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How to wear silk saree perfectly in different occasions?

Women in India simply love to deck themselves up in silk sarees for all kinds of special occasions. These sarees have long been associated with royalty and it is therefore no wonder that women simply love to have beautiful silk sarees in their wardrobes that they can wear on different occasions. Here is a look at the various looks that women can create with silk sarees.


When it comes to Indian weddings, the silk sarees are very much considered a staple. In fact, the first thing that comes to the mind of any fashion conscious woman is a perfect silk saree in gorgeous colors. Whether it is the bride who is all well dressed in this traditional attire or the friends of the brides who come for the special event of wedding, silk sarees are extremely popular when it comes to the occasion of wedding. In the northern parts of India, most women prefer to wear Benarasi silk sarees for the most special day of their lives. On the other hand, in south India, the most popular type of silk saree is certainly the Kanchipuram.

Puja and other religious ceremonies

Any fashion conscious woman would love to deck herself up with the best quality silk sarees on a special day of a Puja or a religious ceremony. There is an extensive market of sarees that are specially made for these types of special occasions. A woman can choose a silk saree that is light and comfortable to be worn for long hours while at the same time offer plenty of scope to look classy and elegant.

Silk Saree is a Perfect Choice for any Occasions
Silk Saree is a Perfect Choice for any Occasions

Guest outfits

Women are often required to attend different types of traditional ceremonies or functions and the best way to create a lasting impression is to attend the event by wearing a gorgeous silk saree draped in the best possible manner. Plenty of women love to wear Chanderi silk sarees and Uppada silks since they are quite soft and lightweight and can be worn at all times of the year. While these sarees are as rich and well made as any other type of silk saree, the comfort that is associated with this attire is comparatively high.

Casual wears  

As more and more women nowadays prefer to wear silk sarees for various casual outings, it is the type of outing that should determine the kind of silk saree that the woman should wear. It is always best to stick to lightweight silk sarees that come in neutral shades as they can blend well with most occasions.

Work wears

The women of today certainly prefer to look dashing in the workplace and create a highly professional image. This is something that can be achieved with a stylish silk saree that is not too flashy but come in somewhat understated colors. A well draped saree made with a fine blend of silk and cotton can make a woman look truly elegant and beautiful. The high quality fabrics that are used in these sarees truly make them stand out from others. One can also choose the silks that come with less motif artwork can be an excellent choice for work as they can help to create a sheer ethnic yet richly formal look.

Evening parties

Evening parties offer the best scope to socialize with others, be in a casual mood and have a great time. In these occasions, the best silk sarees to wear would be different shades of Ikat silk sarees or Tussar silks. These sarees offer the best opportunities for women to look classy while at the same time stand out with a rich look that can be worn only on certain occasions.

Richness of Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees Makes it a Must-have in a Woman’s Closet

They say, to each his own. Choices and preferences for anything are made with experiences and the gradual liking that grows with it. And when it is about sarees, of different varieties, women rarely make mistakes in choosing the most elegant, luxurious and unique ones. One such royal and beautiful variety of pure silk sarees are the Bhagalpur silk sarees that can be found in typical North Indian woman’s trousseau for sure.

Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees, also referred to as Tussar silk sarees, originates from Bhagalpur, Bihar. The town boasts of historical significance where the emergence and existence of silk fabrics with beautiful embroideries on them dates back to the Vedic age. The traditional Bhagalpuri silk sarees have a touch of Mauryan culture as well.

Experts believe that the growing preference for Bhagalpuri silk sarees is its cultural history. Bhagalpur, also known as the Silk City, about 200 years ago had a history of having skilled craftsmen who were known for their skills of weaving Bhagalpuri silk sarees, a special and different kind from the other pure silk saree varieties.

The yarn for making a Bhagalpuri silk saree is done by the process of segregation of silk threads from the tussar coccons. Interestingly, close to one lakh people work towards separating the silk from the cocoons. At present, Bhagalpur has a pool of at least 35,000 weavers who work with 25,000 looms. Retail experts are of the opinion that Bhagalpuri silk sarees make a business of more 100 crores per annum.

Famous Indian Silk Sarees Available Online
Famous Indian Silk Sarees Available Online

The uniqueness of a Bhagalpuri silk saree is the dying technique which makes the patterns and the art different from the other types of silk sarees. The technique has contributed towards making this variety of pure silk saree popular not only in India but in the European countries and USA.

