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Indian Handloom Cotton Sarees Online Shopping

Handloom cotton sarees are always famous among the women. Indian women always like to wear sarees. Cotton sarees always well accepted by the women of India. Now anyone can buy handloom cotton sarees through online shopping store.

Handloom Cotton Sarees Online Shopping
Handloom Cotton Sarees Online Shopping

Types of Indian Rangoli made in home

Rangoli is a very popular form art in India. It usually drawn by the Indian women by wearing new cotton sarees. Rangoli  always made in front of the door gates. The reason is that to welcome guest, god and any homemade festivals. Basically the color of rangoli is white, it is dyed in different colors creating an attractive and multicolored design’s.

Attractive Indian Rangoli
Attractive Indian Rangoli

Rangoli specially made in different festivals like Diwali, Dusshera, Onam, Pongal, and so many Indian festivals. In kerela the onam festival celebrated in a great way by decorating their homes by flower rangoli which gives a natural beauty. In odisha at the time of laxmi puja the women’s art the rice made rangoli in the house and looks all white flowers present in the earth. It always symbolize to bring the good luck in the house.

Rangoli always reflects the tradition and culture of art. There are different types of Rangoli made in India.

– Chowk

– Dotted Rangoli

– Free hand Rangoli

– Flowers Petal Rangoli

– Alpana

– Wooden Rangoli

– Floating Rangoli

– Glasss Rangoli

-Sanskar Rangoli

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Wear cotton or khadi sarees on this Independence Day

After one day Independence day will come,so try to wear some plain white cotton sarees and spread the peace everywhere. On this special day the celebrity wears the white cotton sarees or khadi outfits. Cotton sarees and khadi are one of the oldest fabrics in India at the time of Mahatma Gandhi. Indian’s love to wear cotton sarees with proud and honour.

Independence Day Fashion
Independence Day Fashion

Every politician’s love to wear khadi  white kurta and cotton fabrics on the Independence day to look simple and stylish. Cotton is such a fabric which gives too much comfort and classy look. If you want’s to look classy on this Independence day then try to buy  unique white cotton sarees from several online shopping stores. In every online stores you will get the variety cotton sarees available.

Happy Independence Day.

Birth of Krishna: Janmastami will be celebrated on August 17th sunday 2014.

Janmastami is the most popular festival in India. It symbolize Lord Krishna birth and people celebrate this festival with a great way. The festival janmastami celebrated by the hindus across the world with great devotion. In dwarika, mathura, vrindhaban and iskon temple celebrate this festival with great excitement. Women’s take the whole day fasting and wear the new silk sarees, cotton sarees to visit the temples and pray to lord krishna. This festival celebrate for two days one is janmastami and on other day people celebrate Nandautsav. On that day the the dahi handi function celebrate.

Krishna Janmashtami
Krishna Janmashtami


Women’s , gent’s and children wears the new clothes to celebrate lord krishna birth. If you have no time to shopping outside , then try to buy sarees online shopping from several stores. Happy Janmastami.

Odisha Saree famous in Indian Television

In Indian Television the famous soap opera ” saraswatichandra” is currently shown in Star Plus and in DD National. This is the story based on Gujurati Novel. In this Gujurati family the kumud mother’s wear the handloom cotton sarees of odisha and looks so beauty with a perfect Indian women. Now in the modern days the Actress loves to wear handloom sarees.

Odisha Saree and Indian Television
Odisha Saree and Indian Television


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Handloom Cotton Saree Shopping Now Easy and Affordable

Good news for all Odisha handloom cotton sarees lovers living all over the planet. Now you can shop through our online shopping site. Other than cotton sarees, now you can buy silk sarees, shirts, home decors, gift item and many more.

cotton saree shopping now easy from anywhere
cotton saree shopping now easy from anywhere

Handloom sarees in kolkata |Handloom sarees wholesale in kolkata

We sell handloom sarees to all places and kolkata is the main location for all wholesale and retail products. If you want to buy handloom sarees from all over india, best to visit Kolkata and choose your sarees. Both cotton sarees and silk sarees are top in the list of buyers in kolkata.

Jamdani Sarees of Bengal
Jamdani Sarees of Bengal

Tant Sarees of West Bengal

Tant saree is a conventional Indian saree and typically used by Bengali women. It is usually made by the weavers from all over West Bengal and Bangladesh but normally few places like Murshidabad, Nadia, Hooghly of West Bengal and Dhaka, Tangail of Bangladesh are renowned for tant saree weaving.

Since the tant saree are designed for everyday use the minimum price of this saree is INR350. Tant saree is woven from cotton strings and famous by its lightness and clearness.

It is considered to be the most relaxing saree for the Indian warm and damp climate. Cotton sarees of India is world famous.

