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5 Reasons why your wardrobe needs an ikkat silk saree collection

India is well known for its extensive range of handloom sarees that can make women look gorgeous. For hundreds and thousands of years, the various parts of India have been witness to the growth of different types of saree making trends which are still evolving. One of the types of sarees that women in all parts of India truly love to wear is the ikkat silk saree. The style of making ikkat sarees and garments developed in different parts of the world over the years, including in Central Asia, South East Asia, West Africa and South America. However, in India the artisans worked to create a distinct style of their own when it comes to the ikkat garments. It is due to this reason that these sarees are so much popular among the fashion conscious women in India.

The Odisha ikkat silk sarees and Pochampally ikkat silk sarees are known to be extremely beautiful and they stand apart from various other silk sarees due to their bright and geometric designs. These sarees include motifs from the local culture and include diverse imageries such as parrots, elephants, flowers and dancing girls. The unique feature of these sarees has to do with the elaborate dyeing process that helps to create such beautiful artwork. Although the traditional artisans have always made use of simple techniques to create these sarees, modern production centers make use of mechanical tools to create them. The specialized machines that are used for creating these sarees have not only helped artisans to produce larger quantities of finished goods but also products that are known for their perfection and precision.

Ikkat silk sarees collection at online
Ikkat silk sarees collection at online

Here are five reasons why you should definitely focus on developing a nice ikkat silk saree collection for your personal wardrobe.

  1. The ikkat silk sarees are known for their dynamic colors and geometric patterns that often look strikingly gorgeous. So if you are looking for buying sarees that aptly help you to express your true beauty, then you should definitely have these sarees for all occasions.
  2. Since the ikkat silk sarees derive their coloring from natural sources, the colors are rich, bright and steadfast at all times. Ikkat sarees mostly come in a variety of bright shades such as orange, yellow, red, rust, crimson, pink and dull gold. Although the classic pattern of these sarees is typically dull gold, the introduction of various new motifs has made it possible for artisans to make sarees with designs that consist of many other bright colors.
  3. The ikkat silk sarees are not only perfect for different types of special occasions but for day to day regular wearing as well. So if you are in search for sarees that you can wear on a day to day basis, then you should certainly go for ikkat silk sarees as they can make you look perfect without being too loud.
  4. Another reason why you should consider getting ikkat silk sarees for your wardrobe is that they require low maintenance and you can wash and clean them easily without much effort or hassle. In today’s world where women are required to take care of a lot of tasks at office and at home, they are often pressed for time. Due to this reason, they may not have the requisite opportunity needed to take good care of their sarees properly. However, as the ikkat silk sarees are easy to clean, they do not pose much of a problem.
  5. There are currently a wide range of ikkat silk sarees available in India, which means that you can have plenty of options when you are looking to experiment with your looks.

Why Matka Silk Saree is One of the Most Famous Women Wear in India

To many, even today silk is that smooth, soft and supple textile which were used by royal families and equally moneyed classes. But those with a little knowledge of fabrics and idea of latest fashion know about this rough and rustic textile called Matka silk which is made with the waste of Mulberry Silk or Bombyx Mori. The gum part which is called sericin is not removed to process this silk. Though the silk is obtained mainly from Karnataka, Gujarat and Kashmir, it is spun in the villages of Murshidabad and Malda districts in West Bengal. Sujapur in West Bengal and Islampur in Bangladesh are two other villages known for Matka silk production.

Matka is said to be a very versatile fabric which is apt for all kinds of embroideries. It is light weight thus can be carried easily. This is what makes Matka so popular among women because it’s light weight and thus makes it a comfort wear in sultry summers of India. Besides saree, this fabric is also used in making salwar suits, jackets and even home furnishings as well. Matka silk is well suited for all occasions.

