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10 types of unique gift idea for Mother’s Day

How do surprise your mom on her most special day? Mother’s Day!! It’s confounding! Overwhelming!! Your mother—someone you’re the closest to!! This Mother’s Day, you might as well be flooded with unique Mother’s Day gift ideas! However, just ensure that whatever choice you’re zeroing in on, it must comply with your mom’s tastes. In any case, your mom is going to love anything that you present her but a gift chosen thoughtfully will just add to the significance of the occasion. You can turn to this run down of these 10 types of unique gift ideas for Mother’s Day.


Not just any chocolate but Mother’s Day themed chocolates. Yes, make sure that you’re taking the trouble to find stores that offer these chocolates with unique themes. Trust us! Your mom is gonna love it! Be creative with the way you wrap it. Leave it on your mom’s desk with a sweet message. Do anything interesting you can think of.

A coffee machine

Yes! A fancy one! Something which is easy to use. Make sure your mom doesn’t have to hit the nearest coffee store every time she craves for her special infusion. Run for the reusable coffee pod machines that not only deliver delicious coffee but are extremely pretty as well. Be careful enough to help her with the instructions of use.

Perfumed candles

Combining the best aspects of pragmatism and budget, scented candles are a perfect choice for this Mother’s Day. Think of all the times she has brought a smile to your face. Now, it’s your turn! Light up her life! Literally! The fragrance soothes tired nerves. So, this might as well be your way of driving her stress away.

Surprise your loving MOM, Send Gifts Online
Surprise your loving MOM, Send Gifts Online

Picture frames

They are gorgeous- they are pretty – they are classy and they are special – everything that your mom is. Why not gift her something which reflects every trait of hers! Look out for stores that are customized for moms. A little bit of research on your end will make it easy for you to dig out stores that offer these frames. Don’t forget to team it up with a picture which she hasn’t seen for a long long time. Once again, it’s a matter of thoughtfulness. What is it that’s gonna elicit the happiest of reactions from her?

Ethnic Sarees and Dresses

Trendy dresses for modern age mom a valuable gift. Specially for working mummy they always love to wear Salwar Suits in their work place. Also traditional Indian Sarees are the special attraction of every women. We all know that she love to wear ethnic sarees in any special occasion.


She loves diamonds- even more so when they’re presented by her closest! Gold and silver are pocket-friendly counterparts of diamonds. Just think about something which you think will accentuate her personality in the best possible fashion. Light fuss-free wristlets are great options for working moms. She can team it up with her formal apparel quite easily!


Her favorite scent. Make sure she is waking up to it on “her day”. Hit the nearest florist and get the best bouquet customized for your mom. There are so many stores offering them but make sure you’re conducting a bit of background research to find out who the best is. Look up the internet and seek personal recommendations from friends as well.

Fitness Gear

Does your mom love working out? If yes, then pick up a trendy gym bag or a set of work out clothes or shoes!

Books or magazines

This is for all the voracious readers out there. Does your mom love to read? If yes, then please remember that she is always going to cherish a book as a gift – no matter which occasion it is.  


What kind of your bag does your mom use? Find something equal in size, has a more attractive design and is more visually appealing. Yes! It should be sturdy as well.

Send Birthday Wishes by online shopping with our Exotic handloom silk sarees Collection!

Birthday is the day when everyone want you to be happy even if you make big mistakes. Father and mother forget everything you did in the past to celebrate this day with fun.

Most of us like this day because used to get lot of gifts from all family members and friends. Online Shopping made all these simple and easy. Now everyone can send and receive gifts wherever they may be on the big day.

Apart from Birthdays you can send receive gifts on:

  • Anniversary
  • Valentines
  • Graduation
  • Having baby
  • Baby showers
  • Mother’s day
  • Father’s day
  • New Year
  • Rakhi
  • Enter New Home and many more
Send gifts online
Send gifts online

Movies selected to Watch online on Mother’s Day 2014

Relationship with mother can not be replaced with anybody in this world. This mother’s day we collect a list of movies to watch which show love of mother and child. Gift something to your mother in this day and make her feel special.

Here are a list of movies you can watch on mother’s Day.


  1. Mother’s Day
  2. Stepmom
  3. The Blind Side
  4. Mamma Mia
  5. Dumbo
  6. August Rush
  7. Little Women
  8. Steel Magnolias
  9. Gone with the wind
  10. Amelie
Mother's Day Movies
Mother’s Day Movies

How Online Shopping is Helpful for Pregnant women

Key trends of Indian e-commerce
Key trends of Indian e-commerce

Online Shopping is very very helpful for all upcoming mothers, as you do not have to worry about visit shopping malls, store for shop your daily need. As and when Pregnancy symptoms start for you, we need to be safe and careful about our movement, better visit near by local retailer or we recommend by through online shopping, which saves you time and better for your health.

As your Pregnancy week by week will increase you need to buy clothes for each month, same old clothes may not fit you because for body and breast changes occur during pregnancy. You can buy cotton clothes like handloom sarees online, salwar kameez and kurta easily from your system.

All you beautiful women should be safe and taken care by our society.

Online Saree Shopping – Why You should Buy Online

We are in 21st Century and this is call internet age. There are many factors better than buying from a traditional shop in India. Most of the foreign countries are already adopted online shopping and india is not far behind.

Literacy and Computer Education percentage on a rise among girls in our country. Now even if they are house wife, they are having good knowledge on every aspect of managing shopping and running family.

Online saree shopping Site best in india
Online saree shopping Site best in india

Most of the women around the world like saris and handloom is the best option for any party or wedding. Online Saree Shopping is easy through online store. you can buy sitting at your home, from your kitchen, from your office, garden and in your time.

Mother’s Day Celebration in Odisha and Gift Ideas

Mother’s day is celebrated all over world in respect of love of our mothers. In this day people visited their mothers and religious places like church, temples by wearing new clothes with some gift and spend whole day with her.
In mothers day we can gift favourite items to our mother. In Indian we generally gift sarees to our mothers. But now a days people also choose expensive items as watched, gold ornaments, sambalpuri saree, bomkai saree, banarasi sarees to express their love. You can simply express your love through a handmade gift card to your mother.
The value of mother’s love can not be calculated by any gift in return. Raising a child is not a easy task for anyone, except mothers. She do it without expecting anything in return, but only want good health and hapiness of the child.
If you have seen a cow who given birth, you can know how a mother aggressive to save her child. You can not go near a new born child of a cow, i bet she can hit you anytime if feel her child is in danger.

Gift Your Mother
Gift Your Mother

Mother’s day celebrated in different dates in different counties. Some places it is celebrated as a holiday.
In Mother’s day special function organised by schools, pre-schools with drawing competition, essay test, dances, play etc through which small children know the importance of it and respect their mother.
Now in internet age people generally send ecard to their mothers, send FB post, twitter post etc to express their love which mordern mothers reponded with thier blessing.
Some of the people think every day is a mother’s day and we should celebrate it all the days by giving respect to all the mother’s living in this world.
Soldiers generslly wish a show their love to our mother land India in this day.
As Online Shopping and gift shopping increased in india, the people who are living far from their mother send gift to her by online shoppping handloom sarees, flowers, gewellery and many more which delivered to mother on or before mother’s day. Most of the traditional shops announce best deals in fashion clothing, saris and many more to attract customers to order the gift.