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Kangana Ranaut’s Indian Traditional Saree Love

Kangana Ranaut is one of the most powerful actresses in the country who has time and again proved her mettle with great roles but she is also a major fashionista in her own right. While being a dynamic actress and performer onscreen, she is also a real stunner who can create a style statement at the drop of a hat. The Queen actress not only rules the box office but also attracts a lot of attention with her sartorial fashion choices. From traditional sarees to classy dresses, Kangana hardly ever steps into a fashion faux pas. Of late, this Rangoon actress has been regularly setting high standards with her choices of traditional Indian sarees. While getting prepped up for her upcoming flick Manikarnika, this 31 year old actress has been sporting the saree while trying out numerous trendy twists. Recently she has been seen in many promotional events and film parties wearing the saree.

From the very beginning, Kangana Ranaut has a strong love for the traditional Indian saree and she has never made any qualms about it. She also has a unique and eccentric sense of personal style which allows her to pull off looks that are quite avant-garde. This really makes Kangana Ranaut a true diva who can look great in any kind of uniquely designed saree. She has recently been spotted wearing some gorgeous sarees designed by popular fashion experts. Kangana Ranaut also attended a beautiful wedding ceremony held in Mumbai where he looked stunning and lovely in an elegant cotton count muslin saree designed by Swati and Sunaina, the famous designer duo. The border and the golden motifs of the saree made the attire look quite elegant yet traditional. She also made a strong statement with her choice for blouse. Kangana Ranaut gave a unique and fresh twist to the saree that she wore by combining it with a stylish cold shoulder blouse that was further beautified with ruffled sleeves.

Kangana Ranaut's Saree Love
Kangana Ranaut’s Saree Love

Kangana Ranaut has always been a lover of sarees that are beautiful and elegant and yet allowed her to be outlandish and make a major fashion statement. It is due to this reason that she always chose her garments with precision and care. While many other celebrities preferred to play safe with their fashion outfits, Kangana was never the one to shy away from experimenting with new looks and ideas. It is due to this reason that she has time and again chose beautiful sarees that have the hint of tradition and yet were different and one of a kind. For instance, in a recent event she chose to wear a chequered saree created by Pero and combined it with a matching elbow-length sleeve blouse. She finished the look with side swept curls and classic gold earrings.

It is her penchant of understanding fashion trends and practices that have made her a true fashion icon in her own right. She has developed a great collection of gorgeous sarees that enable her to create an amazing look each and every time. In another event, the stunning actress was also seen in a floral Pero saree that stands out for its vintage vibes. Subtle and elegant, the saree really spoke volumes without being loud. In another look, Kangana was seen in a nice sheer yoke blouse that was combined with an unusually beautiful Shane Peacock and Falguni saree. Many of the industry insiders are saying that this is by far the most glamorous look that she has ever sported. She also has a strong thing for heavily motif driven sarees that express unique themes and elements of their own.

The Pink Bridal Handloom Kanjeevaram silk saree which makes you a Princess

When you were growing up there must have been occasions when you wore a lot of dresses in pink, a colour that is associated with feminity. You must have felt like a princess in the dresses. So, now that you are all grown up and about to embark on a new phase of life it is fitting that you do so in a pink bridal handloom Kanjeevaram silk saree that will make you feel like a princess. Traditionally brides in India choose colours such as maroon and red for their saree on the big day. However, pink has emerged to be a major trend and this has seen a lot of girls head that way.

The increase in thematic weddings

These days, the number of thematic weddings has increased significantly. Compared to other colours it is more convenient to follow the pink theme. In fact, you can get your invitation cards done in pink and the décor of the hall where the marriage is taking place can be done in pink as well. In such a setting your opulent pink bridal handloom Kanjeevaram silk saree can really work wonders, to say the least.

The advantage of these sarees

The main benefit of these sarees is that they are available in various shades. There are so many hues that you can choose from. This means that no matter what your skin tone is there is always some option or the other for you. Pink is one colour that will always look good on any skin tone. When you wear pink you will glow like anything and, needless to say, you would look as beautiful as a princess. This is why you will see that princesses like to wear pink as well.

Ethnic Choice Kanjeevaram Silk Saree
Ethnic Choice Kanjeevaram Silk Saree

How to wear these sarees?

You can wear your pink bridal handloom Kanjeevaram silk saree with a blouse in the same shade. Or else if you wish to do so, you can try for a colour that contrasts this one. You can choose colours such as green, blue, and gold. These are colours that go well with pink. They will also add a dash of colour and spark to the proceedings and make sure that things do not get boring. These sarees may not always look that bright in spite of being quite heavy. This is why you would do well to add some stone work to them.

A unique look

This will make sure that your saree has a unique look. It will also be a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. You can also accessorize the saree with things such as diamonds and emeralds, or just about any arty thing that catches your fancy. This will add an entirely-new dimension to the silk saree. Please do not use gold jewellery over here. This is something that has been done so often that it has literally been done to death. Such offbeat choices would definitely make you look more appealing and take the entire thing to a new level.

Choices according to colour of saree

The kind of jewellery and accessories that you use with your pink bridal handloom Kanjeevaram silk saree depends on the shade of the said piece of clothing. For example, if you have chosen a deeper shade or even hot pink you can try using heavy vintage ornaments. This will make sure that your bridal look is a complete one. There are also a few suggestions to keep in mind over here. When you go shopping for your saree never jump the gun. Always go with the elder and experienced women in your family. Also visit a trusted brand.

Unique collection of Handwoven Silk saree wear by Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan needs no introduction. She is one of the actresses that are known in equal measure for their captivating beauty as well as their acting chops. As far as her beauty goes Balan can be credited with having started a new trend in Bollywood – an industry that is known to set a trend with every new successful movie. When you come to think of it, it is a mean achievement. The actress, who has a National Award in her kitty, is seen sporting a saree more often than not. In fact, you are more likely to see her in a saree than anything else.

Her knowledge

One thing is for sure. Going by the kinds of sarees that she wears on a regular basis she knows quite a lot about this dress that is identified rather readily with women in India but not with other members of her ilk. She knows much more than any other heroine in Bollywood when it comes to sarees. In fact, she has made this an inspirational dress for so many ladies out there. So, if you are thinking about wearing one such saree as well you need not fret since there are plenty of websites where you will be getting a commendable collection of the same.

Why are these sarees special?

There are several reasons as to why these sarees are so special. First of all – and this is quite obvious – these sarees get their name from one of the most celebrated actresses in the country. Secondly, Balan has made them famous by wearing them time and again on public appearances, not least the red carpet appearances that happen to receive the maximum coverage in their ilk from the media. Apart from all these obvious factors there are some technical issues over here as well.

Silk Saree's of Vidya Balan
Silk Saree’s of Vidya Balan

The technical aspects

For starters, Balan never repeats a saree. That means that there are plenty such sarees which is why she is able to not repeat them. Of course, she is a star and can buy a truckload of clothes whenever she wants to but still there needs to be plenty such sarees in abundance for that to happen. Balan wears both traditional sarees as well as the modern day ones that are sleek in appearance. Some of the finest materials have been used in order to design the sarees. They also look crisp because of the wonderful shades that they come in.

The wow factor

All these factors mean that the collection of sarees at Balan’s disposal is just wow. As has been said already she would not even be caught dead because she is always looking to be diverse and varied to the extent that she can be. This is why we have no choice but to appreciate how she perceives style. If you too are thinking that why can I not wear the sarees that she is wearing then all you need to do is go online and look for those sarees and buy them.

Some important factors

You would be glad to know that these sarees are available at affordable prices. That means that just because you are buying something that a celebrity wears it will not burn a hole in your pocket. The blouse design of these sarees is quite coherent as well and they have been described as well-equipped by a number of experts who know what they are talking about. What further works for these sarees is the fact that they are designed by Sabyasachi Mukherjee from Kolkata. Mukherjee happens to be one of the top names in the fashion industry right now.

The Latest and the Hottest saree fashion for the Brides during Winter 2016

Winter is here (well almost) and the wedding season is definitely on full swing. While we are all bracing up for the chills, some of us (who are about to get hitched this season) are also busy zeroing in on our wedding look. So, here we are – discussing the top bridal saree trends that are going to rule the winter wedding season of 2016. Discussing fashion trends are fun and exciting. So, let us enjoy this fun ride.

Bridal Fashion Trends: What can we expect this winter?

What is it that brides can look forward to in terms of trends that should ideally govern their choice of drapes? Make sure you are reading further to find out about the same. Hopefully, this primer will turn out to be of a lot of help for would-be-brides.


That one style statement which will actually be endorsed by a lot of brides this season is traditional sarees worn with modern twists. That’s how you can create your individualistic style within the “traditional” framework. Nobody likes to flout tradition when it comes to marriage. However, there’s no harm in introducing modern elements to what has been endorsed through generations.

Bridal silk sarees for example do not really have to be strictly conventional. If you are a little diligent, you will definitely be able to keep track of the fact that Indian designers are mixing up modern designs when they are working with cotton or traditional silk in a bid to cater to the changing demands of modern brides.

Hand Woven Bridal Wear Silk Sarees
Hand Woven Bridal Wear Silk Sarees

According to fashion designers, modern women are infallibly keen on experimenting with their drapes. They are confident of pulling off offbeat styles – in fact, not only carrying them properly but turning heads at occasions as well. Don’t you want to turn heads at your wedding? Make sure you are actually looking up different styles on the internet and experimenting with the same before zeroing in on your look for the D-day. If you have a personal stylist of your own, make sure you are discussing your wedding look with the same, keeping this particular point in view (i.e. there’s a lot of experimentation going on in terms of the fusion of the old and the new saree looks). You can select traditional stuff with new motifs or for that matter drape your traditional silk in a contemporary fashion as well.

Georgette and chiffon will rule the roost

Notably it’s the embroidered chiffon (not exactly the plain ones) that’s going to be the talk of the town this season! Both the chiffon and Georgette drapes with crafty embellishments are clearly going to emerge as the most popular trend among brides. Thanks to regal charm and poise these sarees add to your wedding look, they are, in all probability, going to rank high on your trousseau list!

Do consider lace sarees this season

Lace sarees have also staged a comeback in the bridal fashion scenario. Bridal wear designers are definitely giving them a thumbs-up for this wedding season (winter 2016) as according to them, these drapes make for timeless fashion choices and have great recall value as well. Plus, unlike the heavy Georgette sarees, they can be kept outside the wardrobe and worn on a repeated basis as well.

So, as a would-be-bride, you should be diligent enough to do a bit of ground research before finalizing your bridal look. Please make sure that you are actually taking the trouble to invest proper time for all this.

As cliched as it may sound – we will continue to root for comfort when it comes to fashion. Knowing that you are dressed well for the most important occasion of your life gives you comfort as well.