How Nandita Das is flaunting Indian Handloom Worldwide?

If there is any actress who has made impact in the global cinema while staying true to her Indian roots, then it is certainly Nandita Das. The actress has been known to create a strong fashion statement by flaunting her love for Indian handlooms. As an actress and a woman of substance, Nandita Das is really getting a lot of attention by wearing clothes that are made of Indian handlooms. Whether it is in her home country or in Cannes, Nandita chooses to sport the best of Indian handloom clothing that makes her stand apart from the rest. While the usual fashion scene at the Cannes Film Festival is characterized by Swarovski studded gowns or long, sweeping dresses, Nandita is sticking to her usual signature style by wearing the best of Indian handloom clothing.

Recently Nandita Das was at the Cannes Film Festival to promote her latest movie Manto. The filmmaker stayed in France for the Festival de Cannes which went on from May 17 to May 28. She met with the producers for the film as well as the lead actors of the movie Rasika Dugal and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. In this event, she was mostly seen in traditional Indian handloom clothing which she carries with a complete élan. As an individual with Odisha roots, she always had a strong love for traditional Indian handloom clothing and this can be seen clearly in her choice of personal wardrobe. For the Cannes event, she was seen in a peach and gold saree which made her look simple yet elegant. She had her hair artfully folded into a small bun and wore earrings in the form of handcrafted Indian danglers. The saree was designed and crafted by Anavila Misra which had a distinct classic appeal of its own.

Nandita Das wearing a handloom saree at Cannes
Nandita Das wearing a handloom saree at Cannes

To add more versatility to her Cannes wardrobe, Nandita chose to wear another handloom set by Anavila Misra that consisted of a charcoal kurta and tassar stole. This fine set created nice chic look that was quite comfortable at the same time. Over the years, this talented actress turned director sported numerous stylish handloom garments for the most important red carpet event at Cannes. Whether it was short tops, block print kurtis or silk sarees, Nandita Das was seen flaunting them all with her characteristic confidence and charisma. In her own way, she has become the ambassador of Indian handloom fashion in the foreign soils. Last year she was seen in some strikingly elegant clothes that were created by Swati Garodia for her label Sartorial. In 2016, she was seen at the Festival de Cannes in a white embroidered and beautifully sequined maxi dress that was created by designer Purvi Doshi.

From the very beginning, Nandita Das has been known to create a distinct style statement of her own by wearing simple silk and cotton sarees. Her simplicity was one of the distinct qualities that immediately attracted the attention of cinema lovers and industry insiders. She also instinctively understands how to combine her dresses with the best of ethnic jewelry which in turn has always helped her to create a strong impression. She also loves to wear stylish Indian handloom clothes when she is overseas promoting her projects. This strong love of Indian ethnic wear has characterized her way of life from the very beginning. She can also carry any kind of traditional ethnic wear easily and effortlessly which makes them look great on her. In her own way, she has inspired countless women in India and abroad to adapt a more ethnic fashion sense which in turn has popularized this form of clothing everywhere.

Famous Molakalmuru Saris of Chitradurga, Karnataka

Chitradurga is a very beautiful district in the Indian state of Karnataka, here this place is very much famous for its traditional saris manufacturing. In Chitradurga district Molakalmuru is a panchayat town where very beautiful saris are produced from ancient days. These saris are very much famous in the name of “Molakalmuru Saris”. These Molakalmuru Saris are so much unique that this gets Geographical Indication tag. The Geographical Indication tag number is 53.   The exact .location where Molakalmuru Saris are produced is Hangal village. This village Hangal is a part of the Chitradurga district. Here many skilful handloom saris weavers are present who produces very unique and attractive Molakalmuru Saris and export them in all over the world.

Molakalmuru Sarees of  Chitradurga
Molakalmuru Sarees of Chitradurga

Molakalmuru saris are the traditional silk saris; those are weaved by the traditional handloom silk sari weavers of Molakalmuru in Chitradurga district, in the state of Karnataka, India. The motifs of the Molakalmuru saris include the fruits, animals and flower etc. The design and style of different varieties of fruits, animals and flowers are beautifully added on a silk cloths and the cloth becomes a beautiful and very attractive handloom silk sari. As per the name of the place where these saris are produced the name of the sari becomes Molakalmuru saris.

These Molakalmuru saris are not only liked by women in Karnataka or in India, these Molakalmuru saris are popular in all over the world, everywhere women like to wear these saris. But in south India these is a huge demand of these Molakalmuru saris. Also in different European and American countries women like to wear these Molakalmuru saris. So many people of Karnataka and other parts of India started exporting the Molakalmuru saris to those countries.

Now days these are many Indian families are leaving in different other countries. The women in these families like to wear Molakalmuru saris but they don’t get the Molakalmuru saris sufficiently in the local markets of those countries, in these situations online shopping technology very much help them in getting their favourite Molakalmuru saris in a very easier way and in a very affordable prise.

So these are some thing about the famous Molakalmuru Saris of Chitradurga, Karnataka.

Popularity of Indian Handloom and Handicraft Products

We all know that Indian handloom and handicraft items always in demand in the international market. India is very rich in handloom and handicraft items. When foreigners come to visit India they always remember to buy Indian handloom garments and handicraft items. Now peoples who stays outside India they can also buy Indian handloom and handicraft items through online shopping store.

Bengal kantha stitch cotton sarees online
Bengal kantha stitch cotton sarees online

When we visit in the abroad anywhere we will see Indians are present, specially when we visit countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Japan, Spain, South Africa etc. And NRI’s always try to wear Indian traditional dresses in any social gatherings, public functions, pujas etc. And all we know that Indian women love to wear handloom sarees and other handloom dress materials.

Orissa handloom sarees online | Odisha handloom | Ikat sarees of Orissa

Odisha handloom sarees are another name of ikat Sambalpuri and Nuapatni saris. Sambalpuri silk sarees known for its checker design which also called as Pasapalli motif.

Orissa sarees are famous in India just like other famous sarees like maheswari sarees, Rajastani kota, chanderi, sico, banarasi. Now a days not only we get sarees made in handloom but famous Bollywood designers are creating new look for reputed hero heroins. For Men kurta, punjabis, shirt. Women can order for sarees design.

Hand woven silk sarees
Hand woven silk sarees

Sambalpuri handloom silk sarees are best among these series of cloths. We just need to help weavers and their family with the help of internet.