Bhagalpuri silk sarees is mostly popular across the country for its many specialties and the varieties that are prominent in its artwork and designs. Mulberry, Giccha, Katia and Eri amongst the many varieties of Tussar silk yarn help in bringing about delicateness and a subtle fabric look to the texture of the saree. The varieties help in bringing about an essence of richness and royalty with different kinds of motifs and designs printed on them. Although the traditional look still rules the game, the present day designers and fabric experts are innovating with the patterns and motifs to reinvent the designs and give them a modernised look. In fact, many designers have taken a step ahead and created household adornments such as table mats, cushion covers and bed covers with Bhagalpuri silk. These furnishing materials are gaining popularity fast owing to the innovative style of interior decoration that many are following today.

Bhagalpuri silk sarees are mostly preferred for wearing on traditional occasions such as religious ceremonies, family meetings or celebrations within the family. However, with the innovative designs and the changes in the materials, many women are now choosing Bhagalpuri silk sarees for official gatherings or cultural events at workplace. The delicateness and the modernised motifs have made way for making Bhagalpuri silk sarees a choice of formal wear. Not only India, but in countries across the globe, Bhagalpuri silk sarees have been successful in becoming a preferred choice of pure silk saree with elegant embroideries.

Bhagalpuri silk sarees are also preferred more owing to the comparatively easy method of maintenance. These are usually dry washed to keep the brightness as well as the richness of material intact, followed by handwashing to make it last longer.

Popularity of handmade Indian saris at online

Saris are some of the widely worn garments in the Indian subcontinent and as such they have an intimate relation to the culture and traditions of this country. It is therefore not a surprise that almost every region of this country has got its own traditions and practices of sari making. While cotton and silk saris are the most widely worn form of saris in this country, there are numerous variations in which they exist. Artisans in different parts of the country make use of a wide range of techniques to create silk and cotton saris that are unique in their appeal.

While it is true that certain parts of India are currently using mechanical equipments to manufacture saris, most parts of the country still use the traditional methods as they never fail to produce the desired results. In fact, the art of creating handmade traditional saris is a time tested one that is notable for producing high quality saris with flawless artwork. Most sari manufacturers prefer working with the traditional methods as it allows them to create superior products with greater ease and efficiency. In fact, handmade saris have a unique beauty of their own that can hardly be matched by the modern machine-made saris. In fact, the khadi saris are particularly known for being completely handmade from natural fabrics.

The traditional handmade saris take much longer time to produce and yet it is the more dominant form of sari-making technique. This is so because it allows the artisans to be more creative with the final piece of garment. Moreover, it allows a sari manufacturer to be more inventive with the designing and allow for greater customization. Such advantages certainly make handmade saris highly popular among the buyers who love to wear them for different kinds of festive occasions. The wide range of cotton and silk saris that are made by the hand truly stand out for their characteristic elegance and beauty.

India has been largely a cotton producing country for many centuries. However, high quality silk threads are also produced in different parts of India which are then employed in the art of sari making. Experimentations are also carried out by mixing different types of threads which is then used for developing saris that look different and unique. As the various parts of India have their own sari making techniques, it invariably gives rise to a wide range of sari types. This eventually sits well with the women who love to wear saris for different special occasions as they have more options to choose from. The handmade saris are weaved, printed and colored by age old techniques that help in bringing out the true beauty of a sari.

As the demand for handmade saris are increasing day by day and more numbers of young women are taking a strong liking to them, there is now a greater demand for avenues from where these products can be bought. This has certainly increased the demand for online stores that specifically carry large collections of handmade saris. Buying handmade Indian saris online is quite a popular trend now, and more ecommerce stores are being opened up that cater to the rising demand for beautiful and elegant handmade saris. While women at one point of time had to exclusively depend on traditional stores to buy the best handmade saris, now they have the option of doing the same from the best online stores. These stores not only carry extensive product catalogs but also offer the saris at competitive prices which make it possible for the buyers to get them at discounted rates.

“Silk Saris” The Most Favourite Garment Of Indian Women

Sari is an unstitched cloth those are mostly used by Indian women. Also in some other south Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh etc women wear saris. Sari is a very simple type of cloth that very attractive and gives women very beautiful look.

Saris are mainly made with two types of materials one is cotton and one is silk. Cotton saris are very comfortable to wear and women use these saris mostly for day to day use but silk saris are shining and attractive and gives a very glorious look to the women those wear it. So woman in India prefer to wear silk saris during puja like special occasions and in party and marriage functions.

silk saris

Silk is a best quality natural protein fiber composed mainly of fibroin and is produced by certain insect larvae to form cocoons. The silk is obtained from the cocoons of the larvae of the mulberry silkworm Bombyx mori reared in captivity, the demand of this silk is very huge in all over the globe.

