7 Highly Symbolic Accessories needed to wear by an Indian married women

India has a rich culture and heritage of its own and this can be perfectly seen in the artistic design of the jewelry and accessories worn by the woman of this country. The married women in India have been wearing beautiful accessories since antiquity that have special symbolic meanings of their own. These beautiful women accessories not only have religious and cultural importance but they also benefit the physical and mental health of the wearer. Here is a brief look at some of the most common symbolic accessories that are worn by a married woman in India.


The Bindi is considered to be among the most vital “shringar” essentials that a married woman needs to wear. For centuries, the Bindi has been regarded as an epitome of classic Indian beauty. It has an important role to play in the culture and tradition of our country. Apart from adding beauty to the face of a woman, it also symbolically represents the third eye of higher consciousness. When worn in association with marriage, it symbolizes true love, goodness and prosperity. The color of a Bindi worn by a married woman is typically red.


The Mangalsutra is a sacred thread that is worn by a married woman as a symbol of true love and goodwill. The Mangalsutra is given to the woman by her husband as a sign of promise to keep her blissful and happy in life. The Mangalsutra is made out of black beads which offer protection from all kinds of evil power. It is therefore believed to be sacred and a potent symbol for assuring happiness for the married couple.


The Maang-Tikka is considered to be among the finest and the most beautiful of jewelry pieces that are worn by the married woman. This ethnic piece of jewelry has an intimate connection with Indian culture and tradition. Designed in a wide range of intricate styles, the Maang-Tikka is supposed to align perfectly with the central parting line of the hair along with the pendant placed lightly on the forehead.

Some Highly Symbolic Accessories of Indian Married Women
Some Highly Symbolic Accessories of Indian Married Women


The bangles are some of the most popular accessories that are worn by a woman. It is considered to be a major signature jewelry that any married woman in India loves to wear on all occasions. The bangles are known to make a jingling sound which creates a pleasurable sensation to the ears. It is also known to benefit a woman’s health.


The payal is a beautiful, lightweight accessory that is worn by the Indian woman for hundreds and thousands of years. While some women love to wear them at both feet, many modern women love to sport them in a single foot only. They can be worn with both sarees as well as ghagra cholis. It is widely believed that wearing the payal is good for health as its energy is passed on to the body of the wearer who can absorb the positive properties of the metal.

Nath – The Nose Ring

The nath or the nose ring is one of the most well known symbolic accessories associated with a married woman. Known to be high versatile, it can be worn with a saree or a lehenga. It is not just a traditional piece of jewelry but it can also add a lot of beauty to the woman’s face.

Toe Ring

The toe rings are considered to be the best jewelry items for a woman’s toes. Apart from adding style, depth and personality to the toes, they really make a woman’s toes look beautiful. They can add a lot of grace to a woman’s legs.

Why Married Woman Celebrate Sabitri Puja?

Sabitri Puja is observed on an auspicious Amavasya or no moon day in the month of Jyeshthha.  This puja is done by the married women of Odisha and Maithili in Nepal. In western Odisha, this day is known as Savitri Uwans. Women whose husbands are alive keep fast with devotion and dedication and pray for their good health and long life. It is a very important festival for the women in India and part of Nepal and is an integral part of their ethnic culture and traditions. Rituals, customs and message of the vrata is same as Karwa Chauth in northern India.

The tradition of Sabitri veneration goes back to the tale of Sabitri and Satyavaan. Sabitri was the princess of Madra state. She was married to Satyavaan who was living his life in exile in the forest with his blind father Dyumatsen. It was foretold that within a year of marriage, Sabitri would be a widow. However, after the marriage Sabitri left her palatial paternal home and left for the forest to live with her in laws. They lived a poor but happy life there, until one day Satyavaan felt ill and fell off the tree. Yama or the death god appeared to take his soul away to his abode. But Savitri pleaded to give her husband back. Yama did not agree and instead gave her many options like eternal youth, and wealth of both the world. But Sabitri continued pleading for her husband’s life and if not, then take her along. Finally, Yama gave up and agreed to give three boons. For the first boon, Sabitri asked for the lost kingdom of Satyavaan and his parents, for the second she asked for the lost eyesight of her in laws and finally for the third boon, she asked for 100 sons with Satyavaan. Yama understood the intelligence of the lady and impressed by her unparalleled devotion, returned the life of her husband.

