How to Wear a Saree to Look Gorgeous and Slim?

Saree is one of the most beautiful and sensuous attires worn by Indian women. The saree has ethnic significance too and women look gorgeous draped in an exclusive item. However, sometimes we are bothered about our extra pounds while wearing a saree and think twice before taking it out of the wardrobe and wear on special occasions. Saree is such an attire in which some parts of the woman’s body is exposed and hence being in perfect shape is preferred. However, even if you are not in perfect shape, you can still choose to drape it in style by using certain tricks to make you look slimmer and gorgeous.

The first thing you must remember while choosing a saree is to go for a fabric which is lighter to make you appear slim. Light fabric which tends to stick to your body must be selected instead of heavier fabric which makes you appear bloated. Fabrics like Georgette, chiffon and crepe are ideal for plump women instead of cotton which makes one appear round and plump. Crepes and chiffons actually hug your body and enable you to look slender. Pure silk is also another fabric which makes you appear slimmer. However, if you really cannot ignore cotton, then choosing the cotton silk sarees is a wise decision. In terms of prints, always go for lighter prints because bold prints make one appear huge.

Smaller prints, vertical lines and sleek embroidered borders always create an illusion of height. Such prints make you appear taller, slimmer and more attractive. The same effect is created by narrow borders. Shorter and plump women need to wear narrow borders to provide more exposure and fall making them look taller and slimmer. Wearing dark colors also does the trick at times. Black is a color which actually covers the flawed areas and makes one appearing slimmer. Same goes for sarees as well. Wear black, brown, mauve etc. to look gorgeous as well as slim.

Gorgeous Eri Silk Sarees Online
Gorgeous Eri Silk Sarees Online

Wearing the saree properly is an art and very few women can actually master the art. It is extremely important to drape it tight, neat and close to your body so that it does not appear shabby. A saree is worn in layers and be careful about draping each layer carefully without messing it up to look slimmer. Make pleats on the shoulder and of course from waist down neatly to look organized, slim and sensuous too. Long sleeved or full sleeved blouses always cover flaws of your arms. Pair it up with a gorgeous saree and look slim and beautiful. If there is some kind of embroidery on the sleeves, it is even better.

Tucking the saree in the waist region is of immense importance if you are trying to look slim. Tuck in the saree neatly and make larger pleats from waist down to look taller. Shorter and multiple pleats might make your abdomen appear more voluminous and broad. Some women leave the pallu without pleats to cover the bulging belly. This is a nice trick but you must remember not to wear a low waist saree. Covering up the bulge is idea. Hence, wearing high waist saree along with proper pleats in the waist down region and leaving the pallu without pleats can help create the illusion of being taller than you are.

Another way to appear slimmer by wearing a saree is to go for 2 rounds whenever possible. Generally it is a single round through the waist, but if your saree is longer, you can go for 2 rounds after tucking it in the waist to look slimmer near the waist and knee region. It makes you appear taller too.

Why Matka Silk Saree is One of the Most Famous Women Wear in India

To many, even today silk is that smooth, soft and supple textile which were used by royal families and equally moneyed classes. But those with a little knowledge of fabrics and idea of latest fashion know about this rough and rustic textile called Matka silk which is made with the waste of Mulberry Silk or Bombyx Mori. The gum part which is called sericin is not removed to process this silk. Though the silk is obtained mainly from Karnataka, Gujarat and Kashmir, it is spun in the villages of Murshidabad and Malda districts in West Bengal. Sujapur in West Bengal and Islampur in Bangladesh are two other villages known for Matka silk production.

Matka is said to be a very versatile fabric which is apt for all kinds of embroideries. It is light weight thus can be carried easily. This is what makes Matka so popular among women because it’s light weight and thus makes it a comfort wear in sultry summers of India. Besides saree, this fabric is also used in making salwar suits, jackets and even home furnishings as well. Matka silk is well suited for all occasions.

 Beautiful Matka silk sarees of Bengal online

Beautiful Matka silk sarees of Bengal online

It has been received graciously by the fashion gurus as well. Designers like Ritu Kumar, Paromita Banerjee, Sabyasachi, Shravan Kumar and likes have used this fabric in their creations taking it to a new zenith. They are also working with the weavers of Matka silk in close proximity so that they get their due wages which they are often deprived of. Fashion divas like Vidya Balan, Rani Mukherjee and Tisca Chopra can be often seen draping this sophisticated fabric while attending different events. Women who always want to follow their icons in their dressing style have thus, themselves become a huge fan of this Matka silk.

Compared to Kanjeevaram and Benarasi silk, Matka though lacks the shimmer and lustre, but can be obtained at much reasonable price. This is undoubtedly another factor behind its popularity. Often women are found to be allergic to synthetic textiles. Now, neither they can go on buying these expensive silks nor can they wear cotton for every occasion. Matka silk works as the best solution for such problems. Maintaining Matka silk is much easier than other silk fabrics. In short, from wearing to maintenance, Matka silk gives you all kinds of comfort.

Whether it is Batik or embroidery or different stitches like kantha and aadi, everything look good on Matka silk. The availability of this fabric is also easy. Since it is found in many parts of India, you can get them anywhere in the country. The best quality material comes from West Bengal. If you are based outside India, you can look for Matka silk sarees online. Almost all the leading online stores and websites of leading saree stores have a good stock of these sarees. Best part of going online is that you will get to choose from a huge collection in little time. Imagine sifting through hundreds of sarees in one store for two hours and then moving on to another store to see another hundred! It would be quite tiring and confusing, isn’t it? But when you buy Matka silk sarees online, hassles are lesser. When you opt for a reputable website, you can rest assured of the quality and price. You will get a genuine product for a genuine price. In most of the cases, shipping is free of charge. And if you are lucky enough, you can even get a handsome discount on your purchase. So, you get a quality product without a doubt. So, in your next party, be it a friendly get together or in office, get ready to be the head turner.

Why Most of the Designer Sarees are Produced with Silk Threads

Designer sarees are those which are exclusive ones as they are designed individually. They are known for their detailed artwork mostly done by hands. Designer sarees can be in any fabric but silk designer sarees are most popular and in demand. If you thought silk sarees are the only handloom ones with heavy golden or temple border, then you are fiercely wrong. These sarees are known for their varieties. And the existing fashion trends have given new horizon to the handloom industry. This is the reason we get to see so many new designs and patterns in silk sarees.

The authentic silk sarees are quite expensive. Often synthetic threads are mixed to create faux or artificial silk which brings down the cost. Though novices may fail to understand but a seasoned wearer can make the difference easily. The gloss of the mixed thread sarees are different from the shine of silk. However, there are different varieties of silk sarees where you can easily get an authentic silk sarees at an affordable price. For example, Murshidabad or Bishnupuri silk is cheaper compared to Kanchipuram and Benaras silk. However, silk designer sarees become more expensive due to some exclusive components like hand crafted designs, patterns, fabric paints and so on.

Silk Threads
Silk Threads

Most of the designer sarees are produced with silk threads because Indian clothes are exported to all parts of the world due to their high demand and Indian silk have a special space among them. Even in India, silk designer sarees are sought after because silk is said to be a pure form of fabric and thus used in all traditional occasions. Silk is the most sought after fabric for bridal wear. Benarasi silk sarees, the most popular Indian bridal wear can be seen in so many designs today. Zardosi work, stone embellished, kantha work etc are some of the designs that have been incorporated in the traditional Benarasi saree to cater the demand for silk designer sarees by young and modern Indian bride.

Though so many types of fabrics are used for sarees in India, appeal of silk is still unperturbed.  It had been there since ages and it continues to rule the autonomy and it is due to the versatility. Young girls who find Benarasi and Kanchipuram silk, can try Mysore, Baluchari or Matka silk which are easy to handle and light weight. Matka and Ghicha are two preferred choices of designers so you get lots of designs in these two varieties if you are looking for silk designer sarees. Hand paint, batik or bandhani designs on you make you grab all the eyeballs around you. Saree is undoubtedly a very versatile outfit and when you drape a silk saree, you become the embodiment of tradition, style and individuality which makes you different in the crowd. So, a matter of choice makes a great difference.

Industry of silk sarees in India has been a flourishing one. Though the condition of craftsmen is very disheartening as they have been wronged since centuries. They have been denied their share of profit from this huge industry. But things are starting to get better. NGOs and different  authoritarian bodies have come forth to eliminate the middle management who usurp the major share of profit. This has enabled the weavers take their creations directly to the stores. So, silk designer sarees can often found at much lower price. These artisans who create this high on demand creations in silk can get their due. And, you can enjoy the flawless craftsmanship, exquisite designs, and high quality of fabric in your designer wear while you get all the limelight.

Tips to buy online silk sarees with best prices.

Retail therapy still works best for most of the women. For past few years, the definition of retail therapy or shopping has changed. Now online shopping gives us more options to choose in very little time. Also, we can compare the prices from different sites. But at the same time there are so many fake sites that are always ready to make a scam out of our hard earned money. So here are some useful tips to buy online silk sarees for best prices evading the scams and other forgeries that are so common these days in the cyber world.

  1. Authenticity- Silk is a common fabric but there are more fake varieties available than the original ones. So, it is very important to know the one you are choosing is 100% silk or not. Usually handloom silk sarees are the only 100% pure versions. But you have to be wary of the ones that claim and price the sarees for pure silks but provide you with artificial or mix ones. So when you buy online silk sarees, see if the description offers Silk Mark, the sign of purity labelled by the Silk Board of India.
  2. Varieties- Before you buy online silk sarees, you must know the different varieties of the same. Kanchipuram, Dharmavaram, Mysore, Ikkat, Benarasi, Murshidabad, Bishnupur, Bhagalpur, Ghicha are different varieties of silk. Each of them has their own distinct characters which determine the prices. Kanchipuram silk is the most expensive of all, due to its silk and zari ratio and being hand woven. Remember powerloom silk sarees cannot be 100% pure. When shopping online, keep these points in mind so that you don’t get duped by false claims of some websites.

    Buy online silk sarees in this festive season
    Buy online silk sarees in this festive season
  3. Price and Quality- When a silk saree is high priced, it means it is of superior quality as well. But if you find the same saree at a different site for cheaper price, then you can be sure of some foul play. It is better to visit some more sites to know about the actual price range. For example, a good quality Kanchipuram silk saree can never come for less than Rs 8000. When you buy online silk sarees online and come across a site offering this variety for Rs 5000, don’t fall for the trap. For Rs 5000 you will surely get good silk sarees but not Kanchipuram silk. Similarly, there are silk sarees that can be bought for Rs 1500-2000 as well, but they are not in comparison with superior variation.
  4. As per your Appearance- If you are small, plump woman, big bordered sarees are not for you. Wear Mysore silk saree with no or small borders. Thin women should wear tissue and tussar silk for fuller look. Tall women can carry off heavy sarees with big borders really well. Also, choose the color of the saree according to your complexion. When you buy saree in store, you can try it know. But when you buy online silk sarees, you have to know well before making the purchase.
  5. Reliable Websites- Don’t go for any random website to choose a saree for you. There are many reliable and reputed stores who have their websites as well. Then there are some government run stores and cooperatives with their online versions. When you buy online silk sarees with them, you can be rest assured of the quality, color and delivery. Also, the return and exchange policies can be relied for these sites. These stores do not claim to give you superior quality for an inferior price tag yet you can be sure that you are getting an authentic product for best price.