Saree Shopping in Cuttack for coming Durga Puja

Cuttack city celebrate durga puja in a big bash. All the city decorated with lighting. People of this twin city love to  do shopping ahead of puja and gift dresses, sarees to their relatives.

Sarees Shopping rapidly grow during this puja from which starts before Ganesh Chaturthi. MOst of the shop offer discount on all items like dress materials, silk sarees, cotton sarees, handloom dupattas and many more.

Shopping areas look crowded and full of Discount Sale Banner all around city. Most people love to buy sarees from baxibazar, badambadi, shopping malls and even now a days through online saree shopping websites. Online Stores are easy for customers who do not have much time for shopping but can do it online when ever got time on internet at home or office.

What are thinking? Go for it. Shop now for coming pujas Ganesh Puja, Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Diwali and Laxmi Puja.

Durga Puja shopping
Durga Puja Shopping

Common Saree draping styles in india| Dhenkanal | Odisha | India

Women of each place drape saree differently according to their region. Most common women who work and move here and there, tye the saree loose, so that they can work full day with it. Saree draping style also changes according to age of the women, in rural area women just drape it in desi style. See this photo which picked in dhenkanal during Rathayatra.

Saree Draping Styles See at Dhenkanal, Odisha, India
Saree Draping Styles See at Dhenkanal, Odisha, India

Accessories Needed By Each Indian Women

Woman is a gift of god to this world without him our universe may look different or survive. In Indian we love to dress women in all occasions and there are few items which complete beauty of a woman.

 List of accessories required for a women are:

  • Chudiyan
  • Mang ka tikka
  • Finger Ring
  • Toe Ring
  • Payal
  • Kamarbandh
  • Earring
  • Bindiya/ Sindoor
  • Mangalsutra
  • Nose Ring
  • saree
  • Innerwear
Accessories for Women
Accessories for Women

How to Keep Your Key in a Saree

Now a days people are more busy in their daily work and keeping keys, passwords, wallet are hard tasks. For all women we have an idea to keep your keys safe and close to you. But One thing you have to do, which is not easy for all.

You have to Wear a Saree.

Keep Your Key in a Saree
Keep Your Key in a Saree

Start a Saree Draping Class – A New Job You can Take and Earn Money

Famous Indian Silk Sarees Available Online
Famous Indian Silk Sarees Available Online

Sari is the best wear garment for women living in India. This Single Piece Cloth can look awesome and sexy on all ladies out here, if draped properly and with perfect list of accessories. As the demand of sadhi draping increasing day by day among young girls in all over world. Saree Draping classes is a best option to earn some money and help your family.

Saree as an Uniform

Today women employees can be seen in each and every corporate offices in India. They compete in each and every field of work which was men dominated before few years. Now women employees excel fields like IT Engineers, Nurses in Hospitals, Air Hostess in different airlines, working as a teacher, handling HR jobs and many more. Each Job need some specific uniform during work whether mandatory or optional to wear.

In India Saree took an ethical path as an uniform in most prestigious organization around india, some of the company which use sarees as dress code are

  • Air India
  • Taj Hotel
  • Jet Airways
  • School Teachers
  • Indian Navy
  • Nurses
  • Police
Uniform for Air Hostess
Uniform for Air Hostess

Salwar Kameez, Saree, dresses and Conern about Odisha Products

Buy Sarwar
Handloom salwar kameez set
Orissa is full of art and culture which know all over world we are started our work parallel with weavers and designer in odisha india, which helped our team to get knowledge of the difficulties of the work they do. Ikat fabric which may save by odisha govt and keep spreading orissa news for ikat cotton saree, ikat dress, ikat design.
Ikat work is know for the uniqueness and clearly visible designs by tie and dye method. If any time you get a chance to visit orissa india, never forget to buy salwar kameez or you can buy salwar materials online from online saree store in a cheapest price.
In Odisha we can see number of art style, dress designs, wedding dresses, fancy dresses in boutique. Weavers in Odisha India follow different weaving process according to the area and location, actual weavers and odisha designers face difficulties to get a chance to showcase their prodocts outside india and outside state. All of us in odisha or india know that very soon we all may see the end of handloom art forms from famous places like dhala pathar, nuapatna, bomkai, kala pathar, siminoi, sarakpatna, sonepuri, habaspuri, wall hangings and Kotpad saree is almost dead, may also become a museum piece within a year if not get help from others.
Khadi death you all must started observing, now it is very hard in odisha to find a actually working Khadi unit. Ikat will see the same very soon.
India is a vast country and each state have unique designs for their handloom, which is same with salwar kameez available and wear by indian girls or indian aunty in each different state. Some of the famous style of dresses like anarkali dress, white dress, black dress, fancy dress. Now most of the indian girl follow the dressing style of heroine in indian movies. Some of our customer asked to find a same patiala salwar suit which wear by heroine in a specific Indian movie.
As Internet is grasping the world shopping online is adding fun to all indian customers for shopping online, booking cinema, book a hotel for lunch in a shopping center. Online shopping in india is on rise for mens clothing, plus size clothing, womens clothing, vintage clothing , hot indian sari, handloom saree, salwar suits, dresses etc.
Handloom clothing also helping tourism in india, orissa tourism, india tourism because we observed that many people from outside country came here just to see and capture the beauty of ikat art.