India women offer prayers on the occasion of "Vat Savitri Puja"
India women offer prayers on the occasion of “Vat Savitri Puja”

Sabitri Puja is observed with austerity and devotion. On this day, women wake up before dawn, take bath and wear new clothes, jewellery, especially bangles and put vermilion on forehead stretching till the hair parting. Nine different types of fruits and flowers are offered to the deity. Pulses are soaked and offered along with rice. Seasonal fruits like mangoes, jackfruits, gooseberries, bananas and palm fruits are offered as bhoga. Few ladies sit together and read out Sabitri vrata katha or the tale of Sabitri veneration. They observe the fast for the whole day without water. Once the puja is over, they touch the feet of husbands and all the elders in the family. The fast is broken by eating the fruits and bhoga offered to the Goddess.

In some parts of the country like Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa, Sabitri Puja is observed on full moon or Purnima night and it is called Vat Savitri Poornima Puja. It is a legend that it was banyan tree from where Satyavaan had fallen and it was the Poornima day. So, women make 108 rounds of the banyan tree as a part of observong Sabitri Puja. The celebration or observance starts two days before the Amavasya or Poornima night. Grinding stone is an integral part of this puja. It is cleaned, washed and worshipped.

Sabitri Puja is commemoration of the victory of love, devotion and life over death. All married women observe the vrata diligently to please Goddess so that their respective husbands are blessed with long and healthy lives. Jyeshthha is the month of summer in Odisha and staying all day without water is difficult. The vrata or the occasion is symbolic of wife’s devotion for husband’s well being like Sabitri did for her husband.

How women who stay fulltime at home can generate income for their family

Following money is not a good way to live your life, but either having money for your family not make you unhappy. Now a days all expenses are on rise, whether you go for grocery or vegetable or travel or clothing or education. Simple Indian one man income middle class family life is not easy.

Why not help your family if you can do it staying at your home?

Here are few ways you can generate money staying at home:

  1. Content Writer
  2. Sell products online
  3. Start a small coaching class
  4. Post your YouTube videos online for classes like (Stitching, How to cook, Math lessons, etc)
  5. Stock trading (This is last recommendation, better consult your family before jumping into it)

Top 10 must have Qualities to be in the group of beautiful housewives

Men are always in search for the perfect women in their lives who are a fine mix of beauty and brains. In fact, having a beautiful housewife can be a great source of pride and joy for a man. So if you are looking to join the group of beautiful housewives, then you can certainly benefit from the following tips that will make you a better human being both externally as well as internally.

  • One of the most important ways to maintain your beauty after marriage is observing what you eat. While this holds true for everybody, many times women in our country do not pay much heed to this after they get married. Attending various social gatherings and special occasions make it difficult for them to exert control on what they eat. Make sure that you include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet as they will keep your body healthy and help you to maintain your beauty for all occasions.
  • Never forget to have adequate amounts of water all throughout the day as it will help you to keep your body free of toxins. Many health problems arise in women particularly due to the accumulation of toxins which ultimately takes a toll on their physical appearance. For this reason, it always helps to have 5 to 7 glasses of water on a daily basis.


