Famous Bollywood Actresses in Silk Sarees on their Wedding Day

Wedding is a special affair for any woman and Bollywood actresses do their best and leave no stone unturned to look unparalleled and stunning on the D Day.  It is not only about fashion mixing with tradition; it is also about competition and wowing the fans with their style. To Indians their actresses are like living Goddesses who always look flawless and beautiful. To maintain this image and also honor Indian traditions actresses sometimes choose for traditional sarees and at other times modern attires with a desi touch. Whatever, they choose for, they look gorgeous and carry their wedding dresses with élan.

Aishwarya Rai, Miss World and famous Indian actress chose to wear a golden Kanjeevaran silk sari during her wedding with the handsome Abhishek Bachchan. Since, she hails from South India where Kanjeevaram is a traditional form of silk saree with beautiful embellishments, she chose the golden kanjeevaram embossed with Swarovski crystals and gold threads on her wedding day and looked every bit like the screen Goddess that she is. Post wedding she again chose a rich red silk sari with minimum jewelry only with the mangal sutra to look like the diva she is.

Esha Deol, the elder daughter of dreamgirl Hema Malini and machoman Dharmendra also wore a resplendent lehenga prepared from 3 Kanjeevaram sarees specially ordered from South India. She paired up the beautiful fuschia silk lehenga with traditional gold jewelry crafted in temple style to like a quintessential Indian bride on her wedding day. It was customized by Neeta Lulla, the prominent costume designer and looked rich and gorgeous just like the bride herself. Even Hema Malini wore a traditional Kanjeevaram silk saree and wielded the charm as she used to 40 years back.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan during her marriage with Abhishek Bachchan
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan during her marriage with Abhishek Bachchan

Vidya Balan, the noted Indian actress also chose to wear Kanjeevaram silk saris and a special one crafted from madras silk by her friend the eminent designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee. The wedding trousseau consisted of a flaming red Kanjeevaram sari with borders and pallu embellished in golden threads. She paired it with gajra on her bun and gold jewelry crafted in the traditional designs. Post wedding she changed into a block print silk saree in multiple shades and kept her jewelry to minimum. She looked classic and elegant in her silk sarees as she always does.

Yesteryear diva and popular Bollywood actress Sridevi also chose a bright yellow and red silk saree for her wedding. This South Indian beauty sizzled the screen 90s and looked extremely beautiful and attractive in her silk saree and completed her look with minimum jewelry and red lips. The traditional gajra and maang tika were there to complete her traditional Indian bride look. She still looks beautiful in Indian attires. Hema Malini, when she married Dharmendra also chose a simple silk saree. Gorgeous and beautiful as she is, her makeup and jewelry were minimal, yet she glowed.

Both Sharmila Tagore and her daughter-in-law Kareena Kapoor wore traditional royal lehengas in silk with gold and zari work on the entire piece. Both looked resplendent on their weddings days with these traditional wears which looked rich, vibrant and colorful. The effervescent Kajol wore a beautiful green paithani silk saree on her wedding day and completed her look with a huge pearl and other precious stones nath or a nose pin and other traditional Marathi jewelry. Her ensemble was simple yet stunning with the bride glowing with love.

All these Bollywood actresses chose their traditional silk sarees during their weddings to look special and gorgeous. True to their aura, all of them looked exceptional just like a quintessential Indian bride.

Why most of the famous film actresses love to drape in Uppada traditional silk sarees?

India has a rich culture of handlooms that have evolved over thousands of years of its history. This has led to the invention of different types of sarees that the women in this country love to wear. Sarees form an integral part of an Indian woman’s wardrobe and it is as much a part of her identity as it is related to the roots of Indian culture. Different parts of the country have been credited with the designing and development of different types of sarees. The sarees therefore also bear the distinct stamp of the region from which it has its origins. Among the various types of sarees that are worn by the Indian women, one of the most famous is the Uppada silk saree. The Uppada traditional silk saree takes its name from a small town called Uppada, located in the East Godavari region of Andhra Pradesh. The saree is also sometimes referred to as Uppada Pattu, which is the name of the saree in Telegu language.

Known for their pristine beauty and ethereal touch, the Uppada sarees are prepared in the classic Jamdani method. The silk sarees are generally made with a cotton warp. The artisans only make use of non-mechanical techniques to create the garments. The defining factor of these sarees is the count of threads used to create the length and breadth of the garments. Generally, the artisans also make use of plenty of zari work in these sarees which makes their design extremely exquisite. In most cases, the total number of threads taken to weave these sarees for both length and breadth is 100. Two weavers work on one single loom to weave delicate designs on the fabric laced by zari work that are both intricate and beautiful. As the whole process of creating the saree is done by hand, it takes at least two months to create an Uppada saree of breathtaking beauty.


