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What are the common problems faced by the Indian saree exporters in USA?

The saree is a garment that shares an intimate relation with the history and cultural evolution of India. Women in India have loved dressing themselves up in saree since the earliest days of this ancient culture. The saree is known to be graceful, elegant and ethereal and combines all the beautiful aspects that any woman would love to enhance about her own self while being dressed in them. Hence it can also be said that if there is one way in which India has contributed to the world of fashion, then that would be with the invention of the saree. Over the years, the saree has evolved greatly in its style and content and as the world enters into a new age of globalization, there is great demand for the Indian saree from various international territories as well.

Sarees are created by using fine threads of silk and cotton in all parts of India. Depending on the nature and practices of the various regions of the country, numerous different styles of the saree have evolved over the years. These sarees are not only unique in their structure and style, but they also vary in the way they should be draped. This has automatically increased the options for women in this country when they want dress themselves up in sarees. The artisans in India take great efforts to ensure that each and every piece of saree is unique, beautiful and amazing in its own way. Generally hand woven techniques are used to ensure a high level of quality with the sarees. Although in some places of India machine made sarees are currently being introduced, the hand woven sarees still continue to enjoy greater popularity as they are aesthetically superior.

In today’s world where the artisans need more money when they need to buy raw materials for the sarees, it is of utmost importance that they get the best returns for their efforts from suppliers and exporters who play an important role in bringing these sarees to the market. Whether in India or abroad, it is important that exporters play an engaging role so that greater profits might be earned from saree business. India is a major exporter of sarees to various countries in the world, such as USA, UK, Germany, France and Canada. With the advent of the internet and implementation of new trading techniques in the recent times, it has been possible for the Indian exporters and merchants to earn greater profits from foreign lands. However, there are still certain key grounds that need further attention so that the trading prospects of sarees may improve in future.

For instance, USA is one of India’s most profitable markets. However, there are still a lot of high taxes that are levied on exporters of Indian sarees USA who do good business. This ultimately hampers the saree business in return as they cannot present the artisans with a greater cut for profit. Secondly, it is always a better idea to develop saree production centers in USA for the growing market there that are manned by people from India. This will automatically help in bringing down the production costs and increase profits. However, very little progress has been made in this front so far. The exporters also need to compete with various other countries as well as they try to sell their products in the American market.

In the recent times, the prospects for the Indian saree trade have improved with the advent of online shopping. More buyers are now choosing to buy their sarees from online stores than ever before. This has certainly expanded the customer base of saree stores all over the country.

Top factors which are affecting handloom Indian saree prices

Ever since the earliest centuries, India has a rich cultural tradition that is reflected in the country’s various practices and costumes. The artisans and weavers of India have always played a majorly important role in shaping up the handloom traditions of this country that have influenced clothing and fashion for men and women. Indian women, as depicted in art and literature for thousands of years, have worn sarees for all kinds of occasions. The saree as a garment is intimately connected to the personality and nature of the Indian woman as they both beautifully compliments each other. The artisans of this country have developed the handloom techniques over centuries which are used for creating beautiful sarees that clad the Indian woman. In fact, the handloom traditions of India still form the cornerstone of Indian industrial practices and fetch the country significant financial returns.

A distinct character of Indian handloom sarees is that they bear the cultural imprint of the regions from where they originate. So for example, if a particular saree has originated in some part of Bengal, then the designs and motifs used in that saree reflect the cultural practices of that region. In this way, all the different types of handloom sarees that are worn by the Indian women have the characteristic imprint of the places from where they have taken their roots. The designers and creators of handloom sarees make it a point to stick to the actual elements of a particular type of saree while at the same time come up with saree designs that are unique and one of a kind.

Buy India handloom sarees with reasonable price
Buy India handloom sarees with reasonable price

Indian sarees are known for their exquisite beauty and versatility. They are not only worn by women in this country but also by those in other parts of the world as well. For this reason, the handloom sarees are considered to be one of the major revenue earners for India in the international market. The exquisite designs and fine artwork of Indian handloom sarees make them ideal buys for any special occasion. Over the last decade or so, there has been a significant rise in the price of the handloom sarees that are available in India and abroad. This trend of rising prices for the Indian handloom sarees has invariably drawn criticism from certain sectors. However, there are a number of factors that have been held responsible for the rising Indian sarees price. So let’s take a look at some of them.

