Durga Puja and Bengali

From the ancient age, Bengalies are directly related with Durga puja or Durgotsov. We all know that Bengalis have some parameters, with these parameters you can easily find the person Bengali or not. The parameters are:

1. A Bengali like fish (every where they try to find fish for their meal)

2. They are basically very polite and not want to enter other’s matter.

3. The Bengalies like ‘Alu posto and kolai dal’ in their meal.

4. Bengali always like occasions such as Durga puja, Laxmi puja, Kali puja etc. (that’s why some people tell about Bengali that, they 13 occasions in 12 months, in the Bengali language ‘baro mase tero parbon’).

Every year all the Bengalis celebrate season’s first puja called Durga puja. They buy new dresses and after wearing these they visit puja pandals to see the Goddess. For this reason in the market, you can find a number of shops, malls and also some online shopping store offer with their ranges of Durga puja collections. Bengalis are very much enthusiastic about the occasions. You can find a number of pujas celebrate by the Bengalis throughout the year.

Bengalis Celebrate Durga Puja
Bengalis Celebrate Durga Puja


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