10 Reasons Why Most of the Ladies Dress Material Suppliers are not Supplying Handloom Items Online

Online retail stores have revolutionized the apparel market. Buying dresses had never been so popular. But in the past few years, the market for both ordinary and designer dresses have boomed like never before. The trend of buying dresses online follows certain patterns. And one of the noteworthy pattern is the absence of handloom dress materials from these stores. It is true that most of the ladies dress material suppliers are not supplying handloom items online. Though no specific reasons can be attributed to this particular trend, however, there are some reasons or factors that can be said to be responsible for the same.

  1. Handloom industry is going through a very rough patch as there is not much remuneration for so much effort. Weavers put a lot of effort and investment to it, but the return is very low. So, the craftsmen are leaving the industry and looking for other avenues to make their ends meet This is why ladies dress material suppliers do not have much supply of handloom products.
  2. Gen Y prefers easy to manage fabrics over handloom products like silk and cotton.
  3. Today young women rarely wear sarees and salwar kameez. Handloom products are mainly for these outfits. With lesser demand for them, ladies dress material suppliers are not keen on keeping them in inventory either.

    Ladies Dress Materials Online Shopping
    Ladies Dress Materials Online Shopping
  4. The main area of online apparel industry is for regular wears. People prefer regular or casual wears to be of fabrics that are easy to maintain like chiffon, georgette etc. Handlooms and other similar fabrics need to be starched and ironed after every wash or even wear, which is virtually impossible for a working woman or a busy mother. In short, due to little demand, ladies dress material suppliers do not reinforce their stock of handloom products.
  5. Due to high demand in foreign market, little manufactured handloom dress materials are exported. Business owners gain a high profit but the weavers fail to get even a tiny share of it. However, this is one of the reasons that only a few online retails have dedicated section for handloom products.
  6. Whatever handloom products are left behind for Indian market are quite costly. Online shopping is done mainly by the working women, college students and home makers. None of them can afford noble items through online stores. For costly items they would prefer to go to the shops, check out the dress material themselves and then buy. Since not much of these items are sold, very few ladies dress materials suppliers have them in their stock.
  7. Due to government’s apathy, handloom industry is dying. Weavers are changing their professions and the number of artisans in the country is reducing rapidly. This makes the supply reduced for the suppliers too.
  8. Handloom products like Kanchipuram silk, Ikkat, Paithani, Baluchari and kantha stitch sarees are very popular but the purpose is served by powerloom too. And with latest improvisations, different patterns can be made too and can be sold at the market at almost half of the price. This has resulted in establishing powerloom as a better alternative lowering down the handloom products sale to ladies dress material suppliers.
  9. Fund allocation from government has gone down from 27% to 7% while powerloom has gained subsidies more than 500 times. In such circumstances, you cannot expect an industry to survive and keep the yarn running to maintain the supply.
  10. Though young upcoming designers are trying to revive the industry, but investors as well as prospective regular customers are reluctant to go for expensive options when they have readily available cheaper ones. And ladies dress material suppliers are one of them.

Handloom Products in Odisha

Handloom sector in india in going down because of cost of man power. Weavers are not getting proper wages for their input and work for weaving. For designers there is not much scope in root level, still they are fighting for survival. This will cover all aspect of handloom and how to improve it.

I have been working on an ecommerce store enhancing handloom products of orissa. But i was not asware of many facts which really pathetic in root level.

When we start our ecommece store “Odisha Saree Store” we thought it is an easy process but by now we learn many fact on handloom, how to purchase raw materials, how the Govt of India trying to make the life better for them.

Actually Govt trying many programs but many vanished by the time it reach actual needy weaver or designer in Odisha.

Handloom Silk Sarees of Odisha Available Online
Handloom Silk Sarees of Odisha Available Online

The Life of Weaver are still pathetic, some of them even not able to have their daily need. by this our mindset changed we are planning to help them to grow in many fields. for example we will provide them better wage rate comared to other Master weavers and societies who are taking advantage of them. Provide and share knowledge to parents, so that they educate their children.