Best hand woven Tussar Silk Sarees Online
Best hand woven Tussar Silk Sarees Online

Cotton Sarees Online Shopping in India | Best Sites In India | Odisha Shopping

India is a vast country and each place comes with some special thing to see. Same for cotton sarees each of indian state have different famous sarees which love and appreciate by beautiful women in india.

Saree is not only a home dress any more, ladies from all part now started wearing it and make it a official attire. Even some of the corporate house and hotels made saree as uniform. Because of the demand cotton sarees demand rising day by day, all of them prefer handloom saris woven by hand.

Most famous cotton sarees and silk sarees for Online Shopping in india are:

  1. Sambalpuri saree – Odisha
  2. Tant Saree – Santipur
  3. Phulkari
  4. Chanderi
  5. Putpaka sarees
  6. Pochapali
  7. Kumbokunam
  8. Kanchipuram
  9. Kota
  10. Champa
Cotton Sarees in India
Cotton Sarees in India

Cotton Saree Shopping and Online Stores in India

Day by day women in India shifting gear and adopting western attire in daily life. But still traditional cotton sarees not lost in this huge market in our country. Most of ladies still wear sari in india who were living in small towns.

Different state and region have their own style of draping. Even the designs are unique in all indian states. Previously it was not easy get a saree and buy it from a different state. but as online shopping growing day by day. Now we can purchase cotton sarees from all places like odisha, kerala, andhra, gujarat, banaras and many locations.

Handloom cotton sarees have customers who fond of it and love to buy them, even in worst situations they do not like to buy chiffon saris in cheap prices. Handloom sari usually price higher than normal printed wears because it directly based on wages of designer and weavers in india. They are the who affects and not getting enough for their job.

We at Odisha trying hard to keep them happy and that can only possible with your support. So instead of buying lot of cheap sarees go for one best quality cotton saree which suit you and indian weather conditions.

Thank You all for keep supporting by shopping from us.

Cotton Saree Shopping
Cotton Saree Shopping

Some Famous Sarees of Bengal

Tanta/Taant Cotton – The Tant sarees are famous not only among the Bengali women but are liked all over India for their exclusive look and colours. The phrase exactly means ‘Made On The Loom’, Taant is the established saree of Bengali women in India. Commonly identified as Bengal cotton, taant is hand-woven in a range of regions of West Bengal. These saris appear in a mixture of colours with plain yet attractive designs.  Bengali handlooms are famous for their clear and crispy muslin like finish that is a enjoyment to dress in on a warm day. The frothiness of the body cloth, merged with broad and silky thread job edges and elaborate pallus with additional threadwork decoration present the sari it’s exclusive uniformity of dress. If you are a cotton fan then you should have these matchless Taant sarees in your clothing.

Baluchari Sari: The Baluchari sari of Murshidabad region, West Bengal is made of silk and woven on exceptional looms is around 200 years old. The edges and pallu of the sari are very prominent because of its use of difficult thread work to portray stories from the Mahabharata and Ramayana.  Baluchari Sari is comparable in look to Benarsi sari but the only variation is that Baluchari sari apply only silk yarn, they do not employ zari yarn. The complementary colours like deep red, purple, deep blue with patterns of flowers, mythology, conventional Muslim court views, pleasure craft on two love birds on peak are some of the designs regularly seen in these conventional Balcuhari sarees. The most unique characteristic of Baluchari sarees is their detailed edges and pallu sometimes motivated by classics of Bishnupur temple.

Traditional Jamdani Sarees Online
Traditional Jamdani Sarees Online

Kantha Sari – Kantha is actually the name for the needlework itself, rather than the sari. Any garment or fabric with Kantha stitching is a Kantha garment. Kantha is the specialty of Bolpur/Shantiniketan. The whole fabric is covered with running stitches and generally has stunning folk motifs, floral motifs, animal and birds figures and geometrical forms. Except for the directly Kantha sew, it is expected to symbolize pictures from well-known classics such as the Ramayana or Krishna Lila, and also marvels developing from folk-habits of Bengal Kanthas in Bengal and as Sujanis in Bihar. This skill of Kantha is exercised by rural women in West Bengal in extra time and every Kantha sari is the effort of love.

Jamdani Sari – Famous for its design and quality. Number of Bangladeshi weaver change their address after separation of India and Bangladesh. Santipuri sarees like baha, tant print, tant jamdani, various types of cotton tant sarees, silk sarees like Bangalore silk, tussar saris, gorgeous silk sarees are very famous all over the World. Phulia is a place near Santipur where also made number of trendy sarees like tangail silk, dhakai jamdani etc are also very famous. Presently, saree lovers are collect all types of Santipuri sarees from any part of the world using online shopping portals.

West Bengal is not untouched from the broad collection of sarees from Bangladesh like Jamdani, Jamdani Khulna, Dhakai Benarosi and Rajshahi silk.