One of the primary reasons for the increasing prices is an increasing competition from other countries such as China and other oriental destinations. These countries are serving as strong contenders when it comes to capturing the European and USA markets and this of course reduces the number of sales of products from the Indian merchants. Consequently, the Indian merchants also need to increase the prices of their products due to the reduced number of sales. Secondly, the prices for the raw materials have also increased over time, and this has increased the production costs for the Indian handlooms. While the Government of India is attempting to reduce the costs of these raw materials, it has not been possible for implementing the same on all corners of the country. Thirdly, as there is now a growing demand for these sarees, the saree manufacturers need to invest more in order to come up with more finished products. To do so, they need the money by which they can buy the raw materials and this is leading them to ask for higher prices. Such factors have led to the overall increase of the price of these sarees on all markets, both domestic and international.

10 Beautiful Gorgeous Silk Sarees Available Online in India Made in Handloom

Silk handloom sarees are treats for eyes. And when you are not on budget, you can find great sarees for yourself. After all, you need few to attend formal occasions that are important for your social or professional stature. So, here are some out of the world gorgeous silk sarees samples that are available in India and made in handloom. They will definitely carve a new persona in new, better than ever before- a persona synonymous with elegance and sophistication.

  1. With handloom silk sarees, first picture that appears is of Odisha motifs. Try a green color pure silk saree with purple pasapalli motifs on aanchal and red traditional Cuttacki design on border. This is an apt choice for day long events as the fabric is comfortable. This saree would be available at Odisha Saree Store.
  2. Baluchari is another elegant handloom saree of Bengal. A multicolored striped gorgeous silk saree with resham and zari Baluchari work all over the body and anchal highlights this sophisticated saree.
  3. Assam silk handloom is elegance personified. Pick up an Assam silk with beige base and multi colored hand embroidered booti of popular Assam motifs in zari and resham. This will be an absolute choice for day time event and you can steal the show.
  4. With Benarasi silk, we get an image of a bride blushing in red trousseau. But break off this popular notion with an amazingly gorgeous silk saree in magenta jacquard saree in Benarasi handloom silk with all the threadwork in resham.
  5. Discussing silk sarees without mentioning south India will be all ignorant person’s blabber. Visit South India for an exquisite collection of Kanchipuram silk sarees. A pink gorgeous silk saree with stone work on aanchal and border. It is a fashionable take on traditional design.
  6. A maroon Patola silk with Ikkat design can be a show stopper at any event. Ikat is a handloom variety of Karnataka. Together with Patola silk, the designers of Nalli have taken it to a different level where glamor blends with sophistication. Buy this exclusive gorgeous silk saree to witness it.

    Handloom Silk Sarees of Khandua available online
    Handloom Silk Sarees of Khandua available online
  7. You need to visit a Kerala silk emporium to know that there can be so many variations and styles in plain looking white silk sarees with golden border. The only option to show creativity is in borders and pallu and the artisans excel themselves in doing so. A white silk saree with golden border and multicolored motifs, much like Meena work of north India, is a treat to eyes.
  8. Gorgeous silk sarees of Mysore can be your prized possession. Multicolored broad stripes and checks are in. Pick up one with mustard, maroon, turquoise , golden and purple squares with zari work all over it and wear it with golden blouse with three quarter sleeves to nail the perfect look for a wedding.
  9. Bandhni or tie and dye sarees in any silk variety adds a colorful casual touch to any traditional ambience. A vibrant green crepe silk with white and maroon dyed knots embellished all over the saree and maroon zari, and patchwork with mirrors all over the border is one saree that you can wear for office when you have to attend a formal event right from there.
  10. Dharmavaram handloom sarees are gorgeous silk sarees known for their bright broad borders in contrasting solid colors. A beige color saree with pink, magenta and golden checks at bottom and a gorgeous aanchal of golden and different shades of pink woven together can be a great choice for any age group and occasion.

Gorgeous silk sarees made in handloom are truly treasures because they are masterpieces as they cannot be recreated. And by choosing handloom, you also patronize a dying art. So celebrate any occasion with these masterpieces and enjoy all the envying eyes on all events.

Famous Tanchoi Silk Sari of Uttar Pradesh

Tanchoi silk saris are very popular silk sari produced in Uttar Pradesh, India. Tanchoi is basically a weaving technique involving a single or double warp and two to five colours on the weft which are often of the same shade. Mainly this technique is applied on Silk fabric and produces very beautiful and attractive handloom silk saris.

