Indian Government Extends Visa of Taslima Nasreen By An Year

The home ministry lengthened by a year the visa of banished Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen’s on 21 August.

The resolution to this result was taken after home minister Rajnath Singh interfered in this view; Taslima has been appealing the government to additional lengthen her visa.

Responding to the resolution, Taslima said she was happy even though she was anticipating an expansion of her visa.

Taslima Nasreen Expecting Indian Citizenship
Taslima Nasreen Expecting Indian Citizenship

“Anyway, this is welcome report. I am yet to be formally expressed (the government’s thinking) and you are the one who ruined the news to me,” she said.

Taslima has been living in banish ever since she left Bangladesh in a hide of privacy in 1994 in the wake of threats to her life by fundamentalist groups.

A civilian of Sweden, she has been getting Indian visa on a permanent basis since 2004.

She has also resided in the United States and Europe in the past two decades. However, on many instances, she had stated her desire to reside in India permanently, particularly in Kolkata.

The writer had to depart Kolkata in 2007 following cruel street protests by a section of Muslims against her works.