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Different Varieties of Bhutanese Art and Their Demand

Bhutan is a very beautiful landlocked country in South Asia at the eastern end of the Himalayas. India, Nepal Bangladesh and China are the countries surrounded by the country Bhutan.

The country Bhutan is a small country but it is very reach in arts and cultures. Traditionally there are many different types of arts re produced by very skilful Bhutanese artist.

These are different types of beautiful arts are present in Bhutan, some of the arts are Textiles, Paintings, Sculptures, Paper making, Wood carving, Sword making, Boot Making, Bamboo Craft, Bow and Arrow Making, Jewellery etc.

Painting Art of Bhutan
Painting Art of Bhutan

According to requirement people produces products, in Bhutan also people produces different varieties of textile products, paper products, swords, Bow and Arrow, jewellery etc.

As the Bhutanese people are very creative so they produce very beautiful designs on the different products those they produce for day to day use. In textile products different traditional motifs and patterns are women by the handloom weavers of Bhutan those are very beautiful and people in all over the world like these cloths very much.

Also very beautiful bamboo crafts are produced by the Bhutanese handicraft workers, they produce very useful and attractive products by using bamboo those are very much in demand in all over the world.

The main religion of the county Bhutan is Buddhism, and Bhutanese’s women and men also like to wear different types of jewelleries made of different metals. So in Bhutan many varieties of good quality jewelleries are available those are also liked by people in all over the world.

Other arts and crafts are also very much liked by people in different countries, so these products are exported to many countries in all over the world. Also the Bhutanese products are available on online market through online shopping stores.

So these are some things about arts and crafts of Bhutan and their demand In market.

South Indian Handicraft products and online shopping

The region South India is consist of from the area encompassing India’s states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala as well as the union territories of Lakshadweep and Puducherry. These states and territories are situated at the south part of the county India.

In this region these are many natural beautiful places are present and the peoples of these regions are very artistic and produces many beautiful handicraft products by using very simple things.

The handicraft art of south India is influenced by different cultures like Muslim, British and French etc. During time many cultures are coming to this place and bring their culture and art with them. People of south India adopts those art and culture in well manner and mixed their own art with other and created very unique and beautiful handicraft products.

South Indian handicraft
South Indian handicraft

People in all over the world like the handicraft products of south India very much, every where people want to buy the south Indian handicraft products very much. So the demand of the south Indian handicraft products is very much in international market. Due to the huge demand many Indian people doing the exporting work of the handicraft products from India to many different countries.

But online shopping is such a technique that allows peoples of different countries to purchase handicraft products of south India in a very easy and better way.

On online shopping people get many varieties of products in less cost, also online shopping allows people to buy their liked products by sitting at home, they don’t need to go shop to shop and facing heavy traffic and not facing other difficulties of shopping they easily buy from online shopping stores website just by sitting at their home. So this is very helpful for people to buy a handicraft product of south India or any other product.

Different Types of Handicraft products of Dhenkanal

Dhenkanal District is very beautiful and an administrative division of Odisha, India. Here in this district many people of different background are leaving. Here many types of handicrafts are produced by the skilled artist of this district Dhenkanal. Most popular handicraft of Dhenkanal is Dhokra casting apart from this Brass & Bell metal handicraft is also very popular handicraft of the Dhenkanal district. Some other types of handicraft products are Horn works, Straw works, Wood carving,   Stone carving, Bamboo works, Tribal jewellery,   Silver & filigree, Soft toys, Art textile, Woolen carpet etc.

These handicrafts are produced at different places of Dhenkanal district. Like    Dhokra casting handicrafts are produced at Sadeibereni village of Sadar Block, Badamuktapasi village of Bhuban Block and Khajuriakata of Hindol Block. The Dhokra casting handicrafts are very famous in all over the world and many people of this district doing the exporting work of this Dhokra casting handicrafts products. As example OdishaSareeStore.com is the first online shopping store of Dhenkanal district that provides Dhokra casting handicrafts products and many other handicraft and handloom products of Odisha in all over the world.

Dhokra Art  Work of Dhenkanal Online
Dhokra Art Work of Dhenkanal Online

Brass and Bell metal handicraft products are other types of famous handicraft product that produced in different places of Dhenkanal like Indipur village of Odapada Block and Aukhama of Sadar Block. The Brass and Bell metal handicraft products are also very much popular among peoples in different countries. Most of the people in all over the world collecting these Brass and Bell metal handicraft products for decorating their home so this handicraft products of Dhenkanal also exported to different countries in all over the world.

All other handicrafts of dhenkanal are very famous but not as much as Dhokra casting and Brass and Bell metal handicraft products. All other handicraft products like Horn works, Straw works, Wood carving,   Stone carving, Bamboo works, Tribal jewellery,   Silver & filigree, Soft toys, Art textile, Woolen carpet etc are supplied to different Indian markets for selling.