The small weaving patterns over the best quality silk fabric makes these saris very attractive, the commonly used patterns used are the of flowers, small birds in flight, peacocks and parrot motifs produces very unique design and women in all over the world like these saris very much.

In fact Tanchoi sarees are one of a kind which have spots all over the surface and are woven with a dual colour wrap which in very attractive and unique.

Tanchoi Silk Saree of Uttar Pradesh
Tanchoi Silk Saree of Uttar Pradesh

According to history Tanchoi silk was is said to have been brought to India through Chinese traders in 19th century which was later adapted to suit preferences of Indian wearers and the Indian weavers add their own style and technique and makes it more attractive.

Also, some people say that three Parsi brothers are said to have travelled to China in the 19th century and were enamoured by the technique in china. After learning the Tanchoi weaving skill, they came back to Gujarat and trained the Gujarati weavers the technique and then the Tanchoi weaving technique into Indian versions.

Now days the Tanchoi silk saris are very famous in India and in other countries, Indian exporters trading the beautiful Tanchoi silk saris to different countries in all over the world.

Also the Tanchoi silk saris are available on online shopping. Many online shopping stores are now providing very beautiful Tanchoi silk saris at their online shopping stores.

These are many other types of beautiful traditional handloom saris are available in Uttar Pradesh and all are very famous, but Tanchoi silk saris created a unique place in Indian women’s heart.

So these are some things about beautiful famous Tanchoi silk sari of Uttar Pradesh.


Online Shopping Help Young People in Maintaining Their Style

Young boys and girls are mostly very much like to maintain the style. They prefer to wear good stylish cloths; jewelleries and other things like foot wear tec. Good attractive designs are very much liked by people in all over the world.

So these people always like shopping different kinds of products and attractive things to buy and to use in their day to day life. Online shopping technology is such a technique that is very much helpful for young boys and girls in maintaining their style by purchasing good quality products and stylish things.

As young boys and girls need to do many other things, so they can’t spend more time on shopping at this situation online shopping very much helpful for these peoples.

Now Online Shopping is more popular
Now Online Shopping is more popular

Through online shopping they can easily get their liked products by sitting at their home and they utilise the time that they save in their studies and other important works.

Also through online shopping people get products in a less cost that helps students and they can afford fashionable products in their pocket money.

Different types of good cloths and other products of different countries are available on online shopping and also thousands of varieties are present on websites so the people those like to wear different varieties of things for them online shopping is very suitable.

Now days thousands of online shopping stores are available in different countries and they sell different varieties of product of their own countries and of different countries. In our country India also thousands of online shopping websites are available those are selling many traditional and new products at their website.

Young boys and girls very much prefer to buy products from these sites and also this is very helpful for them.

So these are some things about online shopping and young people’s likes in online shopping.

Lehenga Style Sari are more liked by girls in current scenario

Lehenga Style Saris are very popular among girls in current scenario. Most of the young girls like to wear Lehenga Style Sari during marriage functions, parties and in other traditional functions or festivals. Best quality and beautiful designed saris are now available in huge quantity.

Lehenga Style Saris are very popular because these saris are very easy to wear and very beautifully designed. As in India most of the women wear saris during their day to day life, so many varieties of saris and different styles of draping are available in different places of India. Wearing a sari is a very difficult and time taking work.

Sonam Kapoor with a  Lehenga
Sonam Kapoor with a Lehenga

As Lehenga Style Saris are very easy to wear so these are very much liked by the girls those have very less time to spend on preparation for a party or function because Lehenga style sari is a form of ready-made sari that arose from the need of an artistic yet easy to wear party attire that very much helpful for the women and girls.

So girls more like Lehenga style saris rather than traditional saris and demand of these saris are very huge in Indian market. Different garment stores providing very beautiful designed Lehenga style saris with varieties of colours.

In Lehenga style saris various types of embroidery patterns are employed according Bagh, Chikan, Kashida, Kasuti, Kantha, Sozni, Shisha, Zardozi, etc. Those are gives girls a very attractive look and girls very much like that, young girls always like to look attractive and Lehenga style saris help them on it. So Lehenga style saris become very popular among the girls.

So girls want to buy different types of Lehenga style saris from different shops and also from online shopping stores. As online shopping stores makes available different varieties of Lehenga style saris so girls very much prefer to buy Lehenga style saris from online shopping stores.