Handloom sector need more help from Govt of India and Banks. This is second largest industry in India and we are positive it will grow again. People have to like new products and designs from Orissa

Main handloom Products we have in Odisha are mentioned below:

Saree, Kurta, Shawl, Skirt, Lehanga Choli, Rug, Dhoti for men, Shewani, Pyjama, Jackets for men and women, Cap in different style, designer Bedsheet with traditional art, Table Cover which you will luv to have, Cushion Cover, etc

In Orissa or you can say Odisha the coloring process starts with dyeing the silk/cotton threads. Odisha Saree Store have specifically devoted experts for this tye and die process. Our fabric Coloring method includes sinking the material time after time in the boiled color water which contains in a container or bucket.

Our Store obtain the extreme care while dyeing the silk designed/cotton designed fabrics to make sure that the color is identical all over the materials and it should not change the superiority of the textile. Textile Coloring process in Odisha or Orissa is a very critical step in receiving a superior handloom product like saree, sari, salwar kameez, dupatta, chudidar, lungi, gamcha, handkerchief etc. Colors are applied by Odisha Saree Store’s Expert as per the terms from our handloom designers from best Institute like NIFT and during this process we consider the requirement needed from clients or customers if the item is a customized handloom product.

“Leheria” The traditional style of tie dye Art of Rajasthan, India

Leheria or leheriya is a very unique and traditional style of tie dye art that is widely practiced in Rajasthan, India. Leheria tie dye art produces very beautiful, brightly colour cloth with various distinctive patterns. The Leheria tie dye technique gets its name from the Rajasthani word for wave because the dyeing technique is often used to produce complex wave patterns those are very attractive and beautiful in looks.

“The leheriya are very famous because of its zigzag pattern of irregular colour stripes. This zigzag pattern gives a visual invocation of the flow of water at the same time painstakingly showing the depths of indigo after multiple mud-resistant and dyeing processes, that makes very beautiful designs and the people in all over the world like this very much.

Tie-Dyed LeheriaArt of Rajasthan
Tie-Dyed LeheriaArt of Rajasthan

Leheria turbans are very important products for male business attire in Rajasthan during the period of nineteenth and early twentieth century’s. Leheria products are still produced in Jodhpur, Jaipur, Udaipur, and Nathdwara in a bulk amount. Leheria products is offered for sale with most of its resist ties still in place as proof of authenticity, with a small portion of fabric unrolled to display its pattern, that is very smart way of providing the evidence of good quality.

Leheria products are because of their design and patterns and colours very much popular among the peoples of India. In different states of India people like various Leheria products. Also in outside of India people appreciate the Leheria products very much.

As in different countries people like these products, so many people in Rajasthan are engaged in the exporting work of the Leheria products to different European, American and Australian countries.

Also the Leheria products are available on online shopping stores. Many online shopping stores of India providing or selling Leheria products o their online shopping store. This helps Leheria products lovers in getting beautiful Leheria products in a better and easier way. So these are some things about Leheria products of Rajasthan.

Smart casual Wear and There Demand on Online Shopping Stores

Smart casual wears or smart casual clothes are an ambiguously-defined dress code that is generally neat yet informal attire in current scenario. Various types of things like locality, type of event, context or culture and traditions etc constitutes the various interpretation of the dress code of different geographical locations. Therefore the designating of certain clothing pieces as smart casual are those cloths that are very much popular in all over the world now days. Examples of smart casual clothes are jeans, T-shirts etc.

Mostly the casual wears are very much comfortable and relaxing than formal cloths, so most of the people now days preferring the casual clothes. Professional people those are working in corporate and offices are prefer formal cloths for its professional look, but the smart casual wears are those cloths those are both comfortable as well as gives a professional look. These types of cloths are in very much demand in current days.

Men casual wear handloom cotton shirts online
Men casual wear handloom cotton shirts online

The popularity of these smart casual clothes are becomes very Hugh due to the young office going peoples those very much like to wear these smart casual clothes. So in online market the demand of the casual clothes is increasing days by day.

Various types of jeans pants and T-shirts of different designs and styles with different colours are available in local markets as well as in online markets. Most of the online shopping sores are providing the smart casual clothes in all over the world.

And also the online shopping stores are very helpful in increasing the popularity of smart casual wears by increasing the availability of the smart casual clothes for every ones use.

Now any one can easily chose a good smart casual cloth from any online shopping store and easily purchase it. This facility very much helps in development of the popularity of smart casual clothes. So these are some things about the smart casual wear and there demand on online shopping stores.

