Traditional Clothing Ideas every Girl must have to know

For most other countries of the world such as the United States of America for example the one word to describe everything that an Indian lady wears is a sari. However, that may not be the right way to go about things. It just so happens that sari is just one of the various traditional outfits that women in this South Asian country wear.


There are several reasons for the global popularity enjoyed by saris. Compared to other Indian traditional dresses for women such as salwar kameez and lehenga this word is much easier to utter. Of all the traditional dresses that women in India wear sari happens to be the stateliest. When it comes to lady diplomats and politicians touring countries it is the dress of choice. As an example it may be cited that Indira Gandhi, the first lady Prime Minister of India wore a sari to White House when she visited Richard Nixon, the-then President of the United States of America. This happened way back in 1971.

In recent times, famed designers in the West such as Hermes, and Valentino have been trying to create looks that are inspired by saris. This has only served to make this dress even more popular than it already is.  There are several ways in which a sari can be worn. In fact, different states in India have their own ways of wearing the sari. However, the most-convenient way is to tuck an end into the petticoat, also known as the skirt slip, and then just wrap it round the waist. Once this is done, you can just drape the other end over your shoulder in a diagonal manner.

Traditional clothing ideas of Girls
Traditional clothing ideas of Girls

Salwar kameez

In any case saris are worn by Indian women on each and every day of their lives. This happens in a formal, as well as informal basis. As such they have become an important part of the Indian identity itself. However, apart from saris, women in India also wear many other dresses on a local basis. These are worn both casually as well as parts of ceremonial occasions. The salwar kameez is one such dress. Here the salwar is basically the loose pant and the shirt is the kameez. As per several fashion experts and analysts the usage of salwar kameez is restricted primarily to northern India while saris are worn all over the country. There are different styles of salwar kameez that are worn and as such it can get really tough to predict what is fashionable and what is not.

Normally in case of salwar kameez women normally choose the fabric that they wish to wear and then get one sewed by a tailor based on their bodily measurements. This is a traditional method of doing things and it ensures that the fits are perfect and the designs are unique.


This is also primarily a northern Indian dress. They are mainly worn on celebratory and special occasions. Normally women in India – especially the upper classes and middle classes wear western dresses. However, no matter what you wear in your daily life you cannot be expected to wear a western dress on a special occasion as a woman. It will always be deemed inappropriate.

As far as most Indian designers are concerned, most of their livelihood is sourced from traditional clothes that are worn during weddings. For most brides in India – as well as wedding guests – sari remains the biggest favourite but there are always plenty of other options to choose from. In northern India there has been a noticeable shift in this regard from saris to lehengas.

Tips to Buy Readymade Blouse Online

Your million dollar saree would be a waste if you don’t pair it with a good blouse. You surely need accessories to go with the saree in order to look good but a blouse makes a saree complete. So when you are buying a saree, you should be equally considerate in buying a proper matching blouse as well. Now, going to the tailor for getting a stylish blouse stitched according to your imagination is quite a time taking affair. More so, when there are so many websites available where you can order them online! But what if something goes wrong and you don’t get what you had ordered. Here are some foolproof tips to buy readymade blouse online.

  1. When you buy readymade blouse online, you take your own measurements. So, first step is to be precise with your measurements. If you are towards skinny side, then it is advisable to keep a little margin because body size may change and if you outgrow the blouse someday, you can still fit in with some alterations. Take the measurement as per the online form of your website. Measure your bust, cup size, sleeves length, arm hole, length of back, depth of neck etc. Note them down properly in the respective sections and check for any typing error. Mention anything extra that you want in it, like hooks at back, zipper instead of hooks and so on.
  2. Every website as well as product brand has different size charts. So, instead of having an assumption that all are same, go through each size chart. Even when you are buying more than one blouse, check the size charts separately. It can be possible that what is size 32 for one brand is 34 for another. This way you can eliminate another aspect of mistake. Also, go through the customer feedback. If there is any discrepancy regarding size, someone or the other would mention it there.

    Tips to buy Readymade Blouse through Online
    Tips to buy Readymade Blouse through Online
  3. Don’t go by the colour and cut of the blouse. It is very important to check the fabric as well. When you are matching a blouse with a saree, fabric becomes an important parameter. For example, if you have chosen a heavy Benarasi saree for a wedding party, you cannot team it with a cotton blouse. It will be a complete wardrobe debacle. Rather you can pair a simple saree with heavy ornamented blouse but never the other way.
  4. No matter how much you try, there can be some or the other errors made on your part as well as on theirs. So, before you place your order, check for the refund or/and return policy. Usually there is a 7 to 15 calendar days to return the merchandise. Always retain the original packaging and receipt as proof of purchase. Most of the sellers send a bar code via email and arrange a pick up. Upon receiving your package they will either arrange another delivery for the product you originally ordered, or you will be requested to place another order. If you are no longer interested, they will initiate the refund procedure.
  5. When you are not sure about your measurements or not confident about taking the measurements yourself, it is better not to buy readymade blouse online. Rather take some time out to visit a good tailoring shop, browse through catalogues and select a good design. This way you can avoid a messy situation because a refund is made only with a valid point.

