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What are the handloom items of Jammu & Kashmir famous among the Indians?

Jammu and Kashmir is a state in India that is well known for its scenic beauty. The exquisite beauty of the mountains and valleys of Jammu and Kashmir have mesmerized travellers and poets for many years. This beauty also impacts the senses of the local people to a great degree and its impact can also be seen in the art and craft of this region. The handicrafts and handlooms of the state of Jammu and Kashmir expresses the latent beauty of the region which is why they are so popular among buyers in India as well as the rest of the world. From the vibrantly colored shawls and woolen handlooms to the fine designs that are created on the carpets, the handlooms of Kashmir have a lot to offer to people with a fine sense of art and beauty.

The handloom products created in Jammu and Kashmir have a magical quality about them that is loved and appreciated by people in all parts of the world. The classic Pashmina material is often used by designers for making different kinds of shawls due to its naturally soft and warm texture. The reason for which Pashmina is loved so much by users is that it is wool in its purest form. Sometimes the Pashmina material is also combined with silk in order to give it a shiny appearance. Other than the classic Pashmina, there is also a great demand for the Kashmiri carpets that are known for their eternal beauty. The colorful threads that are used for weaving the carpets and the designs that are created on them exhibit a strong Mughal influence. Along with this, the embroidery style Kasida is also well known all over the globe. The rich intricate patterns of Kasida stand as a great example of classic elegance and richness. Such strong traditions of handloom arts have served to shape up the identity of Kashmiri people for a long time. With the advent of new handloom styles, artisans are finding new ways of expressing their inner sense of beauty.

Embroidery Salwar Suit of Kashmir
Embroidery Salwar Suit of Kashmir

There is always a steady demand for Pashmina embroidered shawls that are made by the skilled handloom artisans of Jammu and Kashmir. The fabric of Pashmina is known for its exquisite softness. These shawls are also made more beautiful and attractive with the help of intricate hand embroidery. The fabric used in the shawls is derived from fleece of Pashmina goats that are found in the hills of Kashmir. Owning a Pashmina shawl is considered a matter of great pride since it is associated primarily with wealth and luxury. It is therefore no surprise that people who visit Kashmir focus on getting the best Pashmina shawls for their loved ones at home. Over the years, the Pashmina shawls have become symbolic of the love and warmth that people love to share with their near and dear ones.

Other than the Pashmina shawls, the Kani Shawls also enjoys a lot of popularity and is a major form of handloom product that is produced in Kashmir. Kani Shawls is very popular among people who share a strong love for artistically beautiful clothing. The fine needlework and tapestry of designs that characterize these shawls show the skill and endeavor of the craftsman who have toiled for days to create such shawls. Additionally, plain marino shawls and casual woolen shawls crafted in attractive shades and designs are also popular here. Jammu and Kashmir is also known for producing top notch tweed materials which is very similar to traditional Scottish tweed. Specially designed tweed jackets and coats made here enjoy widespread popularity among customers in India and other parts of the world.

2016 Men’s summer clothes fashion

This summer, it is time to look different from the earlier ones for men. Different and dapper with new summer style statements. This will be a year of men’s summer clothes fashion where they all set to wear the trendy summer wear with the prim designs that will redefine the summer clothing style.

Fashion clothing is not always for women as the trend goes. Men, too, have come out of the closet and are looking forward to join the fashion movement where they can wear clothes that are designed using the rules of summer clothing.

Experimenting with fashion clothing is something that did not exist until a few years back. The seriousness in the colours and patterns has been gradually replaced with casual wear and redesigning the existing ones with new cool designs. The idea is to create a trend of casual clothing for men which do not look shabby. Casual cotton shirts with knee length bermudas are being considered to a short yet casual hot look that can change fashion for men. The shorts should be fitted perfectly at the waist to make men look tidy and not a loose untidy look.

Men's Fashion
Summer fashion Kurta

Men’s ­­­summer clothes fashion should be simple. Since the season demands wearing clothes that keep you comfortable, the options that most men prefer to go are a vest or a T shirt paired with jeans or trousers. These simple T shirts and the vests can look ordinary otherwise but if they are paired with a trendy pair of shorts with patterned shorts and completing the look with a pair of slipper instead of shoes, it can twist the simple look with a trendy look.

To complete the summer look, one can look forward to a sockless fashion trend and wear a pair of boat shoes or the red canvas without the ever essential socks. This can alter the style statement and bring about a trend of fashionable look that is comfortable as well.