The traditional practices of creating Uppada sarees depend on Jamdani weaving techniques, which go back for many centuries. However, due to the various industrial changes promoted by the British, Jamdani weaving went through a phase of decline during the 19th century. Nevertheless, it again saw a slowly progressing resurgence from the 20th century onwards. In 1988, the Jamdani weaving technique was introduced into the making of Uppada traditional silk sarees. During this time, it also incorporated many design elements that were a part of the culture of Andhra Pradesh. Slowly the identity of Uppada sarees was created and the fame for these garments gradually spread from the local markets to other parts of India. However, it took almost a decade for these sarees to receive widespread acclaim and recognition.

Nowadays, the Uppada sarees are extremely popular among women from various social backgrounds and as a result most fashion conscious women prefers to have at least one or two of these sarees in their wardrobe. It is a very common trend among famous film actresses to wear these sarees on various important occasions as they exude a strong sense of class and royalty. Award shows and other social occasions frequently feature actresses in Uppada sarees in a number of different styles. This endorsement from celebrities has also made Uppada sarees immensely popular among women from various social backgrounds. Now they have the option of visiting various online shops and buy Uppada sarees in their preferred designs and styles. The online saree stores in India have played a great role in popularizing these sarees among a new section of buyers who would really love to splurge in fine sarees but had little aware of the class and beauty of Uppada sarees.

Sonali Bendre told Social media is extremely scary

Most of the celebs in B-Town are available on social media but actress Sonali Bendre believes it tremendously “scary” to be open about her life online.

“It’s very scary to be so open and I’m mostly a very private person. It sounds humorous thinking the profession that I’ve been in. But somewhere I continuously dealt with it but not really telling the fact in different situations. I’ve always changed things. But it’s difficult to be so open and truthful for me,” said Sonali, the brand ambassador of cosmetic brand Oriflame, said at an incident here to queries why she still wasn’t on social media.

Sonali Bendre finds social media scary
Sonali Bendre finds social media scary

But Sonali’s filmmaker life partner Goldie Bahl and son are tech-savvy. Sonali was also attend at her friend Twinkle Khanna‘s latest book launch where Twinkle had said that as a mother, she was glad if there was a ban on pornographic websites.

First looks, trailers, teasers and other advertising material are all strongly passed out on social media nowadays which constructs it a represents for celebrities to be in the news and also to connect with fans and voice opinions on burning problems. That is perhaps why Sonali expects she gets over her disinclination.

“I’m not on any social media but maybe, one day I’ll get over my obsession, I’ll join in. But 140 words on Twitter is very complex, I have lots to say,” says Sonali who was last seen in a cameo role in Once Upon a time in Mumbai Dobaara. She also appeared in the television serial Ajeeb Daastaan Hai Ye which was a fully grown love story.

Beautiful Vidya Balan look very good with a Handloom Silk Saree

We are all know that Vidya Balan’s pleasant personality, beauty and acting ability. She is one the best actress in present time. She always try to do something different. In her every film you can find a strong message. People love her enchanting beauty. And ofcourse her style of talking is very good. We always see her in any public gatherings with a saree, she always love to wear Indian Silk Sarees. And handloom sarees is her best choice.

Vidya Balan love to wear Indian Handloom Silk Sarees
Vidya Balan love to wear Indian Handloom Silk Sarees

Australian Women Love to Wear Handloom Garments

Australia is a big country and very much rich in there cultures and traditions. Australian peoples are always fun loving, friendly and helpful. For these reasons number of outsiders stay and leading their life in Australia. Where always available jobs for foreigners and students. Education in Australia also very rich in the world map. Number of big names Universities and Institute have there for higher studies. Every year number of students go there to study in Australia from the different parts of world. Specially, they are from Asian countries. Students come from India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Srilanka, Koria, China etc countries.

Jamdani Sarees ready to export to Australia
Jamdani Sarees ready to export to Australia

There also have some mixed culture because from the different parts of world peoples can stay in Australia. Women of Australia always try to wear trendy and fashionable garments. Handloom Cotton and Silk garments are very famous in Australia. Indian women of Australia always try to wear handloom silk sarees in occasion purpose, like Durga puja, Diwali, Wedding parties etc.

Dussehra celebration in India

Dussehra is the famous festival and it’s celebrated all over India. After Navaratri means nine nights Dussehra will come. Bengalies also tell this day as Vijayadashami and they also celebrated as their way like playing with sindur between married women and also distribute sweets to the neighbors and relative. It’s also tell that the end of Durga puja festival. During this period everyone want to wear new dresses and visits pandals to see the sculpture of the Goddess Durga. Now you can see online Durga puja also. Their are number of online shopping stores are available you can buy any type of product like silk sarees, cotton sarees etc.

Dussehra celebration in India
Dussehra celebration in India

Celebrities and Handloom Silk Sarees

Celebrities are always like handloom silk sarees. They use to wear ethnique styles handloom sarees in award ceremonies, promotions of movie, social gathering etc. Number of fashion designers always try to invent unique designs for the celebs. Online shopping stores also collect huge amount of handloom silk sarees for the potential customers. Buyers can find their desired silk sarees with some mouse clicks.

