Top factors which are affecting handloom Indian saree prices

Ever since the earliest centuries, India has a rich cultural tradition that is reflected in the country’s various practices and costumes. The artisans and weavers of India have always played a majorly important role in shaping up the handloom traditions of this country that have influenced clothing and fashion for men and women. Indian women, as depicted in art and literature for thousands of years, have worn sarees for all kinds of occasions. The saree as a garment is intimately connected to the personality and nature of the Indian woman as they both beautifully compliments each other. The artisans of this country have developed the handloom techniques over centuries which are used for creating beautiful sarees that clad the Indian woman. In fact, the handloom traditions of India still form the cornerstone of Indian industrial practices and fetch the country significant financial returns.

A distinct character of Indian handloom sarees is that they bear the cultural imprint of the regions from where they originate. So for example, if a particular saree has originated in some part of Bengal, then the designs and motifs used in that saree reflect the cultural practices of that region. In this way, all the different types of handloom sarees that are worn by the Indian women have the characteristic imprint of the places from where they have taken their roots. The designers and creators of handloom sarees make it a point to stick to the actual elements of a particular type of saree while at the same time come up with saree designs that are unique and one of a kind.

Buy India handloom sarees with reasonable price
Buy India handloom sarees with reasonable price

Indian sarees are known for their exquisite beauty and versatility. They are not only worn by women in this country but also by those in other parts of the world as well. For this reason, the handloom sarees are considered to be one of the major revenue earners for India in the international market. The exquisite designs and fine artwork of Indian handloom sarees make them ideal buys for any special occasion. Over the last decade or so, there has been a significant rise in the price of the handloom sarees that are available in India and abroad. This trend of rising prices for the Indian handloom sarees has invariably drawn criticism from certain sectors. However, there are a number of factors that have been held responsible for the rising Indian sarees price. So let’s take a look at some of them.

One of the primary reasons for the increasing prices is an increasing competition from other countries such as China and other oriental destinations. These countries are serving as strong contenders when it comes to capturing the European and USA markets and this of course reduces the number of sales of products from the Indian merchants. Consequently, the Indian merchants also need to increase the prices of their products due to the reduced number of sales. Secondly, the prices for the raw materials have also increased over time, and this has increased the production costs for the Indian handlooms. While the Government of India is attempting to reduce the costs of these raw materials, it has not been possible for implementing the same on all corners of the country. Thirdly, as there is now a growing demand for these sarees, the saree manufacturers need to invest more in order to come up with more finished products. To do so, they need the money by which they can buy the raw materials and this is leading them to ask for higher prices. Such factors have led to the overall increase of the price of these sarees on all markets, both domestic and international.

Wearing handloom sarees are safer for skin than designer sarees

The saree has been regarded as an important garment for the women of this country ever since the earliest days of Indian history. Deeply ingrained and connected with the cultural and ethnic practices of India, the saree is worn by women in this country for both day to day life as well as special occasions. The styles of sarees have evolved over the ages and as every saree designer and manufacturer put their own creative ideas in them, they attain more and more beauty over the years.

Numerous types of sarees are made in India on a regular basis. Among them the Indian handloom sarees deserve special mention. Handlooms are finely created fabrics that are then used for making different kinds of sarees. The handloom industry in India goes back to thousands of years, and while the latest handloom centers make use of advanced machinery, the earliest ones mainly relied on manual operation for the creation of fine fabric. Handlooms are almost exclusively used for the making of sarees in India, and each and every part of India has their very own style of handloom sarees that are worn by women not only in this country but also in other parts of the world.

Handloom Tussar Saree Now Available at Online
Handloom Tussar Saree Now Available at Online

Cotton and silk sarees are two of the most important types of handloom sarees that are made in India. Both of these two types come in diverse variants. The silk sarees in particular, have a great customer base in India as well as in other areas of the world. Some of the most well known types of silk sarees include Banarasi silk sarees, Tussar silk sarees, Baluchari silk sarees, Sambhalpuri silk sarees, Chanderi silk sarees, Ikkat Patola silk sarees, Kanchipuram silk sarees and Bandhini silk sarees. Among the most notable cotton sarees that are manufactured in India are the Tant cotton sarees, Khadi cotton sarees, Dhakai cotton sarees, Lucknowi Chikan cotton sarees, Sambhalpuri cotton sarees, Kanchipuram cotton sarees, Kotki cotton sarees, Bomkai cotton sarees, Pochampally cotton sarees, Zamdani cotton sarees, Pasapalli cotton sarees, Chanderi cotton sarees, Kota cotton sarees and Supernet cotton sarees.

