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5 Reasons why your wardrobe needs an ikkat silk saree collection

India is well known for its extensive range of handloom sarees that can make women look gorgeous. For hundreds and thousands of years, the various parts of India have been witness to the growth of different types of saree making trends which are still evolving. One of the types of sarees that women in all parts of India truly love to wear is the ikkat silk saree. The style of making ikkat sarees and garments developed in different parts of the world over the years, including in Central Asia, South East Asia, West Africa and South America. However, in India the artisans worked to create a distinct style of their own when it comes to the ikkat garments. It is due to this reason that these sarees are so much popular among the fashion conscious women in India.

The Odisha ikkat silk sarees and Pochampally ikkat silk sarees are known to be extremely beautiful and they stand apart from various other silk sarees due to their bright and geometric designs. These sarees include motifs from the local culture and include diverse imageries such as parrots, elephants, flowers and dancing girls. The unique feature of these sarees has to do with the elaborate dyeing process that helps to create such beautiful artwork. Although the traditional artisans have always made use of simple techniques to create these sarees, modern production centers make use of mechanical tools to create them. The specialized machines that are used for creating these sarees have not only helped artisans to produce larger quantities of finished goods but also products that are known for their perfection and precision.

Ikkat silk sarees collection at online
Ikkat silk sarees collection at online

Here are five reasons why you should definitely focus on developing a nice ikkat silk saree collection for your personal wardrobe.

  1. The ikkat silk sarees are known for their dynamic colors and geometric patterns that often look strikingly gorgeous. So if you are looking for buying sarees that aptly help you to express your true beauty, then you should definitely have these sarees for all occasions.
  2. Since the ikkat silk sarees derive their coloring from natural sources, the colors are rich, bright and steadfast at all times. Ikkat sarees mostly come in a variety of bright shades such as orange, yellow, red, rust, crimson, pink and dull gold. Although the classic pattern of these sarees is typically dull gold, the introduction of various new motifs has made it possible for artisans to make sarees with designs that consist of many other bright colors.
  3. The ikkat silk sarees are not only perfect for different types of special occasions but for day to day regular wearing as well. So if you are in search for sarees that you can wear on a day to day basis, then you should certainly go for ikkat silk sarees as they can make you look perfect without being too loud.
  4. Another reason why you should consider getting ikkat silk sarees for your wardrobe is that they require low maintenance and you can wash and clean them easily without much effort or hassle. In today’s world where women are required to take care of a lot of tasks at office and at home, they are often pressed for time. Due to this reason, they may not have the requisite opportunity needed to take good care of their sarees properly. However, as the ikkat silk sarees are easy to clean, they do not pose much of a problem.
  5. There are currently a wide range of ikkat silk sarees available in India, which means that you can have plenty of options when you are looking to experiment with your looks.

Handloom Products in Odisha

Handloom sector in india in going down because of cost of man power. Weavers are not getting proper wages for their input and work for weaving. For designers there is not much scope in root level, still they are fighting for survival. This will cover all aspect of handloom and how to improve it.

I have been working on an ecommerce store enhancing handloom products of orissa. But i was not asware of many facts which really pathetic in root level.

When we start our ecommece store “Odisha Saree Store” we thought it is an easy process but by now we learn many fact on handloom, how to purchase raw materials, how the Govt of India trying to make the life better for them.

Actually Govt trying many programs but many vanished by the time it reach actual needy weaver or designer in Odisha.

Handloom Silk Sarees of Odisha Available Online
Handloom Silk Sarees of Odisha Available Online

The Life of Weaver are still pathetic, some of them even not able to have their daily need. by this our mindset changed we are planning to help them to grow in many fields. for example we will provide them better wage rate comared to other Master weavers and societies who are taking advantage of them. Provide and share knowledge to parents, so that they educate their children.

