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Ecommerce Stores over Traditional Stores in India

Traditional stores are giving way to the ecommerce version currently in India. Several traditional stores are opting for ecommerce to sell their products or services due to certain advantages. Even a couple of decades back people were not acquainted with the phrase ecommerce but now each every person whether he or she is a product developer, manufacturer or any kind of service provider is opting for an ecommerce store to reap the benefits. Ecommerce is the next step in converting marketing sites into selling points to expand customer base and generate the ROI. The biggest advantage of ecommerce store is the reach. You can venture out to wide and varied markets to sell your products or services.

Ecommerce has an amazing ability to effect sales and marketing efforts immediately. Once you are online you can launch your products or services at a national or an international level. For example, if you have a traditional saree store you have a considerable amount of customers on daily basis. However, not all the people visiting the store are converted into customers. Therefore, to increase your sales you have to expand the presence of your shop. Now, to expand it on a brick and mortar level entails huge investment; here comes ecommerce store. With ecommerce store one does not need to make huge investments but having an ecommerce website guarantees double visitors simultaneously to your store increasing the chances of sales and hence more return on investment.

Ecommerce System and Functions
Ecommerce System and Functions

In India the ecommerce market was worth $3.8 million in 2009 which shot up to $12.6 billion in 2013 according to market research. It is reported that India has around 10 million online shoppers and the estimate is steadily increasing by 30%. This makes India one of the major possibilities for online shopping and ecommerce stores. Apparel is one of the biggest sales drivers in the ecommerce stores in India. Keeping this growth trend in mind many traditional stores are either opting for an ecommerce establishment along with their existing store or are completely shifting their business online. With 3G and broadband connection penetrating a large section of the Indian society online shopping is becoming more accessible to shoppers to visiting brick and mortar ones.

Now, there are great benefits of having an online presence for doing business in India. The biggest advantage our store will remain open 365 days and that too 24 hours a day. You will get rid of opening and closing your store and also from salespersons seeking leaves. Your customers can visit any page from your online web store anytime. This 24 hours service does not increase your costs. The ecommerce stores run on low budgets in comparison to the brick and mortar one. By choosing an ecommerce establishment the owner can also forget about creating inventory reducing the chance of product damage. Also this allows owners to sell wide range of products enlisted under different categories. You do not have to talk endlessly and hackle with prospective customers on price also.

With an ecommerce store the possibility for creating new sales channels increases manifold. Since you will not be doing business only in your locality your chances for diversification also increases. Online entrepreneurs see more profit and that too quite fast. Profit margin per item increases as soon as you go online. Up sells increasing the sale value of a customer are easy to set up on ecommerce stores. Even the chance of cross-sells increase with online web store plus offering complimentary items with some purchase increases cross-sells. Using and managing social media and e-mail marketing can increase sales rapidly. Overall, ecommerce stores are offering the most lucrative alternative to traditional stores in all aspects of business garnering more profit in the end.

Handloom Sarees Online Shopping in Canada | Tradition and culture of India

Canada can be think as a small indian city because indian from all corner of our country started living in canada. Indian women’s always love to wear the traditional silk  saree in several festival  which held in canada. Saree only gives you the elgance and beautiful look in crowdy place.

If  you want’s to buy Indian saree then try from various online shopping sites. Handloom sarees are too unique from other saree and it gives a unique look in crowdy place.

Saree lovers in Canada
Saree lovers in Canada

Online Shopping celebrated 20th Birth day on Aug 11 2014 all over world

2014 is the 20th year of online shopping in this world, because on August 11, 1994 the first product sold securely was a string album. UK and US adopt online shopping easily and they prefer doing it online, but in india we are believing it from last few years.

Now most there are 240 billion internet users in india and most the customer do Online Shopping During Working Hours, mostly in lunch hours.

In indian market we can expect 9 out of 10 people will shop online within next 5 years.

Happy Birthday Online Shopping.