Silk fabric was first developed in ancient China; today also the China is the country that produces highest amount of silk all over the globe. After China the second country in silk production is India. In India silk is very important it is known as “Paat” in eastern India, Pattu in southern parts of India, and Resham in north India.  About 97% of the raw silk produced from five Indian states, named as, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.

Different varieties of handloom silk saris are produced by the weavers of India in traditional process, these are thousands of different varieties of silk saris are available in different parts of India.

Indian women very much like the silk saris produced by the handloom weavers of India in traditional way.

Famous saris of Kerala and its demand in Indian market

Kerala is a very beautiful state of the country India; here most of the men and women like to wear traditional cloths. Traditional cloths of women in Kerala are saris.  Kerala sari (Set-sari) is a cloth that women of Kerala like very much. Basically Kerala saris are wearer by women of Kerala in special occasions.

These Kerala saris are similar like another famous cloth ‘mundum neriyathum’ but the difference between mundum neriyathum and Kerala sari is. The Kerala sari consists of a single piece of cloth while a traditional mundum neriyathum consists of a two-piece cloth. This is the main difference between mundum neriyathum and Kerala saris. Otherwise, the Kerala sari closely resembles the mundum neriyathum and is often worn by Malayali women as a quasi mundum neriyathum and in all over the India women like these saris.

Bridal Sarees of Kerala
Bridal Sarees of Kerala

This Kerala sari is very popular because this is regarded as the cultural costume of women of the Malayali community in some special cultural events. These are many traditional cultural functions are celebrated in Kerala and in all functions these are special cloths are present, the Kerala saris is a special type of cloth that used by Malayali women during a special dance function.

The grace and appeal of the golden borders of the Kerala saris makes these saris very beautiful. The body of these saris are mainly white and the border of the sari is golden. This is a very good combination of colours and women in Kerala very much like these saris. These saris are also used in weddings, most of the south Indian brides, especially Malayali community brides prefer to wear these Kerala saris in their wedding.

Now days these saris are in demand in all over the India and in other countries also. Through online shopping women in all over the world purchasing these Kerala saris and wearing in special occasions.

So these are some things about Famous saris of Kerala and its demand in Indian market.

Famous hand woven Bomkai sari of Odisha

Odisha is a part of the country India; here in this state Odisha many arts and crafts are present from ancient days. One of the famous things of Odisha is its beautiful textile products, here in this state Odisha there are many varieties of textile products like saris, kurta, dhoti and others are present. In sari also many varieties are available like Samabalpuri sari, Pattachitra sari, Soneupuri sari or Bomkai sari. Bomkai saris are very much famous among the women in Odisha, also women outside of Odisha, like in ithers parts of India and in also other countries like the Bomkai sari very much, So many of the Indian textile exportes, exporting the Bomkai saris to various countries in all over the world and earning a good amount of profit.

Famous Bomkai Sarees of Odisha Online Shopping
Famous Bomkai Sarees of Odisha Online Shopping

Let’s discuss a little, about Bomkai saris; this Bomkai sari is also famous in the name of Sonepuri Sari. The name of this sari is Sonepuri Sari is because of the place where it produced. In Odisha there is a district named Sonepur here this Sonepuri Sari are produced by very skilled full handloom weavers. Sonepuri Saris or Bomkai Saris are basically produced by a community known as “Bhulia”. This Bhulia community peoples are basically leave in sonepur district. So people called this sari as the name of the local place and the name of sari becomes Sonepuri Sari.  But the name Bomkai sari is because of the village where also these saris are produced. The famous Bomkai sari designs are the traditional designs that were produced in Bomkai village (A village of Ganjam district of Orissa, India).

Skilled full weavers of Bomkai village of Gunjam district and Sonepur district are weave these beautiful saris by their hands or by using very simple tools only. So these saris are called handloom saris, each piece of sari are produced by hands so each piece of sari are unique. Women in all over the world like these saris very much and try to buy saris from markets and from online shopping stores etc.

Indian Handloom Sarees Export to Malaysia

Malaysia is an Asian country and situated in south eastern part of Asia. It is a well developing country and one of the main business hub of Asia. Malaysia is well connected with other countries in the world. Various types of garments are available in Malaysia. Number of other Asian countries garments are available hare. Of which Indian, Srilankan and Bangladeshi garments are aquire major garments market in Malaysia. Indian textile items, specially Indian handloom sarees are hot favourite in the Malaysian market. Now Indian handloom sarees export to Malaysia through Online Shopping. Anyone can collect from Malaysia Indian handloom and handicraft items through Online Shopping Store.