Handloom sector need more help from Govt of India and Banks. This is second largest industry in India and we are positive it will grow again. People have to like new products and designs from Orissa

Main handloom Products we have in Odisha are mentioned below:

Saree, Kurta, Shawl, Skirt, Lehanga Choli, Rug, Dhoti for men, Shewani, Pyjama, Jackets for men and women, Cap in different style, designer Bedsheet with traditional art, Table Cover which you will luv to have, Cushion Cover, etc

In Orissa or you can say Odisha the coloring process starts with dyeing the silk/cotton threads. Odisha Saree Store have specifically devoted experts for this tye and die process. Our fabric Coloring method includes sinking the material time after time in the boiled color water which contains in a container or bucket.

Our Store obtain the extreme care while dyeing the silk designed/cotton designed fabrics to make sure that the color is identical all over the materials and it should not change the superiority of the textile. Textile Coloring process in Odisha or Orissa is a very critical step in receiving a superior handloom product like saree, sari, salwar kameez, dupatta, chudidar, lungi, gamcha, handkerchief etc. Colors are applied by Odisha Saree Store’s Expert as per the terms from our handloom designers from best Institute like NIFT and during this process we consider the requirement needed from clients or customers if the item is a customized handloom product.

Top ten south Indian traditional sarees famous and best for online shopping

Sarees have long been a staple for Indian women’s fashion. The various parts of India are known for developing their own style of sarees which are unique in their own way. South India also produces some of the best sarees in this country that are known for their distinct flavor. So let’s have a look at some of the striking features of the South Indian sarees.

Kanjeevaram saree

Kanjeevaram sarees are some of the most popular sarees that come from South India. They are made by using gold dipped silver threads that are woven intricately on a premium quality silk saree. Known for their extensive durability, they come with a thicker silk base compared to other silk sarees. The heavier silk base also makes them the costliest sarees in India. Common motifs used in these sarees include parrot and peacock. Kanjeevaram sarees are also regularly exported in the international territories.

Konrad saree

Konrad sarees are also referred to as the Temple sarees, as they were originally made for the deities in temples. They are adorned with motifs taken from weddings and are characterized with wide borders. Some of the common motifs used in these sarees include peacocks and elephants which symbolize water, fecundity and fertility. While traditionally these sarees came in the earthy shades of grays and browns, at present they are also available in brighter shades.

Pashmina silk saree

Pashmina silk sarees are known for their incredibly soft finish and smoothness. They come with exquisite embroideries and prints, and are quite comfortable to wear. They come in a wide range of colors which include both earthy and bright shades.

South Indian Traditional Sarees
South Indian Traditional Sarees


Kota silk saree

While originally from Kota, Rajasthan, they are now also made in south India as well. They are made of silk or cotton fabric and have square-like patterns that are known as khats. Made of extremely fine weaves, these sarees are low on weight.

Mysore silk saree

Mysore silk sarees make use of pure silk material as well as zari threads made of 100% pure gold. Consequently, the finished sarees are a work of art that is characterized by their mesmerizing beauty.

Mysore crepes saree

The Mysore crepes saree is a special type of silk saree that is made in Mysore. Like the mainstay of silk sarees made in Mysore, these sarees are also known for their exquisite finish and striking colors.

Pochampally saree

Pochampally saree are also known as Pochampally Ikat and they are made in Pochampally of Nalgonda district in Telangana State, India. These sarees are characterized by geometric patterns that are made in the Ikat dyeing style. The arrangement of geometric patterns along with generous usage of bright colors makes these sarees some of the most fashionable in the country.

Puttapakshi saree

Puttapakshi sarees are cotton sarees that come in different vibrant shades. They always create a lustrous appearance that is perfect for all formal and informal occasions.

Narayanpet silk saree

Narayanpet silk sarees come with checked surface design that is further enhanced with vibrant embroidery. The pallu or border is adorned with intricate ethnic designs and are often given a contrast look with zari designs.