For most Indian men, wearing a kurta is about being  loyal to the culture they belong to. However, instead of the usual cotton long length kurta, fashion designers suggest picking up short kurtas that fit the body type with interesting new designs. There are kurtas with some new pocket placements, zippers in place of buttons, and available in shades of green and blue instead of the usual white. There are new variants that the fashion designers are vouching for as part of men’s summer clothes fashion. For example, the wrinkle-free cotton kurtas help to avoid crushing and look tidy, and also to be worn during occasional office events.

Gone are the days, according to fashion experts, when a loose fit Shirt and trousers would look trendy in the summers. This time, it is about shopping for clothes that complement the masculine body type and fit them like a king. If it is about tailored fitting, it will be integral to understand the body type and choose the clothes that fit them properly. Many clothing brands put up descriptors about the different body types and help men look for clothes that would be fitting them ideally.

Summer is about brighter hues and clothes that make you comfortable despite the mercury levels rising up and down. This summer, the classic fashion combinations can be given a trendy twist and men can move a step ahead from the traditional look. For instance, the white cotton shirt can be replaced with a classic polo T shirt that fits well and can be teamed up with blue denims or trousers that fit well around the waist.

This will be a summer of bold style statements for men and not the ones about crisp ironed shirts and grey and black trousers.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi to launch first National Handloom Day

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will reveal “India Handloom” brand for superior market positioning of excellence handloom creations on August 7 — the day Swadeshi Movement was commenced in 1905 — at a big event to mark the first-ever National Handloom Day in Chennai.

The official declaration of Swadeshi Movement was made on August 7, 1905, in a huge meeting in the Calcutta Town hall. The faction engaged resumption of domestic goods and production methods. The Government of India has announced August 7 as National Handloom Day each year, in remembrance of this.

The Prime Minister will also commence India Handloom Brand. An exposition showcasing master conceptions of the awardees is also being launched on the event in the nearby senate Hall of Madras University.

First National Handloom Day Celebrating Today
First National Handloom Day Celebrating Today

The Handloom Day will be commemorated all over the country in collaboration with state governments. India has one of the supreme textile conventions in the world. The handloom industry of India is as old as our culture itself and swanks of a lot of living customs to this day. Handloom weaving is one of the biggest economic actions after agriculture, providing direct and indirect employment to more than 43 lakh weavers and associated workers. The sector donates to almost 15% of the cloth manufacture in the country and also gives to the country’s export earnings. 95% of the world’s hand woven cloth comes from India.

The handloom shapes a valuable part of our generational inheritance and exemplifies the wealth and variety of our country and the creativity of our weavers. The tradition of weaving by hand is a part of the country’s artistic culture. The handloom sector has an exclusive place in our economy. It has been maintained by transmitting skills from one generation to another. The power of the sector reclines in its exclusiveness, elasticity of manufacture, sincerity to modernizations, flexibility to supplier’s requisites and the prosperity of its tradition.

Handloom Products in Odisha

Handloom sector in india in going down because of cost of man power. Weavers are not getting proper wages for their input and work for weaving. For designers there is not much scope in root level, still they are fighting for survival. This will cover all aspect of handloom and how to improve it.

I have been working on an ecommerce store enhancing handloom products of orissa. But i was not asware of many facts which really pathetic in root level.

When we start our ecommece store “Odisha Saree Store” we thought it is an easy process but by now we learn many fact on handloom, how to purchase raw materials, how the Govt of India trying to make the life better for them.

Actually Govt trying many programs but many vanished by the time it reach actual needy weaver or designer in Odisha.

Handloom Silk Sarees of Odisha Available Online
Handloom Silk Sarees of Odisha Available Online

The Life of Weaver are still pathetic, some of them even not able to have their daily need. by this our mindset changed we are planning to help them to grow in many fields. for example we will provide them better wage rate comared to other Master weavers and societies who are taking advantage of them. Provide and share knowledge to parents, so that they educate their children.

Handloom sector need more help from Govt of India and Banks. This is second largest industry in India and we are positive it will grow again. People have to like new products and designs from Orissa

Main handloom Products we have in Odisha are mentioned below:

Saree, Kurta, Shawl, Skirt, Lehanga Choli, Rug, Dhoti for men, Shewani, Pyjama, Jackets for men and women, Cap in different style, designer Bedsheet with traditional art, Table Cover which you will luv to have, Cushion Cover, etc

In Orissa or you can say Odisha the coloring process starts with dyeing the silk/cotton threads. Odisha Saree Store have specifically devoted experts for this tye and die process. Our fabric Coloring method includes sinking the material time after time in the boiled color water which contains in a container or bucket.