 Beautiful Matka silk sarees of Bengal online

Beautiful Matka silk sarees of Bengal online

It has been received graciously by the fashion gurus as well. Designers like Ritu Kumar, Paromita Banerjee, Sabyasachi, Shravan Kumar and likes have used this fabric in their creations taking it to a new zenith. They are also working with the weavers of Matka silk in close proximity so that they get their due wages which they are often deprived of. Fashion divas like Vidya Balan, Rani Mukherjee and Tisca Chopra can be often seen draping this sophisticated fabric while attending different events. Women who always want to follow their icons in their dressing style have thus, themselves become a huge fan of this Matka silk.

Compared to Kanjeevaram and Benarasi silk, Matka though lacks the shimmer and lustre, but can be obtained at much reasonable price. This is undoubtedly another factor behind its popularity. Often women are found to be allergic to synthetic textiles. Now, neither they can go on buying these expensive silks nor can they wear cotton for every occasion. Matka silk works as the best solution for such problems. Maintaining Matka silk is much easier than other silk fabrics. In short, from wearing to maintenance, Matka silk gives you all kinds of comfort.

Whether it is Batik or embroidery or different stitches like kantha and aadi, everything look good on Matka silk. The availability of this fabric is also easy. Since it is found in many parts of India, you can get them anywhere in the country. The best quality material comes from West Bengal. If you are based outside India, you can look for Matka silk sarees online. Almost all the leading online stores and websites of leading saree stores have a good stock of these sarees. Best part of going online is that you will get to choose from a huge collection in little time. Imagine sifting through hundreds of sarees in one store for two hours and then moving on to another store to see another hundred! It would be quite tiring and confusing, isn’t it? But when you buy Matka silk sarees online, hassles are lesser. When you opt for a reputable website, you can rest assured of the quality and price. You will get a genuine product for a genuine price. In most of the cases, shipping is free of charge. And if you are lucky enough, you can even get a handsome discount on your purchase. So, you get a quality product without a doubt. So, in your next party, be it a friendly get together or in office, get ready to be the head turner.

Why Most of the Designer Sarees are Produced with Silk Threads

Designer sarees are those which are exclusive ones as they are designed individually. They are known for their detailed artwork mostly done by hands. Designer sarees can be in any fabric but silk designer sarees are most popular and in demand. If you thought silk sarees are the only handloom ones with heavy golden or temple border, then you are fiercely wrong. These sarees are known for their varieties. And the existing fashion trends have given new horizon to the handloom industry. This is the reason we get to see so many new designs and patterns in silk sarees.

The authentic silk sarees are quite expensive. Often synthetic threads are mixed to create faux or artificial silk which brings down the cost. Though novices may fail to understand but a seasoned wearer can make the difference easily. The gloss of the mixed thread sarees are different from the shine of silk. However, there are different varieties of silk sarees where you can easily get an authentic silk sarees at an affordable price. For example, Murshidabad or Bishnupuri silk is cheaper compared to Kanchipuram and Benaras silk. However, silk designer sarees become more expensive due to some exclusive components like hand crafted designs, patterns, fabric paints and so on.

Silk Threads
Silk Threads

Most of the designer sarees are produced with silk threads because Indian clothes are exported to all parts of the world due to their high demand and Indian silk have a special space among them. Even in India, silk designer sarees are sought after because silk is said to be a pure form of fabric and thus used in all traditional occasions. Silk is the most sought after fabric for bridal wear. Benarasi silk sarees, the most popular Indian bridal wear can be seen in so many designs today. Zardosi work, stone embellished, kantha work etc are some of the designs that have been incorporated in the traditional Benarasi saree to cater the demand for silk designer sarees by young and modern Indian bride.

Though so many types of fabrics are used for sarees in India, appeal of silk is still unperturbed.  It had been there since ages and it continues to rule the autonomy and it is due to the versatility. Young girls who find Benarasi and Kanchipuram silk, can try Mysore, Baluchari or Matka silk which are easy to handle and light weight. Matka and Ghicha are two preferred choices of designers so you get lots of designs in these two varieties if you are looking for silk designer sarees. Hand paint, batik or bandhani designs on you make you grab all the eyeballs around you. Saree is undoubtedly a very versatile outfit and when you drape a silk saree, you become the embodiment of tradition, style and individuality which makes you different in the crowd. So, a matter of choice makes a great difference.

