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Kangana Ranaut’s Indian Traditional Saree Love

Kangana Ranaut is one of the most powerful actresses in the country who has time and again proved her mettle with great roles but she is also a major fashionista in her own right. While being a dynamic actress and performer onscreen, she is also a real stunner who can create a style statement at the drop of a hat. The Queen actress not only rules the box office but also attracts a lot of attention with her sartorial fashion choices. From traditional sarees to classy dresses, Kangana hardly ever steps into a fashion faux pas. Of late, this Rangoon actress has been regularly setting high standards with her choices of traditional Indian sarees. While getting prepped up for her upcoming flick Manikarnika, this 31 year old actress has been sporting the saree while trying out numerous trendy twists. Recently she has been seen in many promotional events and film parties wearing the saree.

From the very beginning, Kangana Ranaut has a strong love for the traditional Indian saree and she has never made any qualms about it. She also has a unique and eccentric sense of personal style which allows her to pull off looks that are quite avant-garde. This really makes Kangana Ranaut a true diva who can look great in any kind of uniquely designed saree. She has recently been spotted wearing some gorgeous sarees designed by popular fashion experts. Kangana Ranaut also attended a beautiful wedding ceremony held in Mumbai where he looked stunning and lovely in an elegant cotton count muslin saree designed by Swati and Sunaina, the famous designer duo. The border and the golden motifs of the saree made the attire look quite elegant yet traditional. She also made a strong statement with her choice for blouse. Kangana Ranaut gave a unique and fresh twist to the saree that she wore by combining it with a stylish cold shoulder blouse that was further beautified with ruffled sleeves.

Kangana Ranaut's Saree Love
Kangana Ranaut’s Saree Love

Kangana Ranaut has always been a lover of sarees that are beautiful and elegant and yet allowed her to be outlandish and make a major fashion statement. It is due to this reason that she always chose her garments with precision and care. While many other celebrities preferred to play safe with their fashion outfits, Kangana was never the one to shy away from experimenting with new looks and ideas. It is due to this reason that she has time and again chose beautiful sarees that have the hint of tradition and yet were different and one of a kind. For instance, in a recent event she chose to wear a chequered saree created by Pero and combined it with a matching elbow-length sleeve blouse. She finished the look with side swept curls and classic gold earrings.

It is her penchant of understanding fashion trends and practices that have made her a true fashion icon in her own right. She has developed a great collection of gorgeous sarees that enable her to create an amazing look each and every time. In another event, the stunning actress was also seen in a floral Pero saree that stands out for its vintage vibes. Subtle and elegant, the saree really spoke volumes without being loud. In another look, Kangana was seen in a nice sheer yoke blouse that was combined with an unusually beautiful Shane Peacock and Falguni saree. Many of the industry insiders are saying that this is by far the most glamorous look that she has ever sported. She also has a strong thing for heavily motif driven sarees that express unique themes and elements of their own.

Indian Women Like to Buy Ethnic Sarees from Online Store

Today, when availability of western formal or casual wear is no longer a problem for anyone, the craze for sarees among Indian women has not an inch dented. Even young generation wants to wear ethnic as well as smart casual sarees on traditional occasions. And why not when you can always get so many varieties to choose ethnic sarees online. Whenever, any time, day and hour, if you think you want to buy a saree, you can do it right away because there are so many online stores that offer different sarees all through the year.

Even a few years ago, women used to go for shopping on special occasions like Holi, Diwali, Id, and Navratri because stores revamped their inventory with fresh stocks. In wedding seasons, you used to get better options for ethnic sarees like Benarasi or Kanchipuram silk. But the online stores always have the stock and they keep refreshing it every few days. This is one of the primary reasons that Indian women like to buy ethnic sarees from online stores. In the stores of your nearby market, if you had liked a saree that you could not afford at that time, it would be gone in few days or months or years. But in online stores, old stocks remain and new more sarees are added. So, if you cannot afford an ethnic expensive saree at the moment, visit the site after few months when you can. This is the main attraction of ethnic sarees online.  If you can pay, you will always get your favourite saree.

Famous Indian Silk Sarees Available Online
Famous Indian Silk Sarees Available Online

Zardosi work has a worldwide craze. This work is done on special festive sarees particularly on georgette and silk sarees. People can relate zardosi work saree with India. So, along with traditional heavy Kanchipuram silk sarees, designer and usual georgette saree with heavy sequinned and zari work are also included among ethnic ones. Women are especially fond of ethnic sarees online because you don’t need to look for that dream design wandering from a store to another in scorching heat, nonstop rain or over crowded shops. Go online, visit one of the popular sites and a new world of original and varied designs will be opened before eyes. All you need to do is place your order for your favourite ethnic sarees online. You can even order your blouse to be stitched as per specifications mentioned by you. Other things that you can buy from the site is matching accessories and shoes. Isn’t buying ethnic saree online is a great idea which saves your time and effort.

When you buy these sarees online, you can also save money. These sites offer year round discounts on all their items. Over an amount, shipping is free as well. So, you not only buy great designs but also at reasonable price. Shopping is still the most favourite pastime of ladies and when they can shop without the added disadvantages, there cannot be anything better than that. There is no dearth of options in terms of sites. As online shopping has become popular, different websites sell ethnic sarees online. Most of them are reliable. If you are a first timer, you can go for the sites of different brands and stores too. Choose one from their catalogues and place the order. Chances of getting discounts and number of options are comparatively lower than the popular websites, but you can be assured of the quality. This way you can save on conveyance expenses as well as time and at the same time, buy a saree without any concerns as well and say, no wonder, Indian women like to buy ethnic sarees from online stores.

The Notable Man of Indian religious Epic “Shravan Kumar”

Shravan Kumar was a popular character of the Indian mythological story Ramayana. Ramayana is a very religious story in Hindu culture. Here in this story the life history of Lord “Rama” (one of the avatar of Lord Vishnu) was described.

Shravan Kumar was a famous and respectable character of Ramayana. According to Ramayana, Shravan Kumar was a very good person who loves his parents very much. He was the only son of their parents, he leave happily with their parents in his small home. One day his old parents said him to take them to forty places of pilgrimage those are believe to be very holy places and if someone visits at their old age then his/her soul will be purified. So Shravan Kumar’s parents showing their intention that they want to go for pilgrimage.

Story of Shravan Kumar now in Patachitra Saree
      Story of Shravan Kumar now in Patachitra Saree

Shravan Kumar was a very honest child towards to his parents, so he was decided to take his parents to all forty holy places but he was very pure and can’t afford the cost of the transportation on those days, so he decided to put a parent in a basket tie each to and end of a bamboo pole he would shoulder and go for pilgrimage.

This is very Nobel thought that caring old parents with shoulder and walking to different pilgrim places. So because of these kinds of nature Shravan Kumar was very popular and he becomes very respectable among the mind of Hindu culture peoples.

Now days also people remembers the great man Shravan Kumar for his great work but unfortunately he was killed by the king Dashratha (father of Lord Rama) and his mother and father wear also died when they lease about it. But still that great man was present in our thoughts.

Nowadays people remembering him by adding him on different art works, pattachitra art is the best example of it. Patachitra saris are very much famous in all over the world.

These are some things about the great man Shravan Kumar.

Traditional dressing styles of European women

Dress or cloths are one of basic need for human beings. All human beings like to wear dress according to their tradition and culture. There are many different continents in our planet and in every continent having many countries with in it. Appearance of Peoples in different country is different according to their tradition and culture of their country. Different countries like India, China, London, Paris, America, Africa etc countries having their own culture and traditions and on the basics of that their cloths or dressing style are different.

In India men like to wear kurta, paijama types of traditional dresses and women like to wear different types of sarees and salwar kameez etc types of dress. Like India in other Asian countries having their own culture and traditions and according to that they love wear their traditional dresses.

Serbian Folk Dress: One of the Famous European Women's Dress
Serbian Folk Dress: One of the Famous European Women’s Dress

Like Asia in Europe also people like their dresses very much but dressing style of European peoples are quite different than Asian dressing styles. European countries like Paris, London, Italy and France etc are very reach countries and the peoples of these countries are very much conscious about their dressing style. These peoples always like wear good quality classic and stylish cloths. According to their culture and tradition they like to wear their traditional cloths also they like to wear good designs dresses of other countries. As example European people mostly in France and London these people very much like to wear Indian cloths. The Indian traditional dress like kurta, paijama, kamiz, and ladies dress like salwar suit, different types of saree etc are very much liked by the peoples of these European countries.

Now in these current days online shopping is very much helpful for the peoples who like to wear fashionable and stylish dress. Now people buy different designs and stylish traditional dresses in their home through online shopping sites. There are many online shopping sites providing these services. And the best thing is you can choose your liked dress and order that from your home you don’t need to go to the shop and purchase that from shop.

So now we can say that European peoples like to wear their traditional dress and also like to wear good stylish dress of other countries.