Virupaksha Temple -The Most popular Temple of Karnataka

Virupaksha Temple is a very popular temple for Hindu community peoples and it is located in Hampi in Karnataka state. The Virupaksha temple is situated at 350 km distance from Bangalore; People in all over the south Indian like this temple very much and regularly visiting here.

The Virupaksha Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, known here as Virupaksha, as the consort of the local goddess Pampa who is associated with the Tungabhadra River. Lord Shiva is very famous Hindu God. These are lots of Hindu people are worship Lord Shiva.

All Hindu people those believe in Lord Shiva they regularly visiting this temple but along with them, other peoples are also come to this temple to see the beautiful art work of this temple.

Virupaksha Temple
Virupaksha Temple

According to history, the temple is uninterrupted from about the 7th century. The Virupaksha Temple was created under the Vijayanagara rulers. Especially the famous and powerful king Krishnadevaraya gives the temple very fine art work and style. Still, the beautiful art works of rock stones are present in the temple. Tourist very much like to see these stone works and every year tourist from different parts of India and different parts of the world coming to visit this famous temple.

Due to this temple, many people in the local area get money for surviving. As many people coming to visit this place every year so local people do the different types of work like tourist guide work, transportation work, selling handloom and handicraft products to tourist etc works are available for the local peoples due to the temple.

So the Virupaksha Temple is also very important from the economic view of the local place. Also due to more number of peoples are coming here regularly so the handloom and handicraft products are also getting chance to develop.

So these are some things about the famous and most popular temple Virupaksha of Karnataka.

Importance of Designer Saris for Indian Women

Saris are the most popular garment for women in all over the India and in some other south Asian countries. As saris are basically a piece of unstitched cloth, so it is very important that it should be designed in a very attractive way with good designs and colours so that it gives a very attractive look to the women those are wearing it.

Indian people are very much like to be look good and impressive. Because of this there are many varieties of good designed cloths are produced in all over the India. Women in India also like to wear attractive designer saris and other Indian women cloths according to the region.

Indian women always like to wear sarees
Indian women always like to wear sarees

People in India gives more priority to cloths as these is a proverb in India that “cloths are shows the personality of the person” so all people in India like to wear good and designer clothes. Especially women wants always to wear beautiful designer cloths and these are lots of competition between women for saris. Every woman in India wants to wear better saris than other women.

So the importance of designer saris in India is very much. Now days these are many shops are present in all over the India, those are providing attractive colour and best designed saris made with different fabric like silk and cotton etc. But some also provides saris on online market.

Online shopping in Indian growing in very fast, one of the important reasons behind it is the designer saris. As many online shopping stores providing many different types of saris at their online shopping store, women are attracted towards it and purchasing saris and some other things from that online shop. So in this way the business increases of the online shopping stores.

So these are some things about the importance of designer saris for Indian women.

Online Cloth Shopping In India

India is a big country of very huge population; India is the second largest country in population in the world. So the need to these peoples is also very huge. Basically people need food and clothes for daily use and in India people depend on local markets for buying and selling their products.

Now days the education and technology in India increasing in a rapid speed in India, so people trying different new things day by day.

In current scenario people in all over the India giving more attention to ward online shopping technology as the online shopping technology gives more advantages over traditional shopping technology.

Online Handlloom Clothing for Indian Women
Online Handlloom Clothing for Indian Women

Cloths are very much important in Indian culture; Indian people very much like to wear good designed cloths of different varieties. In all over the India these are many varieties of good designer clothes are available according to the local culture and traditions.

Online cloth shopping in India is such a technology that increasing its popularity day by day. Most of the Indian young and middle age people are now paying attention on online shopping and buying cloths and other products from online shopping stores.

But mostly good cloths are very much in demand in online shopping stores. Many Indian online shopping stores providing very good quality and attractive designed cloths, many are Morden, traditional, fancy, and classic or handloom cloths are provided.

Online cloth shopping is also very popular because it is very easy and cheaper than traditional way. In traditional way the shops or retailer sellers adds more profits and add all expenses like transport and other on products cost, so the cost of the products very much higher than the manufactures. But in online shopping the online shopping service providers directly purchase the products from manufactures and sell directly to customer so the cost of the products are not so high, because of this benefits on cost people in all over the India like the online shopping very much.

So these are some discussion about online cloth shopping in India.