So these are some things about the different types of handicraft products of Dhenkanal.

Famous Bidri Crafts of South India

Bidri Crafts or Bidriware is very famous handicraft in south India from ancient days. Kings and reach people use these Bidri Crafts or Bidriware to decorate their homes and palaces. These Bidri Crafts or Bidriware are mainly found in south India, more specifically at “Bidar” (It is a beautiful and artistic city situated on the ‘deccan plateau’, in the north-eastern part of the state Karnataka in country India. The origin of these beautiful Bidri crafts or Bidriware is usually at the ruling period of ‘Bahamani sultans’. Bahamani sultans ruled Bidar in the 14th–15th centuries and within that period the beautiful Bidri Crafts are evaluated.

South Indian Bidri Crafts
South Indian Bidri Crafts

After the evaluation the Bidar products becomes favourite of people very much. Especially reach peoples and kings like these products very much, at that time for decorating house and palace they use different beautiful Bidri crafts. On those time people use these Bidri crafts to give as gifts to other peoples. This shows the popularity of the Bidri crafts on that time among peoples. Now days also the popularity of the Bidri products are very high among peoples in all over the world, every where people like these products. Not only in India also in outer countries people like the Bidri products very much. So many Indian exporters started exporting the Bidri crafts to different countries in all over the world.

Online shopping technique help a lot in developing the Bidri crafts, through this online shopping technology people everywhere get more chance to purchase the Bidri crafts and the selling of the Bidri products increase that makes beneficial to workers those are producing the bidri crafts and alternatively it develop the Bidri craft industry.

Online shopping also helps consumers in getting their liked products in a better and easier way. As the Bidri crafts are products in a small town in India, so it couldn’t reach at the markets in different countries properly. So those people wanted to purchase these products they don’t get it. Online shopping helps in getting by making available all products in a website, now any one from anywhere can purchase it from online easily.

Traditional bamboo crafts and other crafts of Assam

Assam is a state of India having a very reach culture and tradition. For more than two thousand years Assam maintained its rich tradition and its traditional crafts in a very efficient way. Some of the beautiful handicrafts of Assam are:  Cane crafts and bamboo craft, beautiful silk and cotton weaving products, bell metal crafts and brass craft, beautiful toy making and mask making, pottery work and famous terracotta work, different wood craft, high quality jewellery making, musical instruments making, etc. These are some beautiful and famous handicrafts of Assam.

According to history, Assam makes boats, traditional guns and gunpowder, colours and paints, traditional building materials, utilities from iron, etc in old days. But Assam’s skilful workers very much efficient in making very beautiful products by using very simple products like bamboo, cane, grass and etc.

Handicrafted Sindoor Container made with bamboo online
Handicrafted Sindoor Container made with bamboo online

In Assam products made by Cane and bamboo are very commonly used utilities in daily life, so the handicraft workers give more importance in producing very beautiful and useful products by using bamboo. The skilful handicraft workers try to make household utilities, weaving accessories, fishing accessories, furniture, musical instruments to building construction materials by using bamboo.

Not only by bamboo, Assam’s handicraft workers make other things like Traditional utilities and symbolic articles by suing bell metal and brass. These crafts made by Assam’s handicraft workers are very much appreciated by peoples in all over the world. People in India like these arts and beautiful pieces of hand made products but people in other countries like USA, UK, Australia, and Canada etc like these products very much. So many people transporting these Assam’s handicraft products to these countries and earning a good amount of money, this exporting of products also make beneficial to the handicraft workers by providing them more money for their work.

Now day’s online shopping technology makes very easier for people in all over the globe to find and get the handicraft products of Assam. Now people anywhere can purchase these products from any online shopping site that providers these products.

So these are some dissection about Traditional bamboo crafts and other crafts of Assam.

Some Famous Indian Crafts and their Classification

Crafts: We can define Crafts as simply as objects made by the hand or simple tools. The designs and idea of these crafts are evolved by some people, and it becomes tradition for the other peoples of that community. It can consider the crafts range from the simple clay toys to the very expensive luxury items. Handicrafts consists of objects created by skilled people for religious rituals, like wedding and celebrations and for personal use as well as luxurious ones created by specialized craftsmen for specific requirements. These are many types of handicrafts are present in all over the India, but they are mainly classified as:

  1. Folk Craft
  2. Religious craft
  3. Commercial craft

Folk craft: Folk craft are basically a special kind of embroidery work done by the village women.  Folk of India are a good and people like this art very much. There are craftsmen who are specialized in creating textiles and some beautiful designs on cloths and embroidery those designs which are very much popular among people there are some particular caste or community. They have their own distinctive designs and styles of embroidery.

