Traditional Bengali marriage

Wedding is a very important function in west Bengal; here in west bengal traditional wedding is arranged by some people known as “Ghotoks” (the meaning of Ghotoks is matchmakers).  These Ghotoks are generally friends or relatives of the parents of the bride or groom or any some other known person. These matchmakers are very important because they are known to both families and all kinds of settlement are done by them. So these ghotoks are very much important.

Rituals of Bengali Marriage
Rituals of Bengali Marriage

Traditional Bengali weddings are mainly divided in three Rituals.

  1. Pre-wedding Rituals.
  2. Wedding Rituals.
  3. Post-wedding Rituals.

Let’s discuss all rituals in details.

First consider about pre-wedding rituals. These are the activities before marriage. This pre-wedding ritual is also divided in to some parts known as:

Ashirbaad – Ashirbaad is a very special day, on this day the elders people of the groom’s family go to the bride’s home for bless her and alternatively the elders of bride’s family go to the groom’s home to bless him.  They bless them by sprinkling husked rice and trefoil on their heads and giving gold ornaments to them.

Gaye Holud – This is another important ceremony in which, five or seven married women of the household grind turmeric with mortar and pestle and anoint the bride with turmeric paste. This is the process which brightens up the bride’s complexion and makes her skin glow and the bride loom very beautiful at the time of marriage. Gaye Holud ceremony is also celebrated on groom’s house.

Dodhi Mongol – this function happens on the day of marriage, here seven married ladies adorn the bride’s hands with the traditional bangles Shakha and Paula.  Here one pair of red and one pair of white bangles are used and then feed the bride a meal of curd and rice, the only meal after which the bride and her parents fast the whole day before marriage.

Like pre-wedding rituals these are a lots of rituals are celebrated in marriage and after the marriage. The rituals celebrated at marriage are: Bor Boron, Potto Bastra, Saat Paak, Mala Badal, Subho Drishti, Sampradan, Yagna, Saat Pak (couple), Anjali, Sindur Daan and Ghomta. And the rituals celebrated after marriages are: Bashar Ghar, Bashi Biye, Bidaye, Bou Boron, Kaal Ratri, Bou Bhaat, Phool Sajja, Dira Gaman.

So these are some rituals and the steps of a traditional Bengali marriage celebrated.

Wedding Traditions in Germany

Wedding traditions in Germany vary from province to province. Here are some of the common things we can see in a German Wedding:

Car Parade – after the marriage a car parade is formed and drives throughout town beeping their horns – others beep back aspiring the pair excellent fate.

Costs – the father of the bride has to pay the marriage. This is an old tradition but now usually both parents and the couple itself split the expenditures for the marriage.

Dance – the opening dance is danced by the bride and the groom, it is conventionally a waltz. The next dance is just for bride with her father and groom with mother, although bride’s mother dances with groom’s father.

First Night – to make the opening night as complicated as probable, friends of the pair do bundles of amusing or sometimes malicious obsessions. They stuff the rooms with balloons, keep secretely lots of alarm clocks in the bedroom, take distant the bed, and so on.

Wedding Traditions in Germany
Wedding Traditions in Germany

Flowers – besides the flowers for the bride and in church, the lid of the bridal car is ornamented with bunches of flowers.

Junggesellenabschied – some days prior to the marriage the groom and his male buddies go to a bar or sometimes other areas to sip and have enjoyment.

Hijacking of the bride – in some places (mainly in small villages) friends hijack the bride and the groom has to locate her. Generally, he has to hunt in a lot of pubs and invite all folks in there (or give the entire bill). Sometimes this custom finishes awfully.

Polterabend – this is an unofficial (casual dress and food) bash at the evening prior to the marriage where plates and dishes are shattered (the broken parts are thinking to carry good luck to the bride). The bride and groom have to clean up all.

Rice – after the marriage when the bride departs the church, friends fling rice on them and it is believed that they will dig up as many children as rice particles reside in the hair of the bride.

Veil Dance – this is a well-liked amusement for a marriage evening. Every woman or man who feel likes to dance with the groom or bride, has to pay for it.

Marriage Cake – the marriage cake, mainly a big cake with bunches of decorations, has to be slice by the bride and the groom jointly.