The designs and patterns of every type of cotton and silk saree are characterized by the folklores and social ideas of the place from where they originate. While Tant sarees carry the hallmark style that is associated with the folklores and beliefs of Bengal, the Kanchipuram sarees bear the distinct style associated with the culture of Tamil Nadu. Apart from the traditional handloom sarees that are made in India, there are also designer sarees that enjoy immense popularity nowadays. Designer sarees are mainly those that are created by well known fashion designers and as such are comprised of highly unorthodox designs and patterns. They look extremely gorgeous on the women who wear them and thus they help them to stand out in a crowd.

While designer sarees surely does make the wearer look great, many women nowadays wonder whether these sarees are good for their skin. The truth is that handloom sarees are much safer for the skin than the designer sarees and this is so because more often than not, designer sarees include a number of artificial materials. The handloom sarees, on the other hand, are far simpler and are only comprised of natural materials. This certainly protects the skin from blemishes or rough patches that can develop from wearing designer sarees for long hours. While wearing designer sarees for a few hours of a special gathering is okay, having them on for longer hours is certainly not advisable. It is for this reason that more women prefer to wear handloom sarees as they not only offer great styling options but also safety for the skin.

Traditional Bangladeshi Clothes Online Shopping

Bangladeshi people like to wear the traditional cloths those are popularly used by their parents and grandparents. Traditionally the Bangladeshi men like to wear kurta or fatua (A Fatua is a cloth garment for the upper body), lungi and women prefer to wear Shalwar Kameez and different varieties of Saris.

Tanti, Muslin, Tangail, cotton and silk made beautiful designed handloom saris are very much popular in Bangladesh. The skilled Bangladeshi handloom weavers are capable of producing very good designed cloths with attractive motifs and patrons those are very famous among women.

Before forming a country, Bangladesh was a part of the country India. So the traditions and cultures of the country Bangladesh are similar with Indian culture and traditions.

Like India here in Bangladesh also women prefer to wear saris and other beautiful cloths. In Bangladesh many different types of traditional saris designs are available those are very much liked by women in all over the world.

Silk sarees of bengal available online
Handloom silk sarees of bengal available online

Especially Indian women like to wear Bangladeshi saris so huge quantities of Bangladeshi saris are imported from Bangladesh to India. Also Bangladeshi sirs are available on online market through online shopping.

These are many e-commerce sites or online shopping stores are present in Bangladesh and India those are providing best quality Bangladeshi saris at their online shopping store.

Tangail Tant Sari, Jamdani sari, Muslin sari, Rajshahi silk (Eri Silk) sari, Tussar silk sari, Dhakai Katan sari, Khadi sari, Jute cotton sari etc are the popular saris produced in Bangladesh by best handloom weavers.

These saris are very beautiful and having unique features so women those are like to wear saris they like these saris to wear in day to day like and in special occasions.

So the demand of the Bangladeshi saris is very huge in domestic and online markets. And people in all over the world prefer to purchase Bangladeshi sari from online shopping.

Popularity of Sari outside South Asia

Sari is a very beautiful, unstitched female garment that is very much popular in south Asian countries. Mostly south Asian countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc countries, women very much like to wear saris. Also in outside of the south Asia, the popularity of sari is not less. These are many women in all over the world those want to wear sari in different occasions.

Due to globalisation many Indian families now days migrated to different countries in all over the world. These Indian families carry Indian traditions and culture with them. The Indian women wearing sari in those countries and the other women those are see them are attracted towards the sari, they also want to wear these saris. As we humans always want to try different things like new foods and new cloths etc, so the women those see the new types of cloth they attracted toward it and want to wear it.

Famous Indian Silk Sarees Available Online
Famous Indian Silk Sarees Available Online

Another thing is these are many tourist places are present in India, so thousands of tourist from different countries are coming to India every year, they see the Indian culture and cloths and they like to wear different Indian cloths mostly women like to wear Indian saris.

In different countries like European countries, American countries, Australia women like the fine designs and attractive colour combination of Indian saris and like to wear the saris very much, So many Indian exporters doing the exporting job of Indian saris from India to different countries in all over the world.

