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What are the key trends of Indian e-commerce industry in 2016?

Over the last few years, the ecommerce industry in India has expanded in leaps and bounds. This has naturally encouraged businesses to take the online route and tap in to a never before explored wider market of potential customers. Statistics reveal that in the year 2015, the overall profit margins grew from around $5 billion to a whopping $8 billion. Surveys also show that most of these shoppers use their mobile handsets to look for products online and buy them. This has also led businesses to focus on developing smarter ecommerce apps that would offer their target customers excellent opportunities to shop online.

This year we saw a number of interesting trends in India’s ecommerce market. While new trends are coming up and evolving from earlier ones, the older ecommerce trends are going through a slow or sudden death process. Here are the key trends for Indian ecommerce industry in 2016.

  • Flipkart, Amazon India, Snapdeal,, Shopclues and Paytm are the major ecommerce brands in India. Together they comprise about 85% of the business done by the ecommerce industry in this country. Traditionally, these companies depended a lot on giving attractive discounts to their target customers. However, in this year we can see many of them earning profitable incomes without actually having the need to lure customers with discounts. This is certainly going to enhance the profit margins that can be earned by these companies.

    Key trends of Indian e-commerce
    Key trends of Indian e-commerce
  • Many of the leading and upcoming ecommerce companies have recently realized that the rural areas pose as a major market for them with great potential, something that they have never explored before. Due to this reason, the ecommerce companies are now highly interested on attracting customers who come from rural areas. Apart from the leading names of Indian ecommerce market, even the traditional business houses like Reliance Industries and Tata Group are now looking forward to do ecommerce business by attracting more buyers from the rural regions.
  • Experts believe that the while the number of transacting users were around 50 million in 2015, in 2016 it is going to go up to about 75 million in the least. It has already been seen that most of the traffic comes from customers who use their smartphone devices to shop from the ecommerce sites. However, the dominant practice among consumers in India is that they like to browse through products from their desktops or laptops and carry out the actual transactions from their smartphones as these mobiles offer quicker linkages to the payment gateways. The latest smartphone ecommerce apps enjoy massive popularity among users as they not only offer a more personalized shopping experience but also enable ecommerce companies to have a better understanding about consumer behavior. Apps also help in launching targeted promotional campaigns based on shopping cart history and browsing.
  • In the coming months, we can see even more number of products being added on to the various ecommerce shopping portals. This means that the scope of ecommerce is going to expand even more in India. One can also expect products like water and milk to be available in the online shops. It is certainly going to create a parallel market for these items along with the traditional neighborhood stores.

From the very beginning of ecommerce history in India, we have seen the dominance of the cash on delivery or COD method as many people in our country still do not possess a credit or debit card. However, as time goes by, more numbers of people are now using cards and online payment wallets which would certainly mean that the popularity of COD is going to go down over time.

Best time in the year when customer should search for sarees online sale

Ever since the earliest days of Indian civilization, the sarees have been revered in this country as an important garment. The sarees have always been regarded as culturally significant in India, and therefore it is no wonder that women in India love to dress up in beautiful sarees for all kinds of occasions. Over the years, different types of sarees have evolved in various parts of the country, each having their own distinct sense of style and identity. Sarees are now not only worn in India but also in other parts of the world as well. Such cultural intermingling has also left its impact on the designs of the sarees, which have taken new shape with every passing decade.

The look and style of sarees have gone through enormous changes over the years. While there was a time when the artisans who make the sarees stuck to only very rigid definitions of style and art, now they are more open to experimentation than ever before. This has certainly expanded the fashion scope of the sarees. A wide range of new materials have been introduced into saree making as well, and the latest saree designers also try out different types of embroidery works and embellishments that make the sarees of today even more beautiful.


Traditionally, sarees were available only in large shops that were dedicated to selling this special garment. These shops dealt in a wide range of saree, starting from jamdani silk sarees to patola sarees. Women who wanted to buy sarees for themselves had to visit these shops and spend hours looking through the various products to get the ones that suit them the most. However, nowadays all of this has changed with the advent of online shopping. Over the last few years or so, online shops have really transformed the saree market in India, thereby making it possible for buyers to have the best sarees from the comfort of their own homes. Whether a woman is looking for a saree for her wedding or for some other special occasion, she can get the best options while shopping from an online store. Such advantages is really encouraging more and more women to buy their sarees from online stores.

