Kangana Ranaut’s Indian Traditional Saree Love

Kangana Ranaut is one of the most powerful actresses in the country who has time and again proved her mettle with great roles but she is also a major fashionista in her own right. While being a dynamic actress and performer onscreen, she is also a real stunner who can create a style statement at the drop of a hat. The Queen actress not only rules the box office but also attracts a lot of attention with her sartorial fashion choices. From traditional sarees to classy dresses, Kangana hardly ever steps into a fashion faux pas. Of late, this Rangoon actress has been regularly setting high standards with her choices of traditional Indian sarees. While getting prepped up for her upcoming flick Manikarnika, this 31 year old actress has been sporting the saree while trying out numerous trendy twists. Recently she has been seen in many promotional events and film parties wearing the saree.

From the very beginning, Kangana Ranaut has a strong love for the traditional Indian saree and she has never made any qualms about it. She also has a unique and eccentric sense of personal style which allows her to pull off looks that are quite avant-garde. This really makes Kangana Ranaut a true diva who can look great in any kind of uniquely designed saree. She has recently been spotted wearing some gorgeous sarees designed by popular fashion experts. Kangana Ranaut also attended a beautiful wedding ceremony held in Mumbai where he looked stunning and lovely in an elegant cotton count muslin saree designed by Swati and Sunaina, the famous designer duo. The border and the golden motifs of the saree made the attire look quite elegant yet traditional. She also made a strong statement with her choice for blouse. Kangana Ranaut gave a unique and fresh twist to the saree that she wore by combining it with a stylish cold shoulder blouse that was further beautified with ruffled sleeves.

Kangana Ranaut's Saree Love
Kangana Ranaut’s Saree Love

Kangana Ranaut has always been a lover of sarees that are beautiful and elegant and yet allowed her to be outlandish and make a major fashion statement. It is due to this reason that she always chose her garments with precision and care. While many other celebrities preferred to play safe with their fashion outfits, Kangana was never the one to shy away from experimenting with new looks and ideas. It is due to this reason that she has time and again chose beautiful sarees that have the hint of tradition and yet were different and one of a kind. For instance, in a recent event she chose to wear a chequered saree created by Pero and combined it with a matching elbow-length sleeve blouse. She finished the look with side swept curls and classic gold earrings.

It is her penchant of understanding fashion trends and practices that have made her a true fashion icon in her own right. She has developed a great collection of gorgeous sarees that enable her to create an amazing look each and every time. In another event, the stunning actress was also seen in a floral Pero saree that stands out for its vintage vibes. Subtle and elegant, the saree really spoke volumes without being loud. In another look, Kangana was seen in a nice sheer yoke blouse that was combined with an unusually beautiful Shane Peacock and Falguni saree. Many of the industry insiders are saying that this is by far the most glamorous look that she has ever sported. She also has a strong thing for heavily motif driven sarees that express unique themes and elements of their own.