Dhokra art of Dhenkanal and future of it.

Odisha is place of art and culture and it’s well-known for her handicrafts which show the skill and creativity of her skilled artisans. Odisha’s brass work, silver work, terracotta art objects, and applique work are exclusive examples of artistic quality. Dhokra art is one of the famous handicraft items of Odisha.

Dhokra Art of Dhenkanal
Dhokra Art of Dhenkanal

Dhokra Casting: A mere alloy of brass and bell metal coupled with the skill of the artisans produces amazing pieces of art which are very much famous in all over the world. These are some places like Khurda, Puri, Dhenkanal and Ganjam where this arts are made. The Dhokra art generally symbolizes folk culture and requires a lot of patience. Next time you see a tall golden man with extra long legs do enquire, it might just be a masterpiece by one of our tribes.

There are some places of Dhenkanal, where Dhokra casting done. Those places are Sadeibereni of Sadar Block, Badamuktapasi of Bhuban Block and Khajuriakata of Hindol Block. These people doing this work are very skilled and hard working artist. They design many things by using this alloy of brass and bell metal. These designs are not only in India in frozen country also like this art. So many products are transported from India to all over the world by online shopping. In past time these products can’t reach properly to the customers, but now by online shopping people everywhere know about these products and purchasing it.

Now the craze of online marketing and E-commerce gradually increasing day by day, and by the effect of this the future of Dhokra art looking brighter. Because before this online shopping only the local people of nearby cities are purchasing these products but now from every corner of the world people can knowing about these product, they directly viewing the images and purchasing.

So from these things we can come to a conclusion that the future of Dhokra art of Dhenkanal is very good and it’s gradually developing day by day.

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