Ecommerce stores that offer sarees for online sale offer great discounts that make it possible for buyers to get top quality sarees at the most affordable rates. These online shops have also improved the prospects of the saree business in India by making it possible for artisans to sell their sarees directly to their customers. The online stores have helped to do away with the concept of middlemen and allowed artisans and people involved in saree business to gain more profits. Hence in that way they have greatly augmented the prospects of saree business in various parts of India.

Women are always looking to take advantage of the discount rates offered by online shops. For this reason, they are always curious as to when the stores offering sarees online sale can present them with the best rates. The best time to look for discount rates would be a few months before any festive season. For instance, most online stores offer great prices just one or two months before the start of the puja season. This is done to attract more number of buyers a little bit before the actual puja season. Many online stores also offer good prices before the onset of the wedding season as well. While wedding sarees are available at almost all times of the year, they surely come at better prices a little bit before the start of the wedding season.

Top Eleven Perfume shop online best for women all over world and why is it necessary to have it

Be it a man or a woman, human beings have a strong inclination for perfumes. For thousands of years, the art of perfume making have been perfected and now there is a global market for different kinds of perfumes for both sexes. Perfumes are not only used to get rid of body odor but they also come in handy in various social situations when one is trying to make a good impression. A perfume shop stocks a wide range of fragrances that differ greatly from one another.

While the traditional perfume shops still exist, with the advancement of technology many online shops have opened up all over the world that offer top quality perfumes, scents, fragrances, deodorants and eau de colognes to buyers. Online perfume shopping has significantly changed the way the perfume industry works. It is necessary to have online perfume shops as this makes it much more convenient for people to shop for the best quality perfumes. Here is a look at the top eleven online perfume shops for women from all over world. is an American online perfume site offering a range of world class brands for buyers to choose from. The site has an extensive collection of women’s perfumes from the houses of Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Lancome and Thierry Mugler.

Buy Perfumes Online

Buy Perfumes Online is a reputable online perfume store with headquarters in Mumbai, India. They are known for bringing some of the best global perfume brands to Indian buyers and offering excellent discounts on all products.


PerfumesDirect is an online perfume shop based in Pune. The shop boasts of some of the finest perfumes in the world, with products from brands such as Bvlgari, Burberry, Davidoff, DKNY, Gucci, Giorgio Armani and Versace.



Flipkart is truly one of the most well known online shopping sites in India. While it is true that Flikart deals with a wide array of items, it also has a fine collection of high quality fragrances and perfumes for women to choose from. Some of the brands that are in offering at Flipkart include Davidoff, Gucci, Christian Dior and Versace.


Like Flipkart, Amazon is an online shopping portal that deals on a wide variety of items. However, for many people, Amazon is the perfect place to buy top quality perfumes and fragrances. The store is known for offering high quality perfumes at the most affordable prices. is a well known online perfume store based in New York. It offers a wide range of perfumes and fragrances that belong to different scent families.


FragranceX is a New York-based online perfume store that has some of the best collections of top quality perfumes. Apart from the mainstream brands, FragranceX also stocks numerous fragrance products that are rather hard to find.


PerfumeCrush is a reputable online store offering perfumes from more than 80 international brands. Known for their efficient handling of customer orders, they have truly played a major role in popularizing the trend in India of buying perfumes from online stores.

The Perfume Shop

The Perfume Shop is one of the most well known online perfume stores in Europe. Offering a range of brands to women such as Mark Jacobs and Givenchy, The Perfume Shop has made it possible for women in Europe to smell the best at all occasions.

Shoppers Stop

Shoppers Stop, the well known online fashion store, also presents an extensive collection of perfumes and scents for women from world’s leading scent manufacturers.

Fragrance Direct

Fragrance Direct is UK’s premier online store for top quality fragrances and perfumes. The store offers hundreds of women’s perfumes that are made by some of the most prominent fashion brands.

A brief History of Shopping

The process of purchasing available goods or services presented by one or more retailers according to the need or consumer is known as shopping. Or in other words we can say when some consumer need a product or service, then he go to some place call market to purchase that product and bringing the product from market by paying the cost of that product to the seller, this process is known as shopping.

Let’s discuss about the history on shopping in brief, in ancient age, when the need of humans increases they started to exchanging products with each other, we can consider that as the preliminary stage of today’s Morden shopping. The difference between those old earlier shopping style and today’s Morden style of shopping is, now days we are paying money for purchasing a product, but on those days they exchange products with each other.

Online Shopping Growing Rapidly
Online Shopping Growing Rapidly

If someone need cloth and someone need food, then they make a deal of exchanging some foods for some cloths.