Wedding Traditions in Germany

Wedding traditions in Germany vary from province to province. Here are some of the common things we can see in a German Wedding:

Car Parade – after the marriage a car parade is formed and drives throughout town beeping their horns – others beep back aspiring the pair excellent fate.

Costs – the father of the bride has to pay the marriage. This is an old tradition but now usually both parents and the couple itself split the expenditures for the marriage.

Dance – the opening dance is danced by the bride and the groom, it is conventionally a waltz. The next dance is just for bride with her father and groom with mother, although bride’s mother dances with groom’s father.

First Night – to make the opening night as complicated as probable, friends of the pair do bundles of amusing or sometimes malicious obsessions. They stuff the rooms with balloons, keep secretely lots of alarm clocks in the bedroom, take distant the bed, and so on.

Wedding Traditions in Germany
Wedding Traditions in Germany

Flowers – besides the flowers for the bride and in church, the lid of the bridal car is ornamented with bunches of flowers.

Junggesellenabschied – some days prior to the marriage the groom and his male buddies go to a bar or sometimes other areas to sip and have enjoyment.

Hijacking of the bride – in some places (mainly in small villages) friends hijack the bride and the groom has to locate her. Generally, he has to hunt in a lot of pubs and invite all folks in there (or give the entire bill). Sometimes this custom finishes awfully.

Polterabend – this is an unofficial (casual dress and food) bash at the evening prior to the marriage where plates and dishes are shattered (the broken parts are thinking to carry good luck to the bride). The bride and groom have to clean up all.

Rice – after the marriage when the bride departs the church, friends fling rice on them and it is believed that they will dig up as many children as rice particles reside in the hair of the bride.

Veil Dance – this is a well-liked amusement for a marriage evening. Every woman or man who feel likes to dance with the groom or bride, has to pay for it.

Marriage Cake – the marriage cake, mainly a big cake with bunches of decorations, has to be slice by the bride and the groom jointly.

Marriage Evening – at the marriage evening a bundle of games are cooperated, speeches are held (the first generally from the father of the bride), sometimes a marriage daily is handed out. Songs are sung, and so on.

White Ribbon – the bride brings extents of white ribbon with her bunch, and after the church ritual is over and the guests are departing the church, she hands each driver a ribbon that they bind to the radio antenna.

Marriage Rings – Germans put on marriage rings on the right hand – the groom and the bride have usually matching rings (marriage “bands” — no diamonds).

Marriage Shoes – one more custom is to gather pennies for years and purchase marriage shoes for the bride with this funds.

Types of Indian Rangoli made in home

Rangoli is a very popular form art in India. It usually drawn by the Indian women by wearing new cotton sarees. Rangoli  always made in front of the door gates. The reason is that to welcome guest, god and any homemade festivals. Basically the color of rangoli is white, it is dyed in different colors creating an attractive and multicolored design’s.

Attractive Indian Rangoli
Attractive Indian Rangoli

Rangoli specially made in different festivals like Diwali, Dusshera, Onam, Pongal, and so many Indian festivals. In kerela the onam festival celebrated in a great way by decorating their homes by flower rangoli which gives a natural beauty. In odisha at the time of laxmi puja the women’s art the rice made rangoli in the house and looks all white flowers present in the earth. It always symbolize to bring the good luck in the house.

Rangoli always reflects the tradition and culture of art. There are different types of Rangoli made in India.

– Chowk

– Dotted Rangoli

– Free hand Rangoli

– Flowers Petal Rangoli

– Alpana

– Wooden Rangoli

– Floating Rangoli

– Glasss Rangoli

-Sanskar Rangoli

If you want to buy new cotton sarees online then try to buy from Indian Online shopping stores. You can get variety cotton sarees in affordable place.


Indian Bridal wear silk sarees now available for online shopping

Odisha traditional bridal silk sarees are favorite among brides all over India, they love to buy ikat saree, khandua pata, Sambalpuri saris for the special occasion. Previously they have to find those beautiful sarees for the wedding day by visiting Odisha but now as online shopping grows, you can shop them easily from online stores.

Traditional Bomkai Silk Sarees for bridal Wear
Traditional Bomkai Silk Sarees for bridal Wear

Tulasi Khetra – Kendrapada – Odisha |Tourism | Travel | Shopping

Kendrapada is one of the five holy Kshetras of Odisha. It houses the temple of Lord Baladeva Jeu in the heart of this Kshetra. The same rites and rituals of Lord Jagannath at Puri are generally followed here which makes Kendrapara equally attractive. It is only 95 Km away from the state capital Bhubaneswar. Literature like Brahama. Tantra written by Vedavyas and Padma Puran speak the glory of this place…

Baladev Jew Temple is situated in Ichhapur (Tulasi Khetra)
Baladev Jew Temple is situated in Ichhapur (Tulasi Khetra)

Accessories Needed By Each Indian Women

Woman is a gift of god to this world without him our universe may look different or survive. In Indian we love to dress women in all occasions and there are few items which complete beauty of a woman.

