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Why young girls are too much inspired to wear handloom sarees presently?

Traditionally India always had a rich heritage of handloom sarees that are created in different parts of the country. Handloom experts in India mainly work on cotton and silk threads to create clothing items. When they use these threads to create sarees, they imprint different types of designs on them that make the sarees unique in appearance. The sarees that are made in India take on the unique person of the area in which they are developed. So if a particular saree is designed in Odisha, it includes designs and motifs that are a part of the regional culture of Odisha. The local motifs and embellishments that are added to the handloom sarees add to their beauty and make them highly desirable for women all across the country.

For hundreds of years, the saree has been the most commonly worn garment for women in India. Whether a woman is looking for a comfortable piece of clothing that she can wear everyday during the hot summer days or an attire that is just perfect for different types of festivities, women in India preferred to wear handloom sarees over anything else. The saree has played a very important role in the social cultural evolution of India over centuries. It is therefore no doubt that artisans in India make use of special methods and techniques to make each and every saree beautiful and gorgeous. Over the years new trends have grown in terms of designing and creating sarees that preserve the old beauty of the sarees and yet at the same time create designs that make the wearers stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Young Girl's Saree Love
Young Girl’s Saree Love

Over the last few decades or so, it seems like the popularity of classic handloom sarees have waned for the women in India. Many women prefer to wear western clothing nowadays and invest in them instead of a saree with a traditional style and design. In many cases, t-shirts and other western apparels are priced at cheaper rates which make them more readily affordable. Moreover, plenty of women have to work in offices for long hours these days. In such situations, they consider western wear to be more practical in workplaces where they have to move briskly. It is a true fact that sarees do not provide women with such flexibility to move around easily. On the other hand, western outfits make it easier for the women of today to look great without too much embellishments or accessories.

Such facts may make it seem that the popularity of handloom sarees is a thing of the past and that most women who prefer to wear them today are those who are above 40 or 50 years of age. However, this is far from the truth as we can see plenty of young girls nowadays who prefer to wear beautifully designed handloom sarees. In fact, most young girls consider it to be a matter of their pride to have at least a few beautifully designed handloom sarees in their wardrobe. In any wedding or religious event, one can see numerous young girls flaunting their sarees and looking great. The truth is that since today’s young girls do not find too much scope to wear classic handloom sarees in their day to day lives, they truly cherish each and every moment when they get the chance to do so. The widespread demand for handloom sarees for young girls has also been noticed by the leading saree designers of the country that particularly make beautiful sarees for this specific group of consumers. These saree brands design truly beautiful sarees for young girls that they can wear in numerous different ways.

Handloom Products in Odisha

Handloom sector in india in going down because of cost of man power. Weavers are not getting proper wages for their input and work for weaving. For designers there is not much scope in root level, still they are fighting for survival. This will cover all aspect of handloom and how to improve it.

I have been working on an ecommerce store enhancing handloom products of orissa. But i was not asware of many facts which really pathetic in root level.

When we start our ecommece store “Odisha Saree Store” we thought it is an easy process but by now we learn many fact on handloom, how to purchase raw materials, how the Govt of India trying to make the life better for them.

Actually Govt trying many programs but many vanished by the time it reach actual needy weaver or designer in Odisha.

Handloom Silk Sarees of Odisha Available Online
Handloom Silk Sarees of Odisha Available Online

The Life of Weaver are still pathetic, some of them even not able to have their daily need. by this our mindset changed we are planning to help them to grow in many fields. for example we will provide them better wage rate comared to other Master weavers and societies who are taking advantage of them. Provide and share knowledge to parents, so that they educate their children.

Handloom sector need more help from Govt of India and Banks. This is second largest industry in India and we are positive it will grow again. People have to like new products and designs from Orissa

Main handloom Products we have in Odisha are mentioned below:

Saree, Kurta, Shawl, Skirt, Lehanga Choli, Rug, Dhoti for men, Shewani, Pyjama, Jackets for men and women, Cap in different style, designer Bedsheet with traditional art, Table Cover which you will luv to have, Cushion Cover, etc

In Orissa or you can say Odisha the coloring process starts with dyeing the silk/cotton threads. Odisha Saree Store have specifically devoted experts for this tye and die process. Our fabric Coloring method includes sinking the material time after time in the boiled color water which contains in a container or bucket.