These are the few tips that can help you buy readymade blouse online seamlessly. Yet, just to be on the safe side, go through the reviews of the website. You will get to know everything about them, right from the product quality to shipping time. It is better to be safe than sorry.

What are the things you want to buy from online during winter season?

The winter months are currently here and it is that time of the year again when people start getting prepared for the Christmas and New Year celebrations. During this time, people often tend to shop more than they do in other seasons of the year. This can also be seen in the rising trend of online shopping that has become evident over the last few years. Online stores in India have gradually become more popular in the recent years, with more number of people actually preferring to buy all of their necessary as well as luxury goods from online shops. This has not only changed the way people in India shop but it has also transformed the mindset that works behind purchasing decisions. More people now choose to buy their winter goods from online stores than ever before, and this has certainly increased the profit margins for the ecommerce stores in India.

Among the various goods that are mainly bought from online stores during the winter season are the winter clothes. Men and women of all ages require the latest and most fashionable winter clothes to look good on this season. This also encourages the leading apparel brands to come up with their own seasonal collections for this time of the year. Some of the garments that are particularly popular during the winter season are woollen outfits, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, windcheaters, pullovers, cardigans, thermals, socks, stoles, mufflers, scarves, gloves, shawls, shrugs, coats and ponchos. Most online stores specialising in apparels and clothing items offer extensive collections of winter garments from numerous brands of national and international repute. These online stores offer extensive catalogues for both men and women which make it quite convenient for buyers to get products that match their preferences.

Online Shopping During Winter Season
Online Shopping During Winter Season

Apart from clothing items, winter shoes and boots also make popular items for shopping during this time of the year. While many online stores that offer clothing items also offer a special section particularly dedicated to footwear, there are also certain ecommerce stores that only offer different types of boots and footwear for their customers. Buying good quality footwear is important during the winter season as they can protect the feet from getting too dry or forming cracks due to the cold weather. They are also important for those men and women who live in areas where there is a lot of snowfall during the winter season.

During the winter season, people also love to buy cakes, greeting cards, flowers and other gift items that allow them to show their love and affection for near and dear ones. There are numerous online stores that offer customers with the option for ordering cakes and other special gifts. Some of the gifts that are popular during this time of the year include home decor items, clothing and apparels, watches, books, electronic gadgets, pens, music CDs and DVDs, candles, bags, showpieces and even beanbags. Many online stores also offer a range of other items as well that can be offered as gifts for the loved ones.

With the increasing popularity of online shopping, more people are taking to these ecommerce stores when they need to buy their necessary goods. Not only has this increased the options for people who want to buy the best goods that their money can get them but it also has enabled them to find products without spending hours going through the various shops. Since most people have very hectic lives these days, online shopping has become very popular in India as it allows them to find good quality products without needing to spend hours to find them.

Top 10 saree shopping websites in india

India is a country which consists of different religion, dressing style, food habits and even they leave in different type of home in all states. All states have unique culture and traditions which passed to us through different generations.  We all love our old values still not able to attached to our roots and not able to stay at home with this rapidly growing urbanization all over world. Most of us live out side of our home either in india or abroad because of job or business.

All of us are atleast unite as indian and we are proud to be indian, during our stay far from native, we miss many local tastes and clothing. But our goodluck there is now a new trend and we all accepted it which known as “Online Shopping”. It helps us a lot to be in touch of home land and families.

Online Shopping in india growing much faster than we have expected. Women love shopping than other family members, this buying style bring happiness to them, they can buy anything from anywhere without asking any body. For Example one of the lady customer who is a newly married girl, send sarees to her mothers house instead of in-laws home who may stop her to buy them, instead what she does, she bring those sarees back to in-laws house by telling her own mother gave these this time as gift. This brings happiness to both sides (Maa b khus, beta b khus and sasuji b khus)

Clothing Sites
Women shopping on Indian websites

For those beautiful ladies who want to use this facility for her love for sarees, we have curated list of sites who are top in india for saree shopping.


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  5. –
  6. –
  7. –
  9. –
  10. –

Shopping in present scenario

Shopping is a thing that is very important for women, all women in all over the world love to shop things from shops. We can define shopping as an activity in which a person or most accurately say a customer browses the available products or goods or services presented by one or more retailers with the intent to purchase a suitable product in all of them.

From ancient day’s people using this shopping technology for purchasing and selling their goods and services, those people purchasing the goods or services are called consumers and people those provide services are called service providers and those people are selling their good are called sellers.

Now in modern days people or customer focus is more transferred towards online shopping; in all over the world people like to order products from different regions through online shopping technique and online retailers deliver their products to their homes, offices or wherever they want in a very easy and efficient way.