Industry of silk sarees in India has been a flourishing one. Though the condition of craftsmen is very disheartening as they have been wronged since centuries. They have been denied their share of profit from this huge industry. But things are starting to get better. NGOs and different  authoritarian bodies have come forth to eliminate the middle management who usurp the major share of profit. This has enabled the weavers take their creations directly to the stores. So, silk designer sarees can often found at much lower price. These artisans who create this high on demand creations in silk can get their due. And, you can enjoy the flawless craftsmanship, exquisite designs, and high quality of fabric in your designer wear while you get all the limelight.

"Lugade" The Beautiful Nine Yard Maratha Sari of Maharashtra

Maharashtra is very beautiful state located in western region of India. This state Maharashtra is the nations and also the world’s second-most populous sub-national entity, Here in this state women very much like to wear saris and here many varieties of saris are available. One most popular sari is Lugade sari. This is such kind of sari that is very much popular in Maharashtra and also in other places of India.

The Lugade sari is basically a nine yard length Maratha sari with very beautiful design. This Lugade nine yard sari is generally worn by elderly Hindu women and the sari is sometimes referred to as Nauvaree in Marathi culture. The Lugade sari is usually between forty-two and forty-five inches in width, and the lengthwise borders called kanth or kinar of these saris is two, i.e. these saris has two kanth or kinar. The Lugade sari also has two breadth wise borders those are called padar, of which one is more decorated than the other one.

Famous Lugade Saree of Maharashtra
Famous Lugade Saree of Maharashtra

The Lugade saris are very much popular and also in high demand in India as well as in other countries. These Lugade saris are available in different shops and markets in Maharashtra and other states and cities of India. Also the Lugade saris are available in different countries markets. Now days these Lugade saris are available in all over the world through online shopping.

Online shopping is very much helpful for the women those are very much like these Lugade saris, because they easily and in an affordable price get their favourite Lugade sari. There are many online shopping stores are present in all over the India those are selling Lugade sari at their online shopping store.

These are many Indian families are migrated to other different countries the women in these families are not getting good saris at all times but in special occasions they all want to wear good quality saris. So for those online shopping sites are providing good quality saris in a very easier way and also in very less cost than market price.

This is the reason that, now days every where people liking the online shopping technology, so these are some things about the beautiful Lugade saris of Maharashtra.

Beautiful Pochampally Sari of Telangana

Pochampally Sari is very popular design sari in Telangana and in other states of south India.  Women very much like to wear these saris. This Pochampally Sari is also known as Pochampalli Ikat sari, these Pochampally Saris are made in Bhoodan Pochampally, Nalgonda district of Telangana State, India. These Pochampally Sari are very popular for their traditional geometric patterns in Ikat style of dyeing, so most of the women like to wear these saris in different special occasions.

The intricate geometric designs of the Pochampally Sari find their way into the hands of skilled weavers and make it to the market as beautiful saris and dress material, in different Indian markets these Pochampally Sari are available.

These Pochampally Sari saris are so popular that the popular Indian model, former Miss World and actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wore a Pochampally sari on her wedding and reception.  This shows the popularity if these Pochampally Sari and also the Indian government’s official air carrier, Air India air hostesses wear specially designed pochampally silk saris that shows the quality of these saris are so impressive that Indian government uses these products. The people of Telangana feel prouder for these pochampally saris and their achievements.

Beautiful Pochampally Silk Saree
Beautiful Pochampally Silk Saree

Modern uses of Popular pochampally saris are now days the designs of pochampally saris are used in products include home furnishings like curtains, table covers, utility related boxes, tissue paper boxes, ladies bags, photo frames, belts and necklaces etc other thing. People in all over the India and also in outside of India very much like these pochampally saris.

By using the online shopping now people purchasing the pochampally saris in everywhere in all over the world. This also makes beneficial to the weavers of the pochampally saris, they gets more consumers and more profits by selling more products through online shopping.

These are some things about the famous designed Beautiful Pochampally Sari of Telangana.