  • Always have an exercise regimen to maintain a beautiful physique. It is customary for a woman to put up weight after they get married but if you want to look great on the clothing items that truly compliment your personality, then you need to maintain a body that can carry them. It always helps to do some yoga or gym exercises, and you can also do some cardio such as running and jogging during early mornings.
  • Make sure that you are happy and contended on an inner level. A person who is unhappy or frustrated will never be able to look great even if she has the best clothing items and accessories. To ensure that you look great in real life as well as in photos, always try to stay happy and cheerful. Being of cheerful disposition will naturally show in your face as you will have a healthy glow.
  • When it comes to your clothing, make sure that you know what suits you the most. Always buy clothes considering what would look best on you according to your height, weight and skin complexion. This is particularly true if you are looking to buy ethnic Indian clothing. With western outfits, you can relax a bit more and be more experimental while choosing your clothing.
  • If you are not sure about what clothes would be ideal for you, then browse through various fashion magazines and online fashion sites to get an idea about the clothes that you should get for yourself.
  • Always try to develop a strong sense of style for yourself as this will help you to stand out in a crowd. It never helps to be lost when you are in a social setting, as this does not help you to engage in meaningful conversations when you are outside attending various functions and gatherings. Having a style sense of your own will also boost your self confidence that will make you look good at all times.
  • Make sure that you use makeup and accessories tactfully that enhance your beauty. It never helps to overdo makeup or accessories as they can look more like jargon.
  • Try to develop hobbies such as reading, gardening, painting and other types of creative pursuits as this can help you to enhance your personality and sense self worth. This can make you look more beautiful and interesting as a person.
  • Improve your social skills to be more appealing to the crowd. If you are someone who is extremely shy, work out ways in which you can become more confident. If you are extremely talkative, then also balance that by becoming a good listener. This will automatically make you a better and more beautiful human being.

Modern Indian should focus on women empowerment with the help of entrepreneurship

Women form an essential part of any country’s culture and demographics. In many ways, the identity of that country depends on the status and lifestyle of its women. They are an important human resource and so it is always necessary to focus on women empowerment by making sure that they can contribute on economic growth and overall development. However, the traditional mindset along with the negligence of various states makes it difficult for women to find entrepreneurial success in India. In the recent times, the women population in India both in urban and rural settings has struggled a lot to prove their mettle. Overcoming a wide range of obstacles, they have involved themselves in numerous sectors that were once thought of as exclusive domains for men.

Entrepreneurship is believed to be a vital aspect for women empowerment in this country. This is particularly true for the rural areas. The states should constantly encourage women to venture out of their homes and take up large scale entrepreneurial projects that benefit the society. They should be inspired, motivated and encouraged to sharpen their business skills. This will not only help the women of this country to feel more confident about themselves but also lead to greater economic growth of the nation. Since the 1990s, the numbers of women entrepreneurs have increased significantly in India and they have been widely praised for their abilities to use modern technological tools and large scale investments to create jobs for themselves and others. However, even though India has seen the power of women entrepreneurship over the last two decades, the fact remains that the women in this country is capable of attaining more than what they have already done.

women entrepreneurship

The economists in this country have all agreed to the fact that women represent a previously untapped source of major economic growth in this country. It has been found that women can come up with innovative solutions to common business and management problems which in turn can enhance the prospects of any company. Nevertheless, one thing is still certain that the women in this country are still somewhat hesitant to be a part of firms or sectors that are traditionally held by men. It has often been seen that the areas that are managed by women entrepreneurs are different than those that are managed by men. Women entrepreneurs are also by far much less in number than men. Improvements are necessary in these areas and many private and government bodies are now coming forward to encourage women take up entrepreneurial tasks.

There are certain distinct obstacles for women who are inclined to participate in entrepreneurship. For example, they often lack moral support from their families and close ones. The banks are also often not inclined to offer women loans unless they have family backing or support from their husband or male family members. This is particularly true for women who come from lower income groups. In many places in India, it is still considered abhorrent for a woman to go ahead and run a business or sell something. The government bodies in this country should focus on eradicating these social issues by bringing change in mindset from within. They should also implement techniques that facilitate modernization of working environments and encourage women to be a part of them. Industrialization, urbanization and globalization are keys to overall entrepreneurial progress of women. As more women take on entrepreneurial roles, they will be able to develop their own social connections and their own awareness of the world around them. This will automatically lead the women to find greater confidence in their own latent abilities.

