Famous singer Christina Aguilera publish topless selfie

Christina Aguilera, 34 years of age an American singer, actress, songwriter and a mother of two went viral after publishing a topless image on Instagram over her millions of admirers recently. The singer is considered as a pop icon, who sometimes evaluated to Britney Spears.

Part of her music profession and image is her trend. She was declared “Sexiest Woman of the Year”, 2003 issue of Maxim journal that she wrapped became its greatest-selling issue. Though in 2012 taken extensive disapproval over her curvy yet sexy shape where she increased weight. However, later got admires and media concentration after a noteworthy weight loss in 2013.

Displaying her sexy figure, singer placed a topless image of herself on Instagram. Christina Aguilera declared on her post, “Just so you recognize with me, it’s all genuine, all the time. Felt like it was time to start sharing some private matter with you guys… And it’s just the starting. Night night.”

Christina Aguilera's topless photo goes viral
Christina Aguilera’s topless photo goes viral

In her sexy topless warm selfie post was with a statue of a South Asian mythology stature and crystals with a perfumed candle and a rubber ducky that absolutely confines her madness and difficulty. She pictured herself in front of a mirror glass wearing just a pink pair of underwear.

Although having thriving singing career, she practiced collapse as she felt disappointed with the music and image her executive Steve Kurtz had created for her. She been promoted as a bubblegum pop singer due to genre’s rising financial tendency. Aguilera filed alleges against Kurtz, a breach of fiduciary responsibility complaint.