Balaram Temple, Dhenkanal, Odisha

Dhenkanal known as a religious plac beacuse of lord Shiva at Kapilash, Joranda for mahima Gadi, saptasajya and many small matha and temples. We have another place to visit which is located in Dhenkanal town. Balaram Temple(Mandira) our lord of city. People of odisha believe this as the home of Balaram and during rathayatra even ratha first pulled here then at Puri.

In Your next visit sure visit here.

Nearest places to visit: Rajmahal, IIMC and Science Centre

Balaram Temple
Balaram Temple

Saptasajya – Dhenkanal – A Place to visit in Odisha

Saptasajya is a place which named after 7 munni rusi. The area surrouned with greenery and temples, which is a place you can spend a whole day with your family and friends. While going to top of hill, you will come across few beautiful gaderns and ashrams.

Finding way to Saptasajya is not a hard task, from the high way take the road towards sankarpur or famous village for Dhokras crafts Sadeibereni, you will find it exactly after 8 kms. Enjoy.

Saptasajya, Dhenkanal, Odisha
Saptasajya, Dhenkanal, Odisha

Handicrafts of Odisha | Online Shop | Shopping Online | Dhenkanal Store

List of handicraft Products available in Odisha:

  • Chandua
  • Dhokra
  • Tarakasi
  • Patachitra
  • Bamboo Work
Dhokra Metal Art, Odisha
Dhokra Metal Art, Odisha

Dhenkanal is a rising city for odisha tourism

Dhenkanal is known for laxmi puja around the world. Anyone from our town living outside it, must come here during maa laxmi puja.

Dhenkanal comes under state of odisha in india which is like a tourist center in orissa due to having places like kapilash, saptasajya, joranda, paschimeswar and many more archaeological places.

Dhenkanal attract thousands of tourist each year. This is favorite among people because this is a centally located district of orissa.

Come here and explore beauty of dhenkanal.

kapilash, joranda, saptasajya, pachimeswar
Tour of Dhenkanal

Making the most of the feet that fall for online shopping

Footfall, as the word suggests, is the total count of the number of people who walk into your store/ mall/shopping complex. While the number may be far more than the actual buyers, a good understanding of its importance in the retail sector can often help a retailer enhance the footfall-buyer ratio.
Consumers today have more knowledge, awareness and most importantly, options than ever before. The quality of the footfall therefore, has changed completely since the ‘90s. More money in the hands of the middle class along with independent lifestyles, of even 18-year-olds, make teenagers and young professionals two of the largest consumer bases in emerging markets. However, when it comes to converting footfall for the retailer, these two segments play spoilsport. While figures indicate that these segments comprise the larger share of the total footfall, their conversion ratio is one of the lowest. The primary reason for the disparity in the footfall conversion of the younger demographic with that of the older shoppers is a lack of conviction of the former when headed for the store. Youngsters prefer hanging out at the mall; it does not warrant that they prefer shopping from them. This makes the footfall figures of the youth brigade a rather tricky and often misguiding one. So each time they head out for the neighborhood mall, they may not have intentions of buying a product, unlike their older counterparts who have a stronger intent while leaving the house.

Online Shopping Strategies
Online Shopping Strategies

However, when it comes to converting effectively, shopping malls as well as standalone outlets can adapt strategies that enhance appeal to the casual store stroller. Retailers armed with insights into the regional preferences, the local tastes and the latest industry trends always have an advantage when it comes to effective conversion. For example, a fashion apparel retailer selling winter wear can do well with a special discount offer on mufflers in regions with a high population of the elderly. Similarly, a promotional offer on jeggings would have worked wonders a year ago in regions with a higher concentration of working women.
It is also important to note that a high footfall conversion ratio does not necessarily mean high sales. If a shopping mall attracts little footfall, its conversion ratio goes up automatically and yet, sales at the stores will continue to be low due to the small base offered by the footfall. To make the ratio a healthy one with a large base, enhancing footfall should therefore assume prime importance in the marketing strategy.

Ramp to store – The journey of art and commerce

Designers are a whimsical lot. While some of their ramp hits turn out to be bestsellers and trendsetters, a number of them cannot make it to the stores due to their non-commercial designs.
In spite of this, retailers across the globe latch on to successful designers irrespective of the last time their designs were a retail success. While some call it the love of art, retail businesses know well that the benefits are not just confined within the limits of money.

Art versus commerce While high fashion may not care for the retail community, ramp hits that can make it big at the stores are what drive the fashion apparel industry forward. Fashion as an art form, can never be ignored and neither can its commercial importance be overlooked. For apparel retailers, a deep insight into the fashion industry can be a massive value addition to business, as it can often help predict change of preferences in the market.
For example, a new bridal wear collection launched by a famous fashion designer is likely to have a strong influence on the bridal fashions of the season ahead. Similarly, a fashion house releasing a brand new neckline design will have replicas flooding the flea markets and other small apparel stores. By no means does such replication hamper the designer’s reputation or bank balance and should in fact, be considered an advantage, as the design is likely to stay in the market longer due to the mass appeal.

Sona Mahapatra at ramp to promote handloom garments.
Sona Mahapatra at ramp to promote handloom garments.

