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South Indian saree draping styles to look slim on a sari

The saree is one of the most beautiful garments that a woman can wear, and they are particularly revered in India of which it is an inseparable part. Women in India love to deck themselves up in well chosen, ethereal sarees that compliment their beauty and personality in a great way. Different regions of India are known to produce sarees that carry the distinct imprint of the region to which they owe their origins. The sarees that are produced in South India are extremely popular due to their colorful brocades and embellishments. Some of the most well known examples of south Indian saree include Kanjeevaram sarees, Konrad sarees, Pashmina silk sarees, Mysore crepe sarees, kota silk sarees, puttapakshi sarees and pochampalli sarees.

Nevertheless, a beautiful south Indian saree alone cannot make a woman look gorgeous. A lot depends on how the saree is draped and worn. Many women want to look slim while wearing a saree but do not know how to create that effect. If a saree is draped in the right manner, it can not only make a woman look good but also make her feel graceful, elegant, sensuous and stylish. An important tip for any woman who is looking to buy a saree would be to choose a product that is in tune to the height, weight and skin tone of the wearer for which it is bought. The fabric of which the saree is made of should reflect the wearer’s attitude and compliment her in more ways than one.

silk saris

Here are some of the basic tips in which a south Indian saree should be draped by a woman to look slim and beautiful.

  • Take hold of one side of a saree’s upper edge with the left hand around the waist and take it on the back side; leave the pallu side free on the other end.
  • Gently tuck the upper border of the inner part of the saree on the petticoat in a way that the saree falls on the floor level.
  • Now drape saree around your front by keeping it on the same height.
  • Next, tuck the saree’s little top edge into the petticoat by maintaining it on same height.
  • Create a fold of a few straight plates taking from right side and then tuck them into the petticoat in a way that the bottom part of the saree touches the floor level.
  • Finally, bring around the saree’s other end using your both hands and keep the pallu on the left side shoulder thereby allowing it to fall over your back.

Overweight women are often very unsure of what saree they should wear in order to create a slimmer impression. A lot depends on the saree that is chosen and the way it is finally draped. If a woman chooses the right saree fabric and then drape in the best manner, then she can look and feel far slimmer than her actual body size and weight. It is always best to stick to light fabrics such as chiffon, georgette, crepe and Italian silk as they stay close to the body and creates a body hugging look. Moreover, these materials never fail to give a slimmer look to a woman and give a nice fall. On the other hand, an overweight woman should always stay away from stiff materials such as cotton and organza as they typically add more volume to the body. If a woman still wants to go for handloom cotton sarees, then it is best to stick to light cotton materials or fabrics that are a blend of multiple materials.

Largest Number of Sari Manufacturing Country in the World

Sari is a beautiful single piece unstitched cloth that is wearer by women in south Asian countries. Mostly in India women prefer to wear sari in day to day use. Along with India in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Indonesia etc countries women prefer to wear sari. But in India the large number of saris are manufactured and used by women.

These are many different types of design and styles of weaving are present in different parts of India. Traditionally in India weavers produce saris by using their hand and some handmade tools these saris are popularly known as handloom saris of Odisha.

Handloom is very famous in different countries like china, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and many more people in these countries produces very beautiful cloths with different traditional designs. Many beautiful motifs and patterns are weaved on cloths to give it a very attractive look.

Especially in India in different states different types of traditional styles of sari weaving techniques are present and people still follow their traditional weaving techniques. By these techniques some very beautiful saris are produces some of the examples are: Mooga silk, Mekhla Cotton of Assam, Dhaniakhali Cotton, Shantipuri cotton, Phulia Cotton, Begumpur Cotton, Garad Saree, Tant Saree, Murshidabad Silk of Begumpur, West Bengal, Sambalpuri Silk & Cotton Saree,  Ikkat Silk & Cotton Saree, Bomkai Silk & Cotton Saree Nuapatna silk sari, Sonepuri Silk & Cotton Saree, Berhampuri silk, Mattha Silk, south Indian silk and cotton sari, Gujarati sari etc.

These are many more other varieties of good quality saris are available in India. Also these saris are manufactured in huge amount and used by Indian women in India and outside of India. Also women of different countries outside of south Asia like to wear Indian best quality sari.

So we can say that India is the largest number of sari manufacturing country in the world.

Beautiful Chanderi Sari Online Shopping In International Market

Chanderi sari is a very beautiful and traditional type of sari made of Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh, India. In India many varieties of saris are available but some saris are very special Chanderi sari is one of them.

According to Hindu mythology or the vedic period Chanderi sari was founded by lord krishana’s (Lord Krishna is the most famous Hindu god and one avatar of Lord Vishnu) cousin Shisupal. So Hindu community people like these saris very much and from religious point of view this saris is very important for people of Hindu community.

Famous Chanderi Sari
Famous Chanderi Sari

Chanderi saris are available in many varieties, like pure silk, chanderi cotton and silk cotton are the fabrics by using which Chanderi saris are produced, as cotton and silk both are used to produced Chanderi sari, so these saris are very beautiful as well as very comfortable to wear. So most of the Indian women those wear saris every day they prefer to wear these saris.

