Best 5 picnic spots in Dhenkanal.

Christmas and New Year is coming soon. From Now people try to go for picnic for the upcoming year to welcome with a great way. There are so beautiful place in Dhenkanal where you can go and enjoy a lot for Picnic.

Here are the list for Picnic spot.

  1. Tikarpada
  2. Kapilash
  3. Saranga
  4. Saptasajya
  5. Mahima Joranda Gadi.


Shivratri festival of odisha

MahaShivratri festival is an important festival all over india for the hindus, especially the devotee of lord Shiva who celebrate the maha shivaratri with a great way. Mahashivratri festival known as ‘shivratri’ which held on every year on the month of ¬†phalguna or magha due to hindu calender.

On MahaShivratri the devotees go to temples to pray lord shiva. MahaShivratri is the great day for lord shiva. The maha sivratri puja held for one day and one night only.According to hindu mythology when the Samudra Manthan held between the God and Demon at that time a pot of poison came out of ocean.The poison pot will destroy the entire world then all demon and god ran to shiva for help.To save the entire world Lord shiva drank all the poison but he held the poison on the throat and the throat becomes blue in color.That’s way his name is ‘Nilakantha’ who saves the entire world.So people celebrate the mahasivratri puja to destroy all the bad things happen in the world and do the good works.

Dhabaleswar Temple, Odisha
Dhabaleswar Temple, Odisha

Shivratri puja  is specially for women either she married or unmarraied.The married ladies celebrate the puja by fasting whole day and pray to lord shiva for the well wishes of the family members.The unmarried women celebrate the puja for to get best husband like shiva who is the spouse of godess kali,parvati and maa durga.From previous people believe that who worship to lord shiva with a pure devotee on mahasivratri then lord shiva fullfill his or her wishes.

On mahasivratri the women wear the pure washed clothes like saree and put the pallu on his head to go temple by holding pure cow milk,bela leaves,dhatura flowers and panchambruta to worship lord shiva with pure devotee.At that time you can pray to lord shiva with mantra’Om Namaha Shivaya’.

In odisha people go to the Lingraj temple, Dhawaleswar temple, Kapilash temple and so many shaiva pitha to worship lord shiva.On this day people take the fast for whole day and night .At night the Mahadipa (lamp) took to the top of the temple to pray the god for to save the entire world.Peoples also burn the earthen lamp and sit their by listning bhajan,kirtan,and the shiva purana and on next day morning the peoples break their fasting and eats the prasad.