Clothing Fashion of Indian Peoples

India is a country with a very rich clothing design tradition, in yet an emerging fashion industry. This was the result of increasing exposure to global fashion and the economic boom after the economic liberalization of the Indian.

Indian people very much love to wear designers and attractive cloths. From ancient’s days at the time of kings, Indian handloom weavers produce very attractive designer clothes. The kings and rich people of India very much like to wear attractive cloths and also other peoples of India uses attractive and good designed cloths during festivals.

Fashionable ladies dress materials available online
Fashionable ladies dress materials available online

Now a day’s though a handful of good cloth designers existed in India, in prior to the 1980s, the late 80s and the 1990s saw a spurt of growth of clothing fashion of India in a rapid manner.

These are very good cloth designers are available in India those are working on fashion industry and bollywood industry, where people very much need fashionable cloths.

Day by day the fashion industry of India increasing and many Indian people are focussing then attention on fashion and on fashionable cloths.

Good fashion designers adds many new varieties and designs on traditional Indian cloths and makes those more attractive and people of India very much like those types of cloths.

All kinds of Indian people may be old, kids, men or women all are like to wear good designer clothes, especially women in India very much like the different types of fashionable cloths like designer saris, designer kurta, designer salwar kamiz etc. Indian men also want to wear good attractive designed shirts, pants and other men cloths.

In current scenario online shopping technology is very much helpful in developing of the Indian cloth fashion, by providing many different varieties of good designed cloths in very less cost and easier way.

So these are some things about clothing fashion of Indian people.


Traditional Indian Weeding Saris and Their Popularity

Sari is an essential female garment in India. Most of the women like to wear saris in her day to day life. In this Morden age most of the Indian women in cities wearing western cloths but still they like to wear saris in different occasions. In villages women every day wearing sari, apart from thee in special occasions all Indian women wants to wear good designed and beautiful colour saris.

Marriage is an important occasion in all over the world and in India it is a very special occasion. Indian grooms and brides are very excited during their marriage, as in Hindu culture marriage is very important, so all people want to enjoy a lot during the marriage function. Especially brides and grooms wants to look special during their marriage function.

Patachitra Saree are the best Wedding Saree
Patachitra Saree are the best Wedding Saree

For better look Indian brides chose special types of handloom saris those are made with silk fabric and with red colour, these saris are well known as wedding sari in India.

A wedding sari is the traditional wedding dresses those Indian women like very much to wear during their wedding function. The wedding sari is traditionally red in colour, with golden embroidery work. But in some states like Kerala brides prefer to wear yellow, golden, white or cream saris with gold embroidery work.

Nowadays Indian brides preferring many modern designed cloths during their marriage like designer saris, designer lehenga, choli etc. But most if the brides prefer the colour red and the silk fabric.

The Indian women those are leaving in different countries outside of India are also preferred to wear sari during their marriage function. Many online shopping store is available those are providing good quality handloom saris for brides.

So these are some things about the Indian brides and traditional Indian wedding dress or traditional Indian wedding saris and their demand.

A brief History of Shopping

The process of purchasing available goods or services presented by one or more retailers according to the need or consumer is known as shopping. Or in other words we can say when some consumer need a product or service, then he go to some place call market to purchase that product and bringing the product from market by paying the cost of that product to the seller, this process is known as shopping.

Let’s discuss about the history on shopping in brief, in ancient age, when the need of humans increases they started to exchanging products with each other, we can consider that as the preliminary stage of today’s Morden shopping. The difference between those old earlier shopping style and today’s Morden style of shopping is, now days we are paying money for purchasing a product, but on those days they exchange products with each other.

Online Shopping Growing Rapidly
Online Shopping Growing Rapidly

If someone need cloth and someone need food, then they make a deal of exchanging some foods for some cloths.

According to history, in ancient Greece, the agora served as a marketplace where merchants kept stalls or shops to sell their products or goods to the people those need those products. Also Ancient Rome utilized a similar marketplace known as the forum that is also doing the same.

Fairs and markets were established to facilitate the exchange of goods and services among the peoples of those times. People would shop for goods at a weekly market in nearby towns from their homes. The weekly markets are very important place for those peoples on that time, because they can get all necessary products from those places. So they like those places very much.

Now days we peoples are doing shopping in a very easy and better way and online shopping technology makes it more easy, but in old days for shopping people need to do very hard work, they need to travel very long distance for doing their shopping.

So these are some things about the history of shopping.