Our Store obtain the extreme care while dyeing the silk designed/cotton designed fabrics to make sure that the color is identical all over the materials and it should not change the superiority of the textile. Textile Coloring process in Odisha or Orissa is a very critical step in receiving a superior handloom product like saree, sari, salwar kameez, dupatta, chudidar, lungi, gamcha, handkerchief etc. Colors are applied by Odisha Saree Store’s Expert as per the terms from our handloom designers from best Institute like NIFT and during this process we consider the requirement needed from clients or customers if the item is a customized handloom product.

“Leheria” The traditional style of tie dye Art of Rajasthan, India

Leheria or leheriya is a very unique and traditional style of tie dye art that is widely practiced in Rajasthan, India. Leheria tie dye art produces very beautiful, brightly colour cloth with various distinctive patterns. The Leheria tie dye technique gets its name from the Rajasthani word for wave because the dyeing technique is often used to produce complex wave patterns those are very attractive and beautiful in looks.

“The leheriya are very famous because of its zigzag pattern of irregular colour stripes. This zigzag pattern gives a visual invocation of the flow of water at the same time painstakingly showing the depths of indigo after multiple mud-resistant and dyeing processes, that makes very beautiful designs and the people in all over the world like this very much.

Tie-Dyed LeheriaArt of Rajasthan
Tie-Dyed LeheriaArt of Rajasthan

Leheria turbans are very important products for male business attire in Rajasthan during the period of nineteenth and early twentieth century’s. Leheria products are still produced in Jodhpur, Jaipur, Udaipur, and Nathdwara in a bulk amount. Leheria products is offered for sale with most of its resist ties still in place as proof of authenticity, with a small portion of fabric unrolled to display its pattern, that is very smart way of providing the evidence of good quality.

Leheria products are because of their design and patterns and colours very much popular among the peoples of India. In different states of India people like various Leheria products. Also in outside of India people appreciate the Leheria products very much.

As in different countries people like these products, so many people in Rajasthan are engaged in the exporting work of the Leheria products to different European, American and Australian countries.

Also the Leheria products are available on online shopping stores. Many online shopping stores of India providing or selling Leheria products o their online shopping store. This helps Leheria products lovers in getting beautiful Leheria products in a better and easier way. So these are some things about Leheria products of Rajasthan.

Handloom and handicraft Products Exporters of India and Their Importance

There are many types of Handloom and Handicrafts products are present in different parts of India. In all over the world people like Indian handicraft and handloom products very much and the demand of the Indian handloom and handicraft products are in huge amount, so many peoples of India now days doing the exporting work of the handloom and handicraft products of India.

So in a country like India where many people are depending on handloom and handicraft industry for caring out their life or for earning, the exporters of the handloom and handicraft products are very important and they plays very important role in increasing the economy of the country.

Handicrafted Sindoor Container made with bamboo online
Handicrafted Sindoor Container made with bamboo online

In India maximum handloom and handicraft manufactures or weavers are leaving in the villages those are very far distance from big cities. So the weavers and workers are not getting actual price of their products. They sell their valuable products in local markets in very less price. After working very hard the weavers and workers produces very small amount of products and selling them in fewer prices. Because of this reason, now days many handloom weavers and handicraft workers are concentrating on different work for earning more money and leaving a better life.

Handloom and Handicrafts products exporters help the handloom weavers and handicraft workers in getting actual value of their products by purchasing the products in a reasonable cost.

Also through online shopping the Handloom and Handicrafts products exporters sending the Handloom and Handicrafts products to different countries and earning a better amount of the Handloom and Handicrafts products for them and for the Handloom and Handicrafts products manufactures. So the importance of the Handloom and Handicrafts products exporters are very much for India.

So these are some things about the Handloom and Handicrafts products exporters of India and their importance.

The importance of Khadi in India

“Khadi” is not just a textile product in India, it is much more important for Indian people. This Khadi plays very important role in getting independence in India. Khadi is a whole movement started by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Mahatma Gandhi at that time. The main air behind the production of the Khadi was to make India self-reliant on cloth production and be free from the high priced goods and clothes which the British were selling to Indian people. This idea of Mahatma Gandhi workers and causes very huge lose to British.

Khadi is also known as “khaddar”. In Bangladesh these are a very old history of Khadi or khaddar are present. Initially India, Bangladesh and Pakistan are only one country. First Pakistan was separated from India in 1947 and latter some years Bangladesh was separated from Pakistan, but these are many similar things are present in all countries. Khaddar is a well example of it. In all three countries may be it India, Bangladesh or Pakistan people like to wear khadi or khaddar in most of the times.