Online Shopping celebrated 20th Birth day on Aug 11 2014
Online Shopping celebrated 20th Birth day on Aug 11 2014

Online supermarket for Handloom clothing and handicrafts in india | Online Shopping

In 90’s if we want to buy something, we need to visit some famous shopp in nearby town, even if that is not possible people usually travel district head quarter or capital of state to get it if very very necessary. Even we remember some of our neighbors travel to raipur, raygarh, nagpur even to buy specific items which at that moment not available in small towns.

Now with the help of technology we can buy whatever we want sitting at home or anywhere we have a internet connection. Most younger generation buy their need through mobile devices.

Online Shopping best site for handloom and handicrafts
Online Shopping best site for handloom and handicrafts

We with the help of IT helping all handloom and handicrafts products of india to sell and deliver to desired customers any where in india or abroad.

Our customer are very specific and they like us very much. Once any customer drape and handloom sarees, she can not able to stop wearing it because of its design and comfort.

Most of the handicrafts products are showcase in home and offices around the globe buy purchasing online, We have some specific clients who love to decorate their house and garden with these rare handicraft products.

Our online supermarket trying to help customer find their love and with lowest ever price.


Some of the Part-Time Jobs Women should do to support finance to family

Family Expenses on rise in india and even Narendra Modi can not save us from all these quickly. All Need time and support from all of us to family and nation. Before 10 years there are not much job options for girls in india. But now picture is different we have number of option to join.

Job for women

Part time Job for Women and Girls in India:

  • Coffee Shop
  • Pizza Shop
  • Receptionist
  • Call Center
  • Internet Parlor
  • Software Trainer
  • Intern in small companies
  • Library assistant



Ecommerce helping customers to buy desired products

India still in development phase, and this is same for customers in India. Now as Indians started earning 5 figure, they love to spend more on their comfort.

Ecommerce helping us to get our desired product online on a mouse click. Even customers love to shop through mobile devices.

Ecommerce help to by right product
Ecommerce help to by right product

Govt of India promoting our it sector which is going to the enext income generating industry after agriculuture and textile.

Old traditional shops started setting up online shopping stores to make their presence online and it help customers also to get anything anywhere in best price.

Hope you like ecommerce. Please suggest how to make it better and better.

Drawing crowds for Online Shopping

As important as it is to increase footfall at a store, achieving a high conversion ratio is a completely different challenge altogether. For industries such as the fashion apparel retail, multi-brand apparel retail and single brand garment retail, the challenge of converting footfall is even more complex. Let us look at some commonly applied mechanisms to enhance footfall and then strategies to enhance conversion:

Hoardings – Strategically placed advertisements can be a great crowd puller;

Connectivity – It is vital to choose a location that has great connectivity and ample parking space;

Branding – While apparel retailers prefer a niche appeal, the trick is to create an exclusive brand image that invokes curiosity, not just among the target audience;

Visibility – An indispensable aspect of marketing for the retailer, great store visibility boosts footfall significantly—consulting landscaping experts or architects often help;

Customer experience – The modern day customer does not tolerate delays or rude behaviour at stores. till date, the most effective marketing strategy in business. Implemented meticulously, such solutions can boost sales, enhance visibility and help retailers analyse the consumer base and footfall.

A thorough understanding of the demographic and local tastes, as mentioned earlier, can also help achieve a higher conversion ratio for retailers.

Online Shopping
Online Shopping

Conversion strategies for Small Business

For your eyes only

Visual appeal in the apparel industry makes a big impact on the footfall as well as the conversion ratio. For example, an apparel store with mannequins donning their latest collection has a greater chance of people walking into them than their counterparts with a mere sign and adaptability of these players. The jungle law of survival of the fittest however, still applies in these markets and, going by the resistance that some of these emerging economies offered to FDI in retail, it is evident that a lot is left to diplomacy and chance.

Simply Put

In spite of the challenges, the emerging economies provide the ultimate opportunity for brands to tap the rapidly growing and dynamic markets. Adopting strategies that ensure a longlasting and fruitful run is therefore mandatory to cope with the regional diversity in such economies. Looking at players that have made a mark over the last decade, it is evident that their adaptability, customisation and region-specific marketing strategies have been their greatest strengths.

For local players, the markets are still ripe with opportunities globalisation brought about. Footfalls will increase over time and so will consumption; however it is only the players equipped with footfall conversion strategies, superior customer relationship management techniques and quality brand management policies that will hold the reins to the market in the long run.

Online Saree Shopping in India
Online Saree Shopping in India


While the techniques mentioned may improve footfall at a store or a shopping mall, converting them into buyers involves a more comprehensive strategy that delves deep into customer psyche. Well-groomed sales executives, ample retail space for movement and accessible store displays often induce a desire to shop from a store. As more and more companies opt for CRM (customer relationship marketing) solutions and as the options in the market are increasing, with the introduction of cloud computing and SaaS options in the CRM space, retailers today have a variety of solutions to choose from, for management of their customer data. With these advanced systems, retailers can have access to actionable, stat-based and concrete data that facilitates faster business decisions. Access to customer data that is effectively segregated, real-time data sharing and multi-channel usage options make today’s CRMs an absolute necessity for retailers. These solutions can help identify issues in the marketing strategy as well as constantly keep a tab on costs for companies, thereby helping retailers identify, target and eventually manage customers better. A customer, who enjoys a pleasant retail and after- sales service experience, has a higher chance of recommending the store to a friend/relative, even if the product is at par with the rest of the market. This can have a direct impact on footfall conversion as word-of-mouth remains.

Western influence on Indian Apparel Market

As the emerging markets become globalised, the retail landscape undergoes a gradual transformation. Global giants enter these markets with a bang, set new trends, innovate, consolidate and eventually dominate. The success stories of brands such as Adidas, Nike, Fila and Reebok in the sportswear segment, bear testimony to this fact. Fortunately however, the impact on the domestic industry is rather positive as these players learn from the giants, enhance their models and continue selling. It is the size and dynamism of these markets that accommodate both these categories of retailers and therefore, competition increases at a rate that is slower than the rate of innovation

Western Brands
Western Brands

Ramp to store – The journey of art and commerce

Designers are a whimsical lot. While some of their ramp hits turn out to be bestsellers and trendsetters, a number of them cannot make it to the stores due to their non-commercial designs.
In spite of this, retailers across the globe latch on to successful designers irrespective of the last time their designs were a retail success. While some call it the love of art, retail businesses know well that the benefits are not just confined within the limits of money.

Art versus commerce While high fashion may not care for the retail community, ramp hits that can make it big at the stores are what drive the fashion apparel industry forward. Fashion as an art form, can never be ignored and neither can its commercial importance be overlooked. For apparel retailers, a deep insight into the fashion industry can be a massive value addition to business, as it can often help predict change of preferences in the market.
For example, a new bridal wear collection launched by a famous fashion designer is likely to have a strong influence on the bridal fashions of the season ahead. Similarly, a fashion house releasing a brand new neckline design will have replicas flooding the flea markets and other small apparel stores. By no means does such replication hamper the designer’s reputation or bank balance and should in fact, be considered an advantage, as the design is likely to stay in the market longer due to the mass appeal.

Sona Mahapatra at ramp to promote handloom garments.
Sona Mahapatra at ramp to promote handloom garments.

Similarly, high fashion cannot be ignored due to its ability to influence great minds, set trends and take the industry forward. Unique and sometimes shocking as they are, high fashion has little commercial appeal, yet the hype around it makes its importance in fashion quite obvious.

Available of Silk Fabrics types for Online Shopping

Silk comes from the different area, region and countries and all depend upon the climatic condition of the particular place. These are famous products which are sold through online shopping.

We have a different type:

  • Dupion Silk
  • Floss Silk
  • Eri Silk
  • Matka Silk
  • Matawa Silk
  • Peace Silk
  • Tassar Silk
  • Thai Silk
  • Muga Silk
  • Wild Silks
  • Vanya
  • Waste Silk

We will let you know more about each type of above silk later.

Traditional Eri Silk Saree and Tussar Saree
Traditional Eri Silk Saree and Tussar Saree