 List of accessories required for a women are:

  • Chudiyan
  • Mang ka tikka
  • Finger Ring
  • Toe Ring
  • Payal
  • Kamarbandh
  • Earring
  • Bindiya/ Sindoor
  • Mangalsutra
  • Nose Ring
  • saree
  • Innerwear
Accessories for Women
Accessories for Women

Some Famous Sarees of Bengal

Tanta/Taant Cotton – The Tant sarees are famous not only among the Bengali women but are liked all over India for their exclusive look and colours. The phrase exactly means ‘Made On The Loom’, Taant is the established saree of Bengali women in India. Commonly identified as Bengal cotton, taant is hand-woven in a range of regions of West Bengal. These saris appear in a mixture of colours with plain yet attractive designs.  Bengali handlooms are famous for their clear and crispy muslin like finish that is a enjoyment to dress in on a warm day. The frothiness of the body cloth, merged with broad and silky thread job edges and elaborate pallus with additional threadwork decoration present the sari it’s exclusive uniformity of dress. If you are a cotton fan then you should have these matchless Taant sarees in your clothing.

Baluchari Sari: The Baluchari sari of Murshidabad region, West Bengal is made of silk and woven on exceptional looms is around 200 years old. The edges and pallu of the sari are very prominent because of its use of difficult thread work to portray stories from the Mahabharata and Ramayana.  Baluchari Sari is comparable in look to Benarsi sari but the only variation is that Baluchari sari apply only silk yarn, they do not employ zari yarn. The complementary colours like deep red, purple, deep blue with patterns of flowers, mythology, conventional Muslim court views, pleasure craft on two love birds on peak are some of the designs regularly seen in these conventional Balcuhari sarees. The most unique characteristic of Baluchari sarees is their detailed edges and pallu sometimes motivated by classics of Bishnupur temple.

Traditional Jamdani Sarees Online
Traditional Jamdani Sarees Online

Kantha Sari – Kantha is actually the name for the needlework itself, rather than the sari. Any garment or fabric with Kantha stitching is a Kantha garment. Kantha is the specialty of Bolpur/Shantiniketan. The whole fabric is covered with running stitches and generally has stunning folk motifs, floral motifs, animal and birds figures and geometrical forms. Except for the directly Kantha sew, it is expected to symbolize pictures from well-known classics such as the Ramayana or Krishna Lila, and also marvels developing from folk-habits of Bengal Kanthas in Bengal and as Sujanis in Bihar. This skill of Kantha is exercised by rural women in West Bengal in extra time and every Kantha sari is the effort of love.

Jamdani Sari – Famous for its design and quality. Number of Bangladeshi weaver change their address after separation of India and Bangladesh. Santipuri sarees like baha, tant print, tant jamdani, various types of cotton tant sarees, silk sarees like Bangalore silk, tussar saris, gorgeous silk sarees are very famous all over the World. Phulia is a place near Santipur where also made number of trendy sarees like tangail silk, dhakai jamdani etc are also very famous. Presently, saree lovers are collect all types of Santipuri sarees from any part of the world using online shopping portals.

West Bengal is not untouched from the broad collection of sarees from Bangladesh like Jamdani, Jamdani Khulna, Dhakai Benarosi and Rajshahi silk.

Place to Visit in Kolkata for Shopping

Kolkata is always a favorite destination for tourist from all over world due to its own charm and heritage buildings. There are many tourist attractions available in the City of Joy which can not be seen in a single trip, even people living here from birth can not name all places to see in Kolkata. Previously the name was Calcutta and was the old capital of India.

During Ruling of English people, they built some building which are single pieces and worth to see.  Some of the places which you should see are:

  • Howrah Bridge
  • Bidyasagar Setu
  • Writer’s Building
  • Victoria Memorial
Shopping at New Market in Kolkata
Shopping at New Market in Kolkata

As We are moving to 21st century, face of places and people changes a lot here in calcutta. Now we have Multplexes to watch movie, Domino’s for Pizza, Mc D, Pizza Hut and many more. Some of the largest crowd pulling places for Shopping are:

  • Badabazaar
  • Garia
  • Park Street
  • Axis Mall
  • City Centres
  • Avani River Side Mall