New year Celebration – A New Beginning

New year is celebrate all over the world with different cultural and religious way. New year means the beginning of the year with a lot of happiness.
1st January in calendar celebrated as new year. In this occasion people celebrate by calling their family and relative. They party together by wishing each other when watch hit 12.00 AM.
For some people new year is each day until next year from Jan 01 to Dec 31. What is your opinion on it. Some Devotee start the New Year visiting Temples.
In most if the western counties new year enjoyed on the night of 31st December. In India new year celebrated in different dates as per local tradition along with Jan 1st.
Gudi padwa is celebrated as new year in Maharashtra, in Bengali’s celebrate it on poila baisakh, in odisha this occasion always falls on bishuba sankranti, marwari some how celebrate it more on Diwali.

Celebration of New Beginning
Celebration of New Beginning

In every occasion specially all ladies want to look gorgeous, trendy and sexy to attract their partner or husband. Shops start filling new stick for sarees, dress, shirt, jewellery, salwar kameez and other fashion products. All store expect a higher sell during new year. Women start shopping silk sarees or fashion saris to look attractive.
We all live new year celebration by gathering in one place with our friend and relatives. In metros booking for parties starts from beginning of December, where major hotels, pub and bars organise parties for new year. You can book it from some online providers.
In old fashioned or traditional way still a large number of people in India celebrate it by gathering in one place or by going to a picnic party to natural beauties like beach, mountains, river, waterfall, santunary or zoo.
Odisha is full if natural beautiful locations for these type of celebration. Orissa has  places like Puri, Similipal in Mayurbhanj, Nandankanan zoo, botanical garden, Saptasajya near Dhenkanal is one good option for picnic, saptasajya is famous because you can see seven mountains in a row, like that we have khandadhar waterfall, chilika lake, ansupa lake, Daringibadi the Kashmir of Odisha where you can see snowfall in and about new year.

Shopping for Your Wife – A Best Day for All Husbands

Shopping is a fun activity for people, but sometime it make pathetic situation when you shopping with a women/ wife whom you can not refuse. We think Online shopping is a good news for all husbands because you do not have to hold your baby in the crowded shop while your wife busy looking as sarees or salwar kameez or punjabi set or suits for her..Congrats

Women Love Shopping whether her husband is a road pati or crorer pati. We have research on many women who purchase a new saree or salwar always for a new occassion. Occasion may be a marriage party or Birthday celebration or Pandal Hoping in Durga Puja. Even few women told us that they buy dresses and silk sarees for each day if going out in weekend. For Example if Someone going on a vacation for seven days to a Puri, She will not go until her husband buy sari or suits for each day she will stay there.

Husband In Action During Shopping
Husband In Action During Shopping

If you mark husbands in any shopping Mall while his wife busy looking for a bomkai saree or ikat saree, he is holding the children or running behind his child to make sure he/she not break anything from the Store. Women love shopping and they love you if shop whole day with them holding your baby. Husband might ask God, why he made him a married man.

Majority of husband we interviewed told he don’t like to go out for shopping with her wife.

Yesterday at a shop one lady looking for a cotton saree, for which a seller show at least 100’s of sarees to her, while her husband standing out of the store because if his wife don’t take it the store owner may finally through her out of the store. In Some cases she select the saree, took the saree and went to the billing counter but suddenly she changed her mind because she want a different piece with another color. Best of luck all husbands.