Also Traditional coin, Flora art, Peacocks and geometrics are woven into different chanderi patterns those gives to Chanderi saris a very attractive look and women of India those always like to be very special, like Chanderi saris very much.

So the saris are very much liked by Indian women and the demand of these saris are very huge in Indian markets, different shops and malls those provide or sell garment they sell the Chanderi saris for getting more profit. Also on online market of all over the world the demand of Chanderi saris are very much.

Now in different countries Indian people are leaving with their families the women of these families not get the products easily in the local markets of those countries, so online shopping is the best option for them they easily get the Chanderi saris from online shopping, so many women in all over the world now using the online shopping.

Famous Kuthampully Sari Of Kerala

Sari is a popular garment for women in Indian and in some other south Asian countries. In most of the Indian states women prefer to wear sari in all over the year in day to day life. Saris are very comfortable unstitched cloth that is very much famous among Indian women.

Kerala is a state of the country India where majority of population belongs to Hindu culture. People here very much obey the Hindu culture and tradition. So women wear different types of saris instead of Morden western dress.

These are many varieties of handloom saris and other handloom cloths are available in huge amount. Different places of this state have their own style of handloom waving traditions and techniques.

Kuthampully handloom sarees of Kerala
Kuthampully handloom sarees of Kerala

Kuthampully is one very famous type of sari that is very much popular in Kerala. Kuthampully Sari is a type of Sari traditionally made by weavers from Kuthampully village in Thiruvilwamala Grama Panchayat of Thrissur district of Kerala state in India, these saris are very popular and people like these saris in all over the world.

The Kuthampully Sari is distinguished by its Sari borders, the border of these saris are very unique designed and very attractive so women in all over the Kerala, other parts or states of south India and other different states of India like very much.

So the different Kuthampully Saris are available in online shopping and for buying of different peoples in all over the India. Now many people of Kerala and India are leaving in different countries, so they want to buy these saris but in local area they can’t get these saris. But online shopping makes available in these saris for women in all over the world.

So these are some things about famous Kuthampully Saris and their popularity and availability in all over the world.

Different Types of Traditional and Morden Styles of Sari Draping in India

Sari or Saree are traditional and most popular women cloths in some south Asian countries. Mostly in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc countries. These are many varieties of saris of different styles and designs are available in all countries. These are also many different varieties of draping styles are these according to the local culture of the place. In different countries different styles of sari draping techniques are followed by the women.

These are many ways of sari draping techniques are present but 80 ways of sari draping are recoded. Some o0f the recorded sari draping techniques are:

Nivi styles of sari draping, Bengali and Oriya style of sari draping, Gujarati style of sari draping, Rajasthani style of sari draping, Pakistani style of sari draping, Maharashtrian style of sari draping, Konkani style of sari draping, Kashta style of sari draping, Madisar style of sari draping, Kodagu style of sari draping, Gobbe style of sari draping, Gond style of sari draping, Malayali style of sari draping, Tribal style of sari draping, Kunbi style of sari draping etc.

Styles saree draping
Styles saree draping


These styles of sari draping are very much popular in India. Most of the draping styles are named according to the place where it was used, such as Bengali and Oriya style of sari draping, Gujarati style of sari draping, Rajasthan style of sari draping, Pakistani style of sari draping etc are the draping styles are named across the name of the state where these draping style are used.

Now days in all over the world the popularity of sari increasing day by day and in American and European countries women likes to wear saris, so they learning different types of draping styles of India and other south Asian countries. By the help of internet also women in all over the world refer the videos and learning styles of sari draping.

So these are some things about the different types of traditional and Morden styles of sari draping in India.

Simple Indian saree in online market

sari or Saree is a female garment that is very much liked by Indian women. This Saree consists of a drape varying from five to nine yards (4.57 meters to 8.23 meters) in length and two to four feet (60 cm to 1.20m) in breadth that is typically wrapped around the waist, with one end draped over the shoulder, baring the middle part of body. There are more many styles of wearing a Saree; these are more than 80 recorded ways to wear a sari in all over the world. Like India there are some other south Asian countries are present where women like to wear Saree. Some of those are Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan etc. in these countries women like to wear Saree very much.

In India there are many varieties of Saree are available according to different geographical locations or areas. Different areas Saree and its wearing style are also different. So availability of these Saree are not same everywhere because in those areas where these Saree are manufactured  their availability is more and in other arias may be its low or low comparatively on that manufactured area. So this is a big for Saree lovers, this unavailability also increases the price of the product so this is another problem.

Indian handloom sarees available online
Indian handloom sarees available online

This unavailability problem can be solved by online shopping technique. Because through this online shopping technique, online sites or online service providers can providing services to customers in all over the world from any part of the world they don’t need to physically present on that area where they are service providing. And in other hand the customers also get benefit that they don’t need to physically go to the shop and purchase the product they can buy their liking products from their home by computer and online shopping sites.