Indian Handloom Sarees Export to Malaysia
Indian Handloom Sarees Export to Malaysia

Indian Silk Sarees Online Shopping in this Wedding Season

In every Indian wedding ceremony silk sarees are the main thing. Because, every Indian bride love to wear gorgeous silk sarees in their wedding day. So, we can say wedding in India without silk saree’s it not possible. In India we can find various relious people and there cultures and ethnicities are different. But in the matter of silk saree in wedding they have all same views. In India you can find different types of silk sarees, like sambalpuri silk sarees, bomkai silk sarees, khandua silk sarees, berhampuri silk sarees, nuapatna silk sarees, ikat silk sarees, patachitra paing on silk sarees and many more.

Now Odisha Saree Store provide all types of Indian Silk Sarees, Handloom Silk Sarees, Handloom Cotton Sarees in Online. You can easily choose your sarees and place and the orders through Online Shopping Store.

Silk Saree in Indian Wedding
Silk Saree in Indian Wedding

Indian Handloom and Handicraft Products in Germany

Germany, formally the Federal Republic of Germany is a federal parliamentary nation in western-central Europe. Its capital and biggest city is Berlin. Germany has the world’s fourth leading economy by insignificant GDP and the fifth-biggest by buying power equivalence. As a worldwide boss in numerous engineering and technological parts, it is equally the world’s third-leading exporter and third-biggest importer of commodities.

Tussar Silk Sarees ready to export to Germany
Tussar Silk Sarees ready to export to Germany

Indian handloom and handicraft products are extremely well-known in Germany. Women of Germany just get affectionate of Indian Handloom products like silk sarees, cotton sarees, dress materials, stoles, shawls, handcrafted side parts and bags, Patachitra arts etc. Women of Germany are like to wear gorgeous Indian silk sarees in some special occasions like Birthday celebration of Rabindranath Tagore etc. Because, we all know that this Bengali poet is very famous in Germany. Number of Germans are come to visit Shantiniketan every year. They also interested to study and research work on Rabindranath.

Now Odisha Saree Store started to export Indian handloom and handicraft products to Gemany. Now anytime you can buy Indian handloom sarees in Germany through our Online Shopping Store.

Popularity of Indian Handloom Saree in the Middle East

The Middle East is an area that approximately includes a mainly of Western Asia (not including the Caucasus) and Egypt. The name “Middle East” may have initiated in the 1850s in the British India headquarters. Yet, it became more commonly famous when American naval strategist Alfred Thayer Mahan used the phrase in 1902 to “assign the region between India and Arabia “.

Indian Silk Saree in The Middle East
Indian Silk Saree in The Middle East

The following countries are contained within the Middle East, which is matching to Western Asia, without the Caucasus, Greek Cyprus, and the addition of Egypt:

  • Bahrain
  • Cyprus
  • Egypt
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Oman
  • Palestine
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Syria
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Yemen

Indian handloom sarees are very famous in the Middle East. Women of Middle Eastern countries just get fond of it. Women of Middle East are always like to wear gorgeous Indian silk sarees in their regular life and as well as in occasions. They also like to wear Indian cotton sarees very much. Because, Middle East basically hot place and every time you feel warm. That’s why Indian handloom cotton sarees also a famous item for Middle Eastern women. Now Odisha Saree Store started to export Indian handloom and handicraft products to the Middle Eastern countries. Now anytime you can buy Indian handloom sarees in Middle East through our Online Shopping Store.

Indian Handloom Products in Spain

Spain is a well developed European country. Spain is a beautiful country as per view and well-built buildings. Spanish is the primary language of Spain, but there also uses English in some parts of the country. Madrid is the capital and central city of Spain. Other cities are Valencia, Seville, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Málaga, Murcia, Palma, Las Palmas, Bilbao.

Many Indians also stays in Spain for job purpose. Also visitors from every where in the world visits Spain to observe the natural beauty of this country. Indian handloom and handicraft products like handloom silk sarees, handloom cotton sarees, ladies dress materials, handloom cotton shirts for men, Pata Chitra art paintings, glass paintings, etc. are very famous in Spain. These items exported to Spain from the old times. Now peoples of Spain can buy Indian handloom and handicraft products through online shopping store and got the same on their doorstep.

Gorgeous Eri Silk Sarees Online
Gorgeous Eri Silk Sarees Online