Our Store obtain the extreme care while dyeing the silk designed/cotton designed fabrics to make sure that the color is identical all over the materials and it should not change the superiority of the textile. Textile Coloring process in Odisha or Orissa is a very critical step in receiving a superior handloom product like saree, sari, salwar kameez, dupatta, chudidar, lungi, gamcha, handkerchief etc. Colors are applied by Odisha Saree Store’s Expert as per the terms from our handloom designers from best Institute like NIFT and during this process we consider the requirement needed from clients or customers if the item is a customized handloom product.

Sari is the Ethnic Cloth of Women in India

India is a big country where more than 100 core people of different cultures leaving together. Hinduism is the root culture in this country and maximum population belongs to this category. Indian people very much like their culture and traditions.

Traditionally sari is the ethnic cloth f women in India. Most of the women in India like to wear saris in their day to day life. Different varieties of very beautiful sari of silk, cotton etc are produced in India.

Best design and attractive colour of Indian handloom saris are very much liked by Indian women, so they want to wear saris every day. In special occasions or festivals good quality silk saris are popularly weared by women in India.

From thousands of years in India saris are manufactured and weared by women. Even Hindu goddesses are also wear saris, so according to spiritual point of view saris are very important for Indian people.

Handloom Silk Sarees Online
Handloom Silk Sarees Online

At the time of Kings, different types of handloom arts and cultures are promoted by kings in India and these saris are exported to different other countries.

Today’s also different varieties of good quality cloths are produced by Indian handloom weavers in traditional way and also exported to different countries. In India also at different states markets and big shops the Indian saris are available in huge quantity.

All women love this beautiful ethnic cloth in India. Today due to globalization and modernization women and girls in India preferring western cloths to wear in their day to day life, still in special occasion like marriage functions or puja festivals they prefer to wear good quality and latest designed handloom saris.

Churidar, dupatta, Khara Dupatta, gamchha, kurta, mundum neriyathum are some other types of cloths these are very popularly used by Indian women and girls but saris is the ethnic type of cloth for Indian women.

Online Shopping Help Young People in Maintaining Their Style

Young boys and girls are mostly very much like to maintain the style. They prefer to wear good stylish cloths; jewelleries and other things like foot wear tec. Good attractive designs are very much liked by people in all over the world.

So these people always like shopping different kinds of products and attractive things to buy and to use in their day to day life. Online shopping technology is such a technique that is very much helpful for young boys and girls in maintaining their style by purchasing good quality products and stylish things.

As young boys and girls need to do many other things, so they can’t spend more time on shopping at this situation online shopping very much helpful for these peoples.

Now Online Shopping is more popular
Now Online Shopping is more popular

Through online shopping they can easily get their liked products by sitting at their home and they utilise the time that they save in their studies and other important works.

Also through online shopping people get products in a less cost that helps students and they can afford fashionable products in their pocket money.

Different types of good cloths and other products of different countries are available on online shopping and also thousands of varieties are present on websites so the people those like to wear different varieties of things for them online shopping is very suitable.

Now days thousands of online shopping stores are available in different countries and they sell different varieties of product of their own countries and of different countries. In our country India also thousands of online shopping websites are available those are selling many traditional and new products at their website.

Young boys and girls very much prefer to buy products from these sites and also this is very helpful for them.

So these are some things about online shopping and young people’s likes in online shopping.

Lehenga Style Sari are more liked by girls in current scenario

Lehenga Style Saris are very popular among girls in current scenario. Most of the young girls like to wear Lehenga Style Sari during marriage functions, parties and in other traditional functions or festivals. Best quality and beautiful designed saris are now available in huge quantity.