During any occasion every women want new salwar kameez or chudidar or sari, whether she has or not trunk full of sarees. IF any husband dare to ask the question “You have so many dresses and sarees, why do not you wear one of them?” Wife reply is a huge one “What other people visit in the party think of your status” Mrs Maharana you wear same saree in Samar’s Marriage.

This is a untold story because all know that Husband dominate their wife, but by going through this story, we believe your mindset already in a new shape.

Online shopping is a great help for all existing and aspiring husbands, because you can at least sit or stand at your home. You can help her to choose best cotton sarees or dresses or gifts. You can gift her small gifts from the Online Stores in India in regular intervals, so that she will not call you for shopping during weekend, which may miss your cricket match, or get together with friends or chatting with

Old Girl Friend who looks prettier than your wife because she is not your wife.

All the Best Husbands. One day will sure come for you, when you will Buy and she hold her baby again for Nine Months..Just For a Post..but True Review.Happy Shopping

Some facts about Indian Sarees

The saree has a lengthy past in India. The primary descriptions of saree similar to uniforms can be seen in statues dating back to 100 b.c. The range of colors, samples, weaves and draping manners make the saree one of the globe’s most charming outfits. Hundreds of provincial weaving centers are still employed in conventional handloom manufacture. Today in India six and a half million citizens are appointed in the manufacture of handloom sarees.

The saree is an untied piece of material measuring 42 – 49″ wide and 5.5 to 9 yards in span. Attractive edgings and an identical end portion, called the pallu or anchal enclose the ground of the saree, which can also be either wealthy decorated or simple.

Hand woven Sambalpuri cotton sarees
Hand woven Sambalpuri cotton sarees

Sarees regularly come with a similar part of material for the choli or blouse, or stretched fitting cropped blouse, either woven on the finish or the beginning of the saree, or on a split portion overall. Some especially translucent sarees come with a part of thicker material colored or embroidered to equivalent. This part is typically about 3/4 to 1 meter lengthy. The edges are utilized for the covers and back edge of the choli.

Sari best used in marriage functions on India, even they take best silk sarees for honeymoon in royal families. Wearing a Bomkai sari is wonderful in marriage occasion.

Your One Stop handloom store in India

Ikat Silk Saree of Odisha
Ikat Silk Saree of Odisha

Your One Stop handloom store in India for Festive collections. In India we have many festivals like famous Durga Puja, Diwali, Ganesh Puja, Karwa Chauth etc.. People Here is india Love to celebrate these festivals with style. Women Wear sarees or sari, lehnga, salwar kameez, new jewellery, mehndi. Men wear Dhoti, suit, punjabi, kurta etc. But In each state we have something special as per dress code and wearing style. Even the same saree drape in different style by each state in India.

How to dress in a handloom traditional Odisha saree

Everyone want to look beautiful and what is best other than a saree, sari make every women traditional and atractive which fit all occasion.

Step by step point to wearing a saree:

Here Odisha Saree Store help you how to dress in a saree in a formal fashion. There are diverse traditions of draping the saree which we will talk about afterward.

Nandita Das in a Traditional Odisha Sarees
Nandita Das in a Traditional Odisha Sarees
  • Unfold the saree; tuck the least patterned/plain side of the saree inside the petticoat a little right after your naval. See to it that the whole length of the saree lies towards your left. The lower end of the saree should touch the floor after you tuck it.
  • Now take the saree that is towards your left and bring it towards your right such that you are wrapped in the saree once. keep the height of the saree at the back evenly as in front.
  • Hold the saree towards your right and make 5 to 7 pleats of about 5 inch each. Gather together all the plates neatly so that the bottom edge of the saree forms even plates and pin them firmly using a safety pin.
  • Tuck the plates inside your petticoat at the center such that they open up towards your left.
  • Now cover the remaining fabric around yourself bringing it from your left to your right. Slightly raise the saree to cover it around your hips.
  • Take the rest of the saree and pass it under your right arm and tighten the saree around your waist and hips by pulling the saree over your left shoulder.
  • The part of the saree that falls behind your left shoulder to the level of knees or a little below the knees is called the Anchal’. You may tie up the anchal with a small safety pin attaching it to the blouse and thus prevent it from slipping down. Or you can even wear the anchal in the pleated form.