How availability of women casual wear online helping employees to buy them in office timing

Shopping is the best mode of entertainment for a woman. When she is depressed, she shops to feel better. When she is happy, she shops to celebrate. Whether it is her own birthday, her parents’, siblings’, children’s or husband’s, any festival or any occasion- preparations start with shopping. And shopping for clothing is her favourite. And the greatest plight of a working woman is that she hardly gets time to indulge into her favourite pastime. It is true that she rarely gets time to walk through the vendors on footpath, street markets and malls, bargain with shopkeepers and come back victoriously after treating herself for her victory with her staple street food. Thankfully, presence of women casual wear online lets them shop their casual and office wears while sitting at home or office.

This is the best part of online retails. You are no longer dependent on holidays and days off. You can shop for women casual wear online at any time. Whether you are in office or back in home, is it raining outside or a perfect day with your health down- nothing can stop you shopping to your content. Few years ago, office networks were secured and employees were not allowed to open websites other than those which were required for office work. Rules still exist but with mobile internet and smartphones, you can access internet at any hour. As matter of fact, shopping sites have their own apps with the help of which shopping has become even easier.

Women Casual Shopping in their office timing
Women Casual Shopping in their office timing

It is true that you are not getting all that fun which you used to have while hanging out with friends, yet if you compare it to the fact that you were not getting time even to buy your daily wear due to the lack of time, online shopping indeed seems to be the best solution. So, popularity of sites with women casual wear online has opened a new horizon for the working women, stay at home moms and everyone else who is stuck at home and cannot go shopping.

Do you know why the women casual wear online shopping has become even more popular? It is simply because these websites have much bigger stock than any brick and mortar store can hold. These websites do not require inventory as they have different suppliers in different part of the country. But when you are looking for a particular dress, you get to choose from the entire collection which is much larger than any other store, big or small. And then there are various other offers like sale, free shipping, buy one get one free etc which make your convenient shopping economic too. Now what else can you look for when you are eating the cake and having it too.

What more, while buying women casual wear online, you can browse through all the brands and if you are lucky enough, you can also get a branded casual wear of latest fashion at quite reasonable price. If you look at the amount you would have spent in your shopping spree and then compare it with the check out amount at the end of transaction, you will find you have saved enough for another casual wear for yourself. So, don’t fuss if you are unable to go shopping as your office work does not allow you to. You can shop for your women casual wear online during your coffee or lunch break too. Download the app of your favourite site or login to the same, some clicks here and there, punch few letters and digits and viola! You are done!

Sania Mirza to be Awarded Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2015

Indian tennis sensation Sania Mirza is set to be honoured the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award according to news on Tuesday.

Sania’s name has been granted for Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award after the sports ministry had previously advised to forward her name to the committee.

It is a new spike in the cap for the women’s doubles player who is ranked No. 1 in the world beside partner Martina Hingis.

Sania Mirza's name approved for Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna
Sania Mirza’s name approved for Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna

Previously, according to a report in the Hindustan Times, the sports ministry on 1st August, Friday chosen to forward tennis star Sania Mirza’s name to the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna awards team.

Having confined the mixed doubles gold with Saketh Myneni, bronze in women’s doubles with Prarthana Thombare at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games and the US Open mixed doubles title with Bruno Soares last year, 28-year-old is the lucid favourite in the race to win this year’s award.

However, her latest triumph at Wimbledon will not be counted.

Mirza’s has previously been awarded with Arjuna Award in 2004 and Padma Shri in 2006.

Working as a Doctor is the best Job for Women in India

India is a big country, here many people of different culture and traditions leaving together. In this country Indian people do different types of work for carrying out their life. In Morden age women of India also working together with men.  In different fields women working with men successfully. In every types of working are many be it engineering, medical, and education even also in constructions also women work with men.

