Demand of Sambalpuri Sarees

Sambalpuri sarees are best known for its art and clean design by weavers in sambalpur region of Odisha, which previously known as orissa. Women around the world like it very much. Sambalpuri Silk Sarees demand increases from last couple of years after revival of some issue by Govt Of India and Odisha handloom ministers.

Sambalpuri Silk Sarees
Sambalpuri Silk Sarees

Now Weavers again started talking interest on making new design of handloom sambalpuri saree and deliver it to the desired person.

Bengal Handloom Sarees and their origin

Bengal Handloom Sarees and their origin

1. Baluchari Saree Vishnupur, Bankura, WB

2. Tangail Saree Tangail District, Bangladesh

3. Jamdani Saree Fulia, WB

4. Silk Garad Saree Bankura, WB

5. Santipuri Saree Santipur, Nadia

6. Dhanekhali Saree Dhaniakhali, Hooghly

7. Kantha Stitch Saree Bankura, WB

8. Daccai Bangladesh

9. Begumpuri Sarees Begampur, Hoogly

10. Murshidabad Silk Sarees Murshidabad, WB

11. Tassar Purulia

12. Tant Print Santipur

13. Baha Bankura

14. Bangalore Silk Bangalore

Jamdani Sarees on Bengal
Jamdani Sarees on Bengal

Variety of Santipuri Sarees includes Ganga-Jamuna, Benkipar, Bhomra, Rajmahal, Anspar, Do-Rookha, Visva-Bharati, Brindamani Mour-Par, Nilambari.

Handloom Exhibition By Odisha Saree Store in Kolkata


Special Handloom Expo at Kestopur, Kolkata is an exhibition of handloom fabrics created in special parts of Odisha, which is sponsored and organized by Odisha Saree Store.

Handloom Exhibition in Kolkata
Handloom Exhibition in Kolkata

“This Special Handloom Expo is focused basically on the extraordinary cotton and  Silk handloom products of Odisha. The traditional Odisha handloom fabrics such as Katki Saree, Sambalpuri ,Nuapatna, Bomkei etc. which are famous for their superb designs and touch, as also diversified handloom fabrics such as Scarves, Stoles, Home Furnishings and Made Ups are the exhibits of this Special Handloom Expo.”

Evidently, the Special Handloom Expo of this kind has a significant role to play in the development and promotion of handloom business in India, which is the largest cottage industry of the land providing the widest avenue for employment.

In Odisha, handlooms providing employment to about few lakhs handloom weavers.

We have some traditional and fashionable products in this expo.

In order to widen the scope for age group of varieties of market oriented designs we have introduced Computer Aided Designs to provide to the diverse need of our weavers for improved designs. idea of eco friendly dyes in fabrics has also been introduce. This is the first time that such an exhibition has been planned in Kolkata.

The Expo which will be Start on 21st April and on till 20th May will be open from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm on all days and exceptional upto 30% concession is presented for the products.

Handloom Mark

The Union Government’s Textiles team prepared an awareness programme on ‘Handloom Mark Scheme’. Handloom products were facing a hard struggle due to advancements in expertise and increased duplication on power looms. Lack of collective uniqueness and weak advertising were the other factors disturbing the handloom products’ trade.

Handloom Mark
Handloom Mark


“still, the government wanted to keep the handloom business by implementing a number of benefit schemes. The ‘Handloom Mark’ will present a joint distinctiveness to the handloom products, as well assuring the buyers of  its genuineness,” We will add this mark while making handloom silk sarees or latest saree designs by using best handloom fabrics in Odisha Saree Store.

Weavers are still remains in Dark Room – A Wage which is not sufficient to run a family

The general practice of trading handloom silk sarees in these areas is through two means – Weavers Cooperative Societies set up by the government or private traders/master weavers. Majority of the weavers work as wage laborers to weave best handloom designs. The raw material and design briefing is given by WCS or trader and the weaver accordingly tie and dyes the yarns and weaves them into traditional sarees with the help of best handloom fabrics. Some weavers claim WCS to be not a very beneficial system but some weavers believe working with traders is even more exploitative as they can work for latest saree designs.

As Our nation watched the weavers wavering the shuttles left to right and back melodiously to form supernatural patterns with lively silk yarns into handloom silk sarees, we were narrated a number of awful details about orissa handloom sarees. The remuneration of the weavers have remained the same for last few years! We eyewitness price rises and hikes in approximately every single fiscal sector at least every second year however in the handloom sector, where the weavers are providing one of the most essential commodities and handloom designs to the community have been completely abandoned. The prices of yarn with best handloom fabrics and colors have been noted to be steadily rising but the wages of weavers have remained the same. Today, the weaver does not even have enough money to buy best handloom fabrics for latest saree designs if he is not able to sell the previous one. This handicap is being further exploited by the traders, master weavers and cooperatives by forcing them to become wage weavers. The middleman provides them with the required raw material according to the kind of saree that only the middleman wishes to market. In this bargain, the weavers have almost lost their uniqueness as artist as they have been forced to perform as mere laborers.

weavers in india


Also one needs to take note that it is not only one person but the entire family which is involved in weaving one cotton or silk saree. The women and children are mostly involved in pre-loom activities for this handloom designs like winding bobbins, preparing colors etc. Men mostly work on the looms weaving and are also involved in the binding process (tie and dye of yarns). But the tasks can differ from family to family.

As We are in association with the handloom sector of India, Odisha Saree Store was experienced in a manner which existed clearly before 100 years where the weavers of India and farmers shared a very healthy relationship,  who has been researching on the status of weavers in the handloom sector of Odisha and other states.

Odisha Saree Store is the best place for all handloom silk sarees

Odisha Saree Store is the best place for all handloom silk sarees which have best qualities of handloom fabrics with eye catching handloom designs. Our Store also collect latest saree designs and provide handloom silk sarees online.

Bomkai Silk Sarees
Bomkai Silk Sarees

Orissa haandloom sarees are world famous for its unique handloom fabrics which people around the world using frequently. Our tradition sarees and cotton saree designs are world famous and sold even different markets and are best among handloom sarees kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore.

Name of Best Handloom Sarees from Odisha and meaning

IKAT Saree:

The Special word “ikat” means in universal “to bind.” This is a very old age way of drafting designs in fabric by resist-dye threads and it should be before the fabric is woven by weavers. In India, villagers now take filling thread and tie small bits of plastic onto the threads to weave it. Tightly tied portion of thread, when put into the dye, it resist the color and create a design, which you can see once the plastic ties are removed.

Dongria Saree:

This Handwoven Saree from Odisha called as Dongria Saree. This usually used by tribal groups as shawls, this Saree has been woven by a weaver group based in Nuapatna, Tigiria which is 80 KM Cuttack. These weavers are living in a green natural surroundings, and take color combinations for these Saree from nature of India and output comes as a marvelous Saree which will definitely keep your eyes open.

Dongria Sarees made by tribals of Odisha
Dongria Sarees made by Tribals of Odisha


Vichitrapuri Saree

Vichitrapuri sarees come from Odisha, India but they are generally richly woven and used as wedding ceremony sarees. They utilize the same ikat technique as Sambalpuri sarees, but frequently are woven with a combine of gold and cotton threads to include to their appeal.



Silk is a material which comes from natural protein fibre by Gods Gift though Worms, these Silks can be woven by weavers into beautiful textiles. The fibre of this silk is built mainly of fibroin item and certain worm to create cocoons. The best types of silk material are found from the cocoons. The beautiful look of silk is due to the triangular structure of the fibre, which allow cloth to refract the incoming rats to different directions and help it to product different colors. From these silk we produce Silk Sarees which famous in world.