Similarly, high fashion cannot be ignored due to its ability to influence great minds, set trends and take the industry forward. Unique and sometimes shocking as they are, high fashion has little commercial appeal, yet the hype around it makes its importance in fashion quite obvious.

Festive Insights and Online Shopping

The festive season offers a whole new set of challenges for the retailer. Tias Chakraborty shares insights and strategies for retailers to cash in on the market.

As lights dim in the Indian economy with the depreciating currency and rising inflation, businesses across the country are looking forward to the festive season. Like each year, Diwali pushes sales at stores across the country as communities gear up for the big celebrations. This year, retailers across the country will be hoping that that the rising inflation and the depreciating rupee do not add to their woes. The ideal strategy would be simple, pushing volumes rather than premium offerings. However, on a closer look we realise that the market for premium products are least affected in times of crises as the SEC A population can afford things under tough circumstances as well.

Online Shopping
Online Shopping


Evolving with time and online shopping

Perhaps the most important part of being a retailer today is spreading awareness about your unique appeal. Online Shopping Retailers need to come to terms with the fact that no matter how large or how popular they are, the intensity of competition has risen phenomenally in the last decade. In the apparel industry, a new designer or a store comes up almost every day and add to this the emerging prowess of the ecommerce sector.

Online Shopping Sites
Online Shopping Sites

Players such as Jabong, Yebhi, Zovi, Myntra and several others have already started to cash in on the shopping extravaganza that the pre-festive season brings. With supply chains shortened and some of them coming up with their own brand of clothing, they are offering some seriously low priced products of good quality.

For example, one of these sites gave away three pairs of jeans under INR 1500. This is a number hard to match for even the private label players in the brick and mortar stores.

The art of discounts for Online Shopping in India

Discounts have become synonymous with festive shopping and even large format retailers have realised their massive importance in the last decade. Players such as Shoppers Stop, Pantaloons and Westside realise the impact of the discount season on their loyal customers and therefore go all out promoting their offers online and offline.

In fact, this phase poses a big challenge to the small time retailers who do have the online or offline reach to spread awareness of their discounts. Also their traditional business models with a long supply chain also make it difficult for them to offer discounts that are as big as these large format retailers. So how does one tap into the festive season market with these limitations?

Discount for Online Shopping
Discount for Online Shopping

An important insight lies in the fact that in semi-urban and rural markets where the penetration of large format organised retail is low, shoppers are known to have a high degree of loyalty. In fact, they are known to approach their local apparel store first on the news of a new product launch or a fashion rage that they come across through the media. Marketers will need to cash in the loyalty of this category of shoppers with the help of strategic communication.

The market is too large to be covered by each brand and therefore, brands will need to evaluate the right pockets where their product can be leveraged the best. For example, if an innerwear brand is looking to boost its sales during the festive season, its best bet is to offer an attractive margin to the old fashioned retailers who are identified as trusted sellers of innerwear within a locality.

With higher margins and the trust of the customers, these retailers can push new brands as well as boost sales of existing ones in the market by recommending it at the point of sales.

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Distance from Bhubaneswar to All Major Cities

Bhubaneswar is a well planned city and connected with all major towns and cities in Odisha, India. Bhubaneswar have own Airport where all major aeroplane companies have connection of flights, We have direct flights to all metros in India. As the city growing day by day, we definitely need more flights and trains to our BBSR city.

Bhubaneswar Railway Station
Bhubaneswar Railway Station

Distance from Bhubaneswar to all major cities in Odisha and India:

  • Berhampur – 170 Km
  • Cuttack – 21 Km
  • Puri – 60 Km
  • Konark – 40 Km
  • Khurda – 25 Km
  • Dhenkanal – 80 Km
  • Angul – 140 Km
  • Sambalpur – 298.5 km
  • Bargarh – 350 Km
  • Jharsuguda – 350 Km
  • Sundargarh – 380 Km
  • Rourkela – 350 Km
  • Phulbani – 220 Km
  • Koraput – 482 Km
  • Nuapatna – 80 Km
  • Kotpad – 545 Km

Dhenkanal – A Tourist Place in India

Dhenkanal always known for peace and beauty of the places surrounding this. Our Town is located in between small mountains and add more attraction to it. Odisha tourism department need to take care more to these places.

Must See Places around Dhenkanal:

  • Kapilash Temple
  • Saptasajya
  • Pachimeswar
  • IIMC, Dhenkanal
  • Science Center
  • Nua Pokhari
  • Raj prasad
  • and many More
Kapilash Temple, Dhenkanal
Kapilash Temple, Dhenkanal

The town also having some of the best shopping malls and hotels which attract tourist to our city.  Dhenkanal is well connected with all major towns in india by road and railway. By Road this is 85 KMS from Bhubaneswar, which is also the capital and nearest airport. Dhenkanal railways connections is best from all corners of India, just you need to plan properly to get here. Dhenkanal have also best hotels and restaurants to stay during your visit. Orissa tourism have many places like this all the districts but not able to attract more visitors because promotion of these places are zero if we compare with other states. Hope We all work together and make orissa more better place to visit.