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How an interior designer will help you to decorate your home with theme specific?

Quite often we wonder as to how certain places are always perfectly designed. How is it that in these places every little thing falls into place and that too in a perfect manner? Quite often we see a hotel that has a classical style and feels more like a palace. Then there are those hospitals that look and feel more like resorts. One thing is always common in all these places – harmony. Everything can only seem harmonious when each and every component of a space has been arranged in a perfect order. The setting has to be completely right.

What is a theme?

A theme, also known as concept, can also be defined as an idea that has been translated into the physical form. The question that needs to be asked now from where we can get most of our ideas and the answer, in hindsight especially, would be quite simple – the internet. However, what happens when you try and create something that is unique, very different from what others are doing. This should be something that suits the kind of life you are living and is a reflection of your personality as well. The best option in this case would be to look within and find out themes that you can relate to.

The pointlessness of adhering to styles

The classical style is all about creating symmetry everywhere in a space. It is all about being disciplined all the way. However, you need to ask yourself – is that what you want. Are you really disciplined in your life? If you are not then you should definitely not settle for that style. You should always go for an ambience that you would like, one that you have always wanted. Any good professional interior designer would tell you that budget is never an issue in these cases.

Home decoration with Indian traditional handicrafts
Home decoration with Indian traditional handicrafts

Something for the travelers

If you are a traveler by passion then chances are that you love picking up souvenirs and mementos as well. Well, in that case, you can build up your interior decoration around that particular souvenir or memento as your centerpiece. You can choose patterns and colours that will bring back memories of the place from which the item in question was taken and evoke a similar feel. For example, if your living room is inspired by Paris you can go for an achromatic colour scheme using lime green and golden accents. There is a certain advantage of keeping the colour scheme neutral and enhancing it with other shades and hues that you prefer. Whenever you feel bored all you need to do is change the accents and you would get a new room again.


It is not that theme-based rooms do not have any disadvantage. For example, after a certain point of time you may feel bored with the room. This is especially applicable in cases where the individual in question – you – likes to change things around quite frequently. At the same time, if you can settle on a particular theme like if you decorate your room just like your favourite travel destination it can bring back that feel as well as the memories that are related to it.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Your rooms may be bohemian in design but you can still jazz them up with both classic and contemporary elements. You can go for a colour scheme that is vibrant and relaxing at the same time. You can use elements that would add an element of surprise to the décor. You can also focus on warm colours and complex patterns to make things more interesting. It is the highly personal nature of these themes that make them so hard to achieve in the first place.

What type of Indian handicrafts always in demand for home decoration at online?

These days, there are plenty of websites that are selling handcrafted Indian products on the internet. They are selling a wide range of products that can be broadly classified into a number of heads with sarees, stationery, t-shirts, stoles, and paintings being the most popular ones. However, this is only scratching the surface. You also get items that are meant specifically for men, women, and kids – you can also buy gifts and souvenirs from these online shops – but home décor seems to be the most popular category out there. Now as far as these items are concerned they can be divided into the following categories:

Bed and bath

As far as bed and bath are concerned there are plenty of items that you can choose from. Some of them may be mentioned as below:

  • recycled handwoven durries
  • Jawariya lugda
  • Kalamkari natural colour durri
  • organic cotton blankets
  • Kutchi quilts and bedspreads
  • double bed sheets
  • cotton bed sheet


India has a rich history of painting and the vast nature of the country has meant that you see several styles of painting that just tends to boggle your mind. As such following are some examples of paintings that you can order online:

  • fine work
  • gold foil work
  • miniature paintings
  • tribal art known as Pattachitra
  • rajasya art
  • Pichwai paintings
Indian handicrafts for your home decoration
Indian handicrafts for your home decoration

Space accessories

A lot of people like to do up their home with space accessories created by Indian handicraft artists. Following seem to be the more popular options:

  • felt toys
  • sheep planters
  • elephant planters
  • cow planters
  • fridge magnets
  • cat planters
  • hanging bells
  • animal figurines
  • nests
  • tiny bowls

Wall hangings

Wall hangings are also an important part of your home décor. Following are some options that you can look up online and buy:

  • felt toys
  • chhau masks
  • appliqué wall art
  • jute wall art
  • animal figurines
  • nests
  • tiny bowls

Kitchen ware

What better that decorating your kitchen with some kitchen ware that has been created by the incomparable folk artists of India? Following are perhaps the best options that you have in this regard:

