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Why young girls are too much inspired to wear handloom sarees presently?

Traditionally India always had a rich heritage of handloom sarees that are created in different parts of the country. Handloom experts in India mainly work on cotton and silk threads to create clothing items. When they use these threads to create sarees, they imprint different types of designs on them that make the sarees unique in appearance. The sarees that are made in India take on the unique person of the area in which they are developed. So if a particular saree is designed in Odisha, it includes designs and motifs that are a part of the regional culture of Odisha. The local motifs and embellishments that are added to the handloom sarees add to their beauty and make them highly desirable for women all across the country.

For hundreds of years, the saree has been the most commonly worn garment for women in India. Whether a woman is looking for a comfortable piece of clothing that she can wear everyday during the hot summer days or an attire that is just perfect for different types of festivities, women in India preferred to wear handloom sarees over anything else. The saree has played a very important role in the social cultural evolution of India over centuries. It is therefore no doubt that artisans in India make use of special methods and techniques to make each and every saree beautiful and gorgeous. Over the years new trends have grown in terms of designing and creating sarees that preserve the old beauty of the sarees and yet at the same time create designs that make the wearers stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Young Girl's Saree Love
Young Girl’s Saree Love

Over the last few decades or so, it seems like the popularity of classic handloom sarees have waned for the women in India. Many women prefer to wear western clothing nowadays and invest in them instead of a saree with a traditional style and design. In many cases, t-shirts and other western apparels are priced at cheaper rates which make them more readily affordable. Moreover, plenty of women have to work in offices for long hours these days. In such situations, they consider western wear to be more practical in workplaces where they have to move briskly. It is a true fact that sarees do not provide women with such flexibility to move around easily. On the other hand, western outfits make it easier for the women of today to look great without too much embellishments or accessories.

Such facts may make it seem that the popularity of handloom sarees is a thing of the past and that most women who prefer to wear them today are those who are above 40 or 50 years of age. However, this is far from the truth as we can see plenty of young girls nowadays who prefer to wear beautifully designed handloom sarees. In fact, most young girls consider it to be a matter of their pride to have at least a few beautifully designed handloom sarees in their wardrobe. In any wedding or religious event, one can see numerous young girls flaunting their sarees and looking great. The truth is that since today’s young girls do not find too much scope to wear classic handloom sarees in their day to day lives, they truly cherish each and every moment when they get the chance to do so. The widespread demand for handloom sarees for young girls has also been noticed by the leading saree designers of the country that particularly make beautiful sarees for this specific group of consumers. These saree brands design truly beautiful sarees for young girls that they can wear in numerous different ways.

Limited number of shops provide you online sarees directly from the weaver

There is a huge discrepancy between the price paid to the weavers for a saree and the price customers pay for the same. In order to garner more profit, businessmen buying sarees from these poor artisans pay a meagre amount. This is the reason that handloom industry is in its last stage. Weavers find it really difficult to meet their ends, forget about other basic requirements like education and sanitation. To uplift their conditions, government as well as other organizations are trying to cut off the middle management so that the discrepancy can be eliminated. There are websites which now facilitate online sarees from weavers directly. 

Though very tragic, but the artisans and their family members weaving expensive Benarasi sarees sold for fortune had been sleeping hungry. It has been such a long tradition that people no longer found it shocking or sorry. Even government turned a blind eye. Apart from opening emporiums where government bought the sarees and other materials, no other measures were taken to promote the industry or develop the financial conditions of the weavers. But thankfully, people aware of their social responsibilities took measures and came up with stores where the weavers could sell their commodities directly to their customers. Gradually websites came up to provide online sarees from weavers and made the task easier. Social media played a major role in making it possible.



The images of these sarees are uploaded in a portal or social networking sites. Visitors browse through the collection, ask for prices and place the order. The sarees are collected from the weavers directly and shipped to them. Online sarees from the weavers became a major hit because it is a win-win condition for both the parties- weavers get more from what they previously received and customers pay lesser than the stores because a complete profit making section has been eliminated. Unfortunately, there are still very limited number of shops that provide online sarees from weavers directly but speculations are made that very soon the numbers will rise. People will readily buy online sarees from weavers because of the price factor as well as for the benevolence aspect. When you do something for the needy people, it gives you a satisfaction that you had never experienced. And this is one philanthropy which does not asks for any extra contribution. Women can actually pamper themselves for a lower price while someone will be benefited at the same time.

This provision can give life to this dying industry. There are number of villages in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, UP and Gujarat where each and every family used to weaver. But due to poor returns, they are migrating to cities for other mode of living. The provisions made for online sarees from weavers have given a new hope to these families. Now there are options other than cooperatives where they can expect a good price for the effort put in making a saree. Sarees like pochampalli, Kanchipuram silk, baluchari, Benarasi, muslin jamdani etc need a humongous effort. A family of four dedicates their days and nights to complete one saree and tradesmen reap the entire benefit. Authoritative bodies like Bunkar Dastakar Adhikar Manch and People’s Vigilance Committee for Human Rights have initiated measures where online sarees from the weavers can reach the interested customers directly. As a socially responsible citizen of our country, the least we can do is participate in such missions in all possible ways. If every affluent family decides to buy at least half of their total number of sarees bought every year from the weavers directly, their condition can get better in record time.