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“Mr. Bhaskar Mohapatra” real Pattachitra artist of Odisha

“Pattachitra art” is a very famous art in Odisha, India. Pattachitra art is basically a traditional, cloth-based scroll painting. The name “Pattachitra” is a combination of two Sanskrit words, “Patta” and “Chitra”. In the Sanskrit language, “Patta” literally means “cloth” and “Chitra” means “picture”. So combining these two words, the painting is called pattachitra.  This Pattachitra art is a traditional painting of Odisha. These paintings are based on Hindu mythology and specially inspired by Jagannath and Vaishnava culture.

In 5th century BC, the painting the ‘pattachitra’ resemble the old murals of Odisha especially religious centers of Puri, Konark and Bhubaneshwar region. The best work of pattachitra painting is found in Puri, especially in the Raghurajpur village. This village is well known for its arts and artists. Especially pattachitra art of this village is very much famous and every where people like this painting. This village produces many good artists one of them is “Mr. Bhaskar Mohapatra”( a famous pattachitra artist). Paintings made by him are very much popular in all over the world. Every where people like his pattachitra paintings.

Patachitra Sarees Online Shopping
Patachitra Sarees Online Shopping

Recently our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi prefers this pattachitra painting to give to the president of France Mr. Francois Hollande during his France tour. Before going to France tour honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi decided to give a patachitra painting to the France president and he chose Mr. Bhaskar Mohapatra’s painting.

This painting, made by Mr. Bhaskar Mohapatra for French precedent is named as ‘Tree of life’ was made on using silk pigments. Mr. Bhaskar Mohapatra state that he made this painting at a leisurely pace in about 25 days, and he also say that he keep “Nabakalebara” in mind during working on the painting.

When he was asked about his first reaction when he found out that Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi chose had chosen to gift the French president the painting that he had made. This painting “Tree of life” is made of with multiple roots and branches, much like a banyan tree. This tree is a motif for benevolence.

He answer to the reporter Minati Singha that- ‘I was overwhelmed. It was be yond my wildest imagination. When I found out from a national television channel that Modi ji had chosen my painting to gift to the French president, I was both happy and proud. In fact, it was one of the happiest and proudest moments of my life.

Famous Raghurajpur Village of Puri

Puri is a very famous place in Odisha, it is the place of Lord Jagannath. So people in all over the India love this place and give more importance to this place as a very religious location.  “RAGHURAJPUR” is a village situated in Puri.

To reach Raghurajpur village one has to get down at Chandanpur, which is 10K.M from Puri and 50 K.M from Bhubaneswar on NH-203, connecting Puri and Bhubaneswar. From Chandanpur, you can take cycle-rickshaw or walk on 1.8 K.M zigzag scenic village road to reach the beautiful Raghurajpur village. At Janakadeipur, there is a small Railway station. (Janakadeipur is also known as Chandanpur).

Patachitra Saree of Raghurajpur Available Online
Patachitra Saree of Raghurajpur Available Online

One may also hire a taxi either from Puri or From Bhubaneswar to reach the Raghurajpur village easily. This village is quite different from other village of the state. The coconut, Palm-shaded village is The village has a community of very good artisans who product different varieties of handicrafts items such as Pattachitra Paintings,  Stone carvings, Paper made toys and masks, Palm leaf engravings, Wood carvings, Wooden toys, Cow-dung toys and Tasser Paintings etc. which are very famous in all over the world.

You can feel here the best tradition of Odisha paintings and some of the finest pieces of art work of this Raghurajpur village. Gotipua dance, (the earlier form of Odishi dance).

This village gives many worthy sons to Odisha.  Late Padmabibhusan Guru Kelucharan Mahapatra, the doyen of Odishi dance was born in this village and had his early trainings in Gotipua tradition here. The tradition of teaching and performing the dance was again further enriched by Late Padmashree Guru Maguni Das in his Gurukula.

New Gotipua Gurukula is continuing the practice performing art of this village which is another attraction. So the Department of Tourism, Govt. of India has declared “Raghurajpur” is a Heritage Village. Now Raghurajpur village becomes a famous tourist destination of the State Odisha.

So these are some gossips about famous Raghurajpur village.

Pattachitra Saree Available for Online Shopping

Pattachitra Saree is very much famous in all over the world. Every where people like the fine art and beautiful design of these Saree. Lest know what is this pattachitra Saree. Generally meaning of Pattachitra is cloth-based scroll painting. This pattachitra painting is a traditional art of cloth based painting in India. And there are some states of Odisha where these painting are still alive and these artists those are making these painting are still doing hard labor to running this traditional art.  Basically the name pattachitra is a combination of two names one is “Patta” literally means “cloth” and “Chitra” means “picture” and combiningly these words the famous pattachitra art produced. Here in this art the Indian skilled full artist depict the stories of Hindu Gods by their paintings.

This pattachitra art or the pattachitra painting resemble the old murals of Odisha, especially religious centers like Puri, Konark and Bhubaneswar. In these regions, there are many skillful and fine artist are present who are still producing these paintings. The main reason behind the success of this art is its fine art and religions of Indian people. As Indian peoples are very much religious in nature, they like their gods and geodes. And these pattachitra art representing Hindu gods so these paintings are very much liked by Indian peoples.

Patachitra Sarees Online Shopping
Patachitra Sarees Online Shopping


The popularity of this pattachitra art attracts textile designers and manufactures towards him, and these textile manufactures started to add these painting into textile products like Saree, kurta and in other handloom products. As most of Indian women prefer to wear Saree so these pattachitra Saree are becomes very popular in very less time and people all over the world demand for these pattachitra Saree.

Now in current scenario the popularity of these products increases more day by day due to the emergence of online shopping technique. This online shopping technique very much helpful for people on their shopping, due to this the availability of products with customers increases and for shopping the customers don’t need to go anywhere they can purchase their favorite product at their home by just clicking a button.

Famous Patachitra Saree Exports in USA

Patachitra a world famous art on textiles and other materials. It’s a purely Indian handcrafted art. Basically, tribals are originally works on it. Now in India number of patachitra painters available. They are working in this field restlessly. This type of work done in interior places of Indian State like Odisha. Raghurajpur is very famous for patachitra painting art and it is situated in Odisha and very near to Puri.

The colours used by painters in their paintings are all natural and collect form the nature. Patachitra sarees are the best thing in their works. Indian women are very much like this type of sarees. Now the sellers started to export Patachitra Sarees in the USA and anyone can buy this through Online Shopping Store. For this reason anyone from the USA can collect Patachitra sarees at their doorstep.

Indian Patachitra Saree Exports to the USA
Indian Patachitra Saree Exports to the USA