  • sugar pots
  • masala jars
  • planters
  • matka vases
  • liquid dispensers
  • serving trays
  • knobs
  • jewellery boxes
  • incense holders
  • cylinder vases
  • coaster sets
  • bowls
  • bathroom sets
  • burners
  • brass trays and chota dabro
  • brass trays and bada dabro
  • chokoor boxes

Tabletop accessories

When it comes to looking for handcrafted home décor items online tabletop accessories seem to be in high demand. Following are the major selections in this regard:

  • sheep planters
  • small bowls
  • animal figurines
  • cow planters
  • elephant planters
  • fridge magnets
  • nests
  • hippo planters
  • giraffe planters
  • hanging bells
  • clay dolls


The first thing that any person notices at your home is your furniture. So if you are thinking of redoing your home décor you can give these handcrafted furniture items a try:

  • wing shaped furniture
  • yak shaped furniture
  • b chairs
  • work horses
  • book shelves
  • wallscapes
  • unipods
  • single benches
  • tree shaped furniture
  • rocking bulls
  • high stools
  • elephant shaped furniture
  • chairs with woven seats
  • chairs with slat seats
  • plain chairs


Following are the most popular handcrafted puppets on the internet:

  • elephants
  • cotton dolls
  • puppets of famous figures

Why Home Decor Handicrafts Online Stores running successfully in India?

Indian art and crafts have a huge market in India and abroad. From wall hangings of regional art forms to sculpture, home décor handicrafts has its niche. They are admired all over the world. When tourists come to India from different parts of the world, they take back these knick-knacks of home furnishing. This is how handicrafts got exposure in the bigger world. These items were exported too. And why not when India has such rich stock of handicrafts in all its four corners. Carpets of Kashmir, phoolkari of Punjab, Dhokra metal craft of Madhya Pradesh, brocade work of Benaras, silk sarees and brass utensils of south Indian states or black metal jewellery of Rajasthan are famous in India as well as abroad for their exquisite craftsmanship. But things have massively changed with home décor handicrafts online stores. This way, sitting in Chennai, you can place order for cushions with Rajasthani mirror and applique work or get Pattachitra of Orissa in Gujarat. Truly, the geographical distance has vanished with these online stores.

The basic fact is India is blessed with coexistence of varied cultures and traditions. Every state has some unique art and craft form. When we visit to a different state, we get to know about them. But thanks to the internet, we know more about our country than ever before. So, connoisseur of art is keen on getting more samples of these crafts without visiting these places. Online home décor handicrafts stores have made it possible. Today you don’t need to go all the way to Calcutta for Kalighat painting or Gujarat for Kutch embroidery. You save money, save time, save harassment of travelling especially when you are not a traveller from heart. Not just that. Even if it is in your same town, available in some regional fair or emporium, you sweat about its transportation. But life is lot more easier now. So, you punch some keys for online home décor handicrafts stores and your furnishing item is delivered at your door steps. All you pay for is that product and nothing else.

artists of india
handicrafts of india

This is one of the key reasons of ultimate success of these online home décor handicrafts stores. No home décor is complete without one of the hundreds famous crafts for which India is famous for. Cushion covers, wall hangings, puppet, blue pottery, terracotta, lacquered furniture, beadwork upholstery and the list can go on and on. Also, you can know a lot about the history, significance and other details of these crafts. When you choose a certified site, you can rest assured about the quality, authenticity and the price of the product you bought.

When looking for online home décor handicrafts stores, preferably go for government certified sites. Some of these sites work directly with the artists to improve their living conditions and revive the art which though has a huge market but the profit is usurped by the middle men between art and connoisseur. In lack of proper livelihood, many artists have left this profession and opted for something which would ensure food and education for the entire family. Government certified websites work with them eliminating the middlemen so that artists can earn their share of profit. It is but humane to do business with them who are making your home beautiful to look after their family, not to build mansions by multiplying profits. So next time you think of buying furnishing items from online home décor handicrafts store, make your choice carefully. It is not only for your own personal benefit but for the sake of those who in turn of beautify your house, look up to you for their survival.

The History of Palm Leaf Engraving and its Uses

Palm leaf engraving or pattachitra is one of the most ancient crafts of the world. It still strives in villages of Odisha, mainly in Raghurajpur situated in Puri district. Raghurajpur is said to be the abode of masters of this art. The origin of palm leaf etching can be dated back to 5 BC when it was used as a mode of communication. In those days, these leaves were engraved with manuscripts and messages. In course of time, the texts were decorated with different images of mythological scenes that were popular among people. And then they were treasured as decorative pieces to ornate homes.