This can prove that saris are very much popular in outside of south Asia. Also through online shopping women in different countries outside of south Asia purchasing the Indian saris, so this can be state that how much the Indian saris are famous in all over the world.

So these are some things about the saris and their popularity in outside of south Asia.

Unique Designed Ilkal saris of Karnataka and their Features

Karnataka is a very beautiful state in south western region of the country India. Karnataka is a state full of arts and cultures. Here people very much religious and strictly obey the traditions. Wearing sari is an important tradition here. Here many varieties of saris are available but Ilkal sari is one of the very beautiful and famous types of sari in Karnataka. These Ilkal saris are very unique designed saris available in Karnataka and as well as in India.

Unique features of these Ilkal saris are:

The uniqueness of Ilkal sari is TOPE TENI technique, in this TOPE TENI technique the sari joining of the body warp with pallav warp with a series of loops. This adds a very unique design to the saris.

Another Technique used in this Ilkal sari is KONDI Technique. The weaver of Ilkal sari will gait only 6 yards, 8 yards, 9 yards warp because of TOPE TENI technique. Here the KONDI Technique is used for weft through inserting 3 shuttles Pallau portion-Design. This technique is very efficient and produces many beautiful Ilkal saris.

Beautiful Ilkal Sarees of Karnataka
Beautiful Ilkal Sarees of Karnataka

These Ilkal saris are very much important from traditional point of view and most of the women in Karnataka wear these Ilkal saris during special occasions and festivals.

The important feature of the Ilkal saris is the Traditional Borders of the sari. Here some traditional borders are used those are:

(i)Chikki, (ii) Gomi, (iii) Jari and (iv) Gadidadi, and (v)modern Gayathri are another important feature that makes these Ilkal saris very unique is Border Colour of these Ilkal saris. The colour is Red usually or Maroon dominates.

These unique features of the Ilkal saris make the saris very unique and most of the women in all over the Karnataka and all over the India like to wear these Ilkal saris.

So these are some gossips about the Unique Designed Ilkal saris of Karnataka and their Features.

Best handloom saree producing states in India

India is a big country united with 29 states and in every state there are some community or trivial present who are producing some special kinds of clothes which create an unique identity for their trivial or community. So it very difficult to say that which state is producing best handloom Saree in India. Many states are producing saris which are unique by properties. So it is difficult to choose a single state as best Saree producing state in India.

But there are some saris which are able to create their unique identity in not only in India but in all over the world. Those product are very much liked by peoples some examples are Banarasi sari, Sambalpuri Saree, Pochampally Saree are some examples of Indian best sarees.

Indian Handloom Sarees Online Shopping
Indian Handloom Sarees Online Shopping

Banarasi sari is a saree made in Varanasi, a city which is also called Benares or Banaras. The saris are among the finest saris in India and are known for their gold and silver brocade or zari, fine silk and opulent embroidery. The saris are made of finely woven silk and are decorated with intricate design, and, because of these engravings, are relatively heavy, but people all over the world like these saree very much. In these current days because of the online marketing demand of these products gradually increasing day by day.

Odisha is another state producing another type of best quality saree which is famous in all over the world. Those sarees are well known as Sambalpuri Saree. These sarees are traditional hand-woven ikat. Where in the warp and the weft are tie-dyed before weaving. The saree is a traditional female garment in the Indian Subcontinent. Sambalpuri fabrics reflect an original style of craft known as Baandha. Traditionally, craftsmen created Baandhas with images of flora or fauna or with geometrical patterns. More recently new types of Baandha sarees are lunched in the markets which are very much appreciated by people.

So we can say that these banarasi saree and sambalpur sarees can create an identity in all over the world. So we consider these sarees are the best in India and these states are best saree producing states in India.

Orissa handloom sarees online | Odisha handloom | Ikat sarees of Orissa

Odisha handloom sarees are another name of ikat Sambalpuri and Nuapatni saris. Sambalpuri silk sarees known for its checker design which also called as Pasapalli motif.

Orissa sarees are famous in India just like other famous sarees like maheswari sarees, Rajastani kota, chanderi, sico, banarasi. Now a days not only we get sarees made in handloom but famous Bollywood designers are creating new look for reputed hero heroins. For Men kurta, punjabis, shirt. Women can order for sarees design.

Hand woven silk sarees
Hand woven silk sarees

Sambalpuri handloom silk sarees are best among these series of cloths. We just need to help weavers and their family with the help of internet.