The doctor is such a profession that considered as a Nobel profession. Most of the Indian women prefer this profession for them. For a person whose near and dear is dying or wounded the position of a doctor is like God, so the importance of this profession is very much. The Doctor’s profession involves high sense of responsibility, in this profession feelings and interest to serve the needy people, helpless and deprived is very much necessary. Doctor’s profession is a profession, which dedicates itself for the selfless service of the society without there being any constrains of time, place, or situation.


Eligibility and Personal qualities required for a Doctor’s profession is to become a doctor the one must has to clear 12th standard with at least 75 % marks in PCB (Physics, chemistry and Biology) and then acquire MBBS degree and then register herself with the state Medical council. In India the Central Board of Secondary Education holds an All India basic Entrance Examination for admission to medical and dental courses in medical and dental colleges. The collages are run by the union government, state governments of India and these are few private collages those are allowing students for admission in medical.

After completing the course and passing the MBBS exams the medical students are allowed for attending the internship program. After that there is a chance for everyone to either study further to get a degree such as doctor of medicine, master of surgery or other diploma courses. The period of training for postgraduate degrees is three years and for diploma is two years after that they are consider as doctors.

After becoming a doctor most of the women prefer to wear saris to look special. In India sari is a favourite garment for all kinds of women, doctors also like this very much.

There are some personal qualities required for a doctor’s profession like hard work, dedication, sincerity, and patience, urge to serve the poor, needy, sick and helpless people. An individual should possess the ability to bear the pain and sufferings experienced by others and do the best to help them this is the required quality of a doctor.

Job Opportunities for a doctor in India after completing the course one can find a job in hospitals, clinics, hospitals run by the central government, state government or private ownership and in the Indian Defence Services etc. Also these are an opportunity to work as teachers and lectures in medical colleges. These are the Employees State Insurance Corporation has its hospitals/dispensaries  at different places in all over the country, so these are a lots of job opportunities after the completion of the course.

This profession is very respectable profession and considered as very Nobel so for women in India like country the doctor’s profession is the best profession than any other profession. As the doctor’s profession gives reputation, good income, respect and job satisfaction, so these is no other profession that gives this much benefits. It is considered as the best profession not only in India also in all over the world. Not only for women for both men and women doctor’s profession is the best profession.

So these are some discussion about the doctor’s profession and why this profession is the best job for women in India.

India Government Implements Strategy for Women’s Empowerment

The government has implemented national guidelines for empowerment of women with the idea of taking about their progress, improvement and empowerment.

The government’s guidelines and agendas are all expressed towards achieving complete growth, with exceptional focus on women, Women and Child Development Ministry tell this.

The government accepted the National Policy for Empowerment of Women in March 2001 with the purpose of carrying about improvement and empowerment of women and to abolish prejudice against them, said the ministry.

The government has also represented a high-level working group for a study on the position of women in India since 1989.

The survey will comprise calculates including proper plan involvements based on a current judgment of women’s requires.

Ms. Kiran Bedi speeches on a Women's Empowerment Program
Ms. Kiran Bedi speeches on a Women’s Empowerment Program

9 Type of Job Fields People Like the Most to Work

Each person has his own choice of work and they select it as per their capability. Some enjoy their Job and few not. We have found some of the common jobs people mostly love to work in:

  1. Military
  2. Retail
  3. Transport and Moving
  4. Computer and IT
  5. Management
  6. Food Business
  7. Repair
  8. Financial
  9. School and Education

Renuka Shinde and Seema Gavit two sister may be the first women to be hanged in India

Renuka Shinde and Seema Gavit two sisters who kidnapped and killed more than 10 childs may be the first women in India to be hanged after their mercy rejected by our President of India.

Serial Killer Sisters
Serial Killer Sisters