Famous Patachitra Painted Sarees Online Shopping
Famous Patachitra Painted Sarees Online Shopping

Religious craft: Religious craft are some craft those are very much important for the peoples of India from the religion point of view. As India people very much believe in religion then the religion crafts are very much liked by them. These crafts are developed around religious places across the India. These craft items are very much inspired by religious institutions and relevant ceremonies. Different religious places in India are having specialized craft items. For example, let’s consider Varanasi a famous religion place of India specializes in weaving clothes for religious ceremonies. Like that another religion place is Puri a famous religious place of Odisha, here pattachitra painting are some beautiful craft that is very much inspired from Lord Jagannath and Hindu dharma.

Commercial craft: Commercial craft are not a particular craft; the crafts are used as commercial purposes are called commercial crafts. As example, the Weavers, the Dyers, the Printers, the Goldsmiths and the Carpenters are some of the commercial craftsmen.

So these are some classification of Indian handicrafts.

Famous Handicrafts of Odisha

Odisha is a state of arts and culture, these are many art forms are available from ancient days. Some of the handicrafts of Odisha are Appliqué work, Brass and bell metal, silver filigree and stone carving. Other forms include Lacquer, and tribal combs, handlooms and wood and traditional stone carving and many more other handicrafts.  Handicraft art is almost in every part of Odisha are available. The whole stretch of Odisha has an exquisite line of beautiful handicrafts. And each piece of that handicraft designed art tells us a story about the art and culture of Odisha. It also states the story that is similar like a documentary of whole Odisha, I.e. from the North Odisha to the Southern Part, from the easternmost region to the westernmost region.

But most famous arts of Odisha are: Dhokra art, silver art, pattachitra, Golden Grass work, art etc.

Dhokra art:  this art can be made by mere alloy of brass and bell metal. Indian artist create very good pieces of product. These are mainly made in Khurda, Puri, Dhenkanal and Ganjam districts of Odisha state. The Dhokra art generally symbolizes folk culture and requires a lot of patience. These art pieces of dhokra art are liked by peoples in all over the world.

Golden Grass work: Another piece of beautiful art is golden grass work.  The golden yellow baskets, boxes or coasters are the products of this art, Golden grass products are extremely loved amongst all the people in all over the globe. Sometimes the artisans come up with brilliant designs with this grass which makes them a ‘must have’ for the perfect ethnic look for your home.

Patachitra Saree of Raghurajpur Available Online
Patachitra Saree of Raghurajpur Available Online

Horn Works: horn work is very beautiful and important art form in Odisha. These are mainly produced in Parlakhemundi, these are exquisitely designed artifacts made up of animal horns. The inception of this art has been more than a century ago and its popularity have only grown year after year. Many utility as well as decorative things are made in this form and mostly the finished products look very beautiful.

Pattachitra Painting: Pattachitra art or pattachitra paintings are very much liked by peoples of Odisha. The stories of Hindu gods are painted on silk are known as pattachita painting. This unparalleled work of beauty is famous and is produced largely from a village called Raghurajpur,near Puri.  This Raghurajpur is an arts village. Now days people from all over the world coming to this place and this becomes a tourist place.

Palm leaf Art: This is another beautiful art of Odisha, it still practiced in some parts of Odisha. The ‘jataks’ or the destiny papers are made up of this and are preserved for generations. Many more utility products are actually etched in palm leaf and shown as a skilled man’s flawless talent! It is one of our oldest traditional arts of Odisha.

So these are some beautiful arts and handicrafts of Odisha.

Tarakasi art of Odisha

Odisha is a state situated in east part of India. This is a state which is well known for its various traditional arts and crafts. Some important and popular arts and crafts made by Odia skillful artist are:   Pattachitara art, Tarakasi art, Dhokra art, etc.

Tarakasi is one of the most important art form of Odisha. This tarakasi art is a type of silver Filigree work made by skilled artist of Odisha. This art mainly found in Cuttack district of Odisha. This highly skilled tarakasi art form of Odisha is more than 500 years old and is traditionally done by local artisans on the Eastern shores of Odisha. Presently, the silver filigree workers are largely from in the Cuttack district, where the art flourishes to a great extent. According to people of Odisha, the art may have come to Odisha through its trade links with Indonesia as the work man ship is similar to that done in Indonesia The filigree artist’s work with an alloy of 90% or more pure silver. It may possible that ancient odia people who traveling to Indonesia for business, they introduce this art in Odisha and the skilled artist of Odisha adopt it and add their skills on it and make it more attractive.

