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A gift is such a word that gives much happiness to peoples. All kinds of people like gifts and it makes them happy. Gift a magical world for peoples in all over the world. Not only the people those receive a gift, also the people those give a gift, they feel very happy. Especially we give a gift to our loved once, like our family members, friends, and other relatives and sometimes some other peoples those we know. Also, gifts are given on some special occasions like at the time of birth days, anniversary or in any other special day. A simple gift makes people happy and makes their relationship better.

We can define a gift or present as an item that given to someone without the expectation of payment on an exchange of it. I.e. when you are giving any gift to anyone you can expect that, the person to whom you give the gift he/ she return back something instead of it. A gift is a product that you give to your loved once at free of cost. So we can say that a gift is related to the emotions and our feelings for the person to whom we give a gift.

Giving a gift is the best way of expressing love or friendship to your family members and friends. So people in all over the world give gifts to each other at special occasions. But a gift is more suitable when it was given with a personal meaning or with a personal touch of the people who are involved in it. I.e. if you are giving a gift to any friend or many be to your parents or wife any one other, then if the item that you give is personally related to that person and you and it express your relationship than it becomes the best gift. We can say these types of a gift as customized gifts those are made for the purpose of giving as a gift to the particular person.

Handmade gifts are best for giving a gift to your loved one with a personal meaning that makes your gift special and the person to whom you give the gift he/she like it very much and it becomes the best gift. Handmade gifts are suitable because you can customize your gift according to your choice. You can customize your gift according to the person to whom you gifted and according to the occasion on which you want to give the gift. As example suppose you want to give gift to your parents or brother and sister or any friend at his/her birth day, so you can add her date of birth on the gift and give a good message written on the gift and also the image and any other thing you can customize n it according to the choice of that person. These types of freedom you can’t get from any gift shop.

In gift shops these are many good and beautiful items are available to give as a gift in any kind of occasion but they don’t have any personal thing related to you or the person to whom you want to gift. So by customizing a gift with the people those made a gift for you with their hand keeping your likes and dislikes in mind, produces the best gift for you to gift your loved one.

Nowadays many online gift shopping store provides an option to customize your gift according to your choice. You just need to say them about want types of thing or item you want and the skillful workers produce for you. So always give a gift with a personal meaning.

Top 7 handicraft products customers love to buy online

India is a country where we have talent, resource, raw materials than any country in the world. We have a major portion of manpower who work for handloom and handicrafts in india.

India produce very alluring beautiful products in handicrafts and from them few are really worth to decorate your home or gift someone.

Top 7 handicraft products are:


  • Patachitra
  • Dhokras
  • Applique
  • Tarakasi or Philigree
  • Palmleaf engraving
  • Terracota
  • Chandua