Five very Famous Silk Saris of Odisha

Sari is a very important women garment in Odisha, India. Here women very much like to wear different types of beautiful saris. These are many varieties of silk, cotton and other types of saris are available. Some of the most important saris are: Sambalpuri silk sari, Ikkat silk sari, Bomkai silk sari, Khandua silk sari and sonepuri silk sari. These five types of silk saris are very famous and women in all over the Odisha like these saris very much. Let discuss about these five famous silk saris:-

  1. Sambalpuri silk sari: The Sambalpuri silk saris are traditional handwoven silk saris. These Sambalpuri saris are well known because of their incorporation of traditional motifs. Beautiful motifs like shankha (shell), chakra (wheel) and phula (flower) are some beautiful motifs are designed on these sambalpuri saris. These motifs are deep symbolism, but the highpoint of these saris is the traditional craftsmanship of the ‘Bandhakala’, the Tie-dye art reflected in their intricate weaves of the sambalpuri sari. So these sambalpuri saris are very much popular in all over the world.

    Famous Sambalpuri Silk  Saree of Odisha
    Famous Sambalpuri Silk Saree of Odisha
  2. Ikat silk sari: “Ikkat” is a very effective dyeing technique that produced very beautiful pattern on textiles. In ikat silk sari manufacturing process the threads are dyed before weaving and both faces are essentially identical in appearance. So a beautiful pattern produced after dyeing. These Ikat silk saris are mainly produced in Bargarh district of Odisha. Women very much like to wear these Ikat silk saris.
  3. Bomkai Silk sari:  Bomkai Silk sari is another very beautiful silk sari that is very popular in Odisha. These Bomkai Silk sari are mainly produced in Ganjam district of Odisha. These Bomkai Silk sari are hand woven beautiful designed saris which are very much popular among ladies in Odisha.
  4. Khandua Silk sari: Khandua Silk saris are traditional “bandha” designed saris produced in Orissa. Mainly these Khandua Silk saris are produced in Nuapatna, Cuttack district of Odisha. A special kind of Khandua named as “Kenduli Khandua” of 12 ft and 2 kani ( kani measures the length of a hand) is worn by Lord Jagannath.
  5. Sonepuri silk sari: Sonepuri silk sari is another beautiful sari produced ny skilled weavers of Sonepur district of Odisha. These saris are also very beautiful and very much liked by women in all over the Odisha.

These are some things about the very beautiful and important saris of Odisha.

Beautiful Gadwal sari of Telangana

Sari is a very famous women’s clothing in India most of the women like to wear sari in their day to day life. In India these are a lots of varieties of good saris are available. One of the most popular saris is Gadwal sari. Gadwal sari is a special kind of sari mainly produced in the place Gadwal. This place Gadwal situated in Mahbubnagar district, in Telangan state, in country India. This Gadwal sari is very much popular in all places of Telangan and in other states of India. Women very much like the design and colour scheme of these Gadwal saris.

Famous Gadwal Saree
Famous Gadwal Saree

The local weavers of Telangan are very much talented and weave very beautiful saris. The Gadwal sari weavers weave 5.5 meters of sari fabric in such a way that it can be folded down to the size of a small match box that is very interesting thing about these saris. These Gadwal Saris are very much popular since the year 1930s. These are very old saris in the history of Indian sari culture. These Gadwal saris are created by pure cotton and the border of these Gadwal saris are attached with silk. The Gadwal saris are also attached with silk pallow that makes these saris very beautiful by giving a very unique look.

Because of the attractive pallow design and other unique features of the Gadwal saris women very much like these saris. In various special functions they want to purchase it and wear it for a beautiful look. These saris are also exported to different countries in all over the world. Online shopping very much help in increasing availability of the Gadwal saris, through online shopping people any where can purchase these products from online shopping stores. So the online shopping stores are very much helpful for both buyers of the Gadwal saris and sellers of the Gadwal saris.

These are some things about Beautiful Gadwal sari of Telangana.

Beautiful Traditional Chanderi Sari of Madhya Pradesh

In India from ancient days women like to wear saris. So these are many varieties of beautiful and traditional saris are available. One of the most beautiful and traditional sari is Chanderi sari. These Chanderi saris are the traditional saris made in a place name as Chanderi. This place Chanderi is situated at Madhya Pradesh a big state of India. These Chanderi saris are very old kinds of saris in history of India. According to Hindu mythology or the vedic period, these Chanderi saris are present in India from the time of lord krishana. So we consider these Chanderi saris as very old traditional sari of India.

These saris are still present this shows the popularity of these saris. These saris are so popular because of the quality of these saris and beautiful designs and attractive colour scheme of these saris. Today also these saris are very much liked by Indian women; they like to wear these Chanderi saris in most of the special occasions. So demand of these Chanderi saris is very much in India and also in other countries in all over the world.

Traditional Chanderi Saree
Traditional Chanderi Saree

These Chanderi saris are in demand because of their themes and Motifs. The themes and motifs of these chanderi saris are very beautiful. These basically three kinds of fabric of chanderi saris are produce. Those are pure silk, chanderi cotton and silk cotton. These are very much comfortable for waering so Indian women like to wear these Chanderi saris. Designs like Traditional coin, Flora art, Peacocks and geometrics are woven into different chanderi patterns, which are provides very beautiful look to these saris. So because of the beauty of these saris Indian women can’t stop them from buying these saris and wearing these saris.

According to Indian history the weaving culture or tradition has been available from the 13th century. So from very old days Indian skilled artist are producing or weaving very beautiful types of saris. Those are appreciated in all over the world. Now days by online shopping technology women in various different countries purchasing these saris and enjoying the beauty of this art. So these are some dissociation about Beautiful Traditional Chanderi Sari of Madhya Pradesh.

Beautiful Paithani Sari of Maharashtra, India

“Paithani” sari is a very beautiful variety of sari, this sari named after the ‘Paithan’ town which is situated at Aurangabad in Maharashtra state. Here these Paithani saris are woven by hand or by simple tools. These saris are made from very fine silk, so these are considered as very richest saris of Maharashtra, India. Paithani saris are made by borders of an oblique square design, and the pallu of these saris are created with a peacock design, which are giving a very attractive look to the sari, so these saris are very popular among the women of India. There are also plain as well as spotted designs are available to fulfil the demands of simple women. Among other varieties, single colour and kaleidoscope-colour designs are also popular in different states of India. The very famous design “kaleidoscopic” effect is achieved by using one colour for weaving lengthwise and another for weaving width wise.

Famous Paithani Sari of Maharashtra
Famous Paithani Sari of Maharashtra

The speciality of pattan sari is this sari was made in gold and very fine silk. Basically the production was oriented towards export requirements, because of the cost of these saris; these were produced only for sophisticated buyers. Paithani evolved from a cotton base to a silk base. In weft designs it was used Silk and cotton was used in the body of the fabric. Present day Paithani has no trace of cotton. In old days silk was imported from China. But nowadays Yeola and Paithan manufactures buy silk from Bangalore.

These paithan sari are available in various colours like,  Pophali yellow Red, Lavender, Purple, Neeligunji – sky blue, Magenta, Motiya – peach pink, Brinjal – purple, Pearl pink, Peacock – blue/green, Yellowish green, Kusumbi – violet red, Pasila – red and green, Gujri – black and white, Mirani – black and red etc. Because of the many varieties of colours people have May choice of this sari and the demand of this paithan sari increasing day by day.

Not only in India, also women in all over the globe like these saris and love to wear these saris in different occasions. So through online shopping they order these paithani saris and the selling of paithani sari in online shopping sites increases.

States famous for handloom sarees and how Indian silk sarees affect export sector

Indian handlooms are some of the finest in the world, as they are popular for their exquisite richness, fine quality and variety. They form an integral part of the culture of India and no festive occasion is complete without the beautiful garments made out of them. Over the years, there have been a lot of changes in the patterns, weaves and designs, which have brought new elements of glamour and magnificence but the original superiority of the handlooms, have remained the same.