According to history, in ancient Greece, the agora served as a marketplace where merchants kept stalls or shops to sell their products or goods to the people those need those products. Also Ancient Rome utilized a similar marketplace known as the forum that is also doing the same.

Fairs and markets were established to facilitate the exchange of goods and services among the peoples of those times. People would shop for goods at a weekly market in nearby towns from their homes. The weekly markets are very important place for those peoples on that time, because they can get all necessary products from those places. So they like those places very much.

Now days we peoples are doing shopping in a very easy and better way and online shopping technology makes it more easy, but in old days for shopping people need to do very hard work, they need to travel very long distance for doing their shopping.

So these are some things about the history of shopping.

College Students Opinion about Online Shopping in India

Shopping is an important process in our life; we need to do lots of shopping according to our need. In current scenario people are busier in their life. Every where people are in hurry to do things as a lot of things they need to do in short period of time. So if any process reduces their time in any process then like it very much. Online shopping is such a technology categories under it.

Now day’s students, mostly college students are very busy at their competitive life style. The college students may be girl or boy need to do lots of work like doing hard work on study, doing some house hold work and chilling with friends etc. So need more time in busy life. Online shopping is capable of saving their valuable time so the students like this technology very much.

The opinion of most of the college students about the online shopping is “online shopping is a very easy, time saving and cheapest way of shopping”. This is the reason why most of the college students preferring online shopping rather than traditional shopping.

Online Shopping Trends
Online Shopping Trends

As most of the college students are young and fashionable, so they need fashion related products in less cost and in easier way. Online shopping technology is the right way that provides them the correct products in current time and in current cost.

Another thing is online shopping technology provide us, access to purchase any product from anywhere in all over the world i.e. anyone from any country or place can purchase a product of any country or place in all over the world. People like these types of technology very much, especially students. Students now days watching Hollywood movies and interacting with other countries people through social media sites that influence them to use the fashionable products of different countries, it may be the chance that the product for which they are looking, may not available in their local market but they can purchase it from online shopping, so students very much like the online shopping concept.

These are some things about online shopping and the opinion of college students about the online shopping.

How online shopping helps people in getting their product easily

Online shopping helps people in getting their products in a very easier way. As the online shopping allows you to select the product from your home by viewing it on you computer and provides services like home delivery option, it is easier to shop any product. Let’s discuss more about this online shopping.

This online shopping not only easier it also save your valuable time and money, so now days most of the people in all over the world like this technique very much and using this online shopping widely. The problem in other shopping is consumers need to go to shop to shop for purchasing products but here in online shopping no need to go any place, just need to open any online shopping website in computer or mobile or in any other device and selecting products and order them and the product directly reached in consumers home with in very less time, so this is the very easier way of shopping.

Online Shopping helps us to collect our desired items easily.
Online Shopping helps us to collect our desired items easily.

Another thing is when people going to any shop for purchasing any product and if that product is not available in that shop or you don’t like any product in that shop in these cases, people leaving that shop and going to another shop, that takes too much time and money in travelling place to place. But in online shopping if people don’t like products of any online shopping website or the product that they looking for if it is not available in that website, then they can close that website and opening another site with in no time and it’s also don’t take extra money, so it is very easier and also time and money saving technology. So people like to shop from online shopping store very much.

Now days in all over the world so many people purchasing products from online shopping sites and day by day the growth of online shopping sites are increasing very rapidly. So many people started online shopping business and also getting very impressive benefits from it.

These are some discussion about online shopping sites and how these online shopping sites helping people in getting their products in a very easier way.

Some Gossips About Cloths And Their Categories

Cloths are very much important for our life style; cloths are one of our basic needs for surviving our life. So people like cloths very much. In all over the world these are many countries and many kinds of people are leaving. So according to people and their choice cloths are available in various categories. It is very difficult to categories cloths because there are many verities and many types of cloths are present, some of the categories are:

  1. According to age group cloths are categories as children’s cloths, teen agers cloth, middle agers cloths and old agers cloths.
  2. According to gender cloths are divided in to men’s cloths and women’s cloth, boy’s cloths and girl’s cloth.
  3. Cloths are also categories as modern cloths and traditional cloths.
  4. Cloths are also categories as fashionable cloths, casual cloths and formal cloths.
  5. According to seasons cloths are categories as summer cloths, winter cloths, monsoon cloths etc.
Traditional Indian Clothes
Traditional Indian Clothes

And many more categories of cloths are present in all over the globe. These are some special kinds of cloths are present in each country and each community.

