Indian women, which builds women look attractive and especially love to dress in during any circumstance and celebrations. India has been famed of its wealthiest institution of handloom weaving. Indian handloom apparels are evergreen and long-lasting manner, because of its wonderful designs on fabrics which cannot be manufactured by mechanism looms. Handloom weaving use special mixtures of cotton, jute, silk and imitation materials which offers our requires from everyday use to propitious weddings. Every handloom cluster of India is famous of their exclusive weaving. Indians are fairly electrified over handloom garments; generally women are fascinated to the conventional and imagine prototypes of handloom sarees.

Odisha handloom sarees of Sambalpuri cotton and silk sarees, nuapatna sarees, Vichitrapuri sarees, bomkai sarees, maniabandha sarees are pretty trendy as summer cotton sarees and these are appropriate for every day informal, active mothers, home makers, lady physicians, tutors and professors. Traditional weaves of pochampally ikat, pasapalli cotton saree, Saptapadi sari, berhampuri saree, maniabandha silk sarees, tussar silk sari, barpali sarees, bapta saris are traditional wear for festivals, corporate conference and family gatherings.

Silk Sarees of Odisha Online
Silk Sarees of Odisha Online

Odisha Saree Store, the leading cultural online Indian shop presents delicate Handloom sarees for online sale. Our Online store has the largest variety of wealthy Indian Sarees , Salwar kameez, handloom shirts, kurtas, kurtis, bed sheets, wall hangings, handkerchiefs etc . At Odisha Saree Store, you can shop special collection at reasonable charges.

Bomkai Sarees Online

The Bomkai saree is an ethnic variant named after a tribal village in southern Orissa. It stands out for its stich-patterns at the edges and the pallo (the wide band at the finish). Created in a little town called Bomkai in Odisha, these sarees  evoke a feeling of the ikat effect similar to that of the famous Sambhalpuri sarees.

Known for its unique appeal and cultural significance, sarees from Orissa have long been coveted by women from across India as well as the globe. The ikat design, especially, has been an iconic style of the Oriya saree. This design consists of four colours and can be recognized easily for featuring  creatures such as  birds, conch shells and Konark temple motifs.

Bomkai Sarees of Odisha online
Bomkai Sarees of Odisha online

Bomkai Saree basics

Both cotton and silk is used to make Bomkai sarees. For regular wear however cotton based Bomkai sarees are more popular. The Bomkai cotton saree holds high significant in cultural events in Oriya culture. Bomkai Silk Sarees on the other hand are  worn in ceremonies and more glamorous events.

Design and Colors

The new age of Bomkai sarees are gradually appealing to the younger generation. The designs of these are being developed keeping in mind the tastes of fashionable young women.Modern designs in the segment include fishes towards the borders. Traditionally Bomkai sarees stand out for their conventional ethnic look, as well as their minimalist appeal and stylish color palette. Combination of ikat and the typical Bomkai texture also enhances its effect.

Bomkai’s have extremely intricate complementary thread effort round the edges and pallus, and frequently merge ikat work for beautiful texture that can often blow your mind.


Demand of Sambalpuri Sarees

Sambalpuri sarees are best known for its art and clean design by weavers in sambalpur region of Odisha, which previously known as orissa. Women around the world like it very much. Sambalpuri Silk Sarees demand increases from last couple of years after revival of some issue by Govt Of India and Odisha handloom ministers.

Sambalpuri Silk Sarees
Sambalpuri Silk Sarees

Now Weavers again started talking interest on making new design of handloom sambalpuri saree and deliver it to the desired person.

Handloom Exhibition By Odisha Saree Store in Kolkata


Special Handloom Expo at Kestopur, Kolkata is an exhibition of handloom fabrics created in special parts of Odisha, which is sponsored and organized by Odisha Saree Store.

Handloom Exhibition in Kolkata
Handloom Exhibition in Kolkata

“This Special Handloom Expo is focused basically on the extraordinary cotton and  Silk handloom products of Odisha. The traditional Odisha handloom fabrics such as Katki Saree, Sambalpuri ,Nuapatna, Bomkei etc. which are famous for their superb designs and touch, as also diversified handloom fabrics such as Scarves, Stoles, Home Furnishings and Made Ups are the exhibits of this Special Handloom Expo.”

Evidently, the Special Handloom Expo of this kind has a significant role to play in the development and promotion of handloom business in India, which is the largest cottage industry of the land providing the widest avenue for employment.

In Odisha, handlooms providing employment to about few lakhs handloom weavers.

We have some traditional and fashionable products in this expo.

In order to widen the scope for age group of varieties of market oriented designs we have introduced Computer Aided Designs to provide to the diverse need of our weavers for improved designs. idea of eco friendly dyes in fabrics has also been introduce. This is the first time that such an exhibition has been planned in Kolkata.

The Expo which will be Start on 21st April and on till 20th May will be open from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm on all days and exceptional upto 30% concession is presented for the products.

Odisha Saree Store is the best place for all handloom silk sarees

Odisha Saree Store is the best place for all handloom silk sarees which have best qualities of handloom fabrics with eye catching handloom designs. Our Store also collect latest saree designs and provide handloom silk sarees online.

Bomkai Silk Sarees
Bomkai Silk Sarees

Orissa haandloom sarees are world famous for its unique handloom fabrics which people around the world using frequently. Our tradition sarees and cotton saree designs are world famous and sold even different markets and are best among handloom sarees kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore.