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Types of Embroidered Blouse Designs for Traditional Wedding Silk Sarees

One of the various kinds of embroidered blouse designs that you can get for your traditional wedding silk saree is an embellished elbow length sleeve blouse. Such a blouse can impart a rich look to your traditional sarees and as such lots of women like to wear them as well. In fact, their popularity has only increased even more of late. Vanki design blouse is one of the most popular design styles in this particular category and celebrities such as Kajal Aggarwal are known to prefer them as well. A major designer in this regard would be Kavitha Gutta who owns a boutique named Golden Threads in Hyderabad.

Plain elbow length sleeve blouse

As you would have guessed by now thanks to the name in these blouses the sleeves cover till your elbow. In fact you can get these blouses with big borders that act as sleeves. They are highly in trend right now and your wedding saree would look elegant if paired with these blouses.

Classic puff sleeves blouse

The puff sleeves blouses have been worn for some time now and this is the reason the word classic is added as a prefix to their name. If you team such a blouse with a conventional silk kanjeevaram saree you would get the feminine look you had been after all this while. If you are a young lady then you can be sure that this combination would look great on you.

Embroidered Blouse for Wedding Silk Sarees
Embroidered Blouse for Wedding Silk Sarees

Kundan work blouse

A Kundan work blouse would make your dress look rich.

Cut work blouse

Cut work embroidered blouses are really stunning to look at and make your bridal sarees look even better than they already are.

Maggam and Stone work blouse

Maggam and stone work blouses are really great to look at. They are extremely festive and rich to look at. You can be sure that these are the perfect blouses to be worn at weddings.

Net blouse

Net blouse designs are among the most popular of their kind going around nowadays. They are fashionable and apart from that they happen to be quite sensuous as well. There are different ways in which you can incorporate net fabric in your blouse such as sleeves, backs, and necklines. When teamed with your traditional silk saree they can impart a modern touch.

High neck blouse

Your ethnic saree would look a royal one when you have a high neck blouse to go with it. When compared to the traditional patterns of blouses that you see out there these give you a look that is much nicer and fresher as well. These days, designers are making these high neck blouses in a wide variety of combinations related to fabric and the ornamentation that goes with such artistic work. It must also be said that these embellishments are really intricate. In case you are wearing one of these high neck blouses you should not wear any neckpiece. Instead you can go for heavy earrings such as chandeliers, chandbalis, and those big jhumkas.

Round cut out back neck blouses

These blouses normally have round cut out details in their back. They are available in various styles such as Maggam work, Kundan work, stone work, and Zardosi work. They outline the cut out back and this is how the blouse gets a stunning look. You can make the blouse look even more glamorous by adding a good looking tie back tassel at the back. Apart from this you can go for blouses with artistic sleeves as well as ones with a back neck pattern. These are really unconventional options to say the least and also a lot of dramatic effect to your entire appearance.

8 Awesome Ethnic Outfits and Trends to Rule This Summer

In summer, choosing the right kind of clothes is very important, especially when you are planning outdoors. Whether you are going to your regular college or office, or a special party, or for a weekend getaway, if you are not dressed comfortably, you will feel restless, let alone enjoy anything. Now, there is a dress code everywhere. You cannot go to your work or university in vest and shorts, just because you feel comfortable in them. Another important factor is, are you comfortable wearing these clothes? If no, you cannot wear them when you are on a weekend trip either. So, what to wear this summer which will look fashionable yet comfortable? Here is a list of 8 awesome ethnic outfits and trends to rule this summer. Follow them and prove that you don’t need to wear western outfits to be fashionable.

  1. First and foremost factor to feel comfortable is, choose your fabric carefully. Remember synthetic clothes will make you feel more uncomfortable. Cotton, silk, jute or khadi works best in this season. Cotton has always been a favourite of the designers. This summer you can choose a sleeveless top of cotton to pair with long flowing skirt that looks like a ghagra. Pick up a kalamkari print top. It is quite in fashion; dyed with vegetable colours, they are eco friendly as well. This is an apt dress as regular wear in scorching summer.
  2. Summer means a series of wedding invitation. We keep wondering how can someone choose this time of the year to get married and feel pity especially for the bride who has to put up with heavy bridal wear, jewellery and makeup with a smile on face. But you can attend the party and enjoy it when you have dressed accordingly. Simple linen saree with border and pallu work with designer blouse is an easy option. Bengali Dhakai saree with minimal makeup and simple jewellery can also nail a perfect wedding party look. As for men, khadi or simple silk kurta can be magical. Do not go for tussar or heavily embroidered ones. With sweat plops, you would not be a pleasant sight.

    Pure cotton Sambalpuri Pasapalli Saree and Salwar
    Pure cotton Sambalpuri Pasapalli Saree and Salwar
  3. Choose sheer white linen kurti and team it up with matching cotton leggings, trousers or even churidar. A stroll can be a fashionable accessory with it as well as a means to protect your hair and face from dust and sun.
  4. For formal occasions, do not go for pure or raw silk. They stick to your body. Rather you can go for silk blends like butter silk or ghicha silk. They are light and have flowing texture. These fabrics are very much in fashion, so you will not look out of place either. You can choose saree or even better, if you take a dupatta of this fabric and wear it with cotton, linen or khadi salwar suit.
  5. For college going generation, cotton kurti with printed palazzo pants are both comfortable and stylish. As they put it, being “carefully careless” is and has always been “in”.
  6. Be careful while choosing colours. Pastel shades are comfortable in summer. When you are wearing linen, select shades like nude, pink, pale blue, beige etc. They are cool colours and cause less sweating.
  7. Stay away from bold motifs. Give in to floral as well as our very own kalamkari. You will feel the difference in your skin.
  8. And finally one fashion tip. When attending a wedding party this season, if you are not comfortable, do not go for lehenga or heavy saree, no matter how close you are to the bride or the groom. Go for salwar suit or simple sarees in khadi or crepe. This will spare the unnecessary volume which makes the wearer uncomfortable in sultry evenings.

The Lakme Fashion Week 2016 – Hand Woven saree gives you a fashionable look

The Lakme Fashion Week 2016 that was recently held in the month of August has left the fashion design industry by storm with its innovative collections that celebrate the rich traditions of clothing associated with this country’s heritage. Numerous designers presented their own collections, each unique in its own way and offering different interpretations of handloom clothing. There were also plenty of standout creations that provided an opportunity for the audience to contemplate at what can be created with traditional Indian handlooms by taking a different approach. In these ways, the latest event was an eye opener for many. It also ensured that women in India are going to have even more options in the coming year when it comes to fashionable handloom clothing.

One of the types of garments that have stood out from this event is the fine collections of hand woven sarees that have been presented by a number of well known fashion designers. Noted for their spellbinding looks, the sarees have been made out of the best quality fabrics and special care has been taken to create designs and patterns on them that make them quite vibrant and picturesque in their own way. The collections of these hand woven sarees have particularly appealed to the experts from the film industry as they are already including them in a number of upcoming movies. A large segment of buyers have already shown great interest in these collections which are destined to fetch great returns for the manufacturers.

Hand Woven Sarees of Lakme Fashion Week 2016
Hand Woven Sarees of Lakme Fashion Week 2016

Hand woven sarees have always been regarded with great esteem in India as they offer women with great opportunities to look fashionable and unique. They come in myriads of different styles, colors and designs which allow women in India to explore their individual style with these garments. The best part of wearing them is that they are perfectly for the hot and humid weather of the country. The hand woven sarees offer a lot of comfort to the women who love to wear them all throughout the day. While some sarees are particularly made for special occasions, there are also others that can be worn for day to day purposes. This makes hand woven sarees highly versatile and perfect for all occasions. Moreover, the designers and artisans take special care to create products that perfectly match the expectations of the buyers. This certainly works well for the women who love to get these garments for their personal collection.

Specially chosen fabrics are used to create the hand woven sarees so that they offer rich quality and finish. Whether it is a cotton saree or a silk saree, the fabric that is used for making them is approved only after stringent quality checks. This helps to make sure that the final products are of the finest quality. Most manufacturers of hand woven sarees also make use of a range of different techniques to make sure that the final products stand out for their design and aesthetic elements. The price of these sarees are determined by the type and quality of the fabric as well as the designs and embellishments that are used in them that helps in creating their individual looks.

As more women are currently looking to buy the hand woven sarees that have been presented in the recently concluding Lakme Fashion Week 2016, a number of online stores are coming forward to cater to this demand. Destined to appeal to a large segment of buyers, this new collection has already been praised for paying tribute to the rich traditions of handloom for which our country has been known for centuries.

How to Wear a Saree to Look Gorgeous and Slim?

Saree is one of the most beautiful and sensuous attires worn by Indian women. The saree has ethnic significance too and women look gorgeous draped in an exclusive item. However, sometimes we are bothered about our extra pounds while wearing a saree and think twice before taking it out of the wardrobe and wear on special occasions. Saree is such an attire in which some parts of the woman’s body is exposed and hence being in perfect shape is preferred. However, even if you are not in perfect shape, you can still choose to drape it in style by using certain tricks to make you look slimmer and gorgeous.

The first thing you must remember while choosing a saree is to go for a fabric which is lighter to make you appear slim. Light fabric which tends to stick to your body must be selected instead of heavier fabric which makes you appear bloated. Fabrics like Georgette, chiffon and crepe are ideal for plump women instead of cotton which makes one appear round and plump. Crepes and chiffons actually hug your body and enable you to look slender. Pure silk is also another fabric which makes you appear slimmer. However, if you really cannot ignore cotton, then choosing the cotton silk sarees is a wise decision. In terms of prints, always go for lighter prints because bold prints make one appear huge.

Smaller prints, vertical lines and sleek embroidered borders always create an illusion of height. Such prints make you appear taller, slimmer and more attractive. The same effect is created by narrow borders. Shorter and plump women need to wear narrow borders to provide more exposure and fall making them look taller and slimmer. Wearing dark colors also does the trick at times. Black is a color which actually covers the flawed areas and makes one appearing slimmer. Same goes for sarees as well. Wear black, brown, mauve etc. to look gorgeous as well as slim.

Gorgeous Eri Silk Sarees Online
Gorgeous Eri Silk Sarees Online

Wearing the saree properly is an art and very few women can actually master the art. It is extremely important to drape it tight, neat and close to your body so that it does not appear shabby. A saree is worn in layers and be careful about draping each layer carefully without messing it up to look slimmer. Make pleats on the shoulder and of course from waist down neatly to look organized, slim and sensuous too. Long sleeved or full sleeved blouses always cover flaws of your arms. Pair it up with a gorgeous saree and look slim and beautiful. If there is some kind of embroidery on the sleeves, it is even better.

Tucking the saree in the waist region is of immense importance if you are trying to look slim. Tuck in the saree neatly and make larger pleats from waist down to look taller. Shorter and multiple pleats might make your abdomen appear more voluminous and broad. Some women leave the pallu without pleats to cover the bulging belly. This is a nice trick but you must remember not to wear a low waist saree. Covering up the bulge is idea. Hence, wearing high waist saree along with proper pleats in the waist down region and leaving the pallu without pleats can help create the illusion of being taller than you are.

Another way to appear slimmer by wearing a saree is to go for 2 rounds whenever possible. Generally it is a single round through the waist, but if your saree is longer, you can go for 2 rounds after tucking it in the waist to look slimmer near the waist and knee region. It makes you appear taller too.

10 Best Hairstyles with Traditional Silk Sarees

Silk sarees are traditional wears in which Indian women appear pretty, gorgeous and also elegant. However, one can look sensuous in a saree too if she chooses to look. Wearing a saree is never complete without that perfect hairdo or hairstyle along with heavy or light jewelry, preferably traditional. Here are some of the selective hairstyles that match with a traditional silk saree which looks gorgeous due to the natural shine of the fabric.