Different Festivals and Festival Shopping in India

A festival is a special occasion of celebration in which people are gathered together and celebrate with their friends and family members. These are many different types of festivals are celebrated in different communities. Such as in Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc are celebrating their own festivals. In different communities the name if the festivals are different, the way of celebrating the festivals are also different but these are some things are same in all, like wearing good cloths during festivals and preparing good, delicious food during festivals are same in all cultures.

Patachitra Saree: One of the famous Festival wear in India
Patachitra Saree: One of the famous Festival wear in India

Festivals are categories in different ways, some of the categories of festivals are:

  1. Religious festivals: these are many religions are present in all over the world, the festivals those are related to religions are known as Religious festivals.
  2. Arts festivals: these arts festivals are including ones that showcase intellectual or creative achievement. Example of the art festivals are science festivals, literary festivals and music festivals etc.
  3. Food and drink festivals: the festivals those are related to the food are known as food festivals. Galway International Oyster Festival in Ireland is best example of the food festival.
  4. Seasonal and harvest festivals: these Seasonal and harvest festivals are celebrated in some special times in the year. According to the season these festivals are celebrated, those festivals are celebrated in summer are called summer festivals and others as well.

In India also many festivals are celebrated in different ways. In India these are many cultures and traditions people are leaving so many types of festivals are celebrated here.

In festivals the many requirement of people are good food and good cloths, so most of the people preferring shopping during festivals times. In India now day’s people prefer online shopping technology for different types of festival shopping. As the online shopping sites providing many varieties of choices of products so the popularity of the online shopping sites are going on increasing day by day.

So these are some things about the different festivals and festival shopping in India.

Opinions of Indian boys and girls about online shopping

Online shopping is a valuable technology that provides many advantages to people who are using it. Especially young boys and girls, now days these young boys and girls are using this online shopping for maximum of their works. Lets discuss about the point of view these young boys and girls about online shopping technology.

Let’s start with boys, now in current scenario boys need to do many works, like they need to have more focus on their studies, because of the competition for getting a good job, the young boys should have to do some house hold works, they need to spend some time with friends and other things they need to do, so these young boys don’t have enough time to spend for small things like shopping and others, so for hem online shopping technology is such a thing that can capable of saving their valuable time and they can utilize that time for any other important work.

Online Shopping Trends
Online Shopping Trends

Like boys, young girls also have to do many things like they also need to focus on their study and also help in house hold works and many other things. Another important thing is communication is a big problem for girls and safety of girls in market is also and major cause, so most of the girls like shopping but they don’t like to going to market and visiting shop to shop and purchasing products, in this case online shopping technology help them a lot in getting their favorite product. So the young girls of India like this online shopping technology very much. Not only in India also in all over the world boys and girls like this online shopping very much.

According to young boys and girls the online shopping technology is such a thing that not only save their valuable time, but also it saves their money and physical effort. The online shopping is very much easier rather that all other traditional shopping methods. Most of the young boys and girls say that online shopping technology or online shopping method makes available more numbers of good products for them i.e. through online shopping technology they get more varieties of and more quantities of good products that they can’t get from markets or from nearby shops. So the online shopping technology plays very important role for them, and because of these reasons these young boys and girls like the online shopping technology rather than any other methods of shopping.

So these are some discussion about the opinion of young boys and girls about the online shopping technology.

Reasons of wearing Cotton Cloths in Summer Season

In summer season temperature is increases to a great extent. So people need to wear such types of cloths those make them feel cold and comfortable in summer season. Cotton cloths are good for this, because Cotton is a good absorber of water. So it helps in absorbing sweat exposing to the atmosphere for easy evaporation. In summer season the particles at the surface of our body gain energy from the surrounding or body and the liquid change into vapor. The heat energy from the body is absorbed and our body feels cool. Because of this vaporization process, due to cotton is a good observer of water it observes the vapors and feel cold to our body, so it is important to wear cotton cloths in summer season.

Handloom cotton sarees of India Online
Handloom cotton sarees of India Online

Some other reasons of wearing cotton cloths in summer season are:

Cotton cloths are very soft and it feels comfortable to user, that’s why people like to wear cotton cloths in specially summer season.

Cotton cloths are thin and allow air circulation throughout our body so these cotton cloths are good for summer season, while other cloth materials not so much effective like cotton. In summer season when temperature increases every where our body need fresh air, in these situation cotton cloths due to thin property allows air pass through the body, because of this air passing our body feel coldness. So we can say that these cotton cloths are good for summer season.