Whatever the category of cloths is no matter that people in each age group like to wear good cloths each and every day.

Now days various types of designs and various colours of good cloths are available in market, so people get more choices for their cloths, Online shopping also very much helpful for peoples in every country for maintaining their passion about cloths by providing various cloths and cloth accessories, so now day people like the online shopping technology very much.

Another thing is online shopping technique is very much easier, less expensive and also save time so people give this more priority than other traditional shopping techniques.

These are some short gossip about cloths and categories of cloths and about online shopping technology.

Opinions of Indian boys and girls about online shopping

Online shopping is a valuable technology that provides many advantages to people who are using it. Especially young boys and girls, now days these young boys and girls are using this online shopping for maximum of their works. Lets discuss about the point of view these young boys and girls about online shopping technology.

Let’s start with boys, now in current scenario boys need to do many works, like they need to have more focus on their studies, because of the competition for getting a good job, the young boys should have to do some house hold works, they need to spend some time with friends and other things they need to do, so these young boys don’t have enough time to spend for small things like shopping and others, so for hem online shopping technology is such a thing that can capable of saving their valuable time and they can utilize that time for any other important work.

Online Shopping Trends
Online Shopping Trends

Like boys, young girls also have to do many things like they also need to focus on their study and also help in house hold works and many other things. Another important thing is communication is a big problem for girls and safety of girls in market is also and major cause, so most of the girls like shopping but they don’t like to going to market and visiting shop to shop and purchasing products, in this case online shopping technology help them a lot in getting their favorite product. So the young girls of India like this online shopping technology very much. Not only in India also in all over the world boys and girls like this online shopping very much.

According to young boys and girls the online shopping technology is such a thing that not only save their valuable time, but also it saves their money and physical effort. The online shopping is very much easier rather that all other traditional shopping methods. Most of the young boys and girls say that online shopping technology or online shopping method makes available more numbers of good products for them i.e. through online shopping technology they get more varieties of and more quantities of good products that they can’t get from markets or from nearby shops. So the online shopping technology plays very important role for them, and because of these reasons these young boys and girls like the online shopping technology rather than any other methods of shopping.

So these are some discussion about the opinion of young boys and girls about the online shopping technology.

Shopping Cloths from online stores in India

In all over the globe ladies like shopping, especially women and girls love this magical word shopping very much. Buying different types of cloths, jewelries, make up kit, domestic products etc are most favorite thing for women in all over the world. Most of the women like shopping but they don’t like to go shop, they actually don’t like to visit shop to shop and choosing products and buy it. Not only women, most of people want their products in an easier way. Online shopping stores solve this problem and makes shopping more easily.

As Indian people like to wear good and stylish dresses, so demand of the cloths in all over the India is very huge. Many people are engaged with this textile business, some people are manufacturing and some are distributing textile products but still the demand of people can’t fulfilled properly. As in India there are many festivals are celebrated and people like to wear special cloths according to the festival so for a country like India such b big country that the distributors are not properly satisfy all consumers, so people had searching for some advance concept that solves their problem, online shopping technology helps people in this situation very much and make available many verities of cloths for consumers during the season of festivals.

Sarees Online Shopping
Sarees Online Shopping


So people like this online shopping technology very much and enjoy the services provided by this. Most important thing is this online shopping technology not only provides benefits to consumers, it also very much helpful for manufactures and distributors. By this technique the work load of distributers are reduces so they can easily grow their business and get more profitable. The manufactures get more consumers and sells more products which maximize their profit. And the workers alternatively get more money and they also get benefits from this online shopping technique. And most important thing is consumers get more benefits from this technology. So this online shopping makes profitable to all peoples and provides happiness to all.

“SAREE” and Online Shopping in India

India is a big country and very diverse in culture and traditions, there are many different kinds of people are leaving here according to the different locations. In each geographical area the life style are different from each other. Mostly the clothing style of Indian people are differs from region to region according to the geographical location, climate of that location, culture and tradition of the people lived in that location. There are many different kinds of people living in India, there are mostly 29 state are in this country and in each country people are saying different language, their clothing style, food and life style are different from each other, we can consider this country as a very much diverse in nature.