  • Classic bun with flowers hairstyle– a classic bun is one hairstyle which every Indian woman knows how to do and cannot do without. It is the best choice for traditional occasions like weddings and puja. Neatly tied bun near the nape adorned with flowers is the perfect look for Indian women during traditional occasions. Right from celebs to common women everyone loves this hairstyle. It is elegant and traditional.
  • Plait with flowers– Indian women usually have long and thick hair and plaits are most common hairstyles to flaunt. A nicely done plait decorated with flowers look beautiful and exotic particularly paired with a traditional silk saree. Choose flowers according to the colour of your saree or you can simply go for white ones.

    Trendy Hairstyles with Traditional Silk Sarees
    Trendy Hairstyles with Traditional Silk Sarees
  • Braids– braid is another typical Indian traditional hairstyle which goes well with traditional sarees and jewelry. However, it looks great with light jewelry. Braids can be either side ones or fishtailed ones in the middle. The side braid never goes out of fashion and looks great on women with long and lustrous hair. These can be made on any side and you can choose from Dutch, French and of course fishtailed ones. Fish tailed braids are a favorite among Indian women because they are a blend of chic and tradition. Some also like using hair accessories with braids.
  • Side swept curls– it is a statement hairstyle which can be done by anybody. Just use curling rod to create the soft curls and then take the entire bunch to one side and secure the back with bobby pins or hair accessory. Tried with silk sarees and jhumkas, the curls should reach past your shoulders to provide the desired effect.
  • Updo hairstyles– the puffed up bun and half puffed up bun with loose ends can be a lovely choice to pair up with traditional silk saree. This makes you appear vintage and is perfect for traditional occasions and high profile parties too. To create the puff, you can use bumpits or boostias and comb your hair nicely. Hair spray can also be of help. Use a beautiful piece of hair accessory to get the ethereal look.
  • Messy Bun– the messy bun is a favorite among young Indian women to give a casual as well as traditional look. Curls, twists and waves are the highlights of this hairstyle. Twist the hair and tie it at the nape. Do not do it tightly; instead leave curly bangs on sides and forehead for that chic air and accessorize the bun.
  • Half Bun with Curls and Twists– it is quite a trendy hairstyle which has a traditional touch to it as well. Neatly use the twists and curls to create a half bun at the back and decorate it with hair accessories.
  • Bee hive and half bee hive– the bee hive is a common hairstyle with Indian women which appears at the top of the head. Sometimes women prefer half bee hive where half of the hair is let loose and at other times all the hair is used to create one big hive.
  • Lose curls or waves– adding volume and bounce to the hair it looks like a layered hairstyle. Looks great with naturally wavy hair and you can let your hair lose over both the shoulders.


Top 10 Fashion Designers of India

Now days the fashion industry of India gaining more and more popularity in all over the world as a fashion centric nation, Indian people focusing on designers cloths, jewelleries and other accessories.

The traditional Indian attires like sari, dhoti, salwar kameez, kurta etc are now days produced with very attractive new designs, also the old traditional motifs, those are used from thousands of years are very attractive but the new designs and attractive colour combinations makes the Indian fashion more famous in all over the world.

The county India has a very vast culture and in different parts of this country the likes of people are different from each other so the arts and designs of cloths are also different, the Indian fashion designers creates fusion of different traditional attires and produces very unique designs those are very much appreciated by people in all over the world.

Indian clothes designed by some well known fashion designer
Indian clothes designed by some well known fashion designer

Indian fashion designers work very hard to take Indian Fashion and Indian Fashion Industry to the top most level in world. Let us have a look at the names of top fashion designers of India those creates and unique identification for India in global fashion.

  1. Manish Malhotra
  2. Wendell Rodricks
  3. Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla
  4. Tarun Tahiliani
  5. JJ Valaya
  6. Rina Dhaka
  7. Manish Arora
  8. Rohit Bal
  9. Ritu Beri
  10. Ritu Kumar

These peoples are the best fashion designers of India those represents Indian fashion among all over the world.

Various fashionable products produced by these peoples are now available on online market, many Indian and international online shopping stores are providing the fashionable products at their store. That helps Indian people in choosing best fashionable product for them in a very easy way.