Lehenga Style Saris are very popular because these saris are very easy to wear and very beautifully designed. As in India most of the women wear saris during their day to day life, so many varieties of saris and different styles of draping are available in different places of India. Wearing a sari is a very difficult and time taking work.

Sonam Kapoor with a  Lehenga
Sonam Kapoor with a Lehenga

As Lehenga Style Saris are very easy to wear so these are very much liked by the girls those have very less time to spend on preparation for a party or function because Lehenga style sari is a form of ready-made sari that arose from the need of an artistic yet easy to wear party attire that very much helpful for the women and girls.

So girls more like Lehenga style saris rather than traditional saris and demand of these saris are very huge in Indian market. Different garment stores providing very beautiful designed Lehenga style saris with varieties of colours.

In Lehenga style saris various types of embroidery patterns are employed according Bagh, Chikan, Kashida, Kasuti, Kantha, Sozni, Shisha, Zardozi, etc. Those are gives girls a very attractive look and girls very much like that, young girls always like to look attractive and Lehenga style saris help them on it. So Lehenga style saris become very popular among the girls.

So girls want to buy different types of Lehenga style saris from different shops and also from online shopping stores. As online shopping stores makes available different varieties of Lehenga style saris so girls very much prefer to buy Lehenga style saris from online shopping stores.

“Weaving” The Traditional Method

Weaving is one of the most important process through which we get out third basic need ‘cloth’. In the weaving process two distinct sets of yarns or threads are interlaced at right angles to form a fabric or cloth. And later the cloths are used in different ways. As from these cloths different men and woman garments are produced.

The longitudinal threads used in weaving process are called the warp and the lateral threads are the weft or filling. By these two threads very beautiful cloths are produced. To add design or to make the cloth more attractive weavers use different colour threads and by using their skills they produces very attractive and unique designs on it.

Hand woven silk sarees of odisha available online
Hand woven silk sarees of odisha available online

Basically cloths are woven on a loom. Loom is a device that holds the warp threads in place while filling threads are woven through them. Some other methods of producing cloth are including tablet weaving, back-strap, or other techniques without looms.

Different techniques and styles are followed by people to weaving cloths in all over the world and by different styles and techniques very unique and beautiful cloths are produced. Different countries and different areas people having their own traditions and technique of weaving and all types are different from each other by the purpose is same that all ways need to produce good cloths those are necessary for us.

After industrialization now cloths are produced by automatic machines but still in many countries traditional way of weaving are present. Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other countries still producing very good hand weaved cloths those are produced by traditional ways of waving.

Indian hand-woven cloths are very much popular in all over the world and people love to buy it in different American, European and Australia countries. So many products are exported to these countries for India.

So these are some things about weaving and traditional way of weaving and how it is very important for us.

Virupaksha Temple -The Most popular Temple of Karnataka

Virupaksha Temple is a very popular temple for Hindu community peoples and it is located in Hampi in Karnataka state. The Virupaksha temple is situated at 350 km distance from Bangalore; People in all over the south Indian like this temple very much and regularly visiting here.

The Virupaksha Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, known here as Virupaksha, as the consort of the local goddess Pampa who is associated with the Tungabhadra River. Lord Shiva is very famous Hindu God. These are lots of Hindu people are worship Lord Shiva.

All Hindu people those believe in Lord Shiva they regularly visiting this temple but along with them, other peoples are also come to this temple to see the beautiful art work of this temple.

Virupaksha Temple
Virupaksha Temple

According to history, the temple is uninterrupted from about the 7th century. The Virupaksha Temple was created under the Vijayanagara rulers. Especially the famous and powerful king Krishnadevaraya gives the temple very fine art work and style. Still, the beautiful art works of rock stones are present in the temple. Tourist very much like to see these stone works and every year tourist from different parts of India and different parts of the world coming to visit this famous temple.

Due to this temple, many people in the local area get money for surviving. As many people coming to visit this place every year so local people do the different types of work like tourist guide work, transportation work, selling handloom and handicraft products to tourist etc works are available for the local peoples due to the temple.