Present Shopping Trends
Present Shopping Trends

Now the business to consumer (B2C) process has made it very easy for consumers to select their liked product from online stores. Now people chose their product from a retailer’s website and have it delivered to the consumer’s home within very less time. The consumer does not need to consume their energy and money by going out to the shops or stores to purchase their product.

From another point of view we can consider the shopping is very important part of our life style, for carried out our life we need many products in our day to day life, maybe it small or big, costly or cheaper no matter we need some daily use products like food, clothes and other home appliances. We need all things for carried out our life in happy way, so we get this thing from shopping, and then we can say for a good life style shooing is very much essential. In old days people purchasing their products from shops or from departmental stores, on those days for purchasing products they need to go to the shops and purchasing products, it may chance that the product that they need that is not available on that shop, in this case they need to go to another shop and is very time consuming and expensive process because they spend more money in travelling and searching the product. Sometimes people need to compromise with their need due to unavailability of the product that they need. So we can consider these traditional shopping techniques as not so effective techniques.

Now in present scenario new shopping technology comes that solves the problem arise by traditional shopping techniques that are called online shopping technology. This online shopping solves the problems of traditional shopping technique.

Through this online shopping technology consumes don’t need to go to the shops for purchasing products, they can order their liked product through online shopping sites and the product delivered to their home. This online shopping process is capable of shaving consumer’s valuable time and money, so this is very important technology, So in current generation people more preferring this online shopping technology for their shopping activities.

Kolkata is the best place to buy clothes and enjoy Durga Puja in India

Bengalis love to enjoy and celebrate each moment of life whether it is a strike in kolkata, rally of mamata didi, election for MP or durga pujo celebration, they love to shout and get together.

Durga Puja shopping in Kolkata
Durga Puja shopping in Kolkata

If you never seen durga astami here in the city of joy, you can plan now, this place is best for shopping and party during pujo.


Applique of Odisha now available for Online Shopping

Pipili odisha is famous for applique work and now we have started adding them in our online store. Keep looking them and you can buy anywhere from the world very soon as we are starting international shipping within a week.

Applique work handbag for Women
Applique work handbag for Women

Sambalpuri dress design for campus interview in college | Online Shopping

Most of college student have high ambition in their career path and want to be selected in their campus interview before leaving college. It is a case for both technical and non technical college students.

Every boys and girls want to look simple yet stylish on the campus interview day. They start online shopping their clothes before the day. Now as young college student knew the value of handloom clothes, boys generally wear khadi shirts and girls choose sambalpuri dress designs which are now available online for shopping.

Dress designs for campus interview
Dress designs for campus interview

Saree Shopping in Cuttack for coming Durga Puja

Cuttack city celebrate durga puja in a big bash. All the city decorated with lighting. People of this twin city love to  do shopping ahead of puja and gift dresses, sarees to their relatives.

Sarees Shopping rapidly grow during this puja from which starts before Ganesh Chaturthi. MOst of the shop offer discount on all items like dress materials, silk sarees, cotton sarees, handloom dupattas and many more.

Shopping areas look crowded and full of Discount Sale Banner all around city. Most people love to buy sarees from baxibazar, badambadi, shopping malls and even now a days through online saree shopping websites. Online Stores are easy for customers who do not have much time for shopping but can do it online when ever got time on internet at home or office.

What are thinking? Go for it. Shop now for coming pujas Ganesh Puja, Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Diwali and Laxmi Puja.

Durga Puja shopping
Durga Puja Shopping

Handloom Sarees Online Shopping in Canada | Tradition and culture of India

Canada can be think as a small indian city because indian from all corner of our country started living in canada. Indian women’s always love to wear the traditional silk  saree in several festival  which held in canada. Saree only gives you the elgance and beautiful look in crowdy place.

If  you want’s to buy Indian saree then try from various online shopping sites. Handloom sarees are too unique from other saree and it gives a unique look in crowdy place.

Saree lovers in Canada
Saree lovers in Canada

Send Birthday Wishes by online shopping with our Exotic handloom silk sarees Collection!

Birthday is the day when everyone want you to be happy even if you make big mistakes. Father and mother forget everything you did in the past to celebrate this day with fun.

Most of us like this day because used to get lot of gifts from all family members and friends. Online Shopping made all these simple and easy. Now everyone can send and receive gifts wherever they may be on the big day.

Apart from Birthdays you can send receive gifts on:

  • Anniversary
  • Valentines
  • Graduation
  • Having baby
  • Baby showers
  • Mother’s day
  • Father’s day
  • New Year
  • Rakhi
  • Enter New Home and many more
Send gifts online
Send gifts online

Durga puja sarees online shopping | Buy Silk sarees for Pujo | Shop Cotton Sarees

Buy Durga Puja Special silk sarees and cotton saree for you whole family and relatives to look traditional and beautiful. Each day in Durga maa’s puja is special and we have collection of sarees which can suit you for pandal.

Durga Puja Sarees Online
Durga Puja Sarees Online