The handlooms still comprise the largest form of cottage industry in India. Millions of looms throughout the country are dedicated to weave different natural fibers such as cotton and silk and bring out the inherent beauty in them. They also serve as a source of livelihood to numerous families across the country. The art and craft of weaving looms is passed on from one generation to another, with every successive generation adding new elements to it. The results are expressed in the superior quality and magical colors that characterize the handlooms.

Indian artisans blend different forms of beliefs, myths, symbols, faiths and imagination that help to bring a striking dynamism to the loom’s fabric. The various regions of India all add their own distinctive style to the handlooms that give them their unique identity. Some of the states that are famous for their handloom sarees are Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Orissa, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.

The handloom sarees made in Andhra Pradesh are known for their distinct, delicate designs. The refined borders, intricate pallu and fine gold thread work characterize the handloom sarees produced here. The sarees made in Venkatagiri, Pochampalli, Narayanpet, Gadwal, Uppadas and Dharmavaram deserve special mention. On the other hand, the state of Bihar is known for the superior Tussar silk sarees it produces. Chhattisgarh is famous for the Kosa silk sarees that are adorned by the embroidered, printed or painted patterns. Kosa silk sarees are revered for their superior purity and texture.

Gujarat produces the well known Patola sarees that are known for their intricate weaving. Geometric designs and flaming vibrant shades characterize these sarees that are also adorned with ethnic motifs. Jammu and Kashmir produces some of the best printed pure silk sarees in the country, which has many takers both in India and abroad. Karnataka is known for the popular Mysore silk sarees it has to offer. These sarees are beautifully decorated with zari borders and kasuti embroidery. The delicate Chanderi silk sarees from Madhya Pradesh are known for their subtle, soft shades and exquisite patterns. Sarees from Rajasthan are known for their vibrant shades and refined prints. West Bengal has a range of high quality silk sarees to offer, including the Baluchari, Kantha, Tangail and Batik variants.

India is the second largest producer and exporter of silk materials in the world. The types of silk that are produced here include Mulberry, Tasar, Eri and Muga. Out of these types, the Mulberry is the one that is most produced. The production of silk has increased over the last ten years, with a major portion of them being made into silk sarees. In fact, silk sarees from India has many takers in the international markets, including that of the European sector. Another important market for Indian silk sarees is USA. While periodical slumps have been noticed in the sales figures, the sales figures have improved significantly in the recent years. This makes silk sarees an important revenue earner for the Indian economy, as the orders for Indian silk sarees are on a steady rise in the recent years.

Indian Silk Sarees Available for Online Shopping
Indian Silk Sarees Available for Online Shopping

Indian Handloom Silk Sarees Online Shopping

Indian silk is vary famous all over the world. It’s quality and shining features makng it unique. Indian weavers use it for making silk sarees and silk other dresses. Every women in India and the abroad love to wear Indian Silk Sarees.

In India you can find various types of silk sarees like, Tussar Silk Sarees, Bomkai Silk Sarees, Sambalpuri Sik Sarees, Nuapatna Silk Sarees, Bargarh Silk Sarees, Behampuri Silk Sarees, Bargarh Sil Sarees etc. Now anyone can buy Indian Slk Saree through Online Shopping Store.

Indian Silk Sarees Online Shopping
Indian Silk Sarees Online Shopping

Indian Silk Sarees Available Online for Christmas Shopping

Now it’s winter season and everywhere peoples are waiting to celebrate Christmas. And they are busy with Christmas Shopping also. In this season they are exchange gifts with their friends and family. And garments is the best option for sending gifts. Now it’s easy to send Christmas gifts from antwhere through using Online Shopping Store.

Now you can buy an Indian Silk Saree for your sweetheart through online shopping store. Women are always want to wear Indian Silk Sarees in any special occasions like marriage party, pujas, festivals etc.

Indian Silk Sarees Online for Christmas Shopping
Indian Silk Sarees Online for Christmas Shopping