Marriage Evening – at the marriage evening a bundle of games are cooperated, speeches are held (the first generally from the father of the bride), sometimes a marriage daily is handed out. Songs are sung, and so on.

White Ribbon – the bride brings extents of white ribbon with her bunch, and after the church ritual is over and the guests are departing the church, she hands each driver a ribbon that they bind to the radio antenna.

Marriage Rings – Germans put on marriage rings on the right hand – the groom and the bride have usually matching rings (marriage “bands” — no diamonds).

Marriage Shoes – one more custom is to gather pennies for years and purchase marriage shoes for the bride with this funds.

Indian Bridal wear silk sarees now available for online shopping

Odisha traditional bridal silk sarees are favorite among brides all over India, they love to buy ikat saree, khandua pata, Sambalpuri saris for the special occasion. Previously they have to find those beautiful sarees for the wedding day by visiting Odisha but now as online shopping grows, you can shop them easily from online stores.

Traditional Bomkai Silk Sarees for bridal Wear
Traditional Bomkai Silk Sarees for bridal Wear

Oriya matrimony sites helping digital marriages in Orissa

Marriages made in heaven or made in internet, we are not sure. But in Odisha. India marriage is a ritual which is important for indian to be social with in family, relatives and friends. We heard that marriage made in heaven but is it true.

Marriage age in India getting delayed by boys and girls. This age almost pushed by 10 years for each male and female. Everyone wants to be settle first in life before jumping into this jail.

But as per you how much amount you can tell as a settled property, 1 crore, 5 crores, or infinite.

If you think in you case as a middle level family 1 crore in enough, you are absolutely wrong. One disease can be enough to spend the whole amount on one family member, you know how medical expenses increased a lot in india.

So better go for marriage in right age and right time.


Age now marriages are happening after 35 for boys and 30 for girls, they are not getting suitable partner through common matrimonial links from family and rely on best matrimonial sites available on internet to buy back partner buy registering them in those websites. Websites have two type of memberships one free and another paid.

Some of the reputed matrimonial sites are:



Life of a Indian Girl Before and After Marriage

Which Phase of Life are you now ?  You are in Before or After.

This Story is of a girl who born in India in a very reserved family and how she learned life’s lesson after marriage.

Story Continue…………………..Keep on Reading

Life of an Indian Girl
Life of an Indian Girl

6 Points women should know when money needed in your Life

All of you must be saving few bucks each month for your future and planning a good life ahead of you. but there are few spots which can make you trouble if you have not managed your money wisely and save for these situations.

There is few point of time each woman must learn because men do spend and don’t have a brain for saving money.

  • Losing Job
  • Shopping for your daughter’s wedding
  • Natural Disasters like Phalian or Earthquake
  • Bankruptcy of Business
  • Death of Spouse
  • Child’s Education

We all should beware of all of these situations and live happily because no one knows when you face a bad time.

Money needed in your Life
Money needed in your Life

Wedding cards Shopping for Your Marriage

Wedding invitation cards is as important as your bridal dresses in marriage. You have to plan everything for your day, whether choosing wedding planner, honeymoon package, decorator, venue of marriage, sarees and dresses for each day and many more.

Wedding Card Shopping
Wedding Card Shopping

Wedding card are important because this is the first impression all your friends and relative find out about your marriage, and this should be unique and stylish. But remember to choose cards according to your community, and religion. If you need you can check with your partner about card design.

Now you can find many designs for online shopping, but cards can be found best at traditional shops in your city.

Start a Saree Draping Class – A New Job You can Take and Earn Money

Famous Indian Silk Sarees Available Online
Famous Indian Silk Sarees Available Online

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Salwar Kameez, Saree, dresses and Conern about Odisha Products

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Khadi death you all must started observing, now it is very hard in odisha to find a actually working Khadi unit. Ikat will see the same very soon.
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Shopping for Your Wife – A Best Day for All Husbands

Shopping is a fun activity for people, but sometime it make pathetic situation when you shopping with a women/ wife whom you can not refuse. We think Online shopping is a good news for all husbands because you do not have to hold your baby in the crowded shop while your wife busy looking as sarees or salwar kameez or punjabi set or suits for her..Congrats

Women Love Shopping whether her husband is a road pati or crorer pati. We have research on many women who purchase a new saree or salwar always for a new occassion. Occasion may be a marriage party or Birthday celebration or Pandal Hoping in Durga Puja. Even few women told us that they buy dresses and silk sarees for each day if going out in weekend. For Example if Someone going on a vacation for seven days to a Puri, She will not go until her husband buy sari or suits for each day she will stay there.

