Best 5 picnic spots in Dhenkanal.

Christmas and New Year is coming soon. From Now people try to go for picnic for the upcoming year to welcome with a great way. There are so beautiful place in Dhenkanal where you can go and enjoy a lot for Picnic.

Here are the list for Picnic spot.

  1. Tikarpada
  2. Kapilash
  3. Saranga
  4. Saptasajya
  5. Mahima Joranda Gadi.


Dhenkanal Odisha – Place of Business

Dhenkanal is a beautiful place and also it is going to be business hub in Odisha. Shops are all over the town and even new shopping malls started here.

Business in Dhenkanal
Business in Dhenkanal

New Companies started business here. Old star of dhenkanal grown uu their stores. Online store started doing business here. So now their are Job options also available for new comers passed out from Synergy Engineering college, IIMC, and Govt colleges. Hope we can see a better city ahead.