Handloom Silk Saree Online Shopping
Handloom Silk Saree Online Shopping

As there are many states in this country the cloths are varies from each other, its varies from region to region but there is one thing or one product that is used in all over the India, in each state people like this product and use this. This product is “SAREE”. Most of the Indian women like to wear Saree very much. And Saree are very important in Indian culture. This Saree is basically consisting of a drape varying from five to nine yards, in length and two to four feet in breadth. There are many varieties of Saree are available in India, example as Ikkat Silk & Cotton Saree, Tant Saree, Mekhla Cotton, Manipuri Tant Saree. These are some famous Saree which are available in all over the India. There are many more designs are available. In each state of India there are various kinds of Saree are available. Let consider about “Odisha” a state of India, here many varieties of Saree are available like Sambalpuri Saree, Sonepuri Sare, Bomkai Saree, Nuapatna Saree and pattachitra Saree, these are very popular Saris in India, also in other countries people like these Saree. Especially Pattachitra Saree is very much liked by the people in all over the globe.

Online shopping is a technique that allows consumers to purchase their good directly from sellers over the internet through an online shopping website. This technology helps people to purchase their products in a very easier way. So the popularity of this technology increases day by day. Especially the people who are leaving out side of the country those people are getting many benefits from this service very much.

Arts and crafts of India and Online shopping

India is a very big country having a very big population. So many diverse things are found here in different fields. So the crafts of India are also diverse. India is a country having very rich culture, history and religion. The craft of each state in India reflect the influence of different empires present in India in ancient days. Also we feel the influence of frozen cultures like British, French and Afghanistan in Indian crafts. Because there foreign people come to India and bring their art and crafts to India, and Indian skilled artist are adopted these culture and art forms and make some composite arts.  Throughout centuries, crafts have been embedded as a culture and tradition within rural communities.

Arts and Crafts of India available online
Arts and Crafts of India available online


Also these are many different states are present in India and each state having its own culture and religions. According to which the designs of their arts and crafts are varies. In India the major and famous arts and handicraft forms are:

  1. Gujarat arts and crafts are very much famous for its textile production methods. Gujarat and Rajasthan are the two states share similarities in culture and identity. Same types of arts and crafts are found in both states.
  2. Assam is a state present in the far eastern region of India. A state recognized for its creative use of raw materials in textiles and crafts. Very beautiful designed crafts by using very simple thing is specialty of Asami crafts.
  3. Rajasthan, recognized by its Royal heritage is a prominent and well-established craft industry. Craft remains a tradition in Rajasthan, preserved over centuries by the stronghold of the Royal Rajput family. So the influence of the royal culture is very much seen in rajastani crafts.
  4. Odisha arts and crafts are very much famous in all over the world. Especially the “Pattachitra” art and “Handloom Saree” are very much exported to outside the country from Odisha.

Online shopping is technique, which is very much helpful for the development of Indian arts and crafts. Due this online shopping is very much easier for shopping so now days more people preferring this technology and simultaneously purchasing the Indian handloom and handicraft products, so the Indian handloom and handicraft industry developing day by day.

What are the Benefits of handloom weavers due to online shopping?

“Handloom Weavers” are those people who create textile products by simple tools and weaving technique by using their hands. “Weaving” is a method of fabric production in which two distinct sets of yarns or threads are interlaced at right angles to form a fabric or cloth. This technique is known as handloom weaving technology, as these workers made this thing by hands then these are called handloom weaving technique and these workers are called handloom weavers. Some other methods are knitting, lace making, felting, and braiding or plaiting. The longitudinal threads are called the warp and the lateral threads are the weft or filling. (Weft or woof means “that which is woven” this is an old English word.  These handloom weavers are do very hard work for producing these handloom products. The handloom product weaving technique is very difficult and hard, and also it takes more time to complete a product. After the revolution in industrial field people use machines for every types of production, because by using machines it is easy to do more work in less time and it’s also more beneficial. But these handloom weavers are weaving by their hands of they produce less products rather than machines which affects the cost of the products and alternately it affects to the weavers financial condition. And one important problem is these weavers are leaving in villages are far distance form metros so they can sell their product directly to the customers, they sell their products to the middle mans in a very less price and these middle men’s get more profit from this.

Handloom Products available at Online
Handloom Products available at Online


In these situations online shopping technique helps these handloom weavers in various ways:

First thing is through online shopping these weavers directly connect with their customers. And directly deal with them through their online shopping site. So they get actual pries of their products due to the reduction of middle men.

Another thing is online shopping technology increase availability of these products with customers so more number of products is selling in less time which provide benefits to these weavers.

So these how handloom weavers get benefits from online shopping sites.