Husband In Action During Shopping
Husband In Action During Shopping

If you mark husbands in any shopping Mall while his wife busy looking for a bomkai saree or ikat saree, he is holding the children or running behind his child to make sure he/she not break anything from the Store. Women love shopping and they love you if shop whole day with them holding your baby. Husband might ask God, why he made him a married man.

Majority of husband we interviewed told he don’t like to go out for shopping with her wife.

Yesterday at a shop one lady looking for a cotton saree, for which a seller show at least 100’s of sarees to her, while her husband standing out of the store because if his wife don’t take it the store owner may finally through her out of the store. In Some cases she select the saree, took the saree and went to the billing counter but suddenly she changed her mind because she want a different piece with another color. Best of luck all husbands.

During any occasion every women want new salwar kameez or chudidar or sari, whether she has or not trunk full of sarees. IF any husband dare to ask the question “You have so many dresses and sarees, why do not you wear one of them?” Wife reply is a huge one “What other people visit in the party think of your status” Mrs Maharana you wear same saree in Samar’s Marriage.

This is a untold story because all know that Husband dominate their wife, but by going through this story, we believe your mindset already in a new shape.

Online shopping is a great help for all existing and aspiring husbands, because you can at least sit or stand at your home. You can help her to choose best cotton sarees or dresses or gifts. You can gift her small gifts from the Online Stores in India in regular intervals, so that she will not call you for shopping during weekend, which may miss your cricket match, or get together with friends or chatting with

Old Girl Friend who looks prettier than your wife because she is not your wife.

All the Best Husbands. One day will sure come for you, when you will Buy and she hold her baby again for Nine Months..Just For a Post..but True Review.Happy Shopping

Marriage in India – A Study of Culture

Marriage or Vivaah in India is a tradition or sanskar of our society through which two human being, one man and woman legally authorized to stay together and share their body and mind.

As number of Love marriages are growing in India, you need to be sure your partner help and support you all the time.

Day by day way of marriage process got a new face. Previously a family madhyasti bring marriage proposals for boys and girls but now in a high-tech society we can choose matrimonial services like jeevansaathi or web services where simply you can find thousands of match by registered in the website.

Before the actual marriage date we need to have knowledge on marriage laws, marriage vows, how to get a marriage certificate as this is mandatory now in India, from whom you need advice about marriage – you can contact a counselor with your partner, be clear that no dowries involved in your wedding.

Marriage in India
Marriage in India

People started taking more seriousness now for the wedding photography. Even they gone far enough to select famous photographers who takes huge amount ranging from 1 lakh to 5 lakhs with travel and fooding. Everyone want to look like bollywood hero and heroines in their saree or wedding dress.

Different religion have different type of marriage rituals and dressing during the ceremony.

From last few years in India we have observed mass marriage where more than hundreds of couple tie knot in the same day which save cost for them. Generally these type of ceremony organized by NGOs. Some times these help in second marriage of people.

In modern society a new trend started as bachelor’s party, which is organized by the bride or groom with their friend group to celebrate last party as a bachelor.

Shopping for a marriage is exiting and fun. Now in India a new concept started where people hire a shopping assistant or personal shopper, who help them to choose perfect clothing like saree, blouse, salwar kameez, kurta, Punjabi or suits in best and affordable price.

Before the marriage a budget and list should be finalized for all ethic wear, silk saris, jewellery and clothing for whole family. Bomkai silk sarees in India are top in list for a bride’s shopping. Choosing color of dresses is a very important for a marriage.

Hope you like the article. Please comment more about marriage which we will sure add in the article.

Best of luck to all bachelors from our team to get a suitable partner very soon.