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Now every parents want to give full comfort to their baby and it starts from the time baby arrived in this world. Apart from best food, we love to search for comfortable clothes for them. Now what is better than handloom cotton baby suit and frocks. We have added few baby frock in our store for them. We keep adding new stocks for you parents.

Baby frock online shopping
Baby frock online shopping

Oriya matrimony sites helping digital marriages in Orissa

Marriages made in heaven or made in internet, we are not sure. But in Odisha. India marriage is a ritual which is important for indian to be social with in family, relatives and friends. We heard that marriage made in heaven but is it true.

Marriage age in India getting delayed by boys and girls. This age almost pushed by 10 years for each male and female. Everyone wants to be settle first in life before jumping into this jail.

But as per you how much amount you can tell as a settled property, 1 crore, 5 crores, or infinite.

If you think in you case as a middle level family 1 crore in enough, you are absolutely wrong. One disease can be enough to spend the whole amount on one family member, you know how medical expenses increased a lot in india.

So better go for marriage in right age and right time.


Age now marriages are happening after 35 for boys and 30 for girls, they are not getting suitable partner through common matrimonial links from family and rely on best matrimonial sites available on internet to buy back partner buy registering them in those websites. Websites have two type of memberships one free and another paid.

Some of the reputed matrimonial sites are:

  • www.oriyamatrimonials.com
  • www.shaadi.com
  • www.jeevansathi.com
  • www.bharatmatrimony.com
  • www.bandhan.com


Life of a Indian Girl Before and After Marriage

Which Phase of Life are you now ?  You are in Before or After.

This Story is of a girl who born in India in a very reserved family and how she learned life’s lesson after marriage.

Story Continue…………………..Keep on Reading

Life of an Indian Girl
Life of an Indian Girl

Do you allow your daughter-in-law to wear Jeans at Home

We live in india, where still all of thing women can not wear fashionable clothes all places. Am i Correct?

Most of the girls in our country adopt to wear Jean and T Shirts mostly and avoid draping a saree even if it is a family gathering. But the scene changes when a girl getting married, she have to face a lot of challenges suddenly like

  • What to wear
  • When she have to reach home from office
  • Saving money
  • Making Food for family
  • Can not visit somewhere without permission of mother-in-law
  • and a long list of thing

Suppose your son, got married to a girl working for a major IT Company. Could you allow her to wear Jeans at home or preferred to see her in a Saree ?

Daughter-in-law = Daughter. Is it true in India?

Draping Saree of Jeans - Daughter in Law
Draping Saree of Jeans – Daughter in Law

Online Shopping helping Parent save money on baby clothes

Getting a suitable dress for your child is difficult in india. Most of the branded baby clothing stores are most expensive which also difficult to buy for middle class family. for example a frock in a GINI and JOHNNY store costs more than 1000 rupees.

Baby Girls Kurti Online
Baby Girls Kurti Online

Online shopping made it easy for all parents, now they can spend time on different webstores and choose a perfect dress in cheap price. This save their time and money.

Barbie Doll – Games for girls

Barbie is the best friend of most of the girls on our planet. This is a doll brand which was here since 1959 by an American company. Among dolls, barbies marked and reach the heart of us.

Children play dress up barbie games in the home with their friends and this is a high demand fashion game for girls. As our internet user on rising and this is same for all children. So they have started free Barbie games in net on their home PC or gather at a place to play it.

In Rural area, girls play with Barbie and drape her in sarees. Then they play with a doll and arrange the marriage for her with a male doll. If you have not gifted a Barbie to your daughter then your time starts now.

You can buy them through online shopping all over the world, just sitting at your home or office wherever you are reading our article.