So the Virupaksha Temple is also very important from the economic view of the local place. Also due to more number of peoples are coming here regularly so the handloom and handicraft products are also getting chance to develop.

So these are some things about the famous and most popular temple Virupaksha of Karnataka.

Importance of Designer Saris for Indian Women

Saris are the most popular garment for women in all over the India and in some other south Asian countries. As saris are basically a piece of unstitched cloth, so it is very important that it should be designed in a very attractive way with good designs and colours so that it gives a very attractive look to the women those are wearing it.

Indian people are very much like to be look good and impressive. Because of this there are many varieties of good designed cloths are produced in all over the India. Women in India also like to wear attractive designer saris and other Indian women cloths according to the region.

Indian women always like to wear sarees
Indian women always like to wear sarees

People in India gives more priority to cloths as these is a proverb in India that “cloths are shows the personality of the person” so all people in India like to wear good and designer clothes. Especially women wants always to wear beautiful designer cloths and these are lots of competition between women for saris. Every woman in India wants to wear better saris than other women.

So the importance of designer saris in India is very much. Now days these are many shops are present in all over the India, those are providing attractive colour and best designed saris made with different fabric like silk and cotton etc. But some also provides saris on online market.

Online shopping in Indian growing in very fast, one of the important reasons behind it is the designer saris. As many online shopping stores providing many different types of saris at their online shopping store, women are attracted towards it and purchasing saris and some other things from that online shop. So in this way the business increases of the online shopping stores.

So these are some things about the importance of designer saris for Indian women.

Online Cloth Shopping In India

India is a big country of very huge population; India is the second largest country in population in the world. So the need to these peoples is also very huge. Basically people need food and clothes for daily use and in India people depend on local markets for buying and selling their products.

Now days the education and technology in India increasing in a rapid speed in India, so people trying different new things day by day.

In current scenario people in all over the India giving more attention to ward online shopping technology as the online shopping technology gives more advantages over traditional shopping technology.

Online Handlloom Clothing for Indian Women
Online Handlloom Clothing for Indian Women

Cloths are very much important in Indian culture; Indian people very much like to wear good designed cloths of different varieties. In all over the India these are many varieties of good designer clothes are available according to the local culture and traditions.

Online cloth shopping in India is such a technology that increasing its popularity day by day. Most of the Indian young and middle age people are now paying attention on online shopping and buying cloths and other products from online shopping stores.

But mostly good cloths are very much in demand in online shopping stores. Many Indian online shopping stores providing very good quality and attractive designed cloths, many are Morden, traditional, fancy, and classic or handloom cloths are provided.

Online cloth shopping is also very popular because it is very easy and cheaper than traditional way. In traditional way the shops or retailer sellers adds more profits and add all expenses like transport and other on products cost, so the cost of the products very much higher than the manufactures. But in online shopping the online shopping service providers directly purchase the products from manufactures and sell directly to customer so the cost of the products are not so high, because of this benefits on cost people in all over the India like the online shopping very much.

So these are some discussion about online cloth shopping in India.

Four popular Indian clothes

Clothes are very important for our life style it is one of our basic need for surviving. For surviving we need food, cloth and shelter. Clothes are the second thing that we need to happy survive our life.

We are leaving in India and here people like to wear different types of clothes very much. Some very popular Indian clothes are:

Dhoti: The Dhoti is the very important and traditional clothing of men in all over the world. Mahatma Gandhi the father of the nation always wearing a dhoti during their life period. The Dhoti is an unstitched piece of cloth usually 5 yards long that is tied around the waist and legs and Indian men very much like to wear this cloth. Now days people more preferring to wear Morden clothes but in some special occasions they prefer to wear Dhoti very much.

Sherwani: In India Sherwani is very famous cloth. It is a long coat resembling achkan in styling and very beautifully designed. Sherwani is buttoned up to the collar and lengthwise it is usually below the knee and men very much like to wear these clothes during the marriages.