In hot weather, white or light colored clothes suit better, because they reflect the heat away and keep the body cool, whereas black clothes retain heat. So During summer, clothes made of cotton are preferred as they absorb the sweat and their air spaces allow the circulation of air which helps faster evaporation of the sweat.

This keeps the body cool and comfortable. Also loose clothes allow air to circulate below the fabric. Thus, loose clothes are more suited during summer season than other clothes. Hence summer wear should be breathable, light-colored and loose fitting rather than dark and tight fitting. So Cotton cloths are more preferred by people in summer season.

Benefits of shopping clothes from online stores

Shopping is a magical word for women. They very much like shopping. Buying different types of cloths, jewelries, make up kit etc are very much liked by women in all over the world. But there are some problems arises in traditional marketing or shopping, in some times ago for purchasing products or mostly saying for shopping people need to do many things like firstly gather information about the market and the products those they want to purchase, after getting the information go to the shop and chose the product and there may be possibility that the product may not be suitable for you or it may not be liked by you, in these situations you need to go to another shop or another market for purchasing your liked or your needed product. This process is very tiring and consumes consumer’s valuable time and money. So people searching for an alternative for this problem. In this situation people found that online shopping was very much helpful for them. And shopping any product from online stores is very much easy and effective.

Clothes Online Shopping
Clothes Online Shopping

Because of the many benefits provided by these online shopping technique people are very much like this and its popularity going high day by day. Some benefit of online shopping are:-

  1. Online shopping is easy to shopping in online stores.
  2. Online shopping saves consumers time and money.
  3. Online shopping reduces physical effort of consumer.

There are many more advantages of this online shopping are available so now these days people like this online shopping technique very much.

Now consider how online shopping provide benefits for shopping cloth from these online stores.

There are many benefits of shopping cloths from online shopping stores. Some benefits are:-

  1. Online cloth shopping provides much variety to consumers.
  2. Online cloth shopping provides products in a very less pries.
  3. Online cloth shopping is very easy for consumers.
  4. Online cloth shopping saves time and money of consumers.

So these are some benefits provided by online cloth shopping technique.


Salwar Suits Available for Online Shopping

Salwar Kameez is one of the famous garments of Asian women. Asian women always use it as a casual wear and as well as stylish wear. Women can wear it at any purpose and it’s easy to use. Salwar kameez also uses as bridal wear.

Indian handloom salwar suits are famous all over the world. Any age group women can wear it and it’s look elegant of every women. Now handloom salwar suits avilable also for online shopping. From anywhere in the world people can buy it through online shopping store.

Salwar Suit Pieces Online Shopping
Salwar Suit Pieces Online Shopping

Indian Handloom Products in Sweden

Indian handloom and handicrafts are always famous in all over the world. Because, it’s quality and durability are unmatched with any countries products. Indian fabrics are also very good and classy. Peoples of Sweden always want to collect Indian handloom products. Specially they love Indian silk sarees, handloom cotton sarees, patachitra collections, and many more Indian handloom collection. Now peoples of Sweden can buy Indian handloom products through online shopping store. Because, number of Indian companies started to export handloom and handicrafts to Sweden.

Patachitra Saree of India Export to Sweden
Patachitra Saree of India Export to Sweden

Ladies Dress Materials Online Shopping

Ladies dress materials for salwar suits and other garments are available for online shopping. Salwar suits and stylish kurtis are famous among the women of India. Cotton handloom salwar suits are very much comfortable to wear and it’s easy to wear at anytime. Kurtis also very easy to wear and looks good after wearing it. Now anyone can buy salwar suit pieces and kurtis through online shopping store.

Ladies Dress Materials Online Shopping
Ladies Dress Materials Online Shopping

Cotton Salwar Suit Pieces Exports from India

Ladies dress material for salwar suits is a famous item of Indian handloom. Everywhere in India and abroad ladies are very much like to wear salwar kameez. Now Odisha Saree Store started to ships ladies dress materials allover the world. Anyone can buy Indian handloom’s ladies dress materials from anywhere in the world. It’s always comfortable when you wear a cotton materials and here you can buy various types of cotton dress materials with beautiful colours.

Send you order through our Online Shopping Store, we will send your orders any parts of the world.

Salwar Suit Pieces Export
Salwar Suit Pieces Export