Palm leaf engraving is an ancient as well as sacred art of Odisha. The horoscopes are still written on it. One can easily comprehend the amount of respect that this art form commands in Odisha from the fact that even till this day when printing press and other publishing forms are so advanced, important and sacred texts are continued to be hand printed on these leaves. Any auspicious message like greetings for the New Year or wedding invitation, palm leaves are used till date. And best part is that while most of the ancient art forms are disappearing from the face of the earth, pattachitra or palm leaf engraving has managed to find its admirers all over the world. Tourists from the whole world flock in and around the villages of Raghurajpur and Chitrakarashi to obtain a firsthand sample, which is undoubtedly a prized catch.

Famous palm leaf evgraving crafts online
Famous palm leaf evgraving crafts online

The main theme of painting or engraving on palm leaves is mythology. Gods, goddesses and different mythological sequences are aesthetically depicted on pattachitra with the help of stylus or a sharp pen. Ink used for this art form is either vegetable dye or a concoction made of charcoal obtained from burnt shell of coconut with oil and turmeric. The canvas of palm leaves are made by arranging rows of palm leaves of similar shape and size in a stack and then sewn together. This sewn piece of palm leaf canvas is then folded neatly to get a pile. Once images are drawn using stylus and vegetable ink, they are delicately dried. These paintings are stored in panels and when unfolded, then open like a fan.

But if you cannot visit Odisha, you can still get one piece of this ancient art form.  Palm leaf engraving online is available for people who are interested in this art but are unable to travel to Odisha. There are different online stores based in Odisha where you can login to browse through impeccable art pieces. All you need to do is choose a design that catches your eye and place an order. Since admirers come from all over the world, currency conversion facility is available as well. From wall hangings to saree, and framed leaves to bookmarks, you get everything with palm leaf engraving online. Most of the sites are operated by particular emporiums and renowned saree stores, thus you can rely them completely about their authenticity.

Price of the palm leaf engraving craftwork varies as per the size and intricacy of the work. If you visit these stores, you will get an idea of the price which ranges from Rs 450 to Rs 45000. Images of avatars of Goddess Durga, ten forms of Ganesha, Raas leela of Radha-Krishna, Jagannath Dev with Balbhadra and Subhadra, stories of Mahabharata and even Kaamsutra are quite popular. So, when you want to buy palm leaf engraving online, making a choice can be quite difficult. It is true that getting a firsthand sampling has altogether a different experience, but buying palm leaf engraving online makes it possible to get hold of at least one pattachitra art piece which you had otherwise rendered as impossible.

Famous indian handicrafts famous outside india

India have more than 20 states and our population in almost going to be highest in this world. In our country major work force work for agriculture, then handloom and handicraft.

Each state stands for some unique art and crafts, here are few of the famous arts which are loved by users around the world.

  • Glass Arts
  • Santhal Painting
  • Kalamkari Arts
  • Kangra Arts
  • Floral Arts
  • Jagdalpore arts
  • Sanji Arts
  • Patachitra
  • Pichhwai Painting
  • Shell Art
  • Dhokra metal work
Traditional hand painted Patachitra Art
Traditional hand painted Patachitra Art

Top 7 handicraft products customers love to buy online

India is a country where we have talent, resource, raw materials than any country in the world. We have a major portion of manpower who work for handloom and handicrafts in india.

India produce very alluring beautiful products in handicrafts and from them few are really worth to decorate your home or gift someone.

Top 7 handicraft products are:


  • Patachitra
  • Dhokras
  • Applique
  • Tarakasi or Philigree
  • Palmleaf engraving
  • Terracota
  • Chandua

Why each state government should help tribal arts and crafts for revenue?

Indian civilization is one of the oldest in the world, and hence it is no surprise that this land is known for its long traditions of intricate beliefs and cultural practices. This country has thousands of years of cultural traditions which are rooted in the religious beliefs of the people residing in this part of the world. Such beliefs and practices have invariably shaped by the arts and crafts of this region. Indian arts and crafts are not only popular within this country but also in other parts of the world. This is due to the fact that the arts and crafts of India have a unique beauty and appeal that is difficult to ignore.

As different parts of India had their very own beliefs and cultural practices, it gave rise to different types of arts and crafts in the different regions of this country. Originally, most of these crafts were overseen by guilds that determined its basic operations. Among the various forms of arts and crafts that took precedence over the years are weaving, wall paintings, folk paintings, embroidery works, terracotta items, bags, jute items, home décor items and bronze casting items. Special techniques of coloring are used to create the paintings, and items such as embroidery works are made only with careful artistic precision. Other items, such as terracotta items, sculpture works and bronze casting items need a high level of understanding of one’s craft to come up with high quality results.