Traditional garment material Khadi
Traditional garment material Khadi

Khadi or Khaddar basically made with pure cotton so these products are very much comfortable for wearing. This is another important reason behind the popularity of khadi. Because of the simple design and comfortable nature Khadi or khaddar becomes very famous in all over the world and people like to wear the khaddar cloths very much.

Now days in India most of the politician wearing these khadi or khaddar cloths and it becomes the symbol of politician in India. Most of the politicians and their supporters in India like to wear khadi or khaddar cloths most of the times.

The khadi or khaddar cloths are now days available in huge amount in many online shopping stores. The online shopping stores provide many varieties of khadi or khaddar cloths in their online shopping site for consumers in all over the world.

So these are some gossips about the importance of kadhi or khaddar cloths in India.

Traditional Handloom Saree Weavers of Odisha

There are many countries present in our planet and in each country people are leaving are having their own culture and tradition. In each country their own tradition and culture are present and people of that country love their own culture and traditions. Cultures in various things like in food, in clothing’s, in festivals and in so other things, in different countries and in different communities having their own rules and regulations in maintain their culture and traditions.

In India also there are many communities are present and they all having their own culture and traditions for different things, examples as in food and in cloths India having many varieties these are many states in India and each state having its own special food and cloths. As examples in Odisha a state of India there are famous designed traditional cloths are present, some of those are Sambalpuri Saree, Soneupuri Saree, paattachitra Saree, Khaandua Saree etc. generally in all over the India women love to wear Saree but in different regions the wearing style and Saree designs are differs.

Traditional Sambalpuri Sarees of Odisha Online
Traditional Sambalpuri Sarees of Odisha Online

Above mentioned Saris are the traditional Saree of Odisha. From old day’s skilled weavers of Odisha producing these beautiful and attractive saris. And also Odisha women like very much to wear these Saree, so demand of these Saree is still in present days are very high. In current days, there are many weavers of Odisha producing these traditional Saree in traditional process. Although the traditional process of weaving or manufacturing these traditional Saree is very difficult and long process, and as these are made by simple tools and by the weavers hands only this it’s very tiring process for weavers but still in some villages of Odisha some weavers manufacturing these Saree.

Famous Saris of Odisha are named after the place where these are woven like Sambapuri Saree are woven in Sambalpur district of Odisha, so these Saree are named as sambalpuri Saree, like that all other Saree like Sonepuri Saree and some other. But some Saree like Pattachitra Saree are named Pattachitra Saree, because the design of these Saree are inspired from famous pattachitra painting, so these Saree are called pattachitra Saree. As pattachitra art or Pattachitra paintings are very famous in all over the India and the theme of these paintings are upon the Hindu Gods specially based on Lord Jagannath, the Saree weavers think to use the theme of these paintings into Saree, and getting the advantages of the popularity of the pattachitra paintings, so the weavers started to producing a kind of Saree called patachitra Saree.

Now days also in some places of Odisha, weavers are manufacturing these Saree. So these are some things about

Various types of Problems of handloom weaver in India

Weaving is very common profession in India, and many people are connected directly and indirectly with textile industry in India. The Government of India is aware about the constraints problems being faced or facing by the peoples connected with textile industry or handloom weavers throughout the country primarily because of low productivity of handlooms, stiff competition from power loom and mill sector, inadequate inputs supply and marketing facilities channels as well as insufficient credit flow from institutional sources.

For the overall development of handloom sector and welfare of handloom weavers, the Government of India has taken various policy initiatives and schemes interventions like cluster approach, technological up-gradation, marketing promotion, revival of viable and potentially viable societies through loan waiver and recapitalization assistance, availability of subsidized yarn and credit, besides, providing health and life insurance cover to the handloom weavers. but  these schems are not working effectively. May be the vast population or unknowing ness is a major factor of this.

There are some central Government schemes are available for the development of the handloom sector: –
1. Integrated Handlooms Development Scheme.
2. Marketing & Export Promotion Scheme.
3. Handloom Weaver’s Comprehensive Welfare Scheme.
4. Diversified Handlooms Development Scheme.
5. Mill Gate Price Scheme.


The office of the DC (Handlooms) and DC (Handicrafts) are functioning as attached Offices of the Ministry of Textiles with sufficient delegation of powers and functional autonomy to address the issues or problems pertaining to weavers and artisans and also for promotion and development of handlooms and handicrafts in India. Hence, no need is currently felt to create a separate Ministry for weavers and artisans in the country that help these peoples.

These are some problems handled by Indian handloom manufacturers or Indian weavers. After all these problems these Indian peoples or weavers continuing

Their work and producing very good and best quality products to full fill the demand in all over world. We just hopping that in near future govt. will take some steps that help these peoples.