So these are some things about top 10 Indian fashion designers.

Lehenga Style Sari are more liked by girls in current scenario

Lehenga Style Saris are very popular among girls in current scenario. Most of the young girls like to wear Lehenga Style Sari during marriage functions, parties and in other traditional functions or festivals. Best quality and beautiful designed saris are now available in huge quantity.

Lehenga Style Saris are very popular because these saris are very easy to wear and very beautifully designed. As in India most of the women wear saris during their day to day life, so many varieties of saris and different styles of draping are available in different places of India. Wearing a sari is a very difficult and time taking work.

Sonam Kapoor with a  Lehenga
Sonam Kapoor with a Lehenga

As Lehenga Style Saris are very easy to wear so these are very much liked by the girls those have very less time to spend on preparation for a party or function because Lehenga style sari is a form of ready-made sari that arose from the need of an artistic yet easy to wear party attire that very much helpful for the women and girls.

So girls more like Lehenga style saris rather than traditional saris and demand of these saris are very huge in Indian market. Different garment stores providing very beautiful designed Lehenga style saris with varieties of colours.

In Lehenga style saris various types of embroidery patterns are employed according Bagh, Chikan, Kashida, Kasuti, Kantha, Sozni, Shisha, Zardozi, etc. Those are gives girls a very attractive look and girls very much like that, young girls always like to look attractive and Lehenga style saris help them on it. So Lehenga style saris become very popular among the girls.

So girls want to buy different types of Lehenga style saris from different shops and also from online shopping stores. As online shopping stores makes available different varieties of Lehenga style saris so girls very much prefer to buy Lehenga style saris from online shopping stores.

Fashion and Online Shopping

Now day’s people more conscious about Fashion. Fashion is nothing but a special style or a different appearance from others, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing, or furniture. Fashion is related with these things. People now preferring stylish and unique products to look fashionable, especially in cloths, ornaments and shoes people like to wear very unique and stylish things, those products others are not using. By this they want to show up their status in society. By a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style a person looks mare fashionable. Fashionable clothes are the products of new generation and the newest creations of textile designers of current generation. Because the more technical term costume is regularly linked to the term “fashion”, the use of the former has been relegated to special senses like fancy dress or masquerade wear, while “fashion” generally means clothing, including the study of it. Although cloths are more important for fashion but other things like jewelries, shoes and other accessories are also very important from the fashion point of view.

Online Fashion Shopping
Online Fashion Shopping

In old days people purchase their cloths and other products from nearby shops, where they don’t get their liking products all times. So they have to do compromises with their fashion and style, but now days this problem was solved by online shopping technology. Now people can get their liked product from online shops in very easy way and they get their all liked products from it. So we can say that, for development of fashion and style online shopping technology helps a lot.

By the help of online shopping people also get chance to acquire the fashion of other country, i.e. if someone like some cloths or style of other country then he need  those cloths and other product to have that style. But it may chance that the availability of those products is not present with his local market, in this situation it is impossible to do that style.

So this is how online shopping helps fashion and fashion lovers.

Top countries where buyers depend on online fashion store

There was a time when buyers only had to depend on traditional retail stores for getting their fashion apparels and accessories. However, with the introduction of ecommerce sites, it is now possible to buy all kinds of high fashion clothing items over the internet. Online shopping has really transformed the way the global fashion industry works. By bringing buyers the opportunity to have direct access to more clothing items, these sites have made clothing manufacturing and supplying business much more lucrative than ever before.

Ecommerce stores allow buyers to purchase their favorite clothing items from the comfort of their own homes. They also provide them with the opportunity to browse through a more extensive product catalog than what was possible with a conventional store. These stores also provide buyers with the option of selecting clothing size and color or search within specific groups of products or brands. Unlike conventional shops where men and women had to depend exclusively on the shopkeeper to present the products, with online stores one has the option to look through the products any time and in any way he or she pleases.