Dhokra Metal Crafts of India now online
Dhokra Metal Crafts of India now online

The different parts of this country are known for the specific forms of art and craft that have evolved over time in those regions. For instance, the Mithila paintings of Bihar are particularly known for their unmatched beauty and intricate usage of colors and motifs. This ancient form of painting has a mesmerizing effect on the observer, which is why it has acquired worldwide acclaim over the years. On the other hand, Gujarat is known for such works of art and craft like pottery, wood work, painting with needles, beadwork, Bandhani technique of saree making, needlework, metal work and jewelry work. Likewise, the state of Goa has also developed its own forms of art and craft that is known for their unique identity and appeal. Works such as terracotta, pottery, brass metal works, crochet work and embroidery work, paintings, fiber crafts, jute works, coconut mask carvings and sea shell crafts are some of the items that Goa is known for.

The tribal arts and crafts of India are the items that have their origins in the ethnic beliefs and practices of the region. These items are known for their ethereal beauty and unique appeal. These items are not only popular within India but also in other parts of the world as well. It is for this reason that the various state governments of India should take special steps so as to promote these arts and crafts. The tribal arts and crafts of India are not only a potential revenue earner for India but also foster a strong sense of independence among the various ethnic groups of the country. By promoting such arts and crafts and seeing that the artisans have everything that they need to make better quality of works, the governments of the various states of India can help in eradicating the issue of poverty among the artisans which is a major obstacle for them to produce more high quality works. When the artisans and craftsmen need to spend less amount of their revenue on buying raw materials, they can focus on producing more number of finished products that can in turn help them to enjoy greater financial success.

Famous Wooden Crafts of Dhenkanal

Dhenkanal is a beautiful district situated in the Indian state of Odisha. People of Dhenkanal district are very much capable of making many beautiful handicrafts by using very simple raw materials. Simple things like clay, wood, cloths etc are efficiently used by handicraft workers of Dhenkanal and very beautiful and useful products are produces those are suitable to use in day to day life and as well as to decorate home and offices.

Dhokra art, siminoi pata sari, wood crafts, clay statues etc are famous handicrafts produced in Dhenkanal. Among all these crafts wooden crafts of Dhenkanal are very unique and people in all over the world like these crafts.

Different varieties of items like pen stand, statues of Gods, photo frame, flower bash, small toys for kinds and many more interesting items related to Odia culture and traditions are produced from woods by handicraft workers of Odisha.

Wooden Handicrafts Items Online
Wooden Handicrafts Items Online

Also Morden things like cartoon characters and toys etc are prepared by Dhenkanal’s handicraft weavers in a large quantity. People in all over the world like these handicrafts and purchasing and using, so demand of these products is increasing day by day.

In current scenario people in all over the globe preferring to buy the handicraft products through online shopping, it is very easy for the buyers and also for sellers to provide different varieties of products through online shopping.

Especially wooden crafts those are produced by handicraft workers of Odisha with very are available in different online shopping stores website for purchasing of peoples in all over the globe.

Due to online shopping people have access to buy a suitable product and chose a product among thousands of varieties available on online. Through this online shopping also people easily buy wooden crafts of Dhenkanal by sitting on a distance of thousands kilometres.

So these are some things about wooden crafts of Dhenkanal.

Famous Nepali Handicrafts and Their Demand in Online Market

Nepal is a very beautiful country located in south Asia, surrounded by the country India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and China. This country Nepal is a beautiful county by natural places, here many hills and natural beautiful places are present those are very much liked by the people in all over the world.

People in different countries like to come here to visit its natural beauty and to spend a quality time. Also the arts and crafts of this country are very rich. Nepali handicraft workers are very skilful and they produce different varieties of useful and attractive products by using very simple things.

There are many Textile products and Non textile products are produced by the nepali handicraft workers some of those are:

Handicrafts of Nepal
Handicrafts of Nepal

Pashmina Products, Woollen Goods, Felt Products, Silk Products, Cotton Goods, Hemp Goods, Alloy Goods, Dhaka Products, Misc.Textile Products, Silver Jewellery, Metal Craft, Handmade Paper Products, Wood Craft, Glass Products, Bone & Horn Products, Crystal Products, Ceramics Products, Leather Goods, Incense, Plastic Items, Paubha (Thanka), Beads Items, Stone Craft, Bamboo Products, Miscellaneous Goods.

These are some very beautiful and popular handicraft products those are produced by Nepali handicraft workers. These handicrafts are very much popular among tourist those are coming to visit Nepal. These tourists buy these crafts and take the handicraft products with them and in their countries other people get attracted towards it and want to purchase it, in this way the demand of Nepali handicrafts increasing day by day.