Famous Tarakasi art of Odisha
Famous Tarakasi art of Odisha

The process of this art is First, the lump of silver is placed into a small clay pot and the two are put into a bucket full of hot coals. The temperature is regulated through a bellow that is hand operated by a crank. Different Forms of animals, birds, flowers and even miniature handbags and other souvenirs are made in Tarakasi work. But The Konark Chakra and temple are more popular pieces. Scenes from mythological stories like Mahabharata, in particular the still from the Bhagavad Gita depicting the chariot of Arjuna driven by Lord Krishna are quite popular in all over the world. Attractive palces like Taj Mahal and others made in silver are very much appreciated by peoples.

So these are some important things about tarakasi art of Odisha.

Indian Handloom and Handicraft Products in Germany

Germany, formally the Federal Republic of Germany is a federal parliamentary nation in western-central Europe. Its capital and biggest city is Berlin. Germany has the world’s fourth leading economy by insignificant GDP and the fifth-biggest by buying power equivalence. As a worldwide boss in numerous engineering and technological parts, it is equally the world’s third-leading exporter and third-biggest importer of commodities.

Tussar Silk Sarees ready to export to Germany
Tussar Silk Sarees ready to export to Germany

Indian handloom and handicraft products are extremely well-known in Germany. Women of Germany just get affectionate of Indian Handloom products like silk sarees, cotton sarees, dress materials, stoles, shawls, handcrafted side parts and bags, Patachitra arts etc. Women of Germany are like to wear gorgeous Indian silk sarees in some special occasions like Birthday celebration of Rabindranath Tagore etc. Because, we all know that this Bengali poet is very famous in Germany. Number of Germans are come to visit Shantiniketan every year. They also interested to study and research work on Rabindranath.

Now Odisha Saree Store started to export Indian handloom and handicraft products to Gemany. Now anytime you can buy Indian handloom sarees in Germany through our Online Shopping Store.

Handlooms Products of Bolivia

Bolivia is a South American country. This country is very much rich in cultures and history. It is bordered by Brazil to the north, east Paraguay and Argentina to the south, Chile to the southwest, and Peru to the west.

The Handloom and handicrafts products of Bolivia are always in demand. One of the best alpaca fibres is used in handloom products of Bolivia. Its gentleness and thermal worth make it distinctive and flexible for weaving, a favourite fabric by artisans.

Brasso Saree of Bengal in Bolivia
Brasso Saree of Bengal in Bolivia

The handloom framework are used in Bolivia, are not usual from Bolivia, were commenced from Europe, craftsmen and artisans who started weaving with them were familiarized to the floor loom, that if it is conventional method of weaving of the Aymara traditions in Bolivia, so the citizens straight implemented and is currently part of their uniqueness, since, they make their garments using wool from sheep famous as “fabric of the globe.”

Main Handloom products of Bolivia are Scarfs, shawls, cushion covers etc. Bolivia also imports other countries handloom and handicraft products like India. Handloom and handicrafts products of India are always in demand in Bolivia. People can buy handloom silk sarees, handloom cotton sarees, patachitra sarees, and other Indian handicrafts & handloom in Bolivia at Odisha Saree Store.

Indian Handloom Products in Spain

Spain is a well developed European country. Spain is a beautiful country as per view and well-built buildings. Spanish is the primary language of Spain, but there also uses English in some parts of the country. Madrid is the capital and central city of Spain. Other cities are Valencia, Seville, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Málaga, Murcia, Palma, Las Palmas, Bilbao.

Many Indians also stays in Spain for job purpose. Also visitors from every where in the world visits Spain to observe the natural beauty of this country. Indian handloom and handicraft products like handloom silk sarees, handloom cotton sarees, ladies dress materials, handloom cotton shirts for men, Pata Chitra art paintings, glass paintings, etc. are very famous in Spain. These items exported to Spain from the old times. Now peoples of Spain can buy Indian handloom and handicraft products through online shopping store and got the same on their doorstep.

Gorgeous Eri Silk Sarees Online
Gorgeous Eri Silk Sarees Online

Popularity of Indian Handloom and Handicraft Products

We all know that Indian handloom and handicraft items always in demand in the international market. India is very rich in handloom and handicraft items. When foreigners come to visit India they always remember to buy Indian handloom garments and handicraft items. Now peoples who stays outside India they can also buy Indian handloom and handicraft items through online shopping store.

Bengal kantha stitch cotton sarees online
Bengal kantha stitch cotton sarees online

When we visit in the abroad anywhere we will see Indians are present, specially when we visit countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Japan, Spain, South Africa etc. And NRI’s always try to wear Indian traditional dresses in any social gatherings, public functions, pujas etc. And all we know that Indian women love to wear handloom sarees and other handloom dress materials.