Best handloom saree producing states in India

India is a big country united with 29 states and in every state there are some community or trivial present who are producing some special kinds of clothes which create an unique identity for their trivial or community. So it very difficult to say that which state is producing best handloom Saree in India. Many states are producing saris which are unique by properties. So it is difficult to choose a single state as best Saree producing state in India.

But there are some saris which are able to create their unique identity in not only in India but in all over the world. Those product are very much liked by peoples some examples are Banarasi sari, Sambalpuri Saree, Pochampally Saree are some examples of Indian best sarees.

Indian Handloom Sarees Online Shopping
Indian Handloom Sarees Online Shopping

Banarasi sari is a saree made in Varanasi, a city which is also called Benares or Banaras. The saris are among the finest saris in India and are known for their gold and silver brocade or zari, fine silk and opulent embroidery. The saris are made of finely woven silk and are decorated with intricate design, and, because of these engravings, are relatively heavy, but people all over the world like these saree very much. In these current days because of the online marketing demand of these products gradually increasing day by day.

Odisha is another state producing another type of best quality saree which is famous in all over the world. Those sarees are well known as Sambalpuri Saree. These sarees are traditional hand-woven ikat. Where in the warp and the weft are tie-dyed before weaving. The saree is a traditional female garment in the Indian Subcontinent. Sambalpuri fabrics reflect an original style of craft known as Baandha. Traditionally, craftsmen created Baandhas with images of flora or fauna or with geometrical patterns. More recently new types of Baandha sarees are lunched in the markets which are very much appreciated by people.

So we can say that these banarasi saree and sambalpur sarees can create an identity in all over the world. So we consider these sarees are the best in India and these states are best saree producing states in India.

Six Places You Must Visit in India to Find Best Handloom Fabrics and Products

Hand loom Fabrics and Product are made all major parts of India. We can find in Orissa, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka etc. Each State has its uniqueness in fabric and designs.

Places and Famous Silks

  • Orissa Khandua Pata, Nuapatna– Khandua is famous design of Odisha’s weavers. Weaver groups of Maniabandha and Nuapatna of Cuttack conventionally unite this kind of pata designs. All through the rule of Gajapati Maharaj Handloom Sarees are prepared and transported to Jagannath Temple, PURI. Paramananda Patanaik, the king Nilakantha Deva was presented khandua sari made of one piece of khandua silk called caukandika. Khandua is usually red or orange in paint. The red color is arranged obviously from the shorea Robusta. The handloom design motif has an lucky elephant that represents Buddha enclosed by sprawling vine with peacocks in it, a large many petaled flower, a unique Odishian animal called Nabagunjara, a deula kumbha. The elephant in Khandua ikat from Nuapatna, Tigiria frequently vary from elephant motives in ikat from Sambalpuri saree as well as ikat from other parts of Odisha. Best handloom fabrics in Khandua has plain boundaries in opposite to margins with motifs in case of the other ikat of Odisha.
Indian Handloom Products
Indian Handloom Products
  • Madhya Pradesh is famous for Chanderi –Chanderi Sareeis one of the best-known handloom Saree designs in India, It is mainly famous for its sarees prepared in the company of silk and cotton. Chanderi is located in the Ashok nagar, Madhya Pradesh.
  • Varanasi – It is famous and known as Banarasi Sarees through out India.
  • Mysore – Mysore is the residence of the well-known Indian womanly wear, the Mysore silk saree. Mysore Silk is a brand for the silk sarees created by Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation. The unique characteristic of this saree is the tradition of mixing pure silk and 100% pure gold zari (a golden colored thread containing 65% of silver and 0.65% of gold).
  • Sonepur Pata, Odisha – Sonepur fabric villages are approximately around the temple town Sonepur. They have the various silk, tassar weaving work and the products.
  • Assam Silk –Muga silk is the creation of the silkworm Antheraea assamensis endemic to Assam. The larvae of these moths feed on som (Machilus bombycina) and sualu (Litsaea polyantha) leaves. The silk formed is identified for its slick fine quality and robustness. Due to its low porosity the Muga yarn cannot be bleached or dyed and its natural golden color is retained. This silk can be hand-washed with its lustre rising after every clean. Very frequently the silk outlive its proprietor.

Handloom Dupatta Available Online

Latest designs of handloom dupatta is now available for online shopping. Dupatta is an essential garment for Asian ladies. Different styles and colours of dupattas are always famous among the ladies. Now anyone can buy colourful and latest designs of dupatta from Online Shopping Store.

Handloom Dupatta Online Shopping
Handloom Dupatta Online Shopping