The online stores also present buyers with much more clothing items than what can be offered by a conventional store. This is so because they are not constrained by the limitation of space. Most online shops have multiple warehouses and operational centers in different cities and locations from where they transport the goods to the shipping address. In today’s world where it is of vital importance to look good and yet people find it hard to devote enough time for shopping, online clothes stores has made it possible for people to save on time and yet look great for all occasions. Moreover, these shops are great places for finding clothes that are rare. You may prefer to wear clothing items that are otherwise difficult to find from a conventional store. In such cases, online stores can easily bring them for you. This is also applicable to the brands whose products are not available in your city.

Best Online Fashion Store in India
Best Online Fashion Store in India

Online fashion store options have increased significantly in the recent decades, and there are numerous countries all across the world that is known for spending significant sums of money buying clothing products from these stores. Some of the top countries where buyers depend on online fashion store exclusively are Japan, China, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Russia, Canada and Italy. Other countries where the online clothing shops have seen a noticeable boom in the recent years include Australia, Brazil, Singapore, Argentina, New Zealand, Netherlands, Sweden and Chile.

In India, the number of online shops selling high fashion clothing items has significantly increased in the recent times. While some of them stock primarily traditional Indian ethnic wear, there are also others that specialize in both ethnic wear as well as western wear. Market reviews conducted in India in relation to online shopping have showed that most young men and women in urban areas love the experience of buying their clothes from online shops, as it provides them with more options to browse products at their own time and comfort. However, statistics also reveal that the penetration of internet is still low in India and only a definite section of people choose to shop regularly from online stores. There are also other factors which prevent the popularization of online marketing in India; these include infrastructural limitations, complex tax laws and low credit card usage. As only 10% of households in India own credit cards, Cash On Delivery option is common in India. However, the popularity of online shopping is increasing in India day by day, and it is believed that things will progress significantly in the coming years.

Famous fashion brands of the world

These days fashion has become a motivation and requirement. It seems that the endurance of anyone is not feasible without rocking in the world of fashion. A person’s standard is now defined with the way he wears the outfits and use fashion accessories. This has given rise to a lot of fashion brands. Almost all of them tend to jump into the race. So here are top 10 most renowned fashion brands:

  • Burberry
  • Dior
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Chanel
  • Armani
  • Gucci
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Prada
  • Tiffany & Co
  • Manolo Blahnik
 Famous Fashion Brands of the World
Famous Fashion Brands of the World



Fashions in France

France is a foremost country in the fashion style industry, along with Germany, Italy, the USA, the UK, Spain, Japan, Switzerland, etc. Fashion is an essential part of the country’s civilizing life and culture, and the French are renowned for excellent taste.

Paris acts as the centre of the country’s fashion style industry. Along with New York City, London and Milan, it is considered a best world’s fashion style capital. Paris is residence to many leading fashion designers including Chanel, Pierre Cardin, Céline, Chloe, Dior, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier, Hermès, Lanvin, Rochas, Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent and others.

Some Leading Fashion Brands in the World
Some Leading Fashion Brands in the World


Italian Fashion and Fasshion Brands

Italy is one of the foremost countries in fashion design, beside others such as France, USA, Great Britain, Germany and Japan. Fashion has constantly been an essential part of the country’s cultural life and civilization, and Italians are famous for their awareness of clothing-up well.

Italian design became famous during the 11th–16th centuries, when creative improvement in Italy was at its acme. In 2009, according to the Global Language Monitor, Milan, Italy’s centre of design, was positioned the top fashion capital of the world, and Rome was positioned 4th, and, although both cities fell down places in succeeding rankings, in 2011, Florence entered as the 31st world fashion capital. Milan is usually think to be one of the “big four” world fashion capitals, along with New York City, Paris, and London; rarely, the “big five” also contains Rome.

Examples of main Italian fashion houses centred on both menswear and womenswear, but also accessories, are: Giorgio Armani, Bottega Veneta, Roberto Cavalli, Brunello Cucinelli, Dolce & Gabbana, Dsquared2, Etro, Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci, La Perla, Loro Piana, Marni, Missoni, Moncler, Moschino, Prada, Ermanno Scervino, Trussardi, Valentino, Versace and Tod’s  to name a few.

Italian Fashion
Italian Fashion