Bavanjipet saree

Bavanjipet sarees are traditional sarees that are made in Kerala. They typically come with a golden border set on a cream base. Common saree colors include browns and off whites.

South Indian traditional sarees are now available in various online stores. More and more people are now choosing to buy Indian traditional sarees online due to the immense number of options that are available with online shopping. The popularity of online shopping has also helped in the economic growth of the saree industry in India, of which the South Indian saree market is an integral part.

Australian Women Love to Wear Handloom Garments

Australia is a big country and very much rich in there cultures and traditions. Australian peoples are always fun loving, friendly and helpful. For these reasons number of outsiders stay and leading their life in Australia. Where always available jobs for foreigners and students. Education in Australia also very rich in the world map. Number of big names Universities and Institute have there for higher studies. Every year number of students go there to study in Australia from the different parts of world. Specially, they are from Asian countries. Students come from India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Srilanka, Koria, China etc countries.

Jamdani Sarees ready to export to Australia
Jamdani Sarees ready to export to Australia

There also have some mixed culture because from the different parts of world peoples can stay in Australia. Women of Australia always try to wear trendy and fashionable garments. Handloom Cotton and Silk garments are very famous in Australia. Indian women of Australia always try to wear handloom silk sarees in occasion purpose, like Durga puja, Diwali, Wedding parties etc.

Celebrities and Handloom Silk Sarees

Celebrities are always like handloom silk sarees. They use to wear ethnique styles handloom sarees in award ceremonies, promotions of movie, social gathering etc. Number of fashion designers always try to invent unique designs for the celebs. Online shopping stores also collect huge amount of handloom silk sarees for the potential customers. Buyers can find their desired silk sarees with some mouse clicks.

Aishwarya wear a silk sarees
Aishwarya wear a silk sarees

Handloom Sarees and Celebrities

Handloom sarees are the first preference of the Indian celebrities like film stars, politician, players etc. When they need to go any auspicious and celebration event they always try to wear a gorgeous handloom saree. Like any prize distribution event, national awards event, marriage ceremony etc. they always use to wear handloom silk sarees.

Bollywood Actress Wearing a Handloom Silk Saree
Bollywood Actresses Wearing Handloom Silk Saree


Bomkai Sarees Online | Puja Wear Online

Bomkai sarees are produced at Subarnapur district of Odisha, India. The famous saree designs Bomkai are the conventional designs that was manufactured in the village named Bomkai of Ganjam district of Odisha. In the time of Ramai Dev the then monarch of Patna it was commenced in Sonepur. Sonepur handloom sarees, Sonepuri patas and silk sarees are famous items presented at different fashion events.

Bomkai Silk Sarees Online
Bomkai Silk Sarees Online

Jamdani in Lakme Fashion Week Mumbai 2014

One of Mumbai’s NIFT graduate presented the third day on Indian fashion festival Lakmé Fashion Week Winter 2014 with a Vietnam motivated collection known as Hooked.

Integrating the wealthy traditions of the extreme Eastern country with clues of modernity, the designer wove an artistic material show crafted from Tussar, silk, crushed cotton and hand woven woollen Jamdani. Developed with handmade designs of fish and clasp, the row was based on a sombre palette of black, white, purple and grey shades.

Jamdani Sarees are world famous
Jamdani Sarees are world famous

Everywhere in the world handmade garments are very well accepted. And Indian handloom products are very famous in India and abroad. Presently, we can access various types of goods from the internet and online shopping is very famous for hassle free marketing.


Indian Bridal wear silk sarees now available for online shopping

Odisha traditional bridal silk sarees are favorite among brides all over India, they love to buy ikat saree, khandua pata, Sambalpuri saris for the special occasion. Previously they have to find those beautiful sarees for the wedding day by visiting Odisha but now as online shopping grows, you can shop them easily from online stores.

Traditional Bomkai Silk Sarees for bridal Wear
Traditional Bomkai Silk Sarees for bridal Wear