Famous Tanchoi Silk Sari of Uttar Pradesh

Tanchoi silk saris are very popular silk sari produced in Uttar Pradesh, India. Tanchoi is basically a weaving technique involving a single or double warp and two to five colours on the weft which are often of the same shade. Mainly this technique is applied on Silk fabric and produces very beautiful and attractive handloom silk saris.

The small weaving patterns over the best quality silk fabric makes these saris very attractive, the commonly used patterns used are the of flowers, small birds in flight, peacocks and parrot motifs produces very unique design and women in all over the world like these saris very much.

In fact Tanchoi sarees are one of a kind which have spots all over the surface and are woven with a dual colour wrap which in very attractive and unique.

Tanchoi Silk Saree of Uttar Pradesh
Tanchoi Silk Saree of Uttar Pradesh

According to history Tanchoi silk was is said to have been brought to India through Chinese traders in 19th century which was later adapted to suit preferences of Indian wearers and the Indian weavers add their own style and technique and makes it more attractive.

Also, some people say that three Parsi brothers are said to have travelled to China in the 19th century and were enamoured by the technique in china. After learning the Tanchoi weaving skill, they came back to Gujarat and trained the Gujarati weavers the technique and then the Tanchoi weaving technique into Indian versions.

Now days the Tanchoi silk saris are very famous in India and in other countries, Indian exporters trading the beautiful Tanchoi silk saris to different countries in all over the world.

Also the Tanchoi silk saris are available on online shopping. Many online shopping stores are now providing very beautiful Tanchoi silk saris at their online shopping stores.

These are many other types of beautiful traditional handloom saris are available in Uttar Pradesh and all are very famous, but Tanchoi silk saris created a unique place in Indian women’s heart.

So these are some things about beautiful famous Tanchoi silk sari of Uttar Pradesh.


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