How to decide which tussar silk sarees online are best in quality?

India is a land of exquisite beauty and wonder and this is reflected in every aspect of the people’s lives in this country. Indian fashion has mesmerized people of all parts of the world and the rich culture and tradition of this ancient country can be seen in the manufacturing and designing of clothes of diverse styles. Like men, the women of India have been wearing fashionable clothes and garments for a long time that are highly unique in their designs aesthetic features. The sarees are a major fashion staple for women in India who wear them in a wide variety of styles and designs. A wide range of fabrics are used to create the sarees that are worn in India and each of them bear the distinct stamp of the region in which they originate as well as the unmistakable qualities that differentiate the fabric from other variants.

One of the types of sarees that is extremely popular in India is the Tussar silk sarees. Known for their ethereal beauty, these sarees have a unique appeal that makes them ideal for all occasions while being classy at the same time. The tussar silk, also known as tassar silk or wild silk, is a silk thread of exquisite quality that is obtained from a yellowish-brown colored moth called Antheraea paphia. The Antheraea paphia moth is a wide-winged specie belonging to a larger group of moths called Emperor Moths or Saturniidae. Like the moths themselves, tussar silk threads are stunningly beautiful that immediately catches the attention of an onlooker. These silk sarees are mainly produced in the Jharkhand state of India.

Hand Woven Tussar Silk Sarees Online
Hand Woven Tussar Silk Sarees Online

Tussar silk is also sometimes referred to as kosa silk which is its Sanskrit name. It is highly popular for its superior natural gold colors that come from the Antheraea paphia moth. Apart from Antheraea paphia, the other moths that are used for producing tussar silk are Antheria proylei and Antheria milita. While there is no dearth of takers for the tussar silk sarees, very little is actually known about the history and origin of these garments. Historians are not sure how or when artisans started to create tussar silk sarees from the threads obtained from these moths. Nevertheless, historians agree to the fact that tussar silk goes back to the medieval times. The silk worms used for making tussar silk are not reared on mulberry, which makes this variety of silk comparatively cheaper than other varieties. However, the quality of this variety of silk is just as good as any other, and this makes them highly valued among patrons.

The tussar silk sarees are much more textured than the other varieties of silk. They are also porous, breathable and cooler than other silk sarees. Diverse types of tussar silk sarees are available, such as Ghhichha, Katia, machine-reeled and thigh-reeled. Nowadays high quality tussar silk sarees are available at online stores that can be bought easily from the comfort of one’s own home. While tussar silk sarees have enjoyed a strong popularity for a long time, online shops have increased the scope of buying them to a great degree. There are currently numerous stores that offer tussar silk sarees online, and each of these stock high quality products from a number of well known brands. If you are looking to buy tussar silk sarees from an online store but not sure from where to buy, then you should look for reviews presented by different customers about the products. The best online saree shops will automatically have the most number of positive reviews. Such shops can get you the most pristine quality tussar silk saree shops at the best rates.

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