Aishwarya wear a silk sarees
Aishwarya wear a silk sarees

Famous Indian Handloom Sarees

Indian handloom sarees are famous all over the world. All the NRI try to wear unique handloom sarees in every social gatherings. And now they can get the some from online shopping store also. Some famous names of handloo sarees are:

  • Sambalpuri Handloom Sarees
  • Bomkai sarees
  • Pasapalli sarees
  • Patachitra Sarees
  • Nuapatna Silk Sarees
  • Ikat Sarees
  • Khandua silk Sarees
  • Manibandha Sarees etc.
Rare Collection of Patachitra Saree of Odisha
Rare Collection of Patachitra Saree of Odisha

Handloom Sarees and Celebrities

Handloom sarees are the first preference of the Indian celebrities like film stars, politician, players etc. When they need to go any auspicious and celebration event they always try to wear a gorgeous handloom saree. Like any prize distribution event, national awards event, marriage ceremony etc. they always use to wear handloom silk sarees.

Bollywood Actress Wearing a Handloom Silk Saree
Bollywood Actresses Wearing Handloom Silk Saree


Designer bridal sarees available in online shopping

In India mostly women belongs to rich family choose the designer bridal silk sarees on their wedding days. Now Bollywood sarees are too much popular, and the designer sarees are worn by various actress like Katrina Kaif, Rani Mukherjee, Kajol,  Aishwarya  Rai,  Vidya balan, Deepika Padukone. They drape the saree with properly and look graceful in the onscreen and in offscreen also.

Hema Malini and the newly weds Esha
Hema Malini and the newly weds Esha

These peoples also take the help of fashion designer like Manish Arora, Neeta Lulla, etc. Neeta Lulla is the best fashion designer who design’s the traditional silk saree for the bollywood actress Esha Deol on his marriage day. She wears the designer bridal silk saree and looks so cute and pretty.

These types of designer sarees available in several online shopping stores. If your marriage is coming try to buy the designer sarees from online stores.

Modern Style of Wearing a Saree

Due to relocation to Western countries such as South Africa, countless Indian women began to dress in the common saree lower than the waistline exposing the navel, famous as low-rise saree or low down hip saree. Hence, the gap between the bottom of the saree blouse and the upper portion of the petticoat began to enlarge to expose the navel or a fit roll of fat as a substitute of only a pair of inches of skin. Also due to liberalisation and altering international fashion styles, sarees are re-rising as clothing which can expose as much as it secretes. As a effect, sarees began to be created in many modern ways and fabrics. Transparent and semi-transparent sarees prepared of sheer materials such as chiffon are an instance. Heavily decorated sarees gave way to featured nylons and polyesters.

Saree Wearing Style of Glamorous Shilpa Setty
Saree Wearing Style of Glamorous Shilpa Shetty

These sarees are arranged in various ways such as petticoat being tied at about 4–5 inches lower the navel or where the blouse is tiny and ends just lower the breasts and the pallu is thin, thereby exposing some portion of the blouse and approximately the complete midriff. A fashion designer once stated,” The saree is the most adaptable garment in the globe. It can, with a flounce of the head, be traditional or with a spark of the navel, stylish. If you are going for an entreaty get together, all you require to do is to position the pallu above the shoulders or cover up your head with it. The similar saree, worn a slight low to show off the navel, and grouped up with a rear-less choli, and show a bit of cleavage, can build you the most stylish woman at a blend gathering.”

Wearing the saree lower the navel does not constantly direct to exposing it, as the navel is wrapped with the pallu in a low-rise non-clear saree. This fashion can be obliging for tall women for whom tying the saree over the navel might not be possible. The pallu assists in wrapping the navel. In Indian community ethnicity, sarees are needed to be worn in a graceful method avoiding navel disclosure.

Sarees and Bollywood Heroines

The relationship between Indian actresses and sarees from the old age. We have seen trendy sarees wearing heroins from the starting point of Indian cinema. Year after year they wear sarees in different styles. Designers can designs their sarees after thinking particular heroine’s personality, complexion, face and style and after that that design will go famous in India. Every Indians specially ladies follows bollywood heroins style in the matter of garments like saree. From the black and white era we have seen famous heroines like, Wahida Rehman, Madhubala, Schitra Sen, Tanuja Mukherjee, Jaya Bachchan, Rekha, Sridevi, Madhuri Dixit, Kajol, Rani Mukherjee, Aishwarya Rai, Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra use to wear various types of designer sarees, handloom sarees etc. for depicting different moods in their acting skill.
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan with Handloom Silk Saree
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan with Handloom Silk Saree
Nowadays various types of trendy garments available in the market. But, these are not ueses as replacement of saree. Because, a lady with saree is more attractive for depicting different moods and looks. That’s why new comers like Alia Bhat, Parineeti Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, Nargis Fakri also use sarees for some special situation in their roles.
Women in India buys bollywood styles sarees, handloom sarees etc. from local markets and as well as using online shopping. Using online shopping you can buy your desired products at your doorstep and also you can choose specific colours, design from your home.