By this way they also save money and time which is make very popular these online shopping sites. So now in everywhere in the world any one can get Indian simple Saree through the online shopping easily. So these are the status of Indian simple Saree in online market.

Durga puja sarees online shopping | Buy Silk sarees for Pujo | Shop Cotton Sarees

Buy Durga Puja Special silk sarees and cotton saree for you whole family and relatives to look traditional and beautiful. Each day in Durga maa’s puja is special and we have collection of sarees which can suit you for pandal.

Durga Puja Sarees Online
Durga Puja Sarees Online

Handloom Cotton Saree Shopping Now Easy and Affordable

Good news for all Odisha handloom cotton sarees lovers living all over the planet. Now you can shop through our online shopping site. Other than cotton sarees, now you can buy silk sarees, shirts, home decors, gift item and many more.

cotton saree shopping now easy from anywhere
cotton saree shopping now easy from anywhere

Best Sarees available in india for online shopping

Best Sarees available in india for online shopping

  • Sambalpuri sarees
  • Bhagalpuri
  • Lenhenga sarees
  • Tussar sarees
  • Kanchipuram sarees
  • Dhakai Sarees
  • Jamdani Sari
  • Patola sarees
  • Mangalgiri sariis
  • Mysore silk sarees
  • Maheswari sarees
  • Paper silk sarees
  • Chinon sari
  • Phulia sarees
  • Bangalore silk sarees
  • Ponchampolly saree
  • Paithani sarees
  • Gadwal sarees
  • Tant sarees
Bomkai Sarees Online
Bomkai Sarees Online

Young Indian women research sarees thoroughly before online shopping

Now women dominated indian online market as customer and this is continuously increasing each moment.

Women in their 20s and early 30s often thoroughly research products before making purchases by gathering information from the Web, social media, online reviews, friends, family and their parents, a new survey shows.

More than 80 percent of women this age, called Millennials, say they put a great deal of thought into what they buy to make sure it’s the best choice, according to the survey of 1,100 women who were born between 1979 and 1993.

When it comes to clothing, shoes and personal care items and high-tech purchases such as a computer, cellphone or tablet, the Millennial women rely more on input from their peers than their parents, says Tracey Hope-Ross, senior vice president of consumer insights and research for Mom Central Consulting, a social media firm which conducted the survey.

They turn to their parents for advice on big decisions: 66 percent ask their parents’ opinion when purchasing a home or car and one in three look to their parents for advice when choosing a life partner, she says.

“The buying process is a longer one for Millennial women than it is for Baby Boomers or Gen Xers,” Hope-Ross says. These young women “gather a lot of information from disparate sources. They talk to their parents. They talk to their friends online and offline. They look at brand websites for a lot of their factual information, and they rely on comments on social media. They take these many sources of information, decide what product is best for them, and then finally make a decision.”

Choose and Buy
Choose and Buy

Other survey findings:

93 percent of Millennial women have purchased a product after hearing about it from a family member or friend.
71 percent spend more time browsing for products online than they do in stores.
48 percent use social media to learn about new trends in fashion, food, art and music.
93 percent either always or sometimes read online reviews before buying a product.
78 percent say they’re more likely to purchase a product if it receives a positive review on a retail website.
Nearly 70 percent are unfazed by celebrity spokespeople.

Unrelated to shopping, but another fascinating finding from the survey: Almost 90 percent of Millennial women talk to their parents once a week or more, and 50 percent speak with them daily.

Source: shreveporttimes

Type of saris sold on Indian market through Online Shopping

Even if most of the women now not willing to wear saris as regular wear, still they like this 6 yard cloth in many occasions. They are many type, varieties of sarees available in market, From them we have collected few mentioned below.

  • Banarasi
  • Bandhani
  • Cotton
  • Cotton Silk
  • Designer
  • Georgette
  • handwoven
  • heavy work
  • Jacquard
  • Kanchivaram
  • Chiffon
  • Leheriya
  • Net
  • Satin
  • Silk
  • Wedding
  • Bollywood
  • Half
  • Uppada
  • Paithani
Banarsi Sarees Online Shopping
Banarsi Sarees Online Shopping

Cotton Saree Shopping and Online Stores in India

Day by day women in India shifting gear and adopting western attire in daily life. But still traditional cotton sarees not lost in this huge market in our country. Most of ladies still wear sari in india who were living in small towns.

Different state and region have their own style of draping. Even the designs are unique in all indian states. Previously it was not easy get a saree and buy it from a different state. but as online shopping growing day by day. Now we can purchase cotton sarees from all places like odisha, kerala, andhra, gujarat, banaras and many locations.

Handloom cotton sarees have customers who fond of it and love to buy them, even in worst situations they do not like to buy chiffon saris in cheap prices. Handloom sari usually price higher than normal printed wears because it directly based on wages of designer and weavers in india. They are the who affects and not getting enough for their job.

We at Odisha trying hard to keep them happy and that can only possible with your support. So instead of buying lot of cheap sarees go for one best quality cotton saree which suit you and indian weather conditions.

Thank You all for keep supporting by shopping from us.

Cotton Saree Shopping
Cotton Saree Shopping