Handloom Silk Sarees of India
Handloom Silk Sarees of India

Kurta: Kurta is another type of famous Indian cloth that is very popular in all over the India. Kurta is basically a long loose shirt, the length of which falls below or may be just above the knees of the wearer and it is very comfortable and also available in different types of designs. In old times, it was prefered only by men, but now days; women also like to wear these clothes and both men and women can wear kurta in their day to day life.

Indian Sari: Sari is another unstitched cloth used in India; especially by women it is one of the most wonderful dresses worn by Indian women. In different regions or geographical locations, according to the local culture and traditions women prefer to wear different types of saris.

So these are four beautiful clothes of India. Those are very famous in all over the India.

Bandhani The Famous Tie-Dye And Their Market

Bandhani is a very popular tie-dye art. Mainly the Bandhani art practiced in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat in the country India. The word bandhani is derived from the old Sanskrit language, the Bandhani art is very old art and also very important for peoples of India.

Bandhani art is known as Bandhej or Tie Dye or Bandhni, etc. as per the location or the regional where it is produced. This Bandhani art is a very highly skilled process that is very difficult as well as hardworking process. The technique involves dyeing a fabric which is tied tightly with a thread at several points.  Due to these several points it produces a variety of patterns like Leheriya, Mothra, Ekdali and Shikari depending on the manner in which the cloth is tied, the cloths or the patterns are very good looking designs are very much liked by the peoples of India.

Famous Indian Bandhani arts
Famous Indian Bandhani arts

Mainly colours like are yellow, red, blue, green and black etc are used in Bandhani. Bandhani work produces a variety of symbols including, dots, squares, waves and strips etc on the cloth and the cloths are looks very attractive due to these symbols. The Bandhani art pieces can be dyed by natural and artificial colours that give a colourful look.

Due to the beautiful patterns and designs and very attractive colour combinations the Bandhani art pieces are very much popular and the demand of the art pieces are very much in high in Indian and international market. Many people in India doing exporting work of the Bandhani arts pieces from India to many different countries.

People in all over the world; also like to purchase the Bandhani products from online shopping stores. These are many online shopping stores are present those are selling many varieties of Bandhani products on their online shopping store.

Different countries of America, Europe and Australia, people like the Bandhani products and purchasing the Bandhani from online or offline shops. So the demand of the Bandhani products are very much in Indian as well as international market.

So these are some things about the Bandhani art and the demand of the product in market.

Sambalpuri sari and their demand in Indian and International markets

Sambalpuri sari is a very popular and traditional handwoven sari of Odisha, India. The sari is also kinown as ikat or saree, in these types of saris the warp and the weft are tie-dyed before weaving. Mainly the Sambalpuri sari is produced in the Bargarh, Sonepur, Sambalpur, Balangir district, Boudh District of Odisha, India. Sari is a popular and traditional female garment in the Indian Subcontinent consisting of a strip of unstitched cloth ranging from four to nine metres in length that is draped over the body in various styles, women in all over the Indian and in some other south Asian countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka etc likes very much.

The demand of the Sambalpuri saris in all over the India is very huge, in every state women like to wear the sambalpuri silk and cotton saris. The weavers of sambalpuri silk sari and cotton sari produces very beautiful products by adding many traditional designs and very impressive colour combination. Motifs and themes of the Sambalpuri saris are very impressive and eye catching so most of the Indian women prefer to wear Sambalpuri sari silk and cotton saris.

Sambalpuri Silk Sarees Online
Sambalpuri Silk Sarees Online

Due to Indian women like the Sambalpuri sari and want to wear these saris at different special occasions like festivals, ritual functions, marriage functions etc. So the demand of Sambalpuri sari is very much in Indian market.

In international market also the demand of saris is huge, there are many Indian families are migrated to different countries and leaving their. The women in these families want to wear different varieties of saris in different festivals. Sambalpuri sari is also in very demand among the India women those are leaving in different countries.

The Indian women those are leaving in different countries outside of India faced many difficulties in buying saris due to unavailability of saris in their local market. These problems are solved by online shopping technology because the online shopping technology increases the availability of the products for them.

So these are some things about the Sambalpuri sari and their demand in Indian and International markets and how online shopping help in it.