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Dhoti the traditional men’s cloth of India

Dhoti is a popular men’s garment in India and in some other courtiers like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar and even in African sub-continent. Dhoti is basically a rectangular piece of unstitched cloth, usually around 4.5 meters (15 ft) long, wrapped around the waist and the legs and knotted at the waist, resembling a long skirt this is the traditional and very important cloth or men’s garment in India.

India is a big country having 29 states and 7 union territories and in each state, the language of the people and the traditions and rituals are different from each other. According to the climate in a different geographical location of India, the cloth of people varies but two things are the same one is Dhoti (men’s garment) and another is sari (women’s garment).

Dhoti is very important according to Indian culture, in different states of India like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Telangana, Maharastra, Karnataka, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, West Bengal, Odisha and Konkan and Goa etc people using dhoti from ancient times.

Like dhoti, lungi is a similar piece of cloth worn widely in some other Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Africa in a similar manner.

In current scenario Indian people are using western clothes in the day to day life, pants, shirts, T-shirts etc are now becomes the first choice of Indian people but still, they remember their traditional cloth in festivals and special occasions like marriage etc. In puja functions mainly in Durga puja, Kali puja, Ganesh Puja etc festivals Indian people prefer to wear best quality dhotis.

So these are different varieties of good quality handloom dhoti are available in different market places of India. Also in online shopping store different good quality handloom made dhotis are available at very less cost.

So these are some things about dhoti the traditional men’s garment of India.

“Mundu” The Traditional Dress of Kerala

The mundu is a famous garment that is very much popular around the waist in Kerala, the Tulunadu region and the Maldive Islands. Also in other parts of the country India people like this product mundu very much and use it in different occasions.

The product mundu is closely related to the famous Indian men garment dhoti, also it is similar like sarong and lungi. Mundu is also wearied by the Tulu speaking folk and Beary community; those are leaving in South Kanara, a district of Karnataka state.

Mundu: A Traditional Dress For Keralian Men
Mundu: A Traditional Dress For Keralian Men

Mundu is normally woven in cotton materials and the colour of the products is normally white or cream. Mostly the colour is dependent on whether the cotton is bleached or unbleached, according to that the colour varies.

Mostly kaddar mundu is a handloom made product, there are many handloom weavers are producing this products in traditional process. The mundu products are very famous and men in mostly in south Indian states like to wear mundu very much.

Neriyathu is a term used for unbleached mundu. These are mainly two types of mundu are available in modern times. The two types of mundu are prevalent as the single mundu and the double mundu. A single mundu is draped once around the waist and the double is folded in half before draping. It is better to starch a mundu before use mundu is and people usually starched before use it.

Today also people like to wear mundu in some regions. In mostly kerala and other south Indian states people prefer to wear mundu as it is a traditional cloth. So in traditional and cultural functions even in marriage functions also south Indian people like to wear mundu sometimes.

Mundu is also available in online markets to satisfying the need of those south Indian peoples those are leaving in different other states and different other countries.

So these are some things about the mundu.