Now days the Nepali handicrafts are available on online market through online shopping store. The online shopping technology makes it very easier that people easily buy their favourite handicraft product of Nepal from online shopping stores by comfortably sitting at their home.

This also helps in development of Nepal’s economic condition. So these are some things about Nepal’s handicraft products and their demand in online market.

Indian Handicrafts and the Handicraft workers

India is a country of arts and crafts; many different varieties of arts and crafts are present in different parts of the country India.  From thousands of years people of India are manufacturing very attractive and beautiful house hold and home decoration products by using very simple things. These decorative products are called handicrafts.

In India different cultures and traditions are present at different states and districts of the country. In each place the crafts are differs from each other. According to local area menace the climate, culture of the peoples, likes and dislikes of the people, availability of products these all things affects the crafts design and style.

In India these are many communities like Hindu, Muslim and others are present and also the different states are different in language and leaving style of people. All these things affect the crafts culture of India.

Indian handloom and handicrafts workers
Handicrafts workers in India

Making or producing handicrafts product is a very complex and hardworking process. The handicraft workers only use their hands or very simple handmade tolls to create handicraft products. So this process takes very long time and hard labour to produce small amount of products.

So the handicraft weaver’s gets very less profit because they produce very less amount of products and also in very less price they need to sell them, so day by day the famous handicraft culture of India reducing, so now days the handicraft workers focusing on other types of jobs to earn more money to fulfil the requirements of their families.

But still some people are present in different villages of India those are producing handicraft products to protect and keep alive their traditional culture of handicraft manufacturing.

Now because of online shopping and increasing in awareness of people about handicrafts, the condition of Indian handicraft industry increasing day by day. The India handicraft product now exported to different countries in all over the world and the handicraft workers getting better earning and better life style.

South Indian Handicraft products and online shopping

The region South India is consist of from the area encompassing India’s states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala as well as the union territories of Lakshadweep and Puducherry. These states and territories are situated at the south part of the county India.

In this region these are many natural beautiful places are present and the peoples of these regions are very artistic and produces many beautiful handicraft products by using very simple things.

The handicraft art of south India is influenced by different cultures like Muslim, British and French etc. During time many cultures are coming to this place and bring their culture and art with them. People of south India adopts those art and culture in well manner and mixed their own art with other and created very unique and beautiful handicraft products.

South Indian handicraft
South Indian handicraft

People in all over the world like the handicraft products of south India very much, every where people want to buy the south Indian handicraft products very much. So the demand of the south Indian handicraft products is very much in international market. Due to the huge demand many Indian people doing the exporting work of the handicraft products from India to many different countries.

But online shopping is such a technique that allows peoples of different countries to purchase handicraft products of south India in a very easy and better way.

On online shopping people get many varieties of products in less cost, also online shopping allows people to buy their liked products by sitting at home, they don’t need to go shop to shop and facing heavy traffic and not facing other difficulties of shopping they easily buy from online shopping stores website just by sitting at their home. So this is very helpful for people to buy a handicraft product of south India or any other product.

Importance of Handicrafts sector in India

In India the Handicrafts Sector is very important and it plays a significant role in the country’s economic condition. As in India most many people are working on handicraft field, so their families are depending on it for surviving. These are many types of traditional handicraft art forms are present in different parts of India from ancient days and still people working very hard on this field.

Handicraft sector increases India’s name in all over the world. People everywhere like the Indian handicrafts and in the field of arts and culture the position of India increases due to the handicraft industry. So from this point of view handicraft sector is very important in India.

Indian handicrafts available online
Indian handicrafts available online

Another important thing is India is a big country with huge population, so providing employment to all peoples is a very difficult task. Handicraft sector is very helpful in these situations. It provides employment to a vast segment of craft persons in different rural and semi urban places of India and also very helpful in generating substantial foreign exchange of the country, also preserving the cultural heritage of the country, so it is very important sector for the country India.

Handicraft sector also very helpful in developing the local infrastructure of Indian rural and semi-urban places, due to the handicraft products people are visiting to that place and day by day the local infrastructure develops.

Now day’s Indian handicrafts are very much popular in all over the world and it brings frozen money to the country that increases the economic status of India. Due to this Indian government also paying very much attention on handicraft sector and promoting it.

Online shopping is also plays an important role in development of handicraft industry of India by increasing availability of Indian handloom and handicraft products in all over the world.

So these are some things about importance of handicrafts sector in India.