Some of the Part-Time Jobs Women should do to support finance to family

Family Expenses on rise in india and even Narendra Modi can not save us from all these quickly. All Need time and support from all of us to family and nation. Before 10 years there are not much job options for girls in india. But now picture is different we have number of option to join.

Job for women

Part time Job for Women and Girls in India:

  • Coffee Shop
  • Pizza Shop
  • Receptionist
  • Call Center
  • Internet Parlor
  • Software Trainer
  • Intern in small companies
  • Library assistant



How to wear saree when pregnant?

During Pregnancy women’s body changes and need extra space to accomodate. in traditional indian family sarees are mandotory all the time. So you have to drape it and choose perfect fabrics.

Try to tie the saree looser than usual and or some women buy saris with having better fabric and make them dresses or loose night wear. See this.

Women in saree during pregnancy
Women in saree during pregnancy

Life of a Indian Girl Before and After Marriage

Which Phase of Life are you now ?  You are in Before or After.

This Story is of a girl who born in India in a very reserved family and how she learned life’s lesson after marriage.

Story Continue…………………..Keep on Reading

Life of an Indian Girl
Life of an Indian Girl

Top ten online shopping sites for babies | Clothes | Food | Toys | Games

Online shopping helps us and our family members a lot. It is the best option for new moms and people who can not go for shopping shops in this busy world.

Now you can shop for